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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Argos takes the lead and walks sure-footed on the sewers walkway with the riot shield raised before him and powerful and bit bulky flashlight on his left hand, cone of light illuminating the path before him. The sewers aren't exactly a maze, they having a map of the sewerage and manholes, but they still have no idea of where to search. There is zone where the drones have been destroyed, so it gives general idea of the culprits location. But with rumors of illegal villages within the sewers, they can't be sure it is the same culprits behind the disappearances.

    "It's not the worst you can get for your first mission. Though dusting the archives would have been cleaner, if not bit dustier. You got some action and with luck it stays within ranges of 'light walking'." Argos comments. They have first-timer with them. While she graduated with high grades, she still haven't seen much action. Getting her through her first day in one piece is achievement on it's on, considering their job deals with possibly dangerous metahumans and mutants.
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    @Maleth @GoreWrencha

    Serpent rubbed his shoulder and side that had been especially troublesome during entering the sewers growling a bit.
    "Let's get this done. The sooner we find something the sooner we can get out of these sewers." he said while taking his place at their little formation. He scanned the darkness with the tactical flashlight attached to his shotgun.
    "Is that ball whispering, why is it whispering?"
    Serpent asked Phoenix a little bit curious and a little bit worried that they had an inexperienced hellfire magician with them.
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  3. "Hm, quiet the diet it has." Nightmare mused to himself as the workers were keeping their eyes open for anything that looked remotely dangerous. Looks like killing off whatever was eating his own men would do a lot of good for other people, wondering if he could somehow twist it for his own ends if word spreads around it. 'Super of the people takes care of sewer problem where cops have failed!' he thought to himself an amused chuckle. The trail of viscera and discarded items tells him he had made the right call in which way to go, whatever they were following obviously didn't care about being tracked or had any hint of stealth really. "Follow the dead body road, follow the dead body road." he singed quietly to himself as a way of entertainment for now.
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    Colony stopped moving and whistling. Listening was an odd version of reading the web's vibrations, and honestly, the hivemind still hadn't quite mastered using it for communication purposes yet. The simulacrum picked at its ear, looking around through the tinted lenses of their sunglasses. "Sage advice", they replied, Samsa's voice a deep and hoarse one. "However, it is the sound I enjoy." In all honesty, they hadn't known that, but they didn't care about the ax any more than the average woodcutter would - it was a tool.

    "Care to show yourself? I am investigating a sequence of disappearances after all, and I would be loathe to fade into the waste, as well."
  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Yes, that ball is whispering Serpent. As for why, you're better off blaming its origins as something quite supernatural." Phoenix replied to Serpent (@Wata ). Course, she was walking in between the two of them, being the newbie of the team which meant playing a delicate balancing act of not putting the hellfire hand too close to either Argos or Serpent, lest she accidentally set one (or even worse, both) of them alight. And that would be disastrous for her first mission.

    Then there was Argos' comment about dusting the archives, so Ryrrelle then retorted (@GoreWrencha ) "Sure, but I'm fairly someone who's powers are not suited to that sort of delicate work would get something that doesn't involve having to wade through other people's muck." She paused for a moment, then more pleasantly asked "Also, would you like my flames to not look as stereotypical as green fire, just in case that scares someone a little too much whom we need to talk to?"
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  6. "I'm sure most people, and non-people for same matter, will find handful of flames unsettling, not matter what color they burn." Argos notes.

    "Though rainbow colored will surely catch their attention."
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent chuckled a bit at Phoenixs' question.
    "Pink? Can you do pink? Imagine a flaming discoball."
    He was dead serious.
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  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Phoenix loudly sighed in disbelief before lamenting (@Wata & @GoreWrencha ) "Really you guys? I'm fairly sure that both pink and rainbow coloured things are the sorta stuff that I've out grown by now. It's not exactly as if I'm a nine year old girl who watches anything involving princes and princesses, or ponies for that matter." Still, there was another sigh before she then said "And besides, I doubt that I'll ever be taken seriously if I had such a colour of hellfire anyways."
  9. "I imagine not taking hellfire seriously will be difficult, no matter the color. Just the name itself is ominous." Argos may be joking, but there is no denying he isn't bit uneasy about the dark magician girl behind him. Logical powers like superhuman strength or mutations could be explained, but magic and sorcery has always been rationalism enemy. You get used to talking lizardmen, but whispering hellfire just chills your soul.
  10. @kanila
    After a short and slightly awkward walk the Supervisor opened another door and ushered the reporter into his office. A large room with red wood desk and bookshelves made from the same wood. "Take a seat." The man said as he went behind the desk and sat in his office chair and straightened his name plaque. 'John G. Rocksfeld' it read. "Alright ask your question then." John said plainly simply wanting to get to business.

    "Have a good one." The boy said as the woman left to do whatever she was going to do. If she were to return to the bench she would find he had already left without a trace. A strange encounter to be sure but it could have been much worse.

    @Casavay @Vulpas
    The voice would laugh as Lazarus walked further to see a woman in a rain coat carrying an axe. "Oh another one, I don't get very many visitors down here." The voice said again as something on the ceiling of the tunnel moved. "Many strange people moving through the tunnels these days." Across the river of sewage a black hand can be seen touching the floor seemingly pulling the rest of it's body out of the shadows. What came from the shadows was a large and strange insectoid creature which a pitch black exoskeleton. If either of them had seen a certain movie franchise they would recognize the creature as a perfect match for a xenomorph. "You wished to see me and here I am." The creature said facing the woman and man.

    @BuriasDempsey @TechCaptain @GobMaw_HellSmasha @Keidivh @Maleth @GoreWrencha @Wata
    The monster's roar echoed across the shanty and adjacent tunnels alerting every living thing within a decent radius. The residents of the shanty were driven into a panic and began to exit the area carrying whatever they could. Those that were actually looking for the monster need only follow the steady stream of homeless people. Once they arrived at the source of the panic they were greeted with the sight of the monster responsible for the majority of the disappearances as it devoured another person that wasn't quick enough. The shanty itself was built in a large room used as an access point by engineers when there was a major problem with many exits and entrances and many more simple huts made from trash and scavenged materials. The ceiling was high and dome shaped covered in pipes twisting and turning in nearly endless directions. Not the most ideal place for so many people to battle a monster and each other but there were certainly worse places.

    (OOC Alright everyone that was looking for the monster AKA Gobmaw has found them and you may do as you wish Casavay and Vulpas may also emote hearing the roar and head over too but said xenomorph fellow will follow them)
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