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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Daniel looked around once more while thinking it over, no one was responding, he was completely alone. He was being transporter somewhere, and if this was Indeed a. WBSA transport, then it would not be a good idea to stay, since being an unchipped super was not exactly leagal, and he dident want to be chipped and taken into the system, he allready knew alot of its functions from stolen memory, so indeed it would be better to get out while he still had a chance.
    It took surprisingly little pressure before the restraints holding his arms down snappes off, he then proceded to calmly take up his hand and open the body restraints with quickly formed sharp claw.
    As he then got up he proceded to quickly look around, the only thing of value he had was his bioscanner, all else was just shaped biology.
    He also whent over to look at the closed door, maybe he could just open it from the inside without a greater need to make a fuzz of it.
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent stood in the entrance of the broken crate. He stared into the disappointing emptiness of it.
    "Yeah, sure, put him through..." Serpent muttered and pressed a concealed button in his collar that peeled back his helmet down to his jaw.
    He turned away from the crate and kicked the bent pried open metal that had been the door of it, delivering a thundering punch to it straight after. It bent the metal more and left a fist shaped dent. "Fuck! Fucking - FUCK!" he yelled and face palmed, standing with his weight on one leg and the other hand on his hip.
    This was bad.

    This was a cold and ugly city to the druid not to speak of strange. The very air inside this city's walls felt heavy to breathe. Deoluk could feel it even through his magical link with the bird. Those machines with the coat of arms could lead him to this WBSA's residence. He also made note of landmarks and the devastation if any was to spot. He needed to know more to understand the situation he had gotten himself into. This was the last time he touched any solitary mirror with nothing but a heavy rock traveling at high speed.
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Dark Phoenix> @Wata , @Casavay , @Valonox
    Looking at the smashed open crate, and Serpent's subsequent pummelling of the metal container had Elly look somewhat shocked. Needless to say all she could do was wonder what exactly had been taken.... And who, or what had provided the backing for such a job. So she nervously said "Well... I suppose step two is finding both what was taken and piecing together who'd even have the guts to try something like this..." After all, Morph would probably want to have their heads for letting whatever it was be stolen.

    Meanwhile, she did look around, seeing if there was anything that looked more like it held a book like her missing one rather than anything that could fit something more like a city bus. After all, still hadn't forgotten that had been taken, and if anyone was likely to have mistaken it as something to be seized, she'd put money on the WBSA doing it. Also, the mask she had to wear finally came off, discarded with glee.

    <Thunderbird> @Casavay

    "I understand this establishment can... Create new identities, which myself and my partner here require." Rervana said, taking up a suitable position within the shop, idly looking at the electronics. With the city on alert given how the local forces were moving around, it stood within reason that it was wiser getting the process going now, in preparation for getting her plans in motion before situations developed to further upset any balances within the city she was in.

    Although she also mentioned to the human present. "And I will pay for those new identities." After all, no species created such urban life without being able to understand mercantile behaviour. Meanwhile, she mentally said to her companion "As far as I am concerned, once his part of the identity bargain is done, he may make a useful underling. So I will not need you to slay him for the sake of secrecy, unless he makes a point of trying to expose us."
  4. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @Wata @Maleth @Valonox
    Aura was busy applying the first aid kit to her wounds as well as the environs they were in allowed when she nearly dropped her roll of gauze, startled by her squadmate's sudden burst of rage. In her efforts to catch the little cotton roll, she knocked off the gas mask that had, until then, rested in her lap. "Curse!"

    The scion dared not speak afterward, however, more than a bit afraid of the big wall of muscle now that he had shown he wasn't always as friendly. Pulling the sweaty, tangled mess of her blond hair out of her face as she applied the finnishing touches to her small but workable tourniquet, she waited for Morph to respond.

    'Very well, mistress', thought Q'rasha, who adhered to an old Syren wisdom of keeping your mouth shut if talking risked making a fool out of oneself. Instead, she crossed her arms, tentacles uncoiled and examining the old land mammal rather warily. The Dirge tried her best to not wear her disgust and mistrust openly, but she was, for all her uplifting, still something of a barbaric, doggedly devoted warrior, and her face proclaimed this to any who dared look. These primitive computers' soft electric humming irritated her sensitive hearing, and she gently inclined her head, swaying it side to side as if to shake the rather persistent buzzing. 'This edifice reeks of terran inferiority', she mentally commented.
  5. Ryshan walked into the bank and paused, blinking a little as she felt the ritual cast over the area, she paused and gently motioned with her hand, attempting to dispel the magic and her brow furrowed as the enchantment stubbornly resisted her.
    "hmm, how odd, this is stronger than i expected..."
    shrugging off the momentary confusion she would then walk slowly towards the front desk through the foyer.
  6. MYSTIC:
    Mystic glances at Corgins... curious why he don't say anything. She keeps the orb of light in her palm, before calmly facing the Agents infront of her.
    "I am Mystic. I was sent into the facility to find and evacutate Proffessor Corgins."
    Mystic once again looks at the Armored suit, apparently made by Corgins, she has a strange gut feeling, but don't say anything about it right now.


    Hallow frowns. She feelt that, a push to stop the ritual. Someone with magical efficency is in the building. She glances at her men, who has about emptied half of the vault of everything from simple cash to more specific valuables. She tilts her head and begins chanting from the tome in her hand. The rune shimmers and spreads outwards, runny bloodlike trails sweeping out over the floor and into the ground it seems...

    At the same time, in the mainhall where this intruder is, shadows would move around the room, shadows moving independent of the light itself. Hallow had cast a curse on the building, or was atleast keeping a curse active. The shadows begins to rise around the intruder, taking shapes of horrific spirits and hands rising from the surfaces.
  7. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Gorgon tried to establish communications with Wizbang. "How's it looking on your end Wiz anything on the location for Corgins yet? After trying to relay the message he saw Serpent. "Hey Serpent, don't get so worked up Corgins is the sneakiest mother fucker I know. So don't worry about him all we need to do is try and find an acceptable lead of course after we talk to Leader Morph, and see what he wants us to do some of us are going to need a switch of bodies before we go out next."


    Rin sighs as she starts backing out and thanks the officer for his time. Rin rolled up the window and pulled over at a local gas station. "Well I wonder what caused the WBSA building." Sarrai spoke. "Well if you didn't sleep in till like 10am in the morning we wouldn't have this problem turn on the radio or look on your phone to get some of the medias information hun." As Sarrai yawns and scratches her ears. Rin turns on here radio to see if the latest news has hit at all.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Ahh shit, and Corgins is missing too, I almost forgot!" Serpent growled at Gorgons words when he was about to leave the room. "How did we get outplayed this bad? This stinks." How did some washed up terrorists get this much information and gear into a top secure WBSA base was a really good question. Not to mention they got away with it too. Possibility of a WBSA leak was even more worrying.
  9. @Maleth @Wata @Casavay @Valonox (WBSA)
    The team would be guided by Serpent’s Ai companion through the facility once again and managed to get out through an emergency hatch just big enough for Serpent’s large reptilian form. The AI felt it would be better to get out of the facility then and there rather than backtracking all the way to the hole they first climbed down. The cavein caused by their fight with the blood creature might have destabilized other parts of the facility so generally getting out as quickly as they could was advised greatly by the artificial intelligence.

    Once on the surface they would quickly come across a patrol of WBSA mundane agents, a brief explanation and showing of ID would convince the patrol to bring the team to the WBSA Regional Command Center. Previously their place of work the mundane looking building was now surrounded with enough portable barricades, bullet proof walls, and even some tank traps for some reason to practically be a modern fortress. After navigating their way through the outside fortifications they would reach the familiar interior of the building. Only instead of the usual boredom that normally permeated its very walls the entire building was flooded with activity. People moving from room to room with papers or equipment, it made it a little difficult for someone as large as Serpent to move around even with the heightened ceiling made with tall metahumans such as himself in mind.

    They would reach Morph’s office after wading through the various menial workers, the man being on the phone. “Look just stay inside right now ok it’s not safe… I will get the groceries later just stay inside!” He raised his voice a little as he looked up and saw the team. “I have to go, I love you and for the love of god just stay inside.” He hung up the phone and cleared his throat. “Good to see you were able to get out of the storage facility without bringing the entire damn city down on you.” He said greeting all of them. “I won’t bullshit you right now, Wizbang is missing, Terrorists have successfully attacked one of our most secure facilities on the entire damn contient, and my wife is insisting that she do her grocery shopping today on the account of a sale at the market she likes. Today is shit, but we’re going to do our best to keep it from somehow getting worse.”

    @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BuriasDempsey (Verschlinger)
    The car the red creature had thrown stayed true in its course and struck the craft sending it into a nearby building. The sturdy construction of both the vehicle and building there was a minimul amount of damage but the craft clearly wasn’t getting out from the whole it smashed into the building anytime soon. Passed this success however something went rather wrong, as a well meaning attempt at assisting the creature turned sour. Verschlinger’s tendrils missed the grate the creature was struggling through and instead their jaws bit directly down on the bubbling flesh that was attempting to ooze through. Immediately this would cause pain to both individuals as the creature felt sharp pains on its body and Verschlinger found her tendrils’ teeth being melted by the acidic properties of the creature’s flesh. (Bloodbath is free to emote slipping through the grate)

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    Continuing to look through the eyes of the bird, Delouk was able to see a concentrated amount of activity the closer the bird would fly toward the center of the large cold city. With more hovering metallic vehicles with the same symbols he saw prior. Only this time there was a numerous amount of them spread out across the landscape. It seemed as if he was nearing the source of the disturbance that seemed to be riling up this WBSA.

    Suddenly Delouk would be able to hear some pained yelling from below followed by a large metallic craft hurtling from the ground toward the hovercraft currently in front of the bird. The mid-air collision would bring both vehicles crashing down unto the nearby building they were over, but missing the bird entirely.

    @Wincent (Mystic) @Vulpas
    Corgins evidently had chosen not to say anything in the face of the dozens of armed guards, the visor over what could be assumed to be where his head was showed no signs of moving. Meanwhile the agents had heard what the two women had to say and seemed to be thinking about their words until a man not wearing a helmet approached from behind. He was older and Mystic would recognize it was not Morph but could infer that he was of a higher rank as the Agents moved aside for him. He looked down at the three individuals and spoke clearly. “Mystic, Commander Stevens told me about you and Corgins so you two are free to come up here.” He turned towards the Valkyrie. “You on the other hand, I have never even heard of you, I’m afraid I can’t just let you leave.” With his signal the agents rose their weapons to the valkyrie. “Now you just surrender now and we can figure out just who you are at a more secure location.”

    @Wincent (Hallow) @The_Raven
    As Ryshan approached the front desk she would find two things, the teller on the ground breathing weakly as their life energy was drained away just enough to keep her too weak to move. The second thing was hostile spirits manifesting from the shadows to attack her. Being caught totally off guard she could not raise her defenses quick enough to counter the oncoming strikes. Twisted multi pointed limbs stabbed into her side, solidified shadow cutting through her flesh. Not a mortal wound but far from painless.

    Meanwhile Hallow’s men were needless to say more than a little weirded out by their boss chanting. They continued their task but occasionally looked back at their pumpkin headed leader just to try and figure out what the hell she was doing. Soon enough though even with their slightly distracted mindset they would clean out the vault. The bank was relatively small to begin with so it wasn’t some grand task to empty out what could be pried open. With the gang fully loaded with all sorts of money and loot Ben gave Hallow a thumbs up.

    Daniel's attempt to open the door to the holding craft he was in was interrupted by a sudden crashing sound as the hold he was in began to shake. Then the entire craft began to plummet downward, falling toward the ground below it seemed, taking him with it as he was tossed to the side of the vehicle from the impact. And then the hovercraft stopped violently, the crashing of the hovercraft being clearly audible to Daniel as he was held inside it.

    He was still alive, conscious and-more importantly- given the opportunity to escape it seemed as the latch to his hold was smashed open due to crash. A large gaping hole left behind as a testament to the hovercraft's violent decent. Luckily enough, the hole was large enough in which Daniel can fit through in order to flee.

    @Maleth @Casavay (Aliens)
    The older mammal seemed unamused by the two strange and fairly tall women. “Show me payment first.” The old mammal clearly had done this sort of business for a long time. Probably seen too many would be customers take the product and run, though what kind of payment the mammal was asking for was relatively unknown. Both aliens had learned this places’ language but neither really knew much else. Given the state of the human society, perhaps they still traded with precious metals as common currency. Or maybe some other form of payment likely tied to his desires such as payment of the flesh, or something specific to his no-doubt illegal trade. Irregardless of what it was asking for they best present him with something before he grows suspicious.

    @Valonox (Rin)
    As Rin went through the news stories, she would find that the vast majority on the news was either focused around the explosion, such as speculation on what had caused such an incident. Some said that it was merely a massive industrial accident, moving onto a suspected O-Gene incident, and the wild claims of the whole thing being a show of smoke and mirrors by the WBSA.

    That aside, there was throw-away piece on the earthquake that had affected Novus along with a report about the happenings in the Emirates as it seems a small clan war has broken out, but compared to the explosion, it was less of a concern.

    @BuriasDempsey (Nightmare)
    Rico nodded. “Alright we’ll be taking the ‘expressway’ over.” He put a bit of emphasis on the expressway part, he seemed to think calling it that was a little funny. Rico walked over the wall and touched it, his finger tip grazing the wall as darkness seemed to leak out from his finger tip onto the wall. A large oval shape of pure shadow formed quickly and Rico suddenly grabbed Nightmare by the wrist and walked through. The first thing Nightmare would notice is a distinct cold, similar to the cold he felt earlier but it seemed less intense, somehow duller than before. Seems he was getting used to this sort of stuff, or something had made him get used to it. Either way he would be pulled out of the darkness by Rico and found himself standing in a new room. Its walls were concrete and painted in a strange black symbols made from some kind of ink, he could tell it was ink because he could smell it in the air. “So first thing’s first take off your shoes and stretch yourself out we’re going to try some meditation.”
  10. @BuriasDempsey

    The crimson creature observed the hovercraft tumbling into the building, watching the craft and building surprising remain intact from the car turned projectile. Although the hovercraft proved to be sturdier then anticipated, throwing the vehicle still produced the same desired affect. The beast was no longer being accosted by the microwave emitting device, and that was all that mattered. At least until it suddenly felt a sharp pain. Growling in pain, it slipped the rest of itself down the grate to confront whatever dared attack it this time.

    "You...dare?!" it exclaimed toward the new reason it was now in pain once more. An O-Gene gifted individual by the looks of them, although any scientific curiosity towards this one's particular o gene enabled abilities was completely replaced by a blind fury and lust for vengeance. In the moments reaction of fully compiling itself from down the grate system a large sanguine colored mound from it's form launched outwards toward the perpetrator, attempting to engulf the being in it.

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