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The Coming Night (IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by matt23, Aug 7, 2016.

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    The Coming Night

    Dramatis Personae

    Beowolf, Fallen Spacewolf

    Derdak Targus, Iron Warrior

    Enyo, Traitor Guardsmen

    Eva Kronen, Mercenary

    Felana Lumen, Mercenary

    Latrynix Thexia, Dark Eldar Wych

    Luriella, Fallen Gue'la

    Malrak Skyruss, Cultist Psyker

    Tyresius Locudus, Plague Marine

    Vast emptiness, is how one would describe the void of space. Its cold embrace holding you tighter than any lover ever could. It surrounds and envelops all who enter it, with no care of who or what it is. Amid this emptiness are places where one can find warmth and shelter from the coldness of space, Magnificent ships, glorious space ports, or even a beautiful Paradise World of the Imperium to name a few. However, within the massive expanse of space, there are places that can be found which could easily make one miss that cold embrace of space. One such place was a Death World named Primus Mortem, which in low gothic roughly translates to The First Death. Void of life of any sort for as long as records go back, Primus Mortem sits past the outer, eastern reaches of the Ultima Segmentum. Its surface having a grey tint to it that is only lit by a White Star who's rays further batter the Dead World's surface. A rumor, from those who know of the planet, says that the gray dust that covers the surface are the ashes of an unfathomable number of humans burned alive by a cataclysmic event that occurred long ago.

    Sitting stationary, just outside the planet's gravitational pull, was a space station called The Hole. It was well known that any who came here only did so for two reasons, either one was a slave and brought there not of their own will or one wished to hide somewhere few knew of and even fewer had been to. The soul purpose of this space station seemed to be the mining of the valuable resources within the mines on Primus Mortem. All saw the almost constant line of shuttles docking and departing to the dark side of Primus Mortem's surface. For to venture to the side who's face was touched by the White Star, was to welcome a fiery death. There were those miners who had suits that could allow them to work in the mines in the 'gray' area where temperatures were not as extreme, but those who did knew full well the risk they took in doing so.

    The space station itself seemed to once have been owned by the Imperium, as there were vast statues of important figures and one large statue of the Emperor at the center of the station. However, the time of Imperial ownership had long past and these statues of magnificent detail had long since been desecrated, be it by decapitation or, what happened to the statue of the Emperor, was now hanging upside down with its face carved out. For the most part, however; the station seemed to be fairly well kept. This was not because of how much people cared about the cleanliness of the station, no, it was because slaves were daily forced to wander the station and clean. Those who ran the slaves seemed to be a composition of ex-guardsmen and ex-PDF personnel who were well paid to keep order amongst the station's areas. The primary area in which theses slave drivers and guards could be found was the 'marketplace', if you could call it that. This marketplace was where everything one needed could be found, be it slaves, food, weapons, etc... Other places within the space station included a small dark chapel, a once cafeteria now turned bar, the slums where everyone lived, the guards' quarters which was off limits, the lower levels where the mutants were forced to keep the station running and lived, and the upper levels where the higher ups of the station lived.

    The was ran by an organization who called themselves, Ultimum Verbum which meant the Final Word for obvious reasons. At the head of this organization sat a council, who's decisions decided the fate of everything from the common criminal to the prices at which the resources were sold. The members of the council, though rarely seen, were know by all. The first was Degon, who was once a Colonel with the Astra Militarum, but now ran the security of the space station. Next was Natasha Krovic, who's beauty was said to rival that of any in the Imperium, she ran the administration side of the station. Next was Hladno, a fallen Tech-Priest who dubbed himself Fabricator-General of Primus Mortem and The Hole, he was clearly in-charge of the mechanical workings of the station. The last, and possibly the strangest, was Apheidas, who was a pysker of some sort who merely appear out of the blue and gained a seat on the council, though none knew exactly what his roll was.

    Those who were not slaves, had limited freedom as one way or another you ended up working for the council. Mercenaries were hired to do the more -dirty- work that the guards did not want to handle. Some of the more religious members of the station, who dared not utter the name of anything Imperium related, were allowed to maintain the church for free food and housing within. The less lucky, who were often criminals or the weak, were cast into the lower levels of the station where one was either eaten by some of the more degenerated mutants or quickly died due to the living conditions. Those who could survive, however; quickly began to degenerate as well due to the noxious and deadly gases that filled the poorly ventilated areas. Others who were not slaves, but still needed a way to have income would find work either in the market or in the mines. Life in The Hole could drive the sane crazy with the redundant cycle in which one would find themselves, however; it would seem fate would not allow that cycle to continue forever.

    During one of the busier times of the typical work day, rumors began to buzz about a strangely colored ship that had been allowed to dock for unknown reasons. No one knew why it was here or even why it was allowed to dock, as The Hole was not known for being unwelcoming to outsiders. Many seemed to not care, thinking it only to be a vessel for trade, while others just flat out did not believe it. Those who did not believe quickly came to realize it was indeed true when a large contingency of guards came forcing their way through the crowds of the marketplace, beating down any who were not quick enough to move. They began to part the crowds forcing everyone to one side or the other, creating a path straight through the middle of marketplace in which none dared enter. From the elevator, that led to the upper levels emerged two council members, Dagon and Natasha Krovic. Dagon wore a very sophisticated suit of red carapace armor with gold trim and the symbol of the Ultimum Verbum. Natasha, on the other hand, looked more like a noble one would find on an Imperial World, with her long crimson dress and black corset. Both seemed to be whispering something to each other as they quickly walked down the path made for them. However, when they were about half way across, the doors to the docks opened up with loud hisses. From within came first, four larger than normal guardsmen who's uniform was that of a royal blue. Over their faces, however; they wore silver colored masks that depicted a strange purple symbol some would recognize. From behind them emerged a man dressed in royal purple and black with a white leopard skin coat that hung to his knees and walked with a black cane that had a purple jewel on it, though it was clear by his walk that he did not need the cane to walk and it was more a symbol of his status. His hair was done straight up and colored white. His face wore a constant smile, though his eyes seemed to hide a somewhat crazed mind.

    The man walked into the marketplace with that same smile on his face as he looked around. He then spoke in an abnormally happy and flamboyant voice, "My, my, my... What a -lovely- slice of paradise you have here! Clearly decorating is a lost art, because honestly a blind man with a bolter could decorate this place better. No matter I suppose, as I am here for business." It was at that time Dagon spoke, "Judging by the taste you have, I would prefer the blind man." The man dressed in purple simply smiled more, "And it would seem you are the resident jester. Tell me, do you dance as well?" Dagon clearly grew mad as he reached for his las pistol. Natasha was quick to stop him with her voice echoing within the quiet, "Enough! We will not treat guest in such a manor, Dagon. Regardless of how rude they can be." The man then, using his cane, walked in a very egotistical manor to Natasha. He brushed her hair behind her ear before placing a finger under her chin, "The rumors of your beauty fail considerably, Lady Krovic. Tell me, have you a man who gets to taste such beauty." Natasha quickly slapped away his hand, "That is none of your concern and I would ask you not to forget why you are here!" The man laughed and shrugged, "O come now dear, I am not that bad...No matter I suppose, as your type always puts business before pleasure. Tell me Natasha, would you allow me to recruit from your station? I am running quite low on personnel and supplies." Natasha seemed angered still when she answer, "Yes, yes. Whatever you need you can have, now enough of this little show." She then turned, with Dagon following, towards the elevator. The man smiled as he clapped his hands loudly and said, "Vilanica, take care of business while daddy is gone, will you." From the door emerged another woman who's pale, almost translucent skin, black hair and eyes, and pointed ears made it easy to label her as a Dark Eldar. The black 'clothes' she wore barely covered her body, while a lacy vale covered her face, and the heels of the boots she walked in echoed throughout. She came to a pause and bowed her head in the mans direction, "As you wish, my Lord." The man merely smiled and nodded to her before turning and entering the elevator, disappearing behind its closing doors.

    The woman walked to the center of the room with her hands folded in front of her. She whispered to a slave near her who quickly ran off and returned back with a communicator linked to the station's broadcasting network, so that all could hear her message. She spoke into it in a clear and commanding voice, "Opportunity... That is what my Lord represents. You are all slaves to a cycle of unchanging servitude. Your toil is rewarded with poverty while those above crush you under heel. All that you have known is the walls of this prison. However, my Lord offers now the opportunity for you to excel in the excess. There will be no limits, no bars, and no whips for you shall be embraced into his loving care. All who wish to serve, no matter who you are, shall be allowed into the loading dock Alpha Thirteen. All that do not, continue to rot away in this place. The choice is yours." She tossed the communicator back to the slave and walked out towards the docks, followed by the four large guardsmen.

    Most stood motionless at the fear of change. Being so set in their ways, most even feared to think of doing something different. Others merely thought of this flamboyant man to be nothing more than a slave trader trying to trick people into slavery. A very few began to walk through the crowds and past the guards towards the docks. Opportunity had come, and though filled with uncertainty, to stay was an acceptance of death within a meaningless cycle.

    Should one had wish to take up the offer, they would merely take the path to the correct loading dock, Alpha 13. Upon entering it, there would be a number of lifeless servitors and slaves carrying supplies into a docking bridge to the supply hold of a ship. Up another ramp, more royal blue dressed guardsmen with the same strange mask, marched slaves into the lower levels of the ship. At the bottom of a smaller ramp stood the Dark Eldar woman called Vilanica. Her hands still clasped each other in front of her and her head hung slightly with the lacy, black vale still over it.

    Visual Adds:
    Ultimum Verbum symbol:



    Purple Symbol on Guardsmen masks:

    Man Dressed in Royal Purple and Black:


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    ~~ A bit Earlier ~~

    In the good ol' miners deck and planetary hangar 93, a human just got rid of the helmet, the last piece of miners gear she wore even above her Firewarrior armor. Just as an extra protection in cases of explosions, sudden mining accidents that cause rock avalanches or even the radiation which can be almost felt when on or under the surface of Primus Mortem. Long hair was revealed as she shook her head and ruffled the sweaty strings free, letting it fall behind her shoulders towards the center of her back.

    "Was another good run, eh Lucky?" She elbowed the Ogryn next to her who just grunted. The woman shrugged, not understanding why he was so grumpy. "You surely agree, Biggy?" The hair of the ratling got ruffled, who tried to duck away from the reach of the woman. As soon as they were ready they left for their miserable lives to continue.

    "I don't get it, we work for the greater good of this station and everyone's life and you are so grumpy everyday!" The woman yells after them, followed by an exasperated sigh. At least she got a comforting pat on her Firewarrior shoulder pad. "No worries Lurielle the Tau in disguise. Just go and have your earned meal. Not everyone can be as optimistic as you are all the time." The woman embraced the older man in a hug and gave him a kiss, which was returned equally. He was a head taller and still in the miners gear. "I told you to stop calling me that." Lurielle smiled and ruffled his hair playfully. "Be careful on your shift." The man nodded and got a call over from one of the other miners. And so they departed from one another, Lurielle back into the station for her earned meal. He for his job.

    ~~ Now ~~

    Having gotten her todays earnings and meal, Lurielle had taken a fresh shower, as fresh as it gets on this forsaken station. Sitting simply in the tiny, shared apartment and having the vox-radio on her favorite station it was suddenly interrupted.
    Lurielle blinked. "Wait, What?" Of course nobody was there and she was talking to herself. Immediately she grabbed her armor and got geared up. Rifle slung over her shoulder, pistol in the holster and even her 'secret knife' was taken in it's unique sheath and attached to her waist. Pen and paper was quickly written. "Opportunity came suddenly up. Loading Dock Alpha Thirteen. I can finally pursue the stars, thank you for everything, Irvine." Her obligatory goodbye note written up for her friend with benefits she made her rush for the dock that the voice spoke of. 'Alpha Thirteen. Alpha Thirteen. Alpha Thirteen.' She repeatedly said in her mind. Running across a loooong way of the station she jumped over two individuals fighting on the floor. Kicked a man who tried to assault her with a knife for a robbery in the guts. Even got her pistol out to shoot a lock open, jump through the door and keep running. Smiling the entire way.

    Finally arriving in the deck she pushed a Servitor out of the way and approached the ramp with what seemed a Dark Eldar stationed. She was so exhausted that she could only breathe heavily in front of her, bending over with both hands on her knees as she tried to recover from her sprint. "Heard.... The..... Broadcast." She says between her breathing, looking up to the Dark Eldar. The scent of her recent shower already starting to dissipate from the newly gained sweat. But a species like the Eldar with far more refined senses than the Gue'la could still note the hint of cherry blossom.
  3. Seabassinator seabass Arkhona Vanguard

    Before the Arrival
    Tyresius's day had so far been as it always was, bartering among the countless marketeers with the items he had "acquired" without the previous owners knowledge, or with the previous owners demise. The inhabitants in the station moved out of the way of the horribly odorous plague marine, whose very stench was filled with the glorious gifts of the plaguefather. But it has been like this for far too long. Tyresius missed the days of being with his legion, spreading the rot to the corpse emperors domain. But alas, this was now his existence.....he would never get a chance to spread nurgle's glory as long as he was here.

    Tyresius's prayers to the PlagueFather had been answered! This new arrival shall be his chance to get off the station and back to doing his God proud! "May your Unholy gifts fill my vessel, rot it away, and give life anew, Grandfather Nurgle!" He grabbed everything that was his when he first arrived to this dark place. Leaving the rest that was not his to scavengers. If they were smart, they would avoid this place that once held a plague marine within its walls. Tyresius moved with purpose towards the hangar, several inhabitants moved out of his way, more out of fear than any sense of courtesy. Mucus and bile dripped from his visor as he moved quickly to the hangar.

    At the Hangar

    The Plague marine entered into the large hangar after his long trek towards it. Immediately taking note of the vessels appearance and the ramp with a young human with....Tau armor? Perhaps she stole it from someone? No matter, Tyresius slowed in pace and approached the ramp with a Dark Eldar on it. The young human clearly hadn't notice him yet. Though, it wasn't really his appearance or his size that gave his presence away. Which this woman would soon find out as she started to smell the stench of decay and a heavy breathing heard behind her.
  4. Before Arrival
    In a small hovel within the slums a man with blue arms and bird like talons was busy writing down the seemingly random words from the multitude of voices in his head. Usually the voices just gave threats or meaningless dribble but this time they spoke of opportunity, a sign from the changer of ways. It had been years since the voices were so clear and so Malrak to say the least was excited to have a purposed once again. He was seated in the middle of the one room makeshift shack he 'liberated' from a random bearded man who now slept in the alleyway not 10 ft away. Of course the older gentleman had tried to kill Malrak in his sleep many times but obviously failed with him usually being thrown into the walls of the buildings around him by Malrak's power. Malrak didn't kill him because it was the only form of human interaction he really had these days as he rarely left the hovel. He was always writing some new found insight into his journal or refining his powers over the laws of physics and couldn't be bothered with the outside world unless he required food or water or needed to adhere to the other needs of his body.

    By now the inside of the hovel was inscribed with his thoughts and ravings with some written in low gothic and others written in symbols that caused a burning sensation in the eyes of those that gazed upon them. Soon enough he had gotten all the comprehensible information out of the daemons that screamed in his skull which now felt as if it were about to burst in warp fire but before he could close his journal and close off his mind the intercom speakers came to life.

    After Message
    His eyes widened and he closed his journal and clipped the pen onto the book's cover. He laughed for a moment at the realization of the meaning of the words that now echoed in his head. "So the opportunity for change present itself, Tzeentch be praised." He said to himself as he was about to get up and leave for this Loading Dock Alpha Thirteen. However he quickly realized he wasn't actually wearing any cloths and was just draped in his cloak "Well I suppose coming to them naked wouldn't make the best first impression." He mumbled to himself as he put a clawed hand to his chin as he turned his head to look around the hovel in search for his belongings. Leaned against the wall was his force staff, a once gleaming example of imperial technology used to conduit his power was now a perfect example of how far gone from the emperor's light Malrak had fallen. The once proud Aquila that was on the end of the staff was twisted and distorted to make the appearance of a twin headed blue raven and the eye that was the symbol of the Astra telepathica has tuned blue with the eye having become animate and occasionally blinked and looked around. Then came his more mundane weapons, a lascarbine and a bolt pistol, both taken from the battlefield where the voices gave him instructions to start his journey. Then leaned against the rusted and writing ingrained sheet metal wall was his clothing and armor that was given to him by the cult that had taught him all he knows in the ways of chaos.

    After quickly getting clothed and properly armed and armored Malrak opened the makeshift door and stretched his limbs. "Bearded man the hovel's yours again." He said knowing the man the watching him. Said man quickly ran past him and went into the hovel and closed and locked the door out of fear Malrak was lying. Malrak adjusted his horned helmet and two small fire erupted where his eyes were producing enough light for him to see in the darkness of the slums. "Oh but please do mind the equations and writings on, well everywhere." He said in almost a joking manner before his raised a hand in the direction of the hovel and focused his power on it and closed his hand. The hovel shook and squeezed in on itself until warp lighting started to erupt from the top of Malrak's staff and the then in a flash the Hovel and presumably the old man were ground into dust. "Take care." He said indifferently as he started walking.

    At the hanger

    @Uriel1339 @seabass
    After a long trek the involved avoiding local fights and attempted muggings that just resulted in the perpetrators being ground into dust in a similar fashion to the old man and his hovel. Malrak walked into the loading dock with his cloak over his armor and it's hood over his horned helmet and took in the situation. Slaves were being loaded onto a large ramp and a few people waiting on a smaller ramp, a woman in armor he didn't recognize and an astartes that clearly worshiped nurgle. The sight of the man made Malrak shiver in disgust at his putrid form, a natural reaction from any non nurglite for sure. He then saw the dark eldar woman at the top of the ramp, presumably the one that spoke over the intercom. So despite his best instincts telling him to not get closer to something so putrid Malrak walked up the ramp but still stayed some considerable distance away from the marine at the fear that the stench alone would cause him to vomit.
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    @seabass | @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    A literally unbearable stench overcame all her senses from one moment to another as the Nurglite stopped right next to her. With her weakened state of exhaustion and just having ate it just was way too much. "By all Krootox dumps in the wor---" Lurielle tried to run away and fight the urge.... However it was futile and vomited all her prior intaken food from the mine-cantina all over the feet of some blue Kroot-like creature. After she was done vomiting all over his feet she wiped the rest off her lips with the back of her hand, while the other covered her nose to not puke again from whatever the other guy was.

    "Sorry about that, Blue-Kroot-Man. But that.... That was just too much." Lurielle gestured with her head to the Nurglite. "I guess we wait till he is gone.... My name is Lurielle, by the way. Nice to make your acquaintance.... Apologies about the circumstance though. I assume you are here for the promised opportunity, too, yes? I cannot wait to see the stars! I wished to see them ever since I could see them with my bare eyes as a child on Dal'yth, a wonderful world, you should visit if you can, friendly lot there."
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    -Lower decks
    In the lower decks of The Hole A lone figure worked in what was a make shift clinic in what was called the dark chapel. The Patient could only let out several groans of pain as looked up to the faceless visor of the medicae who worked on him. "Almost... There!" The Merc said taking back her tools and cutting the loose thread that connected to her spool.

    "There that should help give me another days worth trade with that priest." Felana said exiting the clinic to go meet her client. "Got the last one done, My shifts over now Morty." Felana said as she entered up into the personal quarters of her current employer and friend she called Morty. A robe female clapped her hands a smile produced under her hood.

    "Good... Good... I must commend you on your work saving more of our followers from there final destination to continue serving the gods my friend, I have already gotten your supplies you request as our usual arrangement, foods, medicine and some spare ammo except for housing this time I sense a change coming and you will likely be no longer with us." Morty said looking at the women "I have your think already packed and ready by the exit to the Chapel when you will be leaving soon." Morty said already expecting a berating of questions from Felana. "Wait what Morty what change are you talking abou-" Felana was about to a as she heard the voice over the station intercom somewhat amazed by the timing. "Well that answers that, Thank you Morty and I wish you luck here in the chapel." A nod came from Morty as Felana left the room.

    Felana going by the exit of the chapel found most of her things back as Morty said they were and Felana's Las-gun she had stored away. Grabbing her things up and readying herself for anything she readied her lasgun and checked her map for the closets route for Alpha thirteen and began marching

    -Alpha thirteen @Uriel1339 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @seabass
    Arriving within thirty minutes of her departure Felana had a few splatters more of blood on her armor and a few las clips recharging because of several Violent encounters that ended with perpetrators with more holes in them and a few electrocuted.

    Seeing a line of slaves lead up to the ship and a group gathering Felana's helmets HUD warned her of a extremely toxic individual that lead up to a fallen Astartes that seemed to be under the worship of nurgle and two others a female that seemed to be in tau armor and a individual if Felana was right looked to be a tzeetchian who had just got some puke on him. Looking up pass the group Felana could see a dark eldar at the end of the ramp possibly the recruiter who put out the broadcast.

    Keeping her helmet sealed and her own oxygen supply switched over to her suit Felana approached the group. "So are we the first ones to make it to the recruiter?" Felana asked looking towards the women and the tzeetchian.
  7. When the woman in the strange armor vomited onto his shoes it took Malrak every ounce of will power he had to not vomit himself and all of his self control to not vaporize the woman. The blue fires in front of his eyes dimmed as he closed his own eyes and sighed deeply before shaking violently for a few seconds. After this small release sparks of energy emitted from the heads of the Raven on top of his staff as he pointed his clawed right index and middle fingers down at his shoes and swiped them aside lifting the vomit off of them and onto the unfortunate slaves being herded below.
    "The children of the plague father can be somewhat overwhelming so you are forgiven." He said as the energy coming from his staff dissipated and he opened his eyes to look at the woman. "You may call me Malrak and what is a kroot?" He said in a lighter tone as he calmed down with the vomit off of him and his attention taken away from the nurglite.
    Malrak turned to face another new arrival. "I suppose so. Either that or all the others that came are already aboard."
  8. Before arival
    Beowulf had truly regretted the part of his tale that had brought him to this hole in the grimy dirt of space, not that it had been a classical bording action of a smaller vessel, but this was comparable to rotting in space.
    Most of the time he would be in what served as some sort of arena, taking on most challengers, but few stood a chance against a spacemarine, let alone one of his martial prowness.
    He couldn't even get proper drunk here, the liquor was bad, and even the best would have negligible effect, this was no place to build the greatest saga.
    After message
    A smile spread on Beowulf face as he saw his chance to get off this husk, possibly with someone quiet excessive, possibly touched by chaos given some phrasings, though it was equally possible that it was to trick people into taking going away with the ship for something more sinister, though to Beowulf this did not matter, allmost anything was better than this place.
    At the hanger
    Beowulf had made quick movement for the given hanger after he had went to collect his things, it had been too long since his chainsword had roared in battle and his pistol barked in defiance.
    At the hanger he saw he had indeed not been the first to arive, there even was one of those disgusting plaque marines, he would never understand their kind.
    It seemed that they pretty much had to get in line infront of... what seemed to be an Eldar, very strange, very rare indeed, giving who ever owned this ship atleast some power worth mentioning, though standing in line was degrading, especially when there was a plaque marine so close.
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  9. -Before-
    Sitting on a makeshift stool in the dingy bar of the station that seemed rather empty at the moment other than some guards sitting and drinking after a shift, Eva Kronen downed more of the rotgut that was a drink from a glass that had questionable cleanliness. She still wore her armor and gear, just recently completing a job that the Council had put out on some poor Grox frakker who decided to skim some of their money. There was a couple of pock marks on the black carapace armor she wore which if anything just blended in with the age the armor showed with the faded symbol of the legion on the right shoulder plate, a claw grasping a seven pointed star. The job wasn't much of a problem, the guy hired a bunch of scum as extra guns to protect his hide. Their blood was still crusted on the teeth of her chainsword that hanged from her side. She would definitely need to pick up more bolt shells for her pistol, and a couple of grenades for her launcher. Still it was a nice profit after all, though the whole thing lacked any....appeal to her. It paid for food and ammo, and possibly gain a little more notice from the Council, but after that there wasn't anything else to gain from it and there was no challenge to it. If anything it was just an excuse to release pent up frustrations of ending up at this dead end of a station after getting out of the maelstrom. Stuck in a mining station on a perpetual cycle of killing to get by. "What a fracking waste of a life..." she grumbled under her breath before taking another. That was when the speakers wired in the bar crackled to life and a station wide message was sent out.

    "Well, that's hell of a coincidence." Eva said to herself, a small smirk on her pale features. Slapping some credits on the counter for the drinks, she stood up and picked up her helm before leaving with a spring in her step she hadn't had in a long time. With her helm on, the visage of the armor made sure that there was little trouble trekking from the bar all the way to the docks. Finally seeing dock Alpha Thirteen, she sees two space marines, one looking like a walking corpse and the other a barbarian in power armor, and a couple of humans waiting next to an dark eldar that looked like she came out of the brothel back at the slums than the ship. Walking up to the odd group she was thankful for the respirator unit in her helm, filtering out the worse of the gasses that wafted off the corpse marine and what looks like someone's previous lunch on the floor. "So I guess this is where everyone who wants to get the warp off this station meet?" she asked them, her voice coming through a vox grill since she dared not to take off the helm right now.

    Tyrant's Legion symbol on shoulder plate
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Nurgle, what? Anyway! Overwhelming is much of an understatement, my blue friend!" Lurielle laughed it off and offered her hand in a handshake. "Also if you are not a Kroot, apologies. I just have seen so many Kroot you wouldn't even believe me! One ate so many rock-eating aliens he turned almost into one himself! Then I saw a Kroot with very pointy ears like the lady over there. Others which turned green, some turned red, and well I figured you were a blue one who ate too much birdmeat or something." She explained, laughing softly - hand still stretched out. "Anyway, I suppose you are something else, glad to meet ya tho!" The chirpy woman explained.

    Suddenly they were three. "Hey there! What's your name? I am Lurielle and this blue... Well this fellah here is Malrak." She pointed with her head towards what she still believed to be a weird blue Kroot. "Oh and stay away from that weirdo giant over there. He oozes so much weird krootox crap I just puked over Malrak's feet!"

    "Hey! Another one, plenty of new friends to make here!" Lurielle noted as yet another one joined the merry group. "The blue guy here I puked on the feet over thanks to that Nurgle-thing-guy over there is Malrak. I am Lurielle, this one I don't know, also just joined us." She introduces the group as good as she could. "So who are you? And stay away from the Nurgle-guy at the ramp. Worst stench ever, and I know bad stenches I worked in a Krootox stable for a couple of months back on Dal'yth. Really nice place by the way. The best beaches you will ever see in your life and the Tau are really nice guys, just don't swing a weapon in their face." The brunette smiled widely.

    Then her eyes caught a man in the distance, another giant in super power armor. "HEEEEY!" She yelled and started waving frantically with one hand, the other still extended to Malrak. "Come and join us, let's get to know each other, it will be a looooong trip!" Lurielle apparently recovered from her sprint through the station and was now on a unifying mission amongst the newcomers for whatever purpose. Perhaps strength in numbers? Or she was sincere and it's better to know who you travel with? Did the others perhaps know the captain of this vessel and the crew? Well she didn't and it's never bad to have too many friends, until the point they betray you of course... But for now! New friends were to be made. And that mysterious loner look this giant had, kind of was her style.
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