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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

    Mystic looked up at the large sealed door, eyeing over the massive blockage in her path. It was clearly air tight, no way for her to slip past. She strokes the chin of her mask, unsure what to truly do about this. She glances at the numpad by the side, before holding a finger against her head, aiming to try and reach Morph telephaticly*

    "Morph, I am by the RnD section, but there is this large sealed door with a numpad. Any idea how I unseal it?"

    If she could reach him, would he just need to think it and she would hear it, even if it would be a tad bit unclear due to where she was.

    Hallow didn't mind that her territory was meager. Sure the main inhabitants was bums and homeless people, and most builds were either empty or filled with trash, but she didn't mind. It was hers. And everyone has to start somewhere. She would build out from this trashheap, and before long would the city be hers. She just knew it! She snickered to herself before she returned to base, to see if any of her gang had returned so they could plan out a growth in the general area.
  2. @Maleth @Wata @Casavay @Valonox (WBSA) @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    The fight started off to supisingly Gorgon’s sword working as intended and slicing through the sanguine beast. He hit more than just its gelatinous flesh however as something solid on the inside was split in two. It appeared to be a radio that the creature had swallowed at some point, there wasn’t much time to understand this however as his electrified fist hit the creature shortly after. The electricty quickly going through the thing’s body causing it to shake violently as its flesh bubbled and fried. Naturally this caused an enormous amount of pain but unfortunately for the WBSA agents it would take a lot more than that to subdue him.

    Of course this pain prevented it from performing its own attack that did not stop the other WBSA agents from attempting theirs. Aura’s gunfire, while hitting the monster and not injuring other agents still didn’t accomplish much. Conventional bullets seemed to be completely ineffective against it. Meanwhile her teammates attempted to shoot off their own energy based attacks. Phoenix trying some of her own hellfire as it had proved effective in the past, only issue being that she missed the monster and hit Gorgon. The screaming flames being deafening to the cyborg as they started burning on him despite his mostly metal construction.

    Serpent on the other hand attempted a blast of energy from his hand and faired only slight better in that he didn’t hit Gorgon. Instead the beam of energy ended up hitting the wall, creating a melted rut of molten concrete and whatever material the panels were made of. Hopefully that didn’t compromise the structural integrity of the hallway they were in. “Before you set off any large explosions it would be nice to remember that we are underground.” The Ai in his suit reminded everyone as it did as Serpent commanded. “It seems command as done some on and off tracking of this thing for a few weeks now. They don’t have much information on it besides the fact that it leaves an acidic ooze wherever it goes. They’ve classified it as bane so I suggest extreme caution.”

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    Standing out in the open purposefully it would not take long for Deoluk to be noticed by a few farmhands. They at first thought he was just a deer but then did a double take as they realized he was more than that. The small group of men going inside a house yelling something to those inside. More people came out of the house men, women, and children all coming out to see what the first group was yelling about. A small crowd that evidently was a fairly large family formed outside as they looked at Deoluk with curiosity and caution.

    The adults didn’t seem to want to approach him but a child managed to break away and start moving towards him. A man went out to stop the child, fearing for their safety he ran out and grabbed him only to realize how close they were to Deoluk now. Just staring at him with wide eyes, not saying anything as they really didn’t know what he was.

    @Wincent (Mystic)
    Morph’s voice came in surprised and confused. “What?” It took him a second to realize who’s voice it was in his head. “Mystic? Why are you in my head?” He sounded irritated but then heard what she had to say. “Ah a security door, Corgins must have shut it when the alarms sounded. Hold on a second I need to find one of the researchers that made it above ground I don’t have the code memorized.” A minute or two would pass, her only hearing idle thoughts of his as he evidently searched for an asked a researcher. “The code is 13033-5745, once you open it I suggest using extreme caution. No telling what Corgins has done on the other side of that door. Now get out of my head.”

    @Wincent (Hallow)
    Returning to her gang’s hideout and headquarters she would find the usual amount of members squatting there with not much to do. A lot of them looked tired but quickly sprang up to look busy when the boss was walking by. It didn’t look like the whole gang was here but still quite a few of them(likely the ones who are homeless) were around. Heading up the stairs to the makeshift command room where she found Ben sleeping in one of the chairs they had managed to haul up there. It was midday and yet they all seemed so tired, perhaps there was a party last night Hallow wasn’t invited to.

    @Azathoth @kanila @Grall_Stonefist
    The faceless thing was amused by Daniel’s defensive stance, its featureless head not even looking at him. “They are of little consequence.” He said as the second shapeshifter decided to take his leave by way of turning into a small lizard and climbing up the brick wall very quickly. “I’ve begun training a new acolyte, they happen to have a large enough home to house you and your followers very easily. I do not require you to live there but I am simply making the suggestion, you know where the Craveloft manner is correct?”

    Scanning thoughts within the Club would certainly have an effect, given that soon enough, the door on the fire escape would open up to reveal a woman, clad in attire reminiscent of a secretary, or at least someone who dressed up as one for professional reasons. She looked upon Ryshan and after a few moments which the Demoness could clearly feel as being assessed by magic, familiar magic too.

    After those moments had passed, the woman stood aside, inside the building and gestured for the Baroness to enter, quickly adding “Before you get too cold out there. The Patron here would like to see you.”

    @Maleth @Casavay (Aliens)
    Moving quickly over to the terminal like device the Starlen wasn’t suspected of anything by the mammals who were too busy fighting each other. Once inside the room it was just up to her trying to figure out the primitive technology. Thankfully she understood their language so that hurdle was passed but now she needed to navigate the system to find the information she wanted. Out in the battle her slave was making real headway in fighting the attackers, any bullets that managed to touch her body were bounced off or flattened against her armor harmlessly.

    The cybernetic woman simple wading through the mammals that happened to be her enemies this day. Her bullets destroying their bodies and her other limbs simple smacking them aside, breaking bones easily. Soon the few attackers that remained were retreated to outside the warehouse. Dirge would need to act quickly if she wanted to prevent them from escaping.
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  3. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    The Prophet hesitated for a moment.

    ".... I've heard of it, yes."

    On the one hand it might be a more secure hideaway than a warehouse, on the other it might draw attention to his existence. Attention he was trying to keep as far away from himself as possible.

    On the third hand, he was essentially owned by this being now, and if this faceless patron was in control there, he'd be safe. Captive and in servitude, but not in danger.

    Decisions, decisions.
  4. Upon regaining some of its composure, it glared at the metal contraption that attacked it. It lost focus after seeing the radio fall out from it's form, which gave the metal man the opportunity to electrocute the beast. It underestimated the speed of it's assailant, a costly mistake, one that it had no intention on repeating. "Time to run...a few stress tests..." it growled as hardened bone structures began to form around the damaged sections of it's body. "Let's see...just what it takes...TO BREAK YOU..." Two pincer like arms erupted from the Crimson creature's sides, heading straight for the machine's shoulder joints, while two barbed tendrils came screaming out from the beast's front with intent to pierce the robotics creation's midsection with a flurry of strikes.
  5. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Gorgon could care less about the screaming flames that scorch his paint but he was silent at the creatures taunts. Until he said "To break him." Gorgon chuckled. "Says the slow ass blob that can't evade a fucking sword! Come I accept your challenge. I WANNA SEE YOUR ORIGINAL FORM O-GENE!!!" He reached for his pistol that was loaded with Wizbangs rounds. Seeing the incoming pincers he will try to kick/dodge them away while using the momentum to gain some range away from the creature then would fire the pistol at the plated area to see if it was an important part of his body. Whilst charging the sword for another wave. Randomly from his speakers Steel Lady- Soldiers started to play.
    OOC: Iron Maiden Trooper for alternate universe sake.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    After his energy blast had gone wide and Phoenix managed to light Gorgon on fire, Serpent groaned and pulled out his shock baton, turning the voltage up to maximum. Then there was the gunfire, which made the lizard cop snap. His carefree attitude didn't register at the current moment.
    "Aura, what did I just say?! Fry it! Both of you!"
    He barked orders like he would have been ordering his squad about in the military, instincts and training were kicking in.

    Since Gorgon was in the middle of it and Ilona warned of possible structural collapse, they were running out of options. If certain someone hadn't wrecked the door controls Ilona would have had it open by now.
    "Fuck this. Ilona, help Gorgon."
    Serpent deactivated Ilona's safety lock in his armour and hopped out of it. Now only in his black bodysuit, he turned his attention to the wrecked door. He put all his strength and abilities into clearing the way for his team.

    Deoluk's expression was neutral. He did a slight nod of his head and greeted them with his own language.
    "Lämn greo." It didn't really sound like a graceful language. When he spoke the local language it was obvious he wasn't used to speak it.

    "I mean you no harm, I seek only understanding through trade of words."
    He grabbed the butchered deer from his back with one hand and held it in the air like it weighed nothing. Some of the corpse's blood had stained his fur and hand.
    "For you and your family as a gift." He dropped it on the ground before him. "Please, be at ease, violence is not what I am here for."

    He held his hand on his chest.
    Then he extended it toward the man and child, a gesture inquiring their identities in exchange.
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Dark Phoenix>
    "Oh, by the...." Phoenix sighed, as Serpent gave out orders, Gorgon got set alight, Aura spewing bullets rather than lighting and the bloody-creature still attacking. Still, she angled herself for a better shot (making Serpert's armour her miss-target of choice) as she slung another bolt of Hellfire into the fray. After all, it had to hit the monster someday, and failing that, she would be thankful if all that happened was two scorched machines.

    With the terminal just in need of navigation, Thunderbird put her mind to the task, arms and tentacles working away to get the information she needed. The railpistol was put to one side just to make sure no accidental weapon discharges occurred that would give away what she was up to. Hopefully, this information would give her a good location to find someone that can get her the supplies needed for operations within Novus.
  8. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Still gripped by fear, although much more in control of her actions, the girl flinched away from Serpent as he snapped. She mentally fumbled, well-practiced magics diffusing as she grasped at the lightning that seemed to elude her yet - Aura dropped her pistol to take another hand into the equation. Soon, her fingers sent sparks flying into the air, and she nearly yelped in surprise as she loosened a bolt of electricity towards the murderous pudding.

    "Take me to your leader!", screamed an enraged Syren to whom all these people looked alike. She did not truly care that none of these barbarians would understand her. Out of options, she began grabbing singular men and inspecting their uniforms for any telltale insignia.
  9. As the other shapeshifter scoured away in the form of a tiny lizard, Daniel could only curse that he was not able to do the same, instead he stood on guard, even if whatever this creature was could end him on a whim, he would not just lie down once again, last time had been a bad enough experience of existential nightmares.
    Though maybe this little thing would just blow over, maybe a bit of luck this time.

  10. MYSTIC:
    Mystic nods, and slips out of his mind. She lifts her metal clad fingers and begins tapping in the code and then stepping back, waiting for the result. She also takes a step to the right, making sure she isn't in the actual path of the door, incase something shoots at her as it opens. She hasn't dealed with this "Corgins" before, but she isn't planning to take him lightly.
    It isn't wise to underestimate the WBSA as they have a tendency to be quite strange, even for her standards.

    With a casual kick to the chair, Hallow makes it fall backwards, making sure that Ben don't fall out of it, for a safe landing. She stands there, waiting for his response while she talks to him
    "Well, aren't you active? One of the greatest catastrophies have occured in this city and you aren't going to take advantage of that, hmm?"
    Hallow grins, she has some plans that needs doing and with the WBSA busy with the crater, will it be tricky for them to fully mobilize.
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