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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    @Grall_Stonefist @kanila

    "So, now that we've shaken the authorities, either of you have a plan? Or are you waiting for me to say something?"

    The Prophet spoke with calm neutrality in every word, though deep down he was still nervous. Two people. That could shape-change. Now aware of him.

    Hiding in the shadows is going great so far, yes sir.
  2. @Maleth @Wata @Casavay @Valonox (WBSA) @GobMaw_HellSmasha (Bloodbath)
    While the physically stronger men of the group were attempting to force the door open with brute force the two women would hear something rattling around in the vents above until a vent grill fell to the floor. After that a familiar creature poured out of the vent, Bloodbath finding itself not able to fight against the force of gravity as it was thrown to the ground some feet behind the WBSA agents.

    @Wata (Deoluk)
    Deoluk managed to mentally map out a good portion of the local farmland outside of his own territory. Avoiding the locals the entire time proved difficult but not impossible as while the area was populated it wasn’t populated very densely. Only a few scattered farmhouses that had considerable distances between each other. However a few times he caught glimpses of larger urban settlements, small towns that acted as hubs for the farmers to buy necessities or sell some of their crop.

    @Wincent (Mystic)
    Wizbang didn’t respond to her as she left, losing interest in the masked woman as she left his sight. Mystic would continue towards the R&D center complex until she found herself right in front of its doors, which happened to be sealed. Far from the previous thrown open or unlocked doors earlier these were large metal doors not unlike that of a bank’s safe. Whether these were meant to keep someone from getting in or something from getting out was somewhat ambiguous but then again Mystic would surely be able to handle whatever it may be.

    @Wincent (Hallow)
    Hallow’s territory was rather meager all things considered, the scraps that the main crime families of Novus didn’t want was a good description of the collection of slums and abandoned warehouses. It wasn’t exactly prime real estate but it was enough for her gang to function, places to store and make their products and people to sell them to. Simple enough really though if she ever had greater ambitions she would need to find a way to challenge one of the bigger families for their own territory. As while she could wrestle with the other minor gangs it would only get her more of the same.

    @Azathoth @kanila @Grall_Stonefist
    As the Prophet spoke to the two shapeshifters he could spot a hand pull itself out of the nearby shadows. This hand was familiar to him and he would immediately recognize the form of his patron slowly rising up from the shadows. Its featureless head looking in his direction, the other two members of their group would feel an unearthly chill go over them, as if a sudden gust of arctic air had come in without them noticing.

    Ryshan would soon enough come across Argeth Spirit, despite being a rather subdued three story building it had its fair share of ritz and glamour such as the third story penthouse. While it was evidently open, given that there was occasionally people entering the building, it wasn’t exactly in full swing given it was daylight. However, there was just that certain… Vibe, about the place that felt just right.

    @Maleth @Casavay (Aliens)
    While her cybernetic bodyguard and slave kept the mammals busy Rervana would spot two things. The first appeared to be some kind of primitive electronic data storing device kept in the office on the scaffolding above the ground floor of the warehouse. Second was a mammal dressed in decidedly higher quality clothing than the rest staying in back trying to direct his comrades. A leader of sorts, perhaps not an official that has been trained but certainly one more competent than their underlings.
  3. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    "Oh Shit!!!!" Gorgon flipped around and charged forward quickly grabbing in his left hand his claymore to cleave this creature in two and with his right hand electricity shoots from his black fibered palm and presses onto the creature. "In this battle no one wins! Get lost MONGREL!"
  4. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    The Prophet sees him. "Well, hello sir. Long story short, I have two new, erm, 'friends' now. Not my fault."

    He hadn't considered how his employers would react to this. Shit. This might not be good.
  5. An embarrassing blunder for the Crimson creature, as it fell from the vent. Completely destroying the element of surprise and whatever ambush it could have planned for. But as it looked about it's surroundings it noticed a group of people huddled around a metal door, 4 individuals to be exact. How ever two of them...seemed rather familiar. The lizard man and the fire wielding armored one, they were Bureau agents he had a run in with previously. It seemed like he could still salvage this situation after all. "Going...somewheres? Nihihihihihehehehaha..." it muttered aloud, "apologies...but the END OF THE LINE!"

    And that was when one of the brazen fools headed right toward it, an interesting looking individual, visually rather obvious that this one was more machine then man. Such a sight felt strangely...nostalgic, even if it couldn't parse exactly why. But it didn't have time to reminisce, so it reacted by quickly retracting itself into a bloody puddle, trying to position themselves under the metal man in an attempt to strike the fool from the one the place they'd never expect.

    From below.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    The lizardman was mid heave when something went clank and Bloodbath blorped to the scene.
    "Oh...oh dear.." He dropped the door part he had been lifting then and there. Situation was turning out to be less than ideal, it was the jelly monster he had tangled with in the sewers. Then Gorgon charged at it almost immediately. This was turning from bad to worse fast.

    "Gorgon, wait!" Too little too late, yet he had yelled out of reflex to retain some control of the situation. "Girls, keep your distance! Burn it, anything to make it stop, guns are useless!"

    Only thing he could do was find a way to deliver an energy broadside at the monster without destroying Gorgon in the process. He wasn't sure they could kill blood beast fast enough without casualties, hopefully it was sentient enough to know when to retreat.
    "Ilona, let HQ know what we're up against, plus I'd love some advice right about now!"

    The centaur had gathered enough confidence to make an approach. First he'd find a farm or some other relatively secluded habitation with little traffic, then be somewhere he could be seen by people yet could escape quickly himself if they turned out to be hostile.
    He was a patient man, so he would wait for the humans to approach first. He did not want to just pop in for a hello out of the bushes. Deoluk tried not to appear threatening, yet the horns and his size alone worked against that.
    "Now, let's see if we can really call this a civilized society."
    Deoluk had his arms relaxed by his side, Worldstaff loosely held in his grip.
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Dark Phoenix>
    "You again...." Phoenix sighed when she saw who exactly had dropped in on them, from both the jaunt to another realm and the sewers. Almost like it held a grudge against her....
    Ruminations on it's motives aside, she produced her Hellfire, and let it loose as a screaming bolt towards the bloody puddle that was Bloodbath. As for Gorgan, if the bot was demented enough to go into melee with Bloodbath, frankly it deserved what it got if it just got in the way of everyone else.

    <Thunderbird> @Casavay
    With something probably akin to a Starlen terminal in the office, and a leader-type in the back of the ranks, Rervana went to engage in some espionage, after telepathically telling her slave "Make sure the leaders doesn't die, I need them alive for information gathering." With that said, she went for the office, firing a few token shots from her railpistol at the warehouse attackers to assure the mammals she going to betray that she was apparently still on their side.
  8. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @Maleth @Wata @Valonox @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    Lex' first reaction upon witnessing the horrifying aspect of this grotesquery was to shriek at the top of her lungs, unpleasantly reminded of what remained of her once-best friend after their own magical mishap. The young lady stumbled backwards, raising her gun at it and not quite possessing the presence of mind at the moment to recall her magic - hearing Serpent's words but not truly comprehending them yet. With shaking hands, she emptied her pistol's magazine at the creature, squeezing the trigger again and again, even after all rounds were spent.

    Q'Rasha thought up an affirmative in response, then moved forward, boldly leaving her mistress' side to inflict greater destruction upon the traitorous land mammals. The seasoned warrior was not afraid of their puny guns, sheathed in steel as she was, and fired her rifle almost casually as she approached. Once she was in range, her additional limbs would begin to flail about, robotic limbs thrashing at nearby targets as the cybernetic gladiator sought the humans' leader.
  9. Ryshan could barely contain her excitement as she pounced onto the buildings fire escape and quietly began to scan the surface thoughts of all the being nearby for the perfect disguise to adopt in order to infiltrate the club.
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  10. As an unearthly chill sudden came passing from behind them, that together with guy who called himself prophet, suddenly tensed more up, Daniel jumped around to see what was behind him, just as the latter started to talk.
    what he saw was simply just right out of some sort of nightmare, the its aura giving him a dread reminder of the last time he had met what he supposed was otherworldly creatures, though this time he dident want to take as many chances, transforming his right arm into a massive sword, Daniel took a defensive, though very nervous position, like great many times within the last short period of time, things where not going as expected
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