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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

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    The young sorceress simply sat and rested for a moment, clutching at her wound in an effort to put some pressure on it. "I can't... can't really breathe in this mask", she complained rather limply. There was no real edge to her words, and the statement more or less lingered for a moment before passing into the darkness. She slid her pistol back into its holster and traced a finger along the line of seperation where her skin was covered by her gas mask. Aura was tempted to tear it off, to claw at it and pry, but she knew better, even as her sweat got into her eyes and she had the taste of blood on her tongue. "Anyone got something first-aid related?"
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

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    With the lull in events turning sour with Aura indicating she was hurt, Elly came over after quickly checking herself for anything major and keeping her weapons. saying "I've got two things first-aid wise. One's going to hurt a lot, and the other is just moving the problem around.... Which one sounds more appealing?" While she had her own wounds too, well... Aura perhaps wasn't likely to handling it well.

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    Having granted the necessary knowledge to her slave for her to understand what humans were talking about, Rervana then said "So, with that out of the way, let us depart to garner our 'new' forms of identity upon this world, and from there the rest of a plan becomes possible." With that said, the Starlen went to leave the area, and pay a visit to this forger of identities.
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    Aura shook her head, raising a hand in front of herself. "If it's your magic, I don't want to hear it! I'd rather bleed!" The young woman clenched her teeth and clambered to her feet. "I'll welcome anything else, but if that's all we got, I'd rather proceed here."

    The assault on her mind - although beneficial - had left even the resilient warrior on her knee, both hands on her temples. The moving parts within her psyche slowly rearranged themselves, gears turning, personality returning. Dirge groaned, and rose to her feet unsteadily. " forms", she murmured as she followed the Starlen out. "What kind of... identity form... do you imagine? Domina?", queried the gladiatrix.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent was scanning the walls with his suit for the best place to crash through.
    "You don't carry first aid kits? You bring books but not stuff that will stop you from bleeding out? Chicks these days are weird."
    He said without turning his attention away from the wall. When he found the spot to crash through he punched it twice and turned to the others, palm resting on the perfect spot. Serpent looked at Gorgon and spoke up.
    "Right here, one armed bandit. Fulfill your destiny as a battering ram on this spot as you so desired and give us a way through."
    He grabbed a small first aid kit from his belt and tossed it Aura's way while moving away from the wall to a safe distance. "Hope you're not bleeding too badly, can't have you passing out now."

    The farmers would surely contact this WBSA after he left. Any sensible person would if he was such a strange creature for them to behold. When he got back to his territory he imitated bird calls to lure one over to chirp on his palm. He let the little thing chirp and hop about for a cheerful innocent moment as more birds started to flock near him. They perched on his horns and shoulders as he sang with the innocent little creatures.
    He wove a spell into one of them by whispering to it, to allow him to control it and to see through the bird's eyes.
    Deoluk sent the winged helper to the city, to see the lives of its inhabitants and to determine what had this explosion truly been. Mayhaps he'd see this famous WBSA in action.
  5. Ryshan exited the building and ducked into allow alleyway, she then sat down to ponder in what direction she would need to go to reach her objective,and any problems she might run into on the way, to prepare for them.
  6. MYSTIC:

    Mystic looks at the Valkyrie. The mask hiding a curious expression. She glances at Corgins before focusing on the Valkyrie
    "We are just right now heading out of this facility. You are welcome to join us as we leave. Just don't slow us down uneccecarily."
    Mystic turns to Corgins wondering if he agrees or wants something else. She assumes it is just easier to have more people to make the whole act of leaving less dangerous.

    Hallow completely ignores all the patrons, wandering into the building as she heads for the vaults. Arriving at the doors she snaps her fingers, a green flame appearing in her hand. With a swift motions jets of flames shoot out, bathing the sides of the doors, the hinges and holders melting off, causing the door to crash to the floor with a loud bang. She giggles behind her pumpkin mask before she steps back, nodding to her men

    "Take as much as you can boys, you have 5 minutes to grab as much as you can and then we will leave."

    She looks around the room, snapping her fingers as she flings small orbs of fire at all the cameras. Then she lifts her hand, the tome appearing in her palm as she opens it and begins to chant. A mark appearing in the middle of the vault hall, shimmering and humming, as she seems to be preparing some sort of ritual. The people still inside the bank, except her men which carried her blessing, would begin to feel weaker, as if drained of all energy. Some of the already weaker ones would fall over, not dying, just unable to move.

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