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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Hallow @The_Raven
    Hallow almost makes a hissing sound, lifting up the hostage, using him to protect her from the flames. Which expand out from the demon, covering the entire room in screaming flames and death. A surprisingly fast and harsh attack, would normally have taken a mortal quite a bit of focus to do the same. Hallow mumbles that she needs to practice something like that later, as she braces for impact.

    Mystic nods to the walking machine, a bit curious about Corgins herself. But she has things to do. She pulls gently in the machines arm

    “Corgins, come now. I need to deliver you to Morph so that I can get on my way.”

    She is firm, not planning on letting Morph wait. She reaches out with her mind, finding Morphs location. She reaches out with her hand, light glowing from her palm as she begins to open a portal to morph. If Corgins Can actually go there or not is not of her concern. If he can go there can he go there directly, if the area where he is is too small, then he can just poke his head in or whatever and deliver that he is there.
  2. @Wata @Casavay (WBSA)
    After getting ice cream, which seemed to be something of a tradition now, the newly made duo would make their way towards the slums. Slowly buildings turned from shops and restaurants to low income housing and eventually boarded up and condemned. The slums were the old parts of Novus that technically no one should live in and yet the homeless and mad seem to flock here. Gang activity is rampant and the best the Novus police can do is contain it. Rumors of gangs getting ahold of old military equipment from the Crisis Wars would easily be believed here. Where exactly all of these arms and ammunition would be coming from would be difficult to say, places like Neo Rome are bound to have quite the large surplus after their various conquests in the mid twentieth century. Not to mention even the United States after the violent annexation of Mexico or the establishment of the Emirate Lands.

    To put it simply the unfortunate truth of the modern world was that the current status quo was built with countless weapons that were discarded in favor of those built upon recently invented technology. And not all of them ended up in the right hands, as the two continued to drive they would notice a couple buildings had obvious bullet holes in them from previous gun battles. A notable symbol was spray painted on a bullet riddled wall, the Polish Flag with a horned skull over it. Underneath it was a sentence in what they would assume it Polish. If they looked on the ground they would notice several painted outlines of bodies. If either of them had bothered to read up material on the various crime families and syndicates that exist in the city they would recognize this as the work of Oko Licho. A particularly violent group of Polish Immigrants, it seems a previous attack they made left this street deserted.

    @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BuriasDempsey (Verschlinger)
    Assuming the Craveloft woman would follow the Red Gelatinous Beast(perhaps against better judgement) they would both find themselves traversing the rather extensive sewer system of Novus. The tunnel walkways were large enough to fit a small car on so perhaps as they moved the Verschlinger might make a mental note to pester her cousin about acquiring such a thing. Given the fact that the sewers are well the sewers an electric cart would probably be the most prudent. These frivolous thoughts aside the two of them would continue until they were approaching the exit that got them out nearest to the Craveloft Manner. Only they would see something moving off in a different tunnel. Before either of them could recognize what was happening bright lights blinded both of them. “Notify command, we’ve found it.” They would hear a man say.

    Bloodbath’s various eyes would be the first to adjust to the light, it appeared to be some kind of WBSA mundane agent team. Only instead of simply white riot armor they were wearing powered combat harnesses. It seemed the Bureau was not entirely clueless about its existence as the creature would have prefered.

    @Wata (Deoluk) @Wincent (Mystic) @Vulpas
    The Valkyrie's sudden escape attempt took the WBSA soldiers entirely by surprise as some were looking at Mystic as she opened a portal. The rest were indeed looking the correct direction and made to shoot at the griffon but by some miracle all of their weapons jammed. Some more than that as a few small explosions rang out as they misfired. It seems the Valkyrie’s god was listening to her though it seemed they would not quite be able to get out of the bonds by forcing it. Even with their griffon carrying them off the rings of light persisted. But with growing distance and lack of interest from the one that cast them they would dissipate soon.

    Meanwhile on the ground Mystic would find her portal leading her directly into Morph’s office, the grumpy owner of the office would be startled from his reading reports as he saw the tear in space appear in front of him. The room would be large enough to fit Corgins in so he would be brought in after some prodding. Evidently the portal had immediately caught their attention as they seemed determined to study it silently but would eventually be pulled through to the otherside. All the while the bird controlled by Deoluk would be watching above, an unknown observer of one possibly the strangest scenarios the humans below had ever seen.

    @Wincent (Hallow) @The_Raven
    The resulting blast of hellfire would coat the inside of the bank, incapacitated hostages would not have the energy to scream as their bodies were easily overtaken. The flames easily found materials that were the most flammable as they screamed to life in a very literal fashion. Not to mention the flames seemed to be mockingly the same shade of green as Hallow’s. Speaking of Hallow her human shield would be obliterated by the blast as they lacked any kind of protection. Though the unfortunate guard would save her from being entirely covered in hellfire she would still find her right elbow and left foot being caught by the flames. Her henchmen would not fair much better as one was killed outright in the blast, another being caught by the flames but not dying outright as the armor he wore with its magical properties prevented the fire from spreading. But as he fell to the ground uselessly trying to pat down the flames it was clear he wouldn’t be much of a help.

    Two other men would find themselves fine but their weapons would be melted away while a fifth would only find his weapon becoming hot but function. And finally Ben seemed perfectly fine, his armor working perfectly and his weapon being untouched by the heat. Meanwhile Ryshan would be in her demonic form and find that her surroundings were covered in hellfire, it would be prudent to remember that hellfire was still dangerous to demons after it is cast and that she still has to get what the demon at the club asked for. She would also notice that the shadows were reforming themselves after being blown away. All in all the sudden use of hellfire seemed to more or less make her situation considerably more dangerous.

    The homeless man made something of a grunt signifying he didn’t care and began piling trash back on himself as some sort of camouflage. Daniel would run through the alley and on the other side find an evacuated distribution center for one of the nearby factories that evidently made car parts. He could tell as he entered through an open truck port he could see an abandoned packaging line. A good portion of it was automated with machines that were able to load boxes of appropriate size and seal them but he could spot several stations for normal human employees. Mostly look out points to spot malfunctions as well as a station for engineers to wait. What he was walking passed right now was the final inspection of all outgoing boxes. It seems only the human eye could be completely trusted in ensuring quality.

    In an attempt to avoid further disturbances with the local populace, the duo redirected themselves to the Novus slum district. As luck would have it for the pair the area appeared to be mostly deserted. Doors to nearby buildings wide open as if those living within left in a hurry, with assorted vehicles abandoned in the middle of the roads. The only signs of life in the area being the humming of the far off hovercraft they would be able to hear ever so faintly the closer they neared their destination.

    However, despite all signs of the place being recently abandoned, it soon became clear they were not the only ones in this zone. They were able to hear the rumblings of a large engine, the sounds of which seemed to have been getting louder as time went on. On top of the engine noises was also the sound of crude music of some sort blasting equally as loudly. It was clear that the source of this noise and music was going to soon be upon them.

    @BuriasDempsey (Nightmare)
    Nightmare would feel a tap on his shoulder. “We’re not the Sith pal, you don’t need to focus on negative emotions. Really I suggest you don’t.” If Nightmare opened his eyes he would find the darkness remained and that they seemed to have changed locations suddenly. “Welcome back to the void, for the second or third time today, sorry for all the back and forth but really void travel this early on is best done in bursts. Right now we’re more there in a spiritual capacity rather than a physical one.” As Rico said this Nightmare would quickly see both of their bodies sitting cross legged in the previous room. “It’s a lot easier.” As Rico said this Nightmare could sense movement within the void. “But not necessarily safer, souls are like stars within the void, everything in here is attracted to them in some degree.” The movement was getting closer. “Basically the first test is to fend off whatever is coming for you, I’ll be over on the side to be sure nothing kills you.” As Rico said this he disappeared and Nightmare could make out the form of a vaguely dog shaped creature in front of him. “In the void nothing can be created or really destroyed, it just is so to speak, working with void magic is a lot like working with what you have around you. Layman's terms imagine something and the void around you will form into it.”
  3. Hallow
    Hallow rubs her elbow a bit. Burnt, but not on fire, hurting like hell but she could use them still. She rolls her neck before looking at Ben
    “Get everyone towards the door, get the bags to the car”
    The bags had thankfully been protected by her men, their bodies providing cover for them.
    “Use hostages if you must, your armor should be enough to provide protection against any normal man that would try and harm you.”
    Hallow glares at Ryshan following, clenching her fist, as the shadows rise from the floor, changing from hands into more spear like shapes and continue their assault. The change of ferociousness would decrease the time of the rune, but it should be enough for her to be able to leave.

    “Listen, Demon. You will let us leave. You are bleeding, and under attack from more than one source. Attack, and you will die.”

    Hallow glares at the demon, taking her two glances from her hips as she begins moving past the demon, constantly ready for an attack. She had made the challenge clear, if the demon were to engage, she would slay it. Hallow, unless stopped, would continue through the doors and onto the street, where she would begin running towards the car.


    Mystic had noticed the Valkyries attempt to flee. As soon as Corgins went through, she stuck her head through the portal.
    “I am done, just think really loudly about me, Morph and I will talk to you”
    Mystic then went back through it and focused on the bindings. The portal closing behind her as. She clenched her fists and pulled them down. The chains of light trying to pull he creature down to earth. She saw herself as a natural party, but she was seeing the reason behind the WBSA wanting to interrogate this woman.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The Valkyrie was held tight within her Mounts claw As hse tired to break the Bindings she found them still not breaking. Surprised to see none of the slug weaponry fire at her she looked at the bindings, She began to speak to her mount. her voice only ringing out in her language as she talked to her beast. "Sunburst Continue to the sky we must leave this place and once more find ourselves in our gods light He protects us and we must continue our journey home." The Valkyrie said looking to her beast, after that she looked to her bounds and put them together her hands reaching each other and making the symbol of the sun. As she did this she began to pray. Once more reciting scripts that she knew by heart.
  5. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Holding up a hand to signal the two to stop, Artur stepped of his compatriot and listened, hearing the sound of the oncoming music he turned back towards Vadim. "Quickly move out of sight, something is coming in fast." Moving into a ally recess and gesturing for his comrade to follow suit. "Make a judgment to see if they are worth taking, if not we will stay hidden." He crouched down and sighed, reading his two firearms just in case they were needed. "This better not just be more


    Moving over to the ally alongside Artur, He kept an eye on the road that this suspected vehicle was expected to go down. The mechanical body's sensors would be able to get a good look at was was about to move past them and its robotic tendrils were ready to strike if the vehicle in question was part of the local law enforcement or something more interesting. Ukraine's Tragedy twitched inside his tank.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    A fist bump, ice cream and one ramble about blueberries being the best berries ever later, Serpent was staring at what looked like the scene of a firefight. He was standing above one of the chalk outlines, arms crossed. His long tail rested on the ground behind him, the tip slowly bopping up and down.
    "So if I learned anything from buddy cop movies and gang documentaries, we're not welcome around these parts at all but our friendship will carry us through this."
    Serpent had a frown on his face, locals seemed scarce here so it already felt like they were about to have slow and unfriendly progress.
    He turned to Aura and grabbed his rifle. He checked the magazine and slid it back in. "You don't happen to speak any polish? Do you recognize those gang signs?" The lizard had a smile that didn't reach his eyes.
  7. Ryshan would think carefully, time for a plan B "give me what I desire mortal, and not only will you be spared, I may even grant you something of a boon" her tongue nearly choked on those words but she swallowed her pride, the mission was too important to let a hopped up mortal get in the way.
  8. Getting increasingly irritated by the constant distractions, the Crimson Beast continued on it's path through the sewers after the Bureau's hunting squad fled. Most likely to regroup and reevaluate their next plan of attack, it knew better then to think they'd simply give up on trying to capture it. But it had more personal concerns to address. The hour of finally dealing with that slime Warlock was drawing ever nearer, and the sanguine colored monstrosity needed to plan it's own method of attack, and to plan accordingly. This was most likely going to be it's one chance on finally ending that whoreson's life, and it was going to make it count.
    The stranger has proven to have her uses, like hell would it allow her to interfere with it's conflict however. Warlock was going to be killed by it alone, and the abominable entity wasn't going to allow it any other way.
    "Bureau dogs...may have eyes...and ears on us...even now" it growled as it looked about for any other possible interlopers."we move not impede me...or I leave rot, understood?"
  9. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Aura mimicked Serpent's motions, drawing her sidearm and checking on the magazine. She still wasn't comfortable with the thought of shooting at people, but the sorceress was dead set on not repeating the blind-firing-on-killer-goo incident. Mindful of their surroundings, she was hesitant in holstering it again, but she was a trained WBSA agent. What could some thugs possibly inflict on them? Especially given that a huge war-lizard was accompanying her.

    Her hands gently glid down to her hips, and Aura stood akimbo besides Serpent as she glanced over the gang signs. "They didn't cover these in Basic, and I don't speak any Slavic languages. So that's right out." The blonde scratched her eyebrow as she thought. "Does your onboard PC have something smart to say maybe?"
  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "It's Oko Licho, judging by the skull." Serpent pointed a rifle at the symbol. He slapped his helmet once or twice to shake Ilona awake.
    "I don't know, guess she's as smart as the internet. Any help for us here? Like a Polish-English-dictionary."
    Serpent started walking, they wouldn't find any abrasive youths standing here admiring chalk. Good old field work and asking around locals got the gang violence going.

    "But if this was a buddy cop movie and you're a chick, Hollywood rules would make you the romantic interest."
    He was quiet a moment, actually considering it carefully.
    "Did I just step over a line or something, assuming the lizard boy is the protagonist immediately?"
    He turned to Aura and lowered a bit down to her level.
    "Do you feel oppressed? Do you want to be the strong woman lead who need no man?"


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