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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Entering through the sewage system of the Saur facility proved simple enough for the crimson monstrosity. However finding what it sought after may prove to be a different issue entirely. It took the ventilation system of a nearby air vent to try to scour the area unseen, not out of fear of being caught but in trying to avoid any unnecessary annoyances. The sanguine specter moved it's way through the system, periodically peering through the grates, hoping to find a potential lab, computer area, or even someone that could be of assistance in retrieving the information on Warlock it wanted.
  2. Ryshan was embraced to be frank. she'd been overpowered by a mortal in the arts of sorcery, thinking for a while she'd try to have a look around the club to see if there were any dolts there that she could feed off of to gather her strength, or indeed anyone with any information that may be useful for her to increase her power.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hey! Let her go or I'll reduce you to scrap!"
    Serpent jet boosted himself up and grabbed the tentacle used to lift Aura, then just turned the jetpack off and let the added weight of mutant lizardman and billion dollar armour do the rest.
    His other hand free, and still holding the charge of energy from before, he gave a solid straight punch hard as he could to rattle some screws loose.
    Mystic looks around the realm. She understands her instructions completely as she bows once more.
    “Of course, your help would be appreciated”
    She nods up to her patron before facing her destination
    “So I must just reach the other end, correct?”
    She was faithful that was for sure... but there was a certain nervous uncertainty in her... she clears her throat one more time before she moves her hands softly, holy energy lifting her up, carrying her gently before beginning to move her at quite the impressive speed over the realm...

    Hallow looks at her gang members, smiling behind her pumking mask.
    “Of course, I can give you a tour. I just need some few items around here anyway”
    She reaches out, snatching back the wallet a smaller figure had pickpocketed out of one of her gang members pocket, Handing it back to him, before beginning to guide them around. As per usual was there a lot of people, Villians, Gangsters, Mercenaries of all kinds. People with powers; with magic and more. Hallow casually explains some things to her men, keeping an eye on their pockets for them to make sure nobody loses a wallet. After about 20 minutes she approaches a stand, smiling at the hooded figure behind it. But of course her mask is always smiling.
    “Ah, Dread, you are here? How are the children? Great... so do you still have that heart of rage in stock?”

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