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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @Wata @Maleth @Valonox

    The young sorceress simply sat and rested for a moment, clutching at her wound in an effort to put some pressure on it. "I can't... can't really breathe in this mask", she complained rather limply. There was no real edge to her words, and the statement more or less lingered for a moment before passing into the darkness. She slid her pistol back into its holster and traced a finger along the line of seperation where her skin was covered by her gas mask. Aura was tempted to tear it off, to claw at it and pry, but she knew better, even as her sweat got into her eyes and she had the taste of blood on her tongue. "Anyone got something first-aid related?"
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Dark Phoenix> @Casavay , @Wata , @Valonox
    With the lull in events turning sour with Aura indicating she was hurt, Elly came over after quickly checking herself for anything major and keeping her weapons. saying "I've got two things first-aid wise. One's going to hurt a lot, and the other is just moving the problem around.... Which one sounds more appealing?" While she had her own wounds too, well... Aura perhaps wasn't likely to handling it well.

    <Thunderbird> @Casavay
    Having granted the necessary knowledge to her slave for her to understand what humans were talking about, Rervana then said "So, with that out of the way, let us depart to garner our 'new' forms of identity upon this world, and from there the rest of a plan becomes possible." With that said, the Starlen went to leave the area, and pay a visit to this forger of identities.
  3. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @Maleth @Wata @Valonox
    Aura shook her head, raising a hand in front of herself. "If it's your magic, I don't want to hear it! I'd rather bleed!" The young woman clenched her teeth and clambered to her feet. "I'll welcome anything else, but if that's all we got, I'd rather proceed here."

    The assault on her mind - although beneficial - had left even the resilient warrior on her knee, both hands on her temples. The moving parts within her psyche slowly rearranged themselves, gears turning, personality returning. Dirge groaned, and rose to her feet unsteadily. " forms", she murmured as she followed the Starlen out. "What kind of... identity form... do you imagine? Domina?", queried the gladiatrix.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent was scanning the walls with his suit for the best place to crash through.
    "You don't carry first aid kits? You bring books but not stuff that will stop you from bleeding out? Chicks these days are weird."
    He said without turning his attention away from the wall. When he found the spot to crash through he punched it twice and turned to the others, palm resting on the perfect spot. Serpent looked at Gorgon and spoke up.
    "Right here, one armed bandit. Fulfill your destiny as a battering ram on this spot as you so desired and give us a way through."
    He grabbed a small first aid kit from his belt and tossed it Aura's way while moving away from the wall to a safe distance. "Hope you're not bleeding too badly, can't have you passing out now."

    The farmers would surely contact this WBSA after he left. Any sensible person would if he was such a strange creature for them to behold. When he got back to his territory he imitated bird calls to lure one over to chirp on his palm. He let the little thing chirp and hop about for a cheerful innocent moment as more birds started to flock near him. They perched on his horns and shoulders as he sang with the innocent little creatures.
    He wove a spell into one of them by whispering to it, to allow him to control it and to see through the bird's eyes.
    Deoluk sent the winged helper to the city, to see the lives of its inhabitants and to determine what had this explosion truly been. Mayhaps he'd see this famous WBSA in action.
  5. Ryshan exited the building and ducked into allow alleyway, she then sat down to ponder in what direction she would need to go to reach her objective,and any problems she might run into on the way, to prepare for them.
  6. MYSTIC:

    Mystic looks at the Valkyrie. The mask hiding a curious expression. She glances at Corgins before focusing on the Valkyrie
    "We are just right now heading out of this facility. You are welcome to join us as we leave. Just don't slow us down uneccecarily."
    Mystic turns to Corgins wondering if he agrees or wants something else. She assumes it is just easier to have more people to make the whole act of leaving less dangerous.

    Hallow completely ignores all the patrons, wandering into the building as she heads for the vaults. Arriving at the doors she snaps her fingers, a green flame appearing in her hand. With a swift motions jets of flames shoot out, bathing the sides of the doors, the hinges and holders melting off, causing the door to crash to the floor with a loud bang. She giggles behind her pumpkin mask before she steps back, nodding to her men

    "Take as much as you can boys, you have 5 minutes to grab as much as you can and then we will leave."

    She looks around the room, snapping her fingers as she flings small orbs of fire at all the cameras. Then she lifts her hand, the tome appearing in her palm as she opens it and begins to chant. A mark appearing in the middle of the vault hall, shimmering and humming, as she seems to be preparing some sort of ritual. The people still inside the bank, except her men which carried her blessing, would begin to feel weaker, as if drained of all energy. Some of the already weaker ones would fall over, not dying, just unable to move.
  7. @Maleth @Wata @Casavay @Valonox (WBSA)
    After their wall smashing filled detour the team would finally reach the are they were supposed to get to about an hour ago. The high security vault of the facility, filled with technology too valuable or secret to be held in the general storage of the facility. Locked heavy duty storage crates stacked upon each other to the ceiling was the best way to describe the room as it was completely dedicated to storing as much as possible. Though all was not right here as one of the crates was ripped open. Someone or something had used an extreme amount of brute force to get inside and steal its contents. The scary part was that this was one of the larger crates, someone could easily fit a city bus inside it and now it was completely empty.

    To put it simply they were too late, whoever started this whole thing had what they wanted. Whether the crimson creature they fought earlier was a part of this or simply here by coincidence was unknown surly their Commander would like to know what they saw. “Should I connect us with Commander Morph?” Ilona asked Serpent, the AI understanding that their objective has been completed.

    @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BuriasDempsey
    In the sewer again the Crimson Monstrocity would find itself meeting another devourer of human flesh. Kaspara Craveloft who has spent the last several hours looking for the monster in the sewers. It seems fate has decided to end her search with the creature coming to her. Meanwhile above ground as the rest of the creature’s body seeped in through the sewer drain a passing WBSA hover transport would spot it. They seemed to know what the red mass of biomass was as they directed an anti riot microwave emitter towards it. This caused an extreme amount of discomfort to the creature which halted its progress in seeping through the drain as the discomfort prevented it from relaxing enough to seep through.

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    The Bird flew to the strange city under Deoluk’s control, having to dodge flying vehicles and massively tall towers that almost seemed to scrape the sky with their tops. This place was unlike anything the Druid has seen before, the buildings were made of metal and a strange black stone paved the streets which loud metal horseless carriages traveled upon. On the side of these roads were walkways where countless humans went about their business. Various signs lined the fronts of buildings and were hung over the road. They were similar to road signs from his own realm but once again most were metal. It seems mankind here had completely mastered the use of metal as well as some distinct force that allowed vehicles to move on their own and hover. Though a lot of the flying vehicles were extremely similar looking, each having the same coat of arms painted onto its white exterior.

    @Wincent (Mystic) @Vulpas
    The machine that was being piloted by Corgins of course had no expression to make. “They may come with I suppose, though I guarantee nothing of safety once we reach the surface.” With that Corgins continued moving until they approached the massive hole in the facility that lead directly to the surface. Barricades and quickly set up walls of cover surround the area with dozens of WBSA mundane agents standing by with their weapons raised. “Identify yourselves!” One yelled out and Corgins remained silent for some reason.

    @Wincent (Hallow) @The_Raven
    As Hallow’s men went to loot the Vault of all it’s contents, the spell that the witch had wrought into being took its effect upon the people present within the bank. They visibly became much weaker looking as a bit of life energy was sapped from them. Not even close to a lethal amount of course as Hallow had intended but more than a few of the patrons did fall over out of weakness. Meanwhile Ryshan was taking the time to ponder on the task ahead of her, her mind visualizing a map of the city or at least the parts she was familiar with. A straightforward path coming to her demonic mind rather easily. She wouldn’t be one hundred percent familiar with the area but the layout of the city was fairly easy to memorize for someone like her.

    Generally her journey should be fairly safe considering that well while crime was somewhat common in the city it wasn’t so common that it happened everywhere all the time and quite frankly she was a demon. No normal human would stand a chance against her. All she needed to do was just head over and that she did as she now walked up to the front door of the bank to find many people cowering or now laying motionless but breathing on the floor. Seems she’s come in at a bad time.

    No one answered Daniel’s question as there was no one else in this part of the vehicle, the prisoner transport was specifically designed so that the passengers would not be able to interfere with the pilot as they were strapped into the chairs inside the container. However these straps were meant to keep mundanes or supers with lesser powers restrained, not someone like Daniel. If he tried he could rip open the restraints easily enough.

    @Maleth @Casavay (Aliens)
    The Starlen and her slave/companion would find traveling the city streets far less stressful if they chose a more subtle path that did not leave them directly exposed. The local law enforcement or paramilitary organization(it was tough to figure out which) was still extremely active in the air. From their earlier excursion they could surmise this was not normal for the city. Something must have happened to stir the hornet’s nest. Irregardless of this they would manage to navigate the city stealthily enough to not be bothered by the heightened security. Their destination would be a large ramshackle marketplace in a more poverty stricken area. Tents and shacks made in rows where the empty space was filled with humans bartering or looking at what was for sale. They would stand out quite sorely in contrast to the humans when they went into the crowd but these humans didn’t seem to care about the strange looking tall women.

    The tent that belonged to the one they were looking for would be near the back where a brick wall kept the Baszar from expanding any further. They would have to duck to get inside to find the little shop full of primitive computer parts. “What you want?” An older man seated behind a folding table asked.

    @Valonox (Rin)
    The guard cocked their helmet covered head slightly at the question. “Uhh the recruiting center is closed today, for obvious reasons.” They spoke of the obvious high alert situation around them. “Go home and come back in a few days when everything has calmed down. Now have a safe day ma’am.” The guard finished speaking to Rin then as they heavily implied that meant she should back her car up and leave now.

    Rico took a few seconds to think after Nightmare had agreed to begin his training today. “Well I don’t think you want to begin here in your office, all that stuff earlier was just to be sure if you can actually be allowed to learn. I can take you somewhere that is built for training or if you think you have a good place we can go there. Your choice because it doesn’t really matter where we train as long as the place can withstand any accidents that happen. And believe me you’re going to make a few mistakes your first time.”
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The sun valkyrie nodded deciding to follow the robot, and the odd women who she met along with what she could tell was a droid wanting to question only to find herself interrupted when they arrived at a place that could lead to there escape. Guarded by the guards of this facility it seemed or response. She could see this going to way possibly her simply leaving with these two and getting out covertly or possibly if needed be a fight out possibly with sunburst upwards through the number of barricades would possibly make it a challenge. Sunburst still kept to the shadows following behind if any guards spotted him they would see him just over the sun valkyrie watching them and the Valkyrie.

    No matter. producing her amulet again she would speak the odd words of her language not understandable by those that have no way of translating it. Her amulet would shine before producing a voice one more. " This one is with these two the one of metal. and the other of magic" The sun valkyrie would say to the guards before looking to the Corgins. "Metal one? these warriors are they with you?" She would ask looking at the metal machine wondering if they would be put in danger.
  9. -Kaspara: Verschlinger-
    Twice. Twice she went out on a wild goose chase that lasted hours in searching for some super for her cousin. And this one was stuck in a damn sewer grate! "I should be getting pay out him for this shit." She muttered to herself, the environment she was in having a factor in the wording. The four serpentesque tendrils slithered from her back and latched their jaws on the corners of the ooze choked grate. "Don't thrash too much, we'll rip you out of there and get the fuck out of here." Kaspara said before the tendrils began pulling back.

    -Johnathan: Nightmare-
    "One of your places seems like the better option here if that's the case." Johnathan suggested as he stood up from his chair and gathered his things. Sure it would be more comfortable using one his own safehouses, but none of them were decked out in taking a beating from what he was about to learn, so he rather take this to a place that was meant to instead of having to explain to father what happened if one of theirs suddenly stopped existing for some reason. "I suppose we will be taking an express way or a normal car ride?" he asked, wondering if they will even be bothering with mundane transportation at this point.
  10. The Crimson creature was none too happy with it's current situation. The sudden discomforting feeling it was currently experiencing certainly wasn't being helped by the sudden appearance of a stranger. And almost as of reality couldn't continue to pile on the levels of unease, the woman produced serpentine tendrils and began latching around it. The Sanguine specter was a moment away from clawing this super's tendrils away from it, but it recognized it had to make a decision as to what would take priority in this predicament. Finding the stranger to not be the one actively causing it pain at the time, it decided to focusing on dealing with whatever brought upon this horrid feeling to begin with.

    The red mass that was currently stuck outside the drain formed a reptilian esqe head as it peered for the cause of all of this. And there it spotted a hovering vehicle, aiming the accurdsed microwaving device at it's form that was causing it to bubble and boil. "Irritating little...GNAT!" it bellowed as tendrils of its own shot outwards from it's body, tossing about, writhing, bubbles forming and poping as it searched for a means to end this charade. Such a tendril found a nearby motor vehicle parked on the curb, wrapping the appendage around it and taking hold. The pressure from grasping the car caused the roof to collapse in on itself and glass to shatter. The tendril wrapped around the car then lifted it off the ground and tossed it upwards in the direction of the hovering craft. At the very least it knew that the hovering craft would need to evade it's projectile or be struck down from the sky. Whether they were successful with dodging the now airborne landcraft or not the intended outcome would remain the same. They would be unable to train their microwave device on it for a time-potentially indefinitely- where it can then continue to make it's escape with ease. As such, the beastial monstrosity retracted it's appenendages and continued to try to make it's way downwards, and deal with the unknown entity below.

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