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The Call to Serve (Original Regiment RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by matt23, Sep 17, 2018.

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    The Call to Serve

    Original Regiment RP

    Within the Ultima Segmentum, floats a world of little fame and zero renowned. It’s haunting blue glow coming from the vast oceans that adorn her surface. Tarlus, a true jewel of beauty among the vast emptiness of space. And yet, for all the beauty her oceans may create, they hide the true ugliness of the Imperial way of life. Life…a funny word for what one may call that living on Tarlus. Days of slave-like labor with the deep mines, barely livable housing conditions, and nothing but artificial light thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface. No skies to look at or dream about, just the metal domes above that keep billions of tons of water at bay. And for what? For what does the Imperium break the backs of billions of citizens and treat them like slaves? Tarlunium. One simple word that has caused the death of many and destroyed the lives of billions. What does Tarlunium do for a human that could make it worth such a price? Nothing and everything. It could not be more useless to the typical Imperial citizen in their hands, but when manufactured just right and applied correctly, it could be the difference between life and death. Perhaps that is what makes Tarlus truly beautiful, but how can that be seen by her citizens? Could they ever understand such a value? Did such a simple metal warrant the sacrifice of so many? The truth would be unveiled to those whom understood what was worth fighting for…

    Segmentum: Ultima
    Sector: Unknown
    Subsector: Unknown
    System: Valorian System
    Population: roughly 850,000,000

    The lights within the tunnel caused an almost strobe like effect through the windows as the transport car glided along the rail system on track to its fixed destination. The light quickly fading and reappearing repeatedly. There was little noise to be had as nerves and uncertainty had gripped most, if not all of those within the transport. From where the fresh batch of recruits came was now behind them, both figuratively and literally. Their friends, families, jobs, or anything else they once knew were no longer around them. Gangsters, criminals, miners, or other, it now mattered little as this was no longer who they were. All were equals among the personnel in the transport, as all had only just graduated from basic training and been officially inducted into the Tarlus Defense Force. They all wore the same basic cloths, dark green fatigues with their names over the right side of their chest and the abbreviation “T.D.F.” over their hearts. Their feet now covered with the standard issue black, almost leather like, boots. All of their hairstyles would be extremely well groomed for the time had come to be assigned to their first duty station. And, as the saying goes, first impressions are lasting impressions.

    Ten privates in all, dressed all alike, one corporal, and one sergeant were in the transport. However, while the privates seemed to be sitting in one section, the corporal and the sergeant sat on the other end of the transport, quietly talking and laughing occasionally. Four of the privates sat quietly, with their heads leaned back as they tried to get a little sleep. One private sat with his knees to his chest, rocking slightly as he cried quietly. Everyone within the transport had their bags and equipment with them. The only thing they had not received to take with them was their weapons and armor. All other standard issue equipment now sat in bags with them. Sleeping bags, tents, collapsible shovel, extra fatigues, multi-tools, etc… All of one owned in life now sat in a small bag at their feet.

    “Twenty minutes until arrival at transport platform twelve. Dome eight. Section three,” a female, robotic voice said over the transport’s intercom. As if on que, the corporal stood up and lit a lho-stick. Taking a long drag off of it before letting out a large cloud of smoke and speaking, “Alright you fucking maggots... Stop your fucking crying, wake the fuck up, and get yourselves ready. Whoever or whatever you were, matters for shit now. Who you are is soldier and what you do is obey. No questions.” Everyone seemed to almost snap to a much more tense position as the Corporal took a pause to take another drag before continuing, “Now, let me just lay out the ground work so you assholes don’t get yourselves smoked into the next fucking millennium. Rule number one, know who the fuck you are talking to! If you are talking to or being talked to by a non-commissioned officer (NCO), you will stand at parade rest. That is corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, etc…, and you will address them by their earned rank! If you are talking to a commissioned officer, ergo first lieutenant, captain, major, etc…, you will stand at attention and address them as sir or ma’am. No exceptions!” The sergeant next to her laughed a moment as before the corporal continued, “Rule number two… know who the fuck you are talking to. Just wanted to make sure you all heard me. Addressing a NCO or CO as anything other than what is outlined is a form of insubordination! Rule number three, look to your left and right at the people around you. Whatever family you did have is dead. These are your brothers and sisters. And the sooner you all act like you are a family, the easier it is to get shit done. Remember, someday that person to the left or right of you may save your life. And last but not least, rule number four…fuck your feelings! If you do not like something, tough shit. You do not own your body any more. You are official property of the Imperium, and Tarlus to be more specific. If you are asked to jump, your response will be, “How high, corporal”. Any other answer is? You guessed it, insubordination. Now that we have all this shit laid out for you, make sure you don’t forget these rules. For you all will either succeed as one or fail as one. Now, take these final moments of freedom to get acquainted with each other, for like I said, they are your family now.” With that, the corporal sat back down and began to have another conversation with the sergeant across from her. All the other privates seemed to get extremely quiet as if regretting the decision they had made to join.

    OOC: @Colapse @Uriel1339 @bossaroo @Donairian @Grall_Stonefist This is a chance to get to know each other IC-ly a bit before we dive in. NPCs are not all to important, but will list them just for reference.

    NPCs within the transport are as follows:
    -4 privates sleeping (3 male and 1 female)
    -1 private crying (male)
    -1 corporal (female)
    -1 sergeant (male)
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    Under his breath so that neither the Sergeant nor the Corporal could hear Karl the thief mutter rather dismissively of his situation, almost wincing at the strobe like light coming in through the transport windows when another car passed Norrington was somewhat glad that it indicated that he might not be easily seen currently. He reached for his head, he felt tired from keeping himself awake yet he was always dreadful when attempting to sleep on a moving transport of any kind, there was too much noise and movement for him to manage.

    'Yes sure Corporal, whatever... Darn bet.'

    He remained sat down resisting the temptation to reach for a lho stick of his own watching the Corporal, he was in enough Fishsqit on his own without provoking the ire of his new superiors. He took in what was being said with a half attentiveness, there was not much else to do on the transport while he waited right up till the point where he suggested the squad 'gets acquainted' which took away the atmosphere of being not allowed to speak. He examined one of the recruits sitting next to him, a sleeping man who looked like he had utterly failed to catch what the corporal had just said, just his luck to be the one actually paying attention Karl thought. With a sudden jerk of his arm Norrington drove his elbow into the man's ribs purposely provoking a painful reaction to get the man awake and attentive. To illustrate his point he spoke louder this time for the man to properly reenter the real world.

    'Wake up Drowner, we got twenty minutes to we reach our stop.'
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  3. Korth just looked to the Corporals feet as he started to speak, trying to show he was attentive and unchallenging.
    He felt very strange, ever since joining up joining in and just getting in the boot camp, hygiene had become a lot more prevalent, despite what some of the higher born humans might say, and now he was about as *well groomed* as a beastman could be, no annoying ticks, mattered fur, a fang filled mouth somewhat clean and a new clean uniform, even if he was physically incapable of wearing normal boots and some changes had been made to the standard uniform to fit him, this was still worth the physical and mental berating, he would serve the Emperor, and have a better life than almost any the deep pits could have given him, back there he would properbly never truly have risen in the herd, especially not under the m´new mine boss.
    As the corperal sat down once more, Korth lifted his head just slightly more and looked around, so far nobody seemed to be giving him disgusted, glares, witch was better than expected, though perhaps they just needed time for the situation to sink in. There was one other that though really caught his attention, the crying one, how could one be so thankless in being given a chance to truly serve the Emperor, to be taken away from the deep mines, he just didn't understand, this could almost anger him, but he did his best to keep his temper in check, he had more to prove than anyone here, he had to prove he was more than some mutant scum unworthy of life, that his kind had more to give than workers in the deep pits.
    He looked away to keep it from annoying him more than he had any right to be, instead he looked a bit more around at the rest of the fresh recruits, though still keeping his gaze low, most humans dident like looking beast men in the eyes.
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    Machiko sat in the back and went with her tattooed hand through the raven hair, or at least what remained of it after being conscripted. Never much for respecting authority, the young woman stared blankly at the officer yelling at them but not wanting to voice her opinion on the matters right at the start, she was content simply feigning listening to it for the time being but in truth, it bored her quickly. Thankfully, it was over soon and she and the rest of the conscripts were left to their own thoughts for the time being.

    Suppressing a shrug, her eyes drifted away from the officer and towards the rest of the crew, where she spotted an unwelcoming sight. @Grall_Stonefist "So you are supposed to my new brother, at least according to the corporal over there and I'm like, can you even speak and not just moo like a cow or something?" presence of beastmen and other mutants was not something out of the ordinary in the uglier parts of the ganger town, but while some crime lords employed them as brute muscle due to their animal savagery and simple train of thoughts, Machiko never grew to like them nor more importantly, trust them with her life, so presence of one of these things up here was not something she found helpful at the moment.
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  5. Just when he had somewhat come to enjoy the sound of the ships movement, there had to be another to try and insult him for what he was, Korth could only reply with a betial smile before answering “your insults are weaker than your looks woman, i speak fine” though perhaps a lnquist would dislike the accentet tones of his bestial mouth. Korth new he was born low and boot camp had not been light in abuse for some one like him, just another test of Resolve.
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    Gotwin leaned back in his seat and let lut a growl that would've been better suited coming from the beastman that he shared the cart with. He entertained going for the sergeant and shoving the lho stick down his throat and telling him he could shove the defense force and all of that right up his ass into the next imperial holiday but that would just get him more lashes like at boot camp or worse. He sat back and thought on what Mara would tell him with her bright clever eyes full of brilliant ideas.

    He sighed as the loss of home stung deep but he persisted in the thoughts . Imagining his wife besides him. What would she say ?... he twisted a finger in his long mustache that grew down in two almost tassel like lengths from either side of his face. Snapping he realized , she'd tell him to find a way to keep him from getting stabbed in the back when he eventually lost his temper and got them all in trouble. He chuckled softly, Mara's words were never soft but they were always truthful

    Hmm a friend perhaps ? He took careful measurements of the car's contents and came to a sudden realization. He was surrounded by nothing but a bunch of pricks. Emperor help him he was going to stab one of them wasnt he ? @Uriel1339 "you look half decent whats your name 'brother'" he said throwing up airqyotes and chuckling hoping to appear friendly
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    "No insults, just simple observations," Machinko replied as she leaned back into her seat. "You know goatman, looks can be deceiving. Although in your case, I think that is a long shot."

    "So tell me how the hell did you even got through the first checks? Or are you gonna tell me that this PDF really has no standards whatsoever?!"
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  8. with a grunt Korth chose to willfully ignore the first parts of the womans response, there she would get no rise from him.
    "The recruiter believed all of the Emperors fold deserved a better death than the deep mines. Is there a better place to serve a vengeful god than being part of his hammer?" Korth said reiterating what the recruiter had asked down in the mines, it was a good saying, and Korth haddent been the only one to sign up, just one of those who survived, and the only one here, "But that is a lower standard than me" Korth said nodding his horned head towards the crying soldier.
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    High smiles and small conversations seemed to fade or not happen at all as the final approach to their destination began. The transport began to gradually slow as the robotic woman's voice came over the internal comms system again, "Arriving at Dome Eight, Section Three, Platform Twelve." A few took deep breaths could be seen being taken by all others within the transport except for the NCO's at the other end section. They seemed almost excited to get back to whatever their assignments were as they both grabbed their bags and gear and waited by the door.

    Finally, after what seemed to be forever, the transport came to a smooth halt at a large platform that seemed all by empty except for five soldiers. Four of which huddled together talking about something and another soldier standing perfectly placed to where the doors to the transport would open directly in front of him. After the doors did open, he would step end and in a strong and authoritative voice speak, "All new recruits, please remain seated and await further instructions." Anyone caring to notice would see that upon his arm was the rank of Staff Sergeant and over his name tag were several special course symbols, showing that he had completed them. After the sergeant and corporal got off, the staff sergeant continued addressing the new recruits, "Alright, I will now being giving you all your first duty assignments. So please listening closely as I do not like having to repeat myself." Taking out a data slat from underneath his arm, he held it out in front of him, "Rodrigues, you will be assigned to 11th Support Battalion. Take you shit and get out." The private whom had been crying most of the ride, grab his gear and got off the transport. Another soldier walked up to him, saying a few unheard words, before they walked off the platform together. "Torric, Nahtel, Matthews, Vaanson, and Kurdovic, you all have been assigned to the 8th Signal Battalion. Take your shit and guess what?....Get out." The only other privates on the transport grab the things and, in similar fashion, were greeted by a soldier before being escorted off the platform. Looking at the last four on the transport the staff sergeant smiled slightly with a laugh, "And then there is you four. You lucky sons of bitches have all been assigned to the 1st Infantry Battalion. My personal favorite. Now, like the others, get all your shit and get the fuck off the transport." The NCO placed the data slat back under his arm and turned, quickly exiting the transport.

    After everyone would gather on the outside of the transport, two soldiers with the rank of specialists would come to stand in front of the group, one male and one female. The male would then begin to speak with a somewhat joking manor, "I am specialist Etzo and this is specialist Noriega. We are only here to give you your orientation and take you to the Battalion Headquarters for company and platoon assignment. We are not NCO's or CO's so relax and use this time to get whatever questions you have answered." He then looked over to Noriega who then, with a nod began to speak, "You have all been assigned to the 1st Infantry Battalion. This means you have all been chosen for front line duties. It is the highest honor one can receive for assignment so please understand it as such. I know that all the new transitions to military lifestyle can be disorientating, but we are here to do our best to help you all get to where you need to go in a quick and efficient manor. Now, are there any questions at this time we can answer?"

    OOC: @Colapse @bossaroo @Grall_Stonefist @Donairian
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    Soon as the conscript had confronted the Beastman Karl couldn't help but put his hands behind his head and lean forward so that his forearms covered his ears, this was to prevent himself from getting a headache while at the same time preventing it from looking too obvious that he was trying to block out the conversation. This went on until the transport finally reached its stop and the shrill voice of the Comms servitor penetrated the tense atmosphere and Norrington practically jerked back upright reaching for his belongings. He had to wait a painfully long time to get off the transport, as he did so he breathed in the slightly cleaner and definitely less stuffy filtered air on the platform, with a sigh of relief he said rather passively.

    'It's about time it smelt like a battery farm in there, like an Agricultural District in dire need of being hosed down.'

    He rather nonchalantly took in what was being said, much of the Sergeants banter rather bounced off him sparing the need to follow his intructions but the words of the specialists finally broke through his indifference causing him to frown, first company was the Frontline company? Just his luck. He spoke out loud to ask a question deciding he had kept quiet for long enough. He asked hopefully, though he was fully prepared for a reprimand, he had screwed up and angered enough of the wrong people to get this far after all.

    'Do we get new kit? Being stationed on the Frontline means only the best right?'

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