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The Call to Serve (Original Regiment RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by matt23, Sep 17, 2018.

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    "Greetings specialists Etzo and Noriega," Machiko said as she stretched, her entire body aching after the long trip, "This must be my lucky day. First I got yelled by some overzealous officer, then I learned that a beastman will be my new best friend and buddy, and to finally top it off, I was chosen for the most honorable of all duties, to fight in the glorious 1st Infantry Battalion!" sarcasm was way too obvious, the looks on former ganger's face a mix of anger and resentment.

    "Questions, questions...who has questions when he gets the honor of dying first? But the pretty guy with smell issues has a point - are we getting any proper guns to replace this piece of shit they gave us after conscription?"
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  2. As they finally arrived at their current destination, and then got their assigned battalions, Korth didn't exactly know weather to be happy or slightly distraught, a small part of him wouldn't mind a safer battlefield position, given that he already found army life more luxuries than the deep pit, but on the other hand the front lines was where he could really serve the god Emperor, take the hardship and drive back those who dared to anger him, truly the greater assignment.

    Then 2 of the others already started to complain, one who had been quiet, and the woman.
    Korth could only make an annoyed snort at their complains, before thumbing his chest, "It is a great honer to serve the God Emperor where fighting is hardest, we will destroy his enemies" Korth said, not wanting to be seen as one who would complain.
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    (@Donairian ) Noriega looked over to Karl after hearing his questions, "The platoon to which you are assigned will be the ones to dish out all the required gear. As for getting the best, that is reserved for those of whom have proved they are worthy. Do not presume the honor in which you have received to be an honor that you desire." Her voice was slightly condescending, but not really any more harsh than usual. Noriega's face, however; did not seem to change much as she did a fairly decent job at showing little to no emotion. Her piercing blue eyes being the only thing to 'pop' on her face.

    (@Colapse ) Etzo laughed slightly before placing a hand on Machiko's shoulder briefly, "Man, I remember my first day. I had the same frame of mind as you when I was greet here on this platform. The thing is, I did not understand the opportunity that I was being given to start a new." Clearing his throat quickly, Etzo continued, "No need to rush. You will all be issued your gear in due time, that I can assure you. What the Talrus Defense Force has to offer is of much better quality."

    (@Grall_Stonefist ) Etzo laughed slightly at the comment Korth made before looking at Noriega. Noriega rolled her eyes at Etzo before looking at the beastman with a nod, "Funny that they should all call you names when you are the only one to show an ounce of class and understanding for what it truly means to serve. The Emperor does not forget his servants as long as they do not forget him."

    Etzo looked at a data slate and quickly looked to the group, "Shit...We are behind schedule." Noriega nodded and addressed the group, "We had lingered here long enough. The time has come for you to be handed over to your line unit. If you would all be so kind as to hurry up and follow me." After she spoke, Noriega did not wait a moment more and turned to begin her walk off the platform with Etzo right on here tail. The walk to the end of the platform came to a halt in front of a large security door, to which Etzo scanned a key card over its scanner. The door quickly opened and the walked continued into a short hall way in which each foot step echoed off the reinforced walls that held the uncountable gallons of water at bay.

    After what seemed to be an hour of walking through the long hall, the group stopped in front of another large door. Etzo looked over his shoulder and with a slight smile spoke, "Welcome to your new home." He scanned his key card once more causing the door to give way to a much larger dome. The dome was clearly not as large as the living domes, but was not small by any stretch. In the center, directly out in front of them was a large, ten story building with a large standard hanging over its entrance. There were many other buildings scattered around it, but it was very clear that this that particular building was important. And as fate would have it, that is directly where they began to walk.

    All around the group there were many different soldiers doing many different things. Off to their right in front of one of the barracks, there were a group of soldiers around the pull-up bars counting the pull-ups a soldier was doing and calling him names as they felt he went to slow. Off to their left a group of soldiers, whom were all running in formation, ran past them as one leader in the front called cadence. And just out in front of them, at the front of the main building, stood one soldier standing with his arms crossed at the foot of the stairs.

    "Excuse us. We have official business that needs to be conducted," Etzo spoke in a semi hurried tone. The soldier looked over his shoulder with a slightly crazed look before turning around. In an instant Etzo seemed to grow pale and hop to parade rest, as did Noriega. The man spoke, "No, excuse me Specialist Fucking Fuckface! I would hate to stop you from getting shit done since you to idiots are so damn important!" Etzo shook his head, "Negative Master Sergeant Harmer. We were just trying to hurry-" Harmer then cut him off, "Hurry up a get this size twelve boot shoved up your ass! I do not know what you drank this morning that makes you think I give two fucks about why you almost just got your life ended, but I suggest you stop drinking it!" Etzo nodded, "Understood, Master Sergeant. It won't happen again." Harmer then seemed to calm down slightly before speaking, "Good. I will hold you to that. Now, since we have that straightened out, you two idiots can disappear... As in get the fuck out of my face!" Etzo and Noriega both nodded and walked off at a very quick pace.

    Clearing his throat, Harmer looked at the new recruits, "You I am suppose to get shit done with the lot of you to work with, huh? I suppose it could be worse... At any rate, I will be your Platoon Sergeant. You all can call me Master Sergeant Harmer or Master Sergeant Harmer. Either will do. Now grab your shit and follow me to your barracks. Harmer quickly walked off knowing that the group would follow and after about passing three buildings, the group entered the forth that had the words 'Pray for Death and We Will Answer' on a placard over the entrance. After walking through a short hall, they would enter a large room with clean white walls. The room was in the shape of a rectangle with ten bunk beds on each of the long walls. In between each of the bunk beds a two wall lockers would separate the next set of bunk beds. There was about five meters that separated the bunks on each side of the room which left a very open space in the middle of the room. Harmer turned around and looked at the recruits, "Welcome to your new home. We are first platoon, Alpha company. We are the Reapers. And this is were you will sleep so find an open bunk, unpack your shit, and get comfy." With the Harmer left no room for discussion as he quickly walked back out of the room.

    Looking around there would be ten open beds scattered around the room. Some already had pillows and covers on them, which clearly marked them as taken. While others had nothing but a standard mattress. Which ever each would choose would be up to the individual, but it was clear that the eyes of others around the room were upon them. Off to the left side of the room stood a skinnier soldier, leaning against the front of his bunk just staring at the newcomers. Further to the left was a large soldier doing push-up after push-up at the front of his bunk. Off to the right was a group of four soldiers, three women and one male, playing cards on top of an empty box talking among themselves. Further down to the right was a soldier laying on the top bunk reading a book over her head.

    OOC: @Colapse @Grall_Stonefist @Donairian @bossaroo You all can pick a top or bottom bunk where ever you want. You can also interact with NPC's so you can get a warm and fuzzy for your new platoon.
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    Norrington's eye twitched as felt a twinge of annoyance at the condescending tone the specialist offered but reconciled with a nonchalant shrug the fact that he had the means necessary to pay it back if they ever crossed his path again. Instead he contented himself with following the group to the Barracks area, he was somewhat forced to feel absolutely in awe of his surroundings as he looked around, his superiors in front of him appeared to be going through formalities yet he wasn't actually taking any of it in. When he reached their particular quarters though he picked up on the chance to chose where he slept by immediately walking forward ahead of the rest of the group.

    'Dibs on the top bunk.'

    Before anyone else could say anything Karl had walked forward and vaulted himself and his belongings onto the top bunk of the nearest bed regardless of consideration if it had been taken or not, nor its creaking from taking so much weight at once. He contented himself with the thought of if he may be challenged for the bunk or not or even if he may receive any snide comments.
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    From one group of officers to another and then to another. In gang's hierarchy, there was usually a single leader, maybe two, but not dozen of them with each having different juristiction and most likely overlapping one another. All of it was strange for Machiko who never even paid that much attention to authoritive figures. Military would definitely change that outlook, but not right now.

    However what she was intimately familiar with was standing up for yourself. They got into the barracks and before she knew it, pretty boy picked the top bunk. "Bottom one is mine," she said, obviously wherever he came from the guy had no idea you simply don't pick the top one if you wish to have a proper sleep. Accomodations here were although much better than back in the slums, however the rule still stood.

    As she tossed her bags besides the bed and sat down on it, she spotted one of the soldiers staring at her group, leaning against the cover of his bunk. "You want something?" the girl asked him and then relizing that her bed only had mattress, she pointed at the man's own bed. "Ah no, I see it now. You wish to give me your pillow so I can sleep well. How kind of you!" she smiled as she talked, but there was no humor in her voice as she awaited the soldier's response before deciding whether he was a wolf or a cockroach.
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  6. There was a flare of pride as Etzo commended his words, though Korth tried his Best to not show it, would be an overeaction, and not sightly. Instead he just kept his head down as they once again moved on. Then after a bit of time walking, they where very suddenly introduced to Master sergeandt Harker, and Korth already liked him, something about the mans bull’ish nature spoke to his beastmen mind, for it seemed he was like that to all, a dominering presence to be feared and respected, very importent to remember his name right it seemed.

    Then it aperently came time for bunk choosing, the bunks looked nice, but he dident know what to make of the rest of the squard, he wasent very good at reading normal humans, and as far as he had seen not alot of his kin where present in here, no other in this squard atleast, though he did like that he was actually placed with normal humans, he wouldent mind seing others like him, surely others of the bray could make it like him, Prove themselves better than pit skum.
    Korth just made it towards a bunk no one else was contenting, though part of him wanted to asert himself strong parts of him called for it, he knew he was strong and fast, but he knew his place amongst the smoothskins, he had to act like them.
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