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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The Valkyrie began speaking again as Sunburst came into the light approaching the Valkyrie and seeing her restrained causing the beast scales and feathers to puff up. The translator seemingly lagging behind as the Valkyrie seems to turn her head to sunburst. The translator's voice seems to change almost not a computer like now as it began to relay information.

    "Sun Burst is A griffon of the Born to the stables of Sky islands of Jannarn, not of this planet or realm, Born to the stables of the 30th Hellion wing Riders and was raised, trained and augmented for war, transportation, and a limited intelligence bioaugmentation to brain for a enhanced intelligence, Before being bonded with her current rider." Once more an unintelligible language came through before stopping. Sunburst began striding forward wings opening as he approached his rider The sun valkyrie.. The Relic shield attached to his saddle his claw opening and coming down snatched the Valkyrie as he went forward jumping upwards he would flap his wings aiming for the exit. The Valkyrie herself seemed to focus on the bonds of light that was upon her and would attempt to test its strength by straining against it, attempting to free herself as she relaxed in the Sunburst talon making sure not to fall. "Brek'nah val tis nah Von banith anith." She would chant before raising her voice calling out to her deity to see her and sunburst safely to freedom from these beings that sought to enchain them.
  2. -Nightmare-
    Taking a few deep breaths himself, he tries to take Rico's advice to heart as he attempts to focus on.....something. First it was the cold, but seems like Rico was right, he had trouble even remembering how that sort of intense cold without just reverting straight to pain which didnt help him. The dark...while present thanks to his closed eyes just made tired like Rico. So he dogged, mentally of course, for something more rooted to him, something that was always present in his mind. That's when that old wound of a memory decided to surface of his consciousness. It was after he had learn what his father had done behind his back, how he couldn't reconcile with Natasha, the first time the spoiled brat that was Johnathan Craveloft felt loss that gnawed at him since. 'Yep, this is juuust perfect." Nightmare thought to himself rather bitterly as he now focused on that feeling and the events surrounding it.


    "What about that warlock dude you neurotic pile of off-brand jell-o?!" She called out after Bloodbath after he rudely slithered on past her as rambled on about this and that, but followed him as she wanted nothing to do with whatever the hell is going on topside that big red left behind. "Thought you scheduled for a 1v1 down in the tunnels, he didnt send me to watch you like a baby, even if you sure as hell are acting like one, incase ya lost and I need to make sure that magic man didnt think Nightmare set him up. You know? Covering all the basis and controlling variables and all that other scientific process bullshit mumbo jumbo." She said, being rather condescending.
  3. @BuriasDempsey

    Upon hearing the name "Warlock" uttered so nonchalantly by the insufferable woman the crimson creature stopped. It's blood brought to a boil-quite literally as he began popping and bubbling-it turned itself to face her. "Utter...detestable BOLDY" it's form began twisting about violently, as if the mere thought of Warlock caused it to convulse violently in sheer anger. "You. Know. NOTHING. You know nothing about me, worm." It growled inhumanly, snapping jaws rising out of it's form to lash out toward unseen targets in the air. "I will not...lose...I will not...ALLOW FAIL."
    A skeletal hand erupted from it's body, the boney hand clenched into a fist as it began shaking violently. "He will die...a thousand deaths...and for every second of my suffering...he will endure a millennia of ENDLESS TORMENT AND DESPAIR. He will be nothing...nothing more then a broken...pitiful shell of a man. Only when he is begging for death...when he feels utterly lost in the hopelessness he brought upon himself...only when I have him beaten, broken, completely at my mercy...will I snuff out his useless existence and finally put an end to him"
    After the verbal tirade the creature slammed the violently hand into the pavement of the floor beneath it. As the bubbling near eruption of it's body suddenly subsided, the sanguine colored beast wordlessly turned itself around to begin heading down toward it's intended path.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent was mid sip of his precious soda when he saw the pumpkin. He almost chugged the lemonade down the wrong throat. He coughed leaning forward in his chair.
    "Really funny, boss. You'll be sorry when it's not me in charge of the music come next Christmas office party." He stood up, burped and tossed the empty bottle into Morph's trash bin. "I knew this was gonna be a long day."
    He turned to Aura and pat her shoulder gently with the back of his hand. What one could interpret from his reptilian face was a look of concern.
    "You cool? We faced a giant jello of murder but duty calls again. I know I want to cry after today, don't know about you."
    Serpent grabbed his shock baton and mag locked it on the small of his back.

    Deoluk landed the bird somewhere away from the action but with a good view. Griffins he was familiar with, something he had seen before for once in this crazy, polluted and ugly city. The scouting objective had not changed, so the bird just watched for now.
  5. Though if the Hobos mad theory was true, it might be intriguing and perhaps of great import, Daniel could not see how it could help him right now. "Might be happening right back there" he said pointing back towards the crash side before starting to run the other way, getting away from what would surely soon be a WBSA hotspot seemed like the best plan.
  6. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Jumping up on to the back of the hovering platform he slapped the glass to Vadim's container several times in an obvious attempt to alert the man inside. "We must find another way, remove us from this place and find a different path." Vadim with Artur hanging on would begin to rise and float back through some of the alleyways they had been through. He looked around to check if anyone was following them or still had them in sight.


    "This is an unacceptable hindrance, we must be more careful next time. Do keep in mind we must not take to long on this assignment, Stepan will not be happy with us if we return with nothing." He kept his robotic voice down to a low volume so it would be harder for potential eavesdroppers to hear. He hovered towards a new calculated path to their destined location, one that would hopefully keep away from the more public areas.
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "I'm about ready to cry, yeah", Aura responded to her colleague. The intent was to sound sarcastic, but the girl simply did not have it in her by this point, and it just came out as a defeated sigh. "Yeah, it's cool." She slumped, then straightened herself. "My scores were okay during Basic so I guess it's not all bad. As long as we don't meet that gelatinous cube thing again..."

    The witch shuddered briefly.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hey, compared to my first missions, you did okay. Nothing prepares you for this job, guess it was sort of a boon you faced this nightmarish crap right away to drive the point home."
    Serpent didn't know how to follow that and not to offend. Was it a hug or a pat on the head or just stand there like an asshole and do nothing? Then he looked at Phoenix and got an idea.
    "Oh hey! When Phoenix began her first day I bought her ice cream. You've yet to have one! On our way to the mission site we'll make a stop at this one kiosk I know, you're gonna love it!"
    He had an almost triumphant pose like he had solved some puzzle.
  9. Ryshan was getting kinda tired of this at this point, i mean let's face it, it was kinda embarrassing that she was being outsmarted by some second rate witch with a Halloween fetish. Growling in a very irritated manner, she summoned the dark energies within her, summoning them forth as a wave of sickly green hellfire that ripped it's way through her illusory skin, revealing the black shiny flesh of the demon as she liberally bathed the assailants with hellfire.
  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The probably-not-heiress wanted to protest the platitude, but couldn't help but chuckle when Serpent engaged in his silly antics. It was a short, subdued, but genuine expression; a crack in the frustration. "Sounds like a great tradition", Aura responded, fist in front of her mouth as she lowered her head to conceal her smiling. "It would be a shame if we let it die so early, I agree." She too searched for a physical expression of her thankfulness, and, eventually, raised her fist before the large manigator, offering him a collegial and noncommital bump.
    (@Wata )

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