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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Matobar, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Yeah I pre-ordered it at launch and I was very disappointed with the game overall.

    I suppose it actually did do it rather well with the ability to convert from gems to currency and vice versa. I thought the marketplace itself was a bit lacking in things I was interested in buying but the actual concept was quite good now that you mention it!.
  2. Duster Duster Active Member

    I like vindictus's cash shop a lot. Heroes of newerth used to be pretty good in that you could buy custom voice.

    I dislike leagues and tf2's, but that could just be me liking a rhyme and a reason to cosmetics. Both tf2 and league are very profitable.
  3. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    Warframe has a good theory model. HOWEVER.
    Warframe is also ridiculously EXPENSIVE model.
    Everything you can obtain in the cash shop you can grind out (literally. grind.) in game. But i'll take you forever.
    The problem is that some of the in game money purchases can cost you upwards of 12-17 dollars. And in some cases, it's power. Literally.

    I like the pricing of War Thunder. It's cheap, but you're always encouraged to purchase it because it's so cheap. The premium planes have no true advantage over the other obtainable planes, bar a currency boost (but it's not too steep either)

    I also like Guild Wars Two system of gems. Gems are in the cash shop currency that is used for real money, but you can always convert in game cold to obtain gems. It's a minimal amount, but for the person that grinds out lots of hours in game, a few gold coins isn't something he'll miss much. I like this system because it feels like it's geared towards rewarding those who spend a lot of time playing. "You like our game so much, let's throw you a bone" type deal.

    Say... 10gold coins nets you some 160 or so gems (I'm not too sure on exact numbers, but it's something like this) some cosmetic items cost around 400. 10 gold is a lot to someone who's low ranked and has barely played the game, but the person who plays 5 hours (or more a day) and has been for a while that isn't much and as such can obtain more of the game by simply playing the game.

    A bad example of a cashhop? Mech Warrior Online. But don't get me started because that community is riled up and angry at how they're being treated... ugh. (take note of what not to do - piss off your fans) but their pricing is just atrocious. Pricing is just through the roof.

    In the aforementioned games (Warframe, War Thunder, Guildwars two) if you drop in, say 10 USD - you can get a lot done with that amount of money! You feel like you have options as to what you could do with your shiny platinum.

    In War Thunder, 10 USD will net you about 1,500 Golden Eagles (their premium currency) which is quite a LOT actually. You can buy quite a few goodies. You can boost your rank in a countrys airforce (at your risk, since you enter higher experienced player tiers) you can purchase lots of little shiny decals, and more crew (fly outs). My point is - you can do a LOT with 10 USD in these games.

    If you put 10 USD into Mech Warrior online, you're extremely limited as to what you can do, in fact I don't think that's enough for any camo spec (colors) and you can really only buy mech bays. You can't even buy any of the premium mechs (hero mechs, they're called) as most of those go for 20 USD or higher (up to 40)

    TLDR -
    Cash shops are good if you feel like you can put in a minimal amount (1o) and do a lot with it, you do not feel streamlined to do only a certain thing with it.
    Good example - War Thunder, Teamfortress 2
    Decent example - Warframe
    Not-so-good example - MechWarrior Online

    edit - Minor thing about purchasing power in Warframe - some believe that this is a dated argument because Warframe is primarily a co-op vs ai game. Buying "power" is in a way, redundant as you aren't fighting your peers. SOME. Not all believe this.
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  4. CFD CFD Subordinate

    Rift also has a really good cash shop. It lumps most of the ingame regular vendors into one handy Store also. All of the stuff you buy with regular cash is 99% cosmetic. You can buy some gear, but it is generally the lowest of the low when it comes to any kind of tier gear (PVE or PVP). Also, there are unique items that you can only get by accumulating the real money currency, stuff that you dont buy but is "rewarded" the more you spend on the game. Really cool way of either conning people into spending more or rewarding those who do spend a lot of money with unique things...depending on how you look at it i guess :)
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  5. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    Do you have any plans for an optional sub like TSW where you get some store credit and little gifts each month?
  6. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    That'd be an instant purchase!
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  7. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    yes one of the best shop.
  8. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    No coercive marketing or fun pain I'm watching you all...especially miguel.
  9. Chompster Chompster Subordinate

    not much experience with cash shops but what GW2 does sounds pretty interesting though it'd be nice if it could be implemented in a way that actually fits WH40K. Doubt space marines walk around with bags of gems..

    Other than that, i'd like for majority of the stuff to stay cosmetic. I understand that these sort of games pretty much survive off of cash shops after release so there need to be some interesting things to buy that have effects in-game. But i'm sure we all want to avoid people being able to buy Articifer Terminator armor day 1 just cus they have the money to do so.
  10. More Dakka New Member

    Couldn't agree more. I wanted to get one of the camo patterns for my mech and you need to unlock the 3 colors and buy the pattern and it ends up being 4,250 mech credits. mech credits come in their packages with more mc the more you spend so to camo and color your mech it's basically 30$

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