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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

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  1. @Wata @Casavay (WBSA)
    Serpent’s artificial companion would respond to the slaps against the helmet immediately. “You know just asking for what you need is a lot more polite than hitting yourself.” The feminine voice within Serpent's helmet had the usual tone of mild irritation when it speaked. “It says something of ‘The Demon’s eyes are always on you’, probably something of a reminder to the locals to not cross them in anyway. This gang is responsible for more than a few massacres within the slums, Mundane Law Enforcement has cracked down on their activity significantly but they are dug in very deeply around this region. Some officials have speculated it wouldn’t take anything less than military like operations to finally get rid of them. Naturally sending in thousands of heavily armed police officers into areas where there is also a large civilian population to battle with heavily armed gangsters isn’t prefered so Law Enforcement has been looking into at least containing them.” As the AI spoke about the subject a map showing activity and various news reports and documents came up on Serpent’s HUD, unfortunately Aura would be unable to see the information.

    The Crimson Monstrosity’s travel would not be impeded by anything else the rest of the way to the manor. The Craveloft woman would go her own way and Nightmare was out of the house on some sort of errand. As such the creature was free to do as it wished in the manor with its various employees and resources at its disposal, provided it asks. Perhaps someone could know something about the Warlock that he seeked?

    @Wincent (Mystic) @Vulpas
    Mystic’s attempt at chaining the strange woman riding on a griffin would not go as planned as the chains would not find their mark. She could distinctly feel the interference of a power much greater than hers, divine intervention though she could not be sure exactly what had stepped in . Meanwhile Morph simply raised an eyebrow at what Mystic said but offered no words, simply sighing in a manner that made it clear he was beginning to get used to the strangeness of dealing with this woman. “Well first of all thank you for securing Corgins, I certain he did not make the task particularly easy. Second we have reports of green fire that cannot be put out erupting in different parts of the city. Given your abilities I figured you might be a good candidate to solve the issue.” If Mystic would look inside after failing to catch the fleeing valkyrie she could see Morph was bringing up a map for her to see that showed the locations of the fires that have been reported.

    Meanwhile in the air the Valkyrie could feel the sun’s rays warm and calm her as her deity seemed to extend a hand to assist her in her situation. The sun would temporarily grow brighter and cause the WBSA agents below to shield their eyes less they go blind from the intense light. This was her chance to escape.

    @Wincent (Hallow) @The_Raven
    Hallow and her men would quickly make their way out of the building with a haste that easily showed they were pretty much done with whatever the hell was going on here. Though upon opening the door it is revealed that their activities had not gone unnoticed. A fire truck was parked outside with several firefighters in specialized suits on standby to enter the building which must have been obviously on fire by this point. Though these suited up firemen weren’t attempting to enter the building and instead were just standing there which was strange up until the fire captain(who wore a distinct suit to identify his rank easily) was speaking to a bald man dressed in WBSA issue body armor. The firefighters looked towards the figures that had just emerged from the building. Ben and the gang members stared at them and for a moment there was a shocked silence between the two groups who weren’t expecting one another. Both were unsure what to do until the WBSA agent reached a hand out towards them. At first the gesture seemed to do nothing but then the gang members along with Hallow began to be short of breath and found standing seemed to be a lot more difficult than it should be. Ben, realizing the wbsa agent was doing something fired off a burst from his weapon and began running, pulling another of the gang members by the arm they made a run for it. Though now the WBSA agent and the firemen who looked inside and saw the fire within, luckily Ryshan was somewhat concealed by the flames. Seemingly as if luck was finally turning in her favor the curse was fading as well. The shadows were becoming weaker, their attacks slowing to the point that dodging was something she could do almost subconsciously.

    Taking a brief rest within the abandoned distribution center Daniel would hear a disturbance nearby at a doorway. If he investigated he would find the homeless man from earlier was walking up from the same way he had entered. “Hello.” He said, his tone of voice sounding drastically more sane than before as well as his eyes seemed to be focused and serious where before they were clouded and clearly somewhere else. “Daniel Stern, I have something for you.” The man approached Daniel as he reached into his coat pocket and grabbed a metallic case. Upon Daniel taking the case the man walked away offering no explanation when Daniel blinked the man was completely gone. Left with nothing else to do he could examine the case and notice that it had the heraldry of the Neo North Sea Empire on the top. He wouldn’t find a latch or anything to open it but upon grazing the heraldry the box would click and open to reveal two things. An envelope and a usb, of he looked around he would notice there was a terminal over in an empty office.

    With the two Ukranians waiting in agitated patience they would soon find the source of the various noises to resemble what is referred to as a technical. Technical being the term used to describe an improved light fighting vehicle or in this case a pick up truck carrying a prominent crisis era machine gun mounted on an improvised stand on the back of the cab. The bed of the pick up was loaded with both assorted loot like television screens, furniture, and cardboard boxes presumably filled with smaller items. Also in back sat several people, all with their faces covered by masks of different animal heads. A strange sight but nothing compared to the two even stranger creatures observing them. They could both calculate it would be a quick fight if they chose to engage them but perhaps this groups had information two of them could use?
  2. The young Craveloft didn't seem to be at the manor, odd, but not at all concerning to the sanguine creature. For at this time it didn't require the presence of that child. No, what it sought out now was nothing the boy would be able to know. But the lord of this manor, the boy's father. The beastial entity had a creeping feeling- almost overwhelming even-that if anyone at the manor would know anything about the scum that was Warlock, it would be him. And so it corded its way to the manor grounds, stalking the whereabouts for one Alduin Craveloft, demanding to know the man's whereabouts from those he happened to stumble across. The questions it needed answered before heading off to finally fell the man that held much of it's ire, contempt, and utter hatred.
    What was going to hurt them the most. How was it going to render that contemptuous filth a broken sack of a man. What ever was going to give it the edge it needed to carry out it's much sought after vengeance. It couldn't afford to miss this chance given it. Warlock was going to die, and it was going to be done by it's hands alone. And Alduin Craveloft was going to divulge everything he knew, to ensure the Warlock's demise tonight.
  3. With his new task and information given to him, Daniel decided that for now, and maybe contenuelly it might be best to do as he was told, if they could track him like this, then he was probebly in some serius danger.
    Daniel removed the USB from the terminal and picked up the briefcase before making his leave, he would have to do some quick casing of the councilhouse, though not too long since it would surely be now that it would be easiest to infiltrate, just a few guards instead of all its workers
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    This was her chance her god was watching over her and freedom was here. "Come sun burst let us head towards our camp." The sun valkyrie said as she was lifted upon her mount and began riding her griffon towards where the Valkyries camp lay where the sun signs pon high heights.
  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent straightened his back and paused to process all the info Ilona was throwing at him.
    "These cool beans are turning into sour beans, if they ever even reached cool to begin with..."
    He picked a direction, which was based on the most reliable spot to find such gangers, hopefully not armed to the teeth.
    "Let's go, princess. More ice cream if you're good."
  6. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    The mechanical tendrils of Ukraine's Tragedy propelled forward towards the front wheels of the vehicle in an attempt to stop it dead in its tracks before Artur blasted a wave of force towards the vehicle at the same time to try and knock it onto its side. The blast from Ukraine's Agony shook Vadim's body with the vibrations as well as the ground beneath them.
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Aura had simply snorted at Serpent's jokes about buddy cop movies when Serpent, after a moment's silence, spoke up again. "Sour beans? I don't think those are a thing...", she murmured, mostly to herself, then nodded at his informal shot-calling, moving forward with swift steps. Irregardless of the gravity of the situation, the heiress chuckled at her partner's humour. "You know, this isn't really a cheat day for me, so you'll have to do better to motivate this princess."
  8. Ryshan instantly took this opportunity to dive into the shadows and attempt to teleport over to a dark alleyway opposite the bank, upon doing so she would reach for the phone she was given and call for backup
  9. MYSTIC:
    Mystic lets the Valkyrie go before she ventures into the portal, Arc sitting on her shoulder, looking over the group. Mystic however, just shakes her head.
    "I would normally assist, Morph. But I have a schedule to keep. I have an... appointment, lets say that I need to make sure I am in time for. The people I am meeting are not the type you leave waiting"
    She nods calmly, as her hands slip into her sleeves as she turns around, the golden portal dissapearing before she summons a new one. She calmly steps through it and enters into her home, where she walks to the middle of the library and kneels down in a medative position, beginning to channel her holy magic.

    Light shimmering, rising up in long strands, circulating above her head, forming a halo as it twirls faster and faster, before beginning to lower around Mystic.

    Hallow frowns as she feels the weight, reaching out with her own hand.
    An ancient word, which she had learned in the tome she had gotten her hands on, her hand flashes crimson red. A simple spell, usually meant for mere initiates, meant to temporarily clot blood at a lighting fast pace.
    Aiming the spell at the WBSA agent, she aims to clot the blood in his arm, making it clot and create a plug. Not planning to fight him directly as she really don't have time for that, instead aiming to make him either too distracted or simply too encumbered... OR too frightened to actually try and follow a fight.
    IF the spell has the desired effect on the agent would Hallow join her men, as they had moved the bags to the waiting van that they had arrived in.
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