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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. -Kaspara: Verschlinger-
    "I told you not to squirm you red idiot!" Kaspara shouted as the tendril that touched the flailing ooze creature retracted out of relflex. "He did not say you were acidic either, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NIGHTMARE SENT ME TO WATCH OVER YOU!" She shouted now as she back the hell up away from the slime beast trying to envelop her, retracting all her tendrils and hoping the armor can take the brunt of whatever touched her.

    -Johnathan: Nightmare-
    The Craveloft son took a moment to take in the area he found himself in, a little surprised that he wasn't as affected by the cold of the void as he was previously just minutes ago. After Rico told him so, Nightmare started taking his shoes off while trying to see if he could understand the symbols on the walls and their function. "Meditation huh? With all the yoga trends and new age crap that happens so often, sort forgot this was something that actually had meaning behind it." He admitted as he stretched in the few ways he remembered from his days in physical education.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The Valkyrie would be silent for a moment before speaking once more her shield would be in her hand and planted into the ground. She would then speak Her amulet would translate her language once more. " I am" Several alien symbols would be displayed the device seemingly having problems translating the valkyries own name to the language of these men. "Of The Sun valkyries, Of The Sun King of Navrin, On a holy quest before Of relic recovery before being pulled into this realm by those who sought to enchain, and Disrupt my holy errand. Such I Seek only to return to my realm If you seek to enchain me like the other an endanger my quest with betrayals or attempt to ensnare me I will dispense his ever earing light upon thine soul." The device would end. The Valkyrie would be unflinching as the other agents aimed there weapons upon her. Grabbing her axe she would toss it back into the dark where sunburst stood the griffin catching it and bringing it into its saddle once more.
  3. HALLOW:

    Hallow mumbled as she motioned her hands around the rune on the floor.
    The attacks hadn't killed the intruder, and they needed to leave now. She nods to her men and summons 5 other runes around the first rune on the floor. The first runic marking, keeping the "curse" activated wasn't intended to stand on its own, needing constant energy flows to be active. So, she created 5 smaller runes around the first one, intended as fuel sources for the middle one. These five would allow the rune to stay for atleast 10 minutes more. She closed the book, and motioned to her men to follow her, watching their bone armor shimmer as she walked towards the exit, picking up one of the guards on the way.

    She didn't like hostage situations, but it never hurt to have a plan B or a meatshield. She lifted a handgun from one of her companions as she accended into the mainbank hall, holding the guard whos barely able to move at all at this point, firmly in his arm as she spied after the intruder.


    Mystic nods to the officers as she walked past the guards, glancing at Corgins curiously, clearly finding his silence a bit... disturbing. However, as she noticed the Valkyrie needing to be detained, she moved the lightorb in her hand to the middle and placed both of her hands on it before sepperating them, creating two orbs, she then waved one of them towards Valkyrie. Attempting to create lightshackles for the person. Enough to detain any form of... hostile activity. This would not hurt her, and no doubt could she easily shackle any normal human, but this being might be a different story.

    Never the less, she would attempt to guide Corgins to where Morph had told her to bring Corgins. His silence still disturbing her
    "So... Corgins, you are a quiet dog?"
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent slowly sat down in one of the chairs in Morph's office. Miraculously it held both his and the armour's weight. The giant reptilian could safely relax in it.
    "The culprits have some major pull. Got people working for em in Novus' system, I bet."
    He frowned in discomfort when he leaned back. The shock baton was still attached to his armour. Serpent yanked it out and put it to rest against his leg.
    "Those mooks we booked probably don't know anything either, 'need to know basis' like spec ops in action flicks. So we got fucking nothing, right?"
    He fell silent having said his piece with a defeated look on his face. Serpent's eyes suddenly widened as he realized something. He almost popped out of his seat, giving the chair a heavy creak when he shifted to it's edge.
    "I saw we got a new soda vending machine down the hall, you don't mind if I grab one quick? I saw an ad for this new lime and mango flavour I bet that one has it!"

    Well things weren't looking good. The citizens of this realm should not try to fly if they are so bad at it. The druid and the bird agreed on this.
    Deoluk put the bird down, giving it time to rest. He had been flying this one for a while now, only fair to let it gather strength. The bird perched on a street light opposite of the building the cars had crashed into.
    With curious eyes Deoluk spied the aftermath while the bird rested. This was not the end of his magical scouting mission. What had exactly been bombed and by who was the question.
    If the druid had this information, it could help him negotiate with this WBSA. The farm folk had been so wary and scared by a centaur, this WBSA with their ugly flying machines could be even worse. Every olive branch would be to his benefit in this realm.
    After several minutes, the bird flew again, deeper into the city and the source of this chaos to spy some more.
  5. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    “A confidential report within the guild, a recent abnormality has come to our attention that could potentially impede out goals, you must go to the provided location, investigate, collect materials, persons, data, etc then return to the frontier outpost. Avoid local law enforcement though use force if necessary. Other associations may already be on site though this is unknown, be ready to repel them. Stepan will arrive on Novus shortly… do not disappoint him.” The voice in the Ukrainian tongue said before ending transmission over the comm link.

    Two beings situated in an alleyway remained silent. One abnormal looking being, a fissure above his head on his deformed back crackled with strange energies while next to it was a large grisly construction housing half a man A map appeared on both their internal HUD's providing the location of the anomaly.

    The large mechanical monstrosity looked over the map and planned a route to get there quickly while also being out of sight, the smaller being also looked over the map and noted its location. Artur looked up at his larger comrade for a few moments, focusing on the exposed innards of the mangled body within the machine before turning back. “What do you believe will be at this site, more possessors of the O-gene?” Artur said in Ukrainian.

    Vadim, not moving to even face him buzzed over his in-build speakers for a split second before speaking in the dull robotic tone that the platform allowed. “We will see when we get there… it should not be too troublesome if there are any.” After saying this, the unsightly machine began to depart towards the destined location that was given to both of them, it's mechanical tendrils lightly scraped across the ground as it moved. Artur followed him trying to keep pace

    They both knew that if the job was not done it could lead to dire consequences. They could not fail their superiors, the end goal was too important.

    "collect materials, persons and data" Vadim repeated several times before going quiet.
  6. Before Daniel could get on with trying to get out, the vehicle made a sudden and violent lurch that send him tumbling around inside while acompanied by the cacophony of loud crashes as his cell was smashes into a building.
    Regaining his wits rather quickly Daniel got back up to and spotted the new hole letting in dust and smaller serber to the previusly sterile interior. Quickly climbing out the wrecked transport a scene of expected chaos revealed itself, the dust starting to settle after the crash revealed him being in the middle of what looked like a WBSA attempt to subdue something really dangerous, and evidently failing, as Daniel saw the last bits of some large red mass bleed through a grate, if he himself wanted to escape it would have to be about now. Jumping off the wreck, Daniel quickly looked about for the quickest way out, as long as it wasent bullrushing a roadblock
  7. Ryshan took a pause to attempt to utilize her magics to counter the curse, attempting to turn it against her assailant, however she became distracted as by the shadow beings attacked her, attempting to fend off their blows.
  8. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The young witch was standing there, feeling amiss in the office and suffering the throbbing of her stomach wound. In all her dusty gear, she felt like she dressed the part of a real spec op, but... uncomfortable. Like a little girl playing dress-up. Like a damn fraud. She'd accomplished nothing exactly, nothing at all in that fight. Worse - she panicked. Aura couldn't help but feel like it was all her fault.

    One hand on her belly, the other clutching her elbow, the blonde listened intently. Once Morph and Serpent were done talking - and how could he think about lemonade right now? - she hesitatingly raised her voice. "What do we do now, Chief?", she asked. "What's the plan of attack?"
  9. @Wata @Casavay (WBSA)
    Morph looked at Serpent and gave a nod to let him go get something from the machine. Once he was back Morph responded to Aura. “Well it’s not so much attack as it is more of a scavenger hunt.” He went into his desk and found a remote which brought down a screen from the ceiling. “What the terrorists stole happens to have a tracking beacon hidden inside.” The screen lit up to show a detailed map of the city with a single pulsating red dot. “Only problem is the mundane agents found said beacon in a sewer tunnel about a mile away from the facility.” A picture showing the beacon in in the hand of an agent came up. “Needless to say we have locked down the city and have patrols going around. I’m dispatching super teams all over and I’m afraid to cover more ground I’m going to have to split your squad. Aura and Serpent together and then Phoenix and Gorgon. And since we have no idea where Wizbang is whoever finds him first gets to have him for support. You know if you’re actually capable of keeping him around you for an extended period of time.” He cleared his throat as he pressed another button to shift the map. “Serpent and Aura, you two head to the slums just to the south of the Industrial District. Just see if you can find anything, no one is going to move anything big in that area without someone noticing. But be careful, there’s been reports of increased gang violence down there. Seems someone you might be familiar with is stirring things up in the underworld.” A picture showed a distinct green pumpkin symbol. “Try not to get your mixtape stolen this time.”

    @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BuriasDempsey (Verschlinger)
    If it were possible for a constantly changing and mutating blob to stumble the crimson creature would find itself doing just that as it tried to attack Kaspara. The woman easily able to avoid the creature’s fumbled attack. Though in the more enclosed environment of the sewers she may not be able to keep up with it for long. Not to mention the possibility of WBSA agents swarming their location due to the downed hovercraft above.

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    The bird would continue flying and find itself soaring above increasing damaged buildings. Smashed by far flung rubble and collapsed in a manner that could be similar to damaged received from an earthquake and the damage only got worse the farther in they flew. Eventually the buildings would give way to reveal a large crater which showed off various layers of rock and culminating with a single hole that went deeper underground. It seemed the WBSA has sent their enforcers down to this place in great numbers as several of the flying things had landed around the area and tents had been set up inside the crater as armored humans patrolled around it and its parameter. At the central hole he would see an odd concentration of armored humans all aiming their weapons down at another armored human with a griffin.

    @Wincent (Mystic) @Vulpas
    With the go ahead from the lead agent Corgins’ suit extended its legs so it would end up behind the line of agents with only a few steps. Once there he would turn to Mystic. “Oh apologies I thought I was pressing the talk button.” Came through the speaker as it appeared to be looking down at the Valkyrie as a griffin walked into the light. “Remarkable.” They said as the mundane agents stayed at the ready. “Is that beast the result of genetic engineering or is it naturally occurring and simply not of this place?” They asked making sure the volume was loud enough for the Valkyrie to hear. They didn’t at all seem phased by what they said, the agents didn’t seem to understand or care

    @Wincent (Hallow) @The_Raven
    Despite her efforts Ryshan would find both the curse unbroken and her shadowy assailants unrelenting. Her body would endure several more cuts as their shifting forms attacked her. Hallow, her hostage, and her men would come out from the vault to see this. Somehow an otherwise normal looking woman was not only unaffected from the life force leaching effects but also able to withstand the curse. Hallow’s men, including Ben, were silent as they felt they were too hungover for this shit and of course the guard they had taken hostage was more or less not really sure where he was right now and could offer no opinion.

    With an alleyway being the nearest method of escape Daniel would quickly run into it. It was a fairly typical big city alley, dirty with a puddle of mystery liquid to the left and sleeping homeless man covered in newspapers to the right. Whatever had been going on this day probably didn’t even apply to this man as he slept. Though he would stir as Daniel approached and he opened his eyes. “Damned whalemen migration, use another portal you damned semi aquatic Cetacean! The electromagnetic waves are not aligned with the proper spectrum key!” He yelled from his seated position.

    The macabre duo would manage to move through the city undetected for all but ten minutes until they heard a shriek. It they both turned around they would see a young woman covering her mouth as she had looked to her left down the alleyway she was walking by and saw them. Her scream attracted attention from other pedestrians and soon a small crowd was looking at them. Several people taking out phones and recording and others calling what could be local law enforcement. It may be advised for the duo to begin running/floating more quickly away.

    @BuriasDempsey (Nightmare)
    “Well a lot of the stuff people spout about it is bullshit but it does help focus your mind and that’s what you need to do so just relax. Magic and the mind are linked pretty heavily and well without proper strength of mind even with Dark Father’s permission you aren’t exactly immune to going insane.” Rico sat down on the floor and crossed his legs in the manner most were taught in preschool. He put his hands on his knees and straightened his back. “Just do deep breaths and try to imagine what you just saw, it shouldn’t be too hard. What’s the first thing we see when we close our eyes? Darkness, the endless void, a vast nothingness that most people couldn’t even grasp the existence of. You were just there, try and imagine the cold that came with it, a universe where stars never formed is naturally going to be colder than anything you could even imagine. The human nervous system is too underdeveloped to actually feel it properly, in fact extremely temperatures feel the same to us on the end, a searing pain as our nerves are killed off either as they burn in heat or cold.” Rico trailed off as he seemed to doze off. After a few seconds he would shake his head. “Sorry, guess I’m a little sleep deprived, anyways just find something to focus on, to contemplate, it’s a good way to start it off.”
  10. @BuriasDempsey

    Perhaps it was a lasting effect of the microwave emitter, or mayhaps even what the stranger said that suddenly caused the crimson terror's mass to seize up at an inopportune moment, causing it to whiff completely on it's assault. "Watch...over me?!" It reconstituted itself into it's base form, simply looking at the stranger that tracked it down and attacked it just moments earlier. "Does the...boy, think me his pet?" it snarled, emphasizing the word "boy" with an onverly condescending tone. "A mewling pup clawing at every beck and call? Insulting..." The crimson creature smashed a large skeletal fist into the side of the wall of the sewers. "I do not need your...watchful eye...nor do I appreciate it"
    The sangune specter brushed past the stranger in front of it, frustrated and insulted at the gesture that Nightmare sent this woman to look over it. Most likely to keep an eye on it, as if it was some child to be looked after. As if this one could provide any level of protection it wasn't already able to produce for itself.
    "I'll be having a chat with the boy...about...this, uncesssry arrangement" it grew to ten feet in size and looked back toward the stranger, "Do NOT...slow me down"
    With that crimson beast barreled ahead through the sewers, intent to crush anything or anyone that was too stupid to move out of the way or foolhardy enough to purposely be in it's path back to Craveloft manor. If this woman was telling the truth, she wouldn't try stopping it as it made it's way. If it was a ruse, it would be the last she'd ever pull off in this life.

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