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The Church Of The Chaos Gods

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Herald-Of-Chaos, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Chimera Chimera Subordinate

    Chimeraelite, reporting for duty. DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR.
  2. Gladius Well-Known Member

    More brothers! Welcome all!! For chaos!
  3. Worshipping Chaos is nice and necessary, but what time zine is this Church based? 'cause i'm from Spain, if the "bosses" are Americans maybe i should go to another guild.
  4. Herald Of Chaos Herald-Of-Chaos Steam Early Access

    The bosses come from many countries I am from Ireland
  5. Get out of here you prejudiced scum
  6. Hey, relax. I only say that maybe I prefer being in a clan with the same time zone. In America the time zone is different, and that's why I put that example. I don't want to be member of a guild that is active while I sleep, do you understand me?
    Next time I will put Japanese as example, dont' worry .

  7. Oh ok, that makes more sense, i thought you were expressing hatred towards Americans, didnt know you were referring to timezones.
  8. i bet honsou is american :D
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  9. Ritoras New Member

    FB follower reporting for duty . Let the Plague consume all.
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  10. Ahri Reaperchild Active Member

    hye new member.. all is dust.. fall to the false emperor
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