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The Bronze Wyrms, Warband Of Sorcery And Big Guns, Recruiting Now

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Mygnal-Wyrm-Blessed, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hello fellow despoilers, sorcerers, and other champions of Chaos. I, Mygnal the Wyrm Blessed; Sorcerer Lord of the Bronze Wyrms, have decided to take my warband from the tabletop into the virtual world of Eternal Crusade. I'm hoping our group can focus a little more on PvE than the PVP, so I encourage you to join if that appeals to you. Since we will have to wait a bit to play the game, I've decided to form a Steam Group that is open to any fan of Chaos. The group can be found online here:
    or by using the Steam Client's group search. I'll mainly want to focus on the Space Marine game multiplayer since it is the currently the closest we have to Eternal Crusade right now, but am open to other multiplayer games. I look forward to the good times we are sure to have. Feel free to post any questions if you have them.

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