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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. As Daniel now stood there, he could see that it could indeed turn problematicly time consuming just trying all the computers at random, surely there had to be a seating plan somewhere, atleast he hoped so.
    Daniel went to one of the end seats, where the chairman might sit, trying to either look for some sort of drawer, or maybe some sort of secretary terminal that had the seating plan, else he would have to try his luck, and hope that there wherent any remote alert devises that the computers where being taken in use.
    though a third and darker option would be to absorb someone working here who might know, though that would only come to be if he got pressured, for now he just had to try some more classic work.
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    The lizard cop pat Aura on her shoulder. "Heads up, super-rookie. Ugly at 12 o'clock." Serpent clicked record on in his helmet display. "Ilona, get some scans on that tech and biology."
    Serpent held the assault rifle in one hand and approached, a hologram display of WBSA badge shot out of his gauntlet as he held his hand up.
    "Oii, WBSA is here! Let's hear some identification and put all appendixes in the air. Keeping things friendly is usually required in this situation too, so guns and hostilities are a no-no!"
    There was no sign of innocents being hurt so ambulance wasn't necessary. Yet.
  3. Having not exactly what it sought for but at the very least a direction in mind, the crimson creature headed out toward the direction of the chemical plant the elder Craveloft pointed it towards. Perhaps there he'd find answers to important questions, answers that would aid him immensely in the coming confrontation. A coming fight that was all but inevitable, a fate that Warlock has all but avoided entirely thus far. This sanguine specter was going to finally end Warlock, snuffing out that disgusting waste of human life once and for all. And if those in the facility gave it nothing but grief, then the wrath it'll visit upon them would have to work as a practice for it's true target.
    Once the creature exited the manor it slinked away into the nearest drainage system. Although the Bureau seemed to have grown their presence in it's domain, it was of no concern to the crimson creature. Soon enough, the Bureau too will fall before it. The WBSA will answer for crimes long forgotten soon enough. This however, it's feud with Warlock will end tonight.
  4. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    @Wata @Casavay


    Artur diverted his attention from the vehicle they had knocked over towards the to officers and stood surprised for a moment before speaking in his native tough to Vadim "Ignore the car, grab those two and lets return. They look clearly related to the anomaly" He went over to inspect the wreckage, trying to find the passengers or anything else that looked important

    Vadim heard this and slowly hovered over to the two officers, ignoring the officers remarks and pointing the metal tentacles towards them which suddenly sprang forward in an attempt to restrain them both. "Do not resist" the monstrous cyborg droned in Ukrainian.
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @SpaceHulk @Wata
    Aura had her gun in hand, but - mindful of gun safety - did not point it at the two absurd creatures, although her face communicated her nonplussed displeasure at their sight. "Stand down!", she ordered, "You heard the man. This is the WBSA: resistance is futil- illegal and will be persecuted. Appendages up and drop your... lasers and/or probing devices!"
  6. Ryshan gritted her teeth and slowly set off back towards the club, if she had a tail it'd be firmly between her legs.
    Mystic bows infront of the great Archangel. Showing her hands in a show of venerance. Her robes flowing around her in the holy realm
    "Greetings, The most Holy of angels, Gabriel"
    She talks in a calm, and polite tone, showing her best side, so to speak, to the gargantuan being. She could have added a holy halo of her own, but she decided it was best not to, as it might be seen as a mockery of the most holy ones. She keeps herself bowed, awaiting Gabriels response
    "I am prepared to do anything to prove my worth."

    Hallow leans back in her seat, breathing out, as she nods to the gang. She had given them a location and a code before they left and the van was now heading there. Driving through the old streets, before turning into an Alleyway. Hallow steps out and taps on a certain number of bricks, before a holographic screen comes up, hiding them, as a gate down to the garage of the Dark market opens up. Allowing them to go there to trade in the cash.
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The Valkyrie would land near her hide out, A simple cave within a mountain she could feel the sun slowly begining to set within this realm something that put her more on alert, She was unusued to a realm sun that would set upon this place, so early and so fast, Taking her mount inside she would begin placing the items she had recover and what gear she wouldnt need immediatly upon a blanket, Before heading outside and begining work on the outside of the cave, setting up simple noise traps and cleaning any evidence she was hear besides simple strings and chimes that were there, As she did this she began thinking on what her next steps would be, Need equitment for the portal, but it will require parts to run it, Not to mention a power source." The valkyrie thought to herself as she began her work. Then there was possiblity of interlopers, If she gathered enough tech it might be possible to bring to life a senchel to aid her in getting back to her realm
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hey! If you do not stand down we will use lethal force!" His helmet amplified the deep voice.
    Serpent stowed the assault rifle and swapped to the shock baton. It crackled to a steady hum of electricity when it powered up. Serpent's other hand glowed dark blue as he gathered an energy attack, unleashing it the moment tango got too close or did not comply.
  10. @Wata @Casavay (WBSA) @SpaceHulk
    A brief confrontation between the remarkably strange pairs would kick off as Vadim would attempt to grab Serpent and Aura. He would quickly find that the large reptilian was too heavy and strong to simply grab with his tendrils and float away but the human looking woman was easy enough. She would fire off several shots, or at least she would try to if it weren’t for the fact that she she had forgotten to undo the weapon’s safety. Otherwise she worthlessly pulled on a trigger that would not move as the strange cyborg grabbed her with its tendril and pulled her into the air.

    The red mass would move through the extensive plumbing system of the Craveloft Manner into the larger tunnels used centralize all waste and sewage in the area into a central treatment plant. From there they would use instructions given to it by Alduin Craveloft to make their path towards a research facility that was not very public about its existence. Something owned by a shell company under the Sauer Family. It would breach a safety valve and solidify within the bowls of said place, it would simply need to pick a direction and something it wanted to find.

    @Wincent (Mystic)
    A brief moment would pass as the Archangel scrutinized Mystic in her bowed stance, though the ancient being had no visible eyes Mystic could certainly feel he was staring into her very being. Every facet of her existence, her life, was under Gabriel’s judgment and without a face to present his feelings she would not know what he thought until he next spoke. “Her individual characteristics are substandard.” He said in a neutral tone. “But overall she fits within the parameters needed.” Gabriel would stand then, his form stretching back up into the heavens. “You simply must make it to the other side of my realm, it matters not how long you take, my father is one of eternal patience.” The Archangel would then walk away and Mystic would see that her patron was still there. “Ah, good that I do have the eye for picking one.” They said to themself. “If you need guidance I am allowed to provide some, but do not expect me to let you ride upon my back.” He jested.

    @Wincent (Hallow)
    Dark Market money laundering would be a quick process but the gang members would find themselves lost in the newness of this place they had never heard of before. Such a massive complex hidden right under their noses, it was hard to process for them. A couple regulars to the market got a laugh at seeing them. Regardless Hallow would have her money in short order, clean untraceable bills. “Hey boss?” Ben asked, having walked up to her. “The boys and I are wanting to take a look around, mind showing us?” He and the gang members looked at her wondering if she actually would do this for them.

    After conversing with the club owner for a bit Ryshan would leave with no punishment hanging over her. The Club Owner seemed to become interested in her description of the witch who had robbed the bank. She let Ryshan go saying she may have another task for her in the near future. But for now Ryshan would have some free time and perhaps let off some steam.

    Luckily the nonviolent options ended up winning out as Daniel found a seating plan in the desk of the council’s chairman. A brief moment of reading and walking later would see him finding the right desk and terminal. Once the terminal was turned on and the USB plugged in a familiar dark figure would soon take over the screen. “Excellent, it will take a moment to procure the proper data but from here we will ensure the process won’t be interrupted. Your next payment will arrive shortly after the process is done.”

    The Valkrie would find no interlopers approaching her small makeshift home as she set up noise traps. The sun was about to disappear over the horizon and it would seem most things in this place were not active during the night. Or at least not as active as she would not find much if anything around aside from small animals and birds. After her stunt down in the city people will likely be looking for her though. And her appearance does have a certain quality that makes it difficult to hide in plain sight. Perhaps she could look into gaining a disguise in the near future. It would likely allow her to blend in with the locals and make her search for components easier.

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