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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

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  1. Ryshan stood, evidently embarrassed at being caught and hurried inside after the secretary lady. "i didn't realize that this was... occupied territory... drat and I had my eyes on it too" she grumbled, quite dissapointed with this turn of events yet simultaneously intrigued as to what/who this, "patron" was.
  2. @Maleth @Wata @Casavay @Valonox (WBSA) @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    The fight continued with Gorgon attempting to get out of range of the monster’s claws and succeeding. Unfortunately he didn’t get out unscathed as the monster’s claws managed to get at him as he got away. Strange misshapen bone pincers managing to slice through the shoulder of his shooting arm. While he felt no pain from it his attempted shot instead went into the ground as his arm went limp. The monster had managed to be lucking and sliced through deep enough to sever the wires that allowed his brain to control the appendage.

    Meanwhile the gun which was loaded with bullets constructed by Wizbang of all people went off into the ground. What came out of the barrel was… interesting, instead of a bullet coming out of the barrel a technicolor snake slithered its way out. The creature was understandably confused and slithered off not harming anything. Though the almost out of nowhere another bolt of hellfire screamed through the hallway actually hitting its intended target this time. The crimson creature receiving a familiar pain upon its body. Speaking of hellfire Gorgon himself was still quite on fire however, it seemed to actually not doing much on his mechanical body. Certainly it was hot but the metal wasn’t being burnt away, strange.

    But of course it wouldn’t end here as suddenly the recently evacuated power armor came running over with a shock baton in hand. Electricity danced off of the tip as the AI controlled power armor came into strike the monster. The electricity combined with the recently added hellfire combined to make an excruciating combo of horrible pain that went through the monster in tremors. Its mind would go fuzzy but not break as how could you possibly break that what was broken long ago? Meanwhile Aura would attempt to throw a bolt of lightning at the creature however it did not actually hit the monster, the lightning fizzling out mid air. Perhaps she might want to calm down more before trying anymore magic.

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    The centaur producing a dead deer did not do anything to make the locals any less nervous, in fact a dead animal seemed to scare the small child. The little human now clinging to the adult that had gone out to stop them. The group of people back at the buildings were watching what was happening with caution, unsure what this thing wanted. “I…” The man tried to speak but petered out from his nervousness. “I’m Ted.” The child suddenly said to the man’s surprise. The child was still quite afraid given the dead animal they still seemed more brave than the adult strangely enough. Perhaps they didn’t know better.

    @Wincent (Mystic)
    Once the door opened after several mechanical clicks and sliding into the wall and initially nothing shot out towards the hallway or exploded. Promising, though she could hear the mechanical clicking continue. Though this clicking was different than the door’s. “I know you’re out there! Show yourself before I simply atomize the walls!” A voice with a vague german accent said, though there was a small hint of synthesization.

    @Wincent (Hallow)
    Ben mumbled something as he was suddenly on the ground with his scary boss lady looking down at him. He grumbled as some pain came to his head upon his consciousness. “To be honest I don’t really know what you’re talking about.” Ben said as he started to move to stand up. “A couple of the boys and I got drunk last night.” He said looking over to an empty liquor bottle on the table, several others had been seen on Hallow’s walk up. “And well I know you aren’t that social with us but a man passed out on that stuff could sleep through anything. Those of us didn’t drink are probably with their families or something. But uhhhh what do you want us to do?”

    @Azathoth @Grall_Stonefist
    “Well needless to say I doubt they would complain if they had a few new house guests. The decision is yours naturally...” The figure paused and looked at Daniel. Despite not having a face he could feel it staring into him, perhaps as deeply as looking at his soul. “I have seen you from somewhere, and you have the touch of the fourth on you. Interesting, what do you remember of the forest, changer of flesh?”

    “I wouldn’t call it occupied, more…. Neutral ground.” The woman replied, as she led Ryshan through the building though labyrinthine passageways that without her guide, Ryshan would be effectively lost in. Audible throughout the trek were sounds from rooms dotted around the labyrinth, with the noises ranging from that of deals being done both of physical goods and metaphysical wants and desires to humble, passionate moments that were open to interruption, if Ryshan was so inclined.

    Irrespective of any diversions undertaken, soon enough the pair would arrive at the door to an office, given it’s good quality relative to some of the doors they had passed. The door opened, to show the Patron, who was another demon, being feminine in appearance and body shape as their glamour vanished. The vanished glamour meant the Patron showed themselves in all their glory, with clothing that firmly appealed to baser desires of the watcher, and hair meant to stun and beguile.

    The office itself, with its own glamor of normality falling at the same time as the Patron revealed themselves to Ryshan, was not exactly subtle about its influence. After all, there was a ritual circle with a freshly cooling body to one side of the room, and the ornate table being inlade with carvings of figures from history that only those tutored in the demonic occult would understand, such as Varstarlex, a warlord of great prestige during the 12th and 13th century of mortal history, or Qiriliz, the magi responsible for the development of the Hell-Gate ritual.

    She leaned back in her seat as she said to Ryshan “So, you must be a new arrival. Tell me, what did happen to cause your…. Exodus, from our Realm?” The demon’s tone had no malice, just curiosity as to why Ryshan stood before her.

    @Maleth @Casavay (Aliens)
    Dirge wouldn’t be able to find any markings on the mammals, even the ones who all wore similar dress almost like it was a uniform and yet wasn’t. Those few that thought the large cybernetic woman was on their side began moving up to fire at the vehicles that were quickly speeding off now that it was clear their side had lost the skirmish. The mammals clearly did not understand her language at all, her screams and questions falling on confused and very frightened primitives.

    The information the Starlen managed to uncover from the primitive computing device unfortunately was not entirely useful. A list of the contents of the warehouse they were currently in, delivery dates, and other things one would expect the computer of the local manager to have. Despite a few items she doubted are legal appearing on the screen there wasn’t any information about illegal activities. Once she finished reading everything out she would notice the fighting had stopped. Or at the least the mammals had stopped shooting at each other. Granted she could hear her partner yelling at the mammals.
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  3. The Crimson creature roared in pain, even with its bone armor in place, it still didn't seem to hold back the fires that engulfed it. And the damnable drone attacking it, making matters even worse as an electric shock corsed through it once more. It's mind grew hazy as it continued to process what it was suffering from. "ACCURSED...RUDIMENTARY AI!..." it cursed out, "M-Mortis...M-M-Mor-Mortis Deeeeeiiiiii" And then it started laughing. It was a maddening cackle it uttered as it shook in agony. "Gah! Gahaahah! Hehheaha! HAHAHHAhaha! The sins of the past are catching up! Mortis only the beginning."

    "The crimes you erased from history...will be revealed for all too see..."

    The Sanguine specter's form twisted itself into a massive drill and launched itself upwards into the ceiling above and into the vents. Once it burst through the ventalation shaft it crawled its way to purposely position itself above the dogs of the Bureau and the doorway they collectively huddled next to. "This. Ends. Now..." the monstrosity muttered as it formed tendrils out of its bloody mass to lash out at those below it.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Could you be less disgusting, please!!?"
    Serpent's reply to Bloodbath was angry, if WBSA knew something like this was loose in the facility they should have fucking briefed the team about it. This was extremely dangerous and if that thing has a WBSA history to it? Serpent wouldn't sleep soundly for weeks after this.

    He looked up and saw something even more horrific than the twilight saga.
    "Back, get back!" Serpent pounced away from the door, shoving the girls forward on his way, the way to escape this murder hall was open now. This wasn't the optimal battleground to face such a monster and he was concerned for the lives of others and himself.
    "Go, just go! Any explosives Gorgon, now's the time to use them!" Once he would be away from the murderzone hopefully unharmed, he took in a deep breath and launched an explosive energy missile from his maw right at where Bloodbath supposedly were. It was accompanied with a roar and big body movements from the sheer force and amount of energy he let loose.

    These people were new to him, that was obvious. Strange, necromancy was present in this world, the voidling he met earlier. Beings fantastical and magical weren't that common perhaps, making Deoluk himself one of the strangest creatures these people had met.
    Deoluk didn't get the dead animal was scary part, to him it was a perfect gift one he would appreciate and value. He did smile warmly at the child, chuckling a little at the situation.
    "Hello, Ted. You seem curious and brave. Could you talk to your family for me? I am new to these lands, if I could get some information I would be grateful."
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    Getting out of range was costly certainly . In his visor he saw armor and one of his armor plates on his back was slowly taking damage he looked and it was flame hellfire he spoke and inaudible code and it popped out like reactive armor. He continue his quick damage assessment then saw in his left armor was completely removed along with his arm, the pistol was gone and on the floor shot out a cute snake. "Aw." Gorgon said in the midst of the intense battle then looked at Bloodbath. "I'm gonna need my arm back asshole!"

    Gorgon cracked his neck and put the sword on to his back and pull a massive assault rifle. Loaded with Anti Material Incendiary rounds and pointed it at the Bloodbath. "You're are a petty creature taking from others to survive. Unforgivable! UNFORGIVABLE!!!" Then Gorgon opened fire on Bloodbath.

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