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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Briefly considering dissolving Sheila Samsa and returning into their individual forms, Colony quickly dismissed that idea. They'd have to carry around everything the human body was wearing, which would become impractical soon if they split up. And additionally, they'd risk losing the Charm, which was a risk they weren't willing to take.

    The simple way will have to suffice.

    A perk of having a human body were its lips, tongue and lungs. Walking through the sewers at a leisurely pace, Samsa whistled one of her favourite human melodies, the musical piece accompanied by the sound of her axe's blade grinding on the floor as it was dragged behind her.
  2. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Night Dragoon followed the sound but keep to the darkest parts of the underground tunnel system. As he moved silently he activated his goggles to provide some night vision sight for him to navigate by. Night Dragoon moved very cautiously for this was mostly another scouting mission for him. His goals were to find the missing or to find the reason they are missing and to be unseen himself.
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  3. @BuriasDempsey
    The men nodded and followed Nightmare deeper into the tunnels keeping alert and at least trying to seem professional. The weapons the brought from home we're a mixture of shotguns and hunting rifles. Nothing military grade but more than enough to take care of anyone stupid enough to get in their way. As long as they're a normal human anyways. As they followed the trail of red liquid they would find more and more ruined items laying around on the walk way. There was no telling how long these tunnels went on but it was clear whatever had attacked the men had been here recently and was attacking far more than just Craveloft workers.

    Lazarus would find a hatch in an alleyway and through various means open it forcefully and descend into the depths of the sewers. Once down there he would hear the standard running water and horrible smell but also something strange. The humming of a musical tune accompanied by the scraping of metal on metal.

    The supervisor tilted his head a little at the reporter's words clearly a little confused but his his quickly returned to it's professional posture. "Yes of course the food and clothing drive......" He face was blank as he was clearly thinking about something and didn't take the man's hand. "Why don't we talk about this in my office?" He said as he walked around to open a barred door that lead to behind the teller's desks.

    The Crimson monster would drag itself along the ground to another hut where another man was standing holding a rifle. "Ah shit." He said as he saw the creature and took aim and fired off a shot into the bloody mass with little effect besides the creature receiving some mild pain.

    "Well I wanted to sit down and I saw a bench and you just so happened to be sitting on it. Not much to it really." The boy then looked down at his cane for a moment. "It's a family heirloom, used to belong to my grandfather. No one else needs it so I use as a bit of a fashion statement a guess. I can walk just fine without it." A small smile appeared across his face as he looked at it. Now that she looked at it more carefully the woman can see that the cane itself is not just well made but beautiful. At first glance it looked simple but as she inspected it she found small patterns carved into the black wood with the handle made partially of pearl and gold with small gems on the top of it. Not exactly something someone would want to be carrying on them in public. More like something that should be in a museum.

    @Maleth @GoreWrencha @Wata
    The Trio descended into the depths of the Novus city sewer system with some difficulty with Serpent being a bit to big for the hatch but after some pulling he made it down along with them into the dark tunnels barely lit by light coming down from the hatch. It will be a long and unpleasant trek but they have the locations of the last known locations of the drones sent down by the normal police force so they at least had a lead.

    The Colony would walk for a little while longer before hearing something above her speak. "You know dragging it like that isn't good for the blade right?" The voice came from nowhere and they couldn't make out a figure behind it but they definitely heard it. "A dull blade isn't really good for anything." The voice said again. It wasn't exactly human sounding and seemed more reptilian but it was comprehensive enough.

    Darcun would continue scouting until he heard a sudden gunshot and yelling coming from further down the tunnel. His googles didn't detect a mussel flash so it was still a ways down but it was clear someone was shooting at something which could mean any number of things. But given the circumstances it would be best to investigate.
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  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Quickly making his way to the now open doorway Trent made his way in, following the supervisor. "I'll admit you had me worried for a second that I had been given bad information." In all honesty he was slightly concerned with how smoothly things were going, but he kept up his cheerful demeanor. "I have to say, I would expect something like this to be put on by the local police department or a school. You all must truly be kind hearted to think about the less fortunate." He kept a watchful eye on everything he passed and exactly how to get back to the supervisor's office. "Beautiful architecture in here, I've never been to this part of the bank before." Only a little bit longer and then he can plan his next mood, but for now he must keep the charade up.
  5. Being shot with the rifle did little but anger the beast, the bullet falling to the floor as the wound slowly sealed itself under it's shifting sanguine mass. It let loud a monsterous roar out of primal fury as the top half of it's form split itself open, resembling a multilayered Venus fly trap opening in four directions outwards. As it opened it's maw, a collection of tentacle like appendages sprang out from it, twisting and writhing about as it stood there eyeing it's next victim. It's tentacle-like appendages shot outwards toward it's prey as they wrapped around the man's limbs one after the other, and began tossing him into the walls of the hut as the beast's body moved in tangem to better flail the man about. Once it was satisfied with tenderizing the meat, it pulled the bloodied body into it's mouth where it snapped shut around him.

    "Looks...jig...up..." the creature muttered, "Gihihihihi...No matter...conclusion...remains...same nyhehehehehe" two horrifically mishapened skeletal arms sprung out from the sides of the creature, followed by a series of long talons erupting from it's back. They moved about chaotically once they appeared, their segmented joints wildly moving about without any sense of direction. "Eat...Feed...Consume...Devour..." it stated in a mantra of madness. It bellowed out an eerie outerworldly howl as it began to move about the town hastily, abandoning stealth and trying to snatch what prey he can. The Crimson Beast has arrived and it would not be satisfied without getting it's daily feed.
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    As Lazarus made his way into the sewers he moved a bit slower before stopping as he heard the sound of meytyle scraping metal and the sound of someone humming...?

    Keeping himself silent Lazarus began slowly moving towards the source of the humming and metal scraping. Maybe he would be finding a simple hobo or at worse some thug maybe? Maybe they would know something of these disappearances or were the cause.

    Keeping his one arm down into his coat he kept his hand near his side arm.
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Night Dragoon sharpened his attention at the sound of gunfire. He moved a bit more quickly to the source but still being cautious. He felt that interference was only warrented if it was life or death and he still needed to be anomalous.
  8. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    "Sewers. Why is it every time I'm on the hunt I somehow end up in the sewers?" Zach muttered to himself as he continued making his way through the sewers.

    "Dunno, I'm starting to think you just like wandering around down there Warden." Sage's voice came over the com in his helmet, thankful to hear her voice.

    "Oh is that right, cause it seems that you're the one who tells me to come down here on a fairly consistent basis." Zach shot back as he continued his way through.

    "Might be on to something there, but now's the time to shut up and focus. The reports the Novus PD so graciously allowed me to take has it that the the drones and search teams disappeared in the area you're in, and the area around it is well known for finding mangled, mostly eaten remains."

    Whatever jovial attitude the Warden had died quickly as Sage reminded him of the objective. Disappearances seemed to be on the rise in this section of the city, and all evidence pointed to the sewers as the focal point. And with the NPD failing, it meant there was most likely a Meta responsible for it.

    "What's our intel on this thing." He asked as he carefully made his way through the winding tunnels, occasionally stopping to listen for the occasional footsteps or murmurs he heard come from somewhere.

    "Ranging from the rumors to damn near nothing. But something that can tear into humans like that, seems like it'd fall under the monstrous category if you ask me, and a damn nasty one at that."

    The Warden give any response, instead looking over his inventory for a moment, ensuring he was prepared to keep the fight at a distance. "Pistol, hollow point rounds, couple incendiary grenades. Should be enough to take care of anything Meta I come across. It can take a lot, but they fall just like the rest of us."

    OOC: Kind of a hasty intro but figured it'd be better than nothing! Hope you don't mind if Warden crashes the sewer party! He brought gadgets :D
  9. Mirgona looks at the cane, studying it a bit before shrugging.
    "Nice kane I guess"
    She isn't that interested, despite it seemingly suiting on a museum isn't that the kind of thing she cares for. She has enough money at the moment and honestly, kanes isn't her kind of thing. She sighes as she stretches her arms and stands. Patting her legs a bit.
    "Well, I should be going, have a nice day"
    She waves to the kid before beginning to walk towards the foodcourt, she is already hungry again.
  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Now that she was down into the sewers properly along, after helping with getting Serpent down into the place, Dark Phoenix bemoaned "Did we really have to pull the short straw and have to go down here? Couldn't we have gotten a task that didn't involve traipsing around in such unsanitary conditions?"

    Mostly, the complaining was sparked off by the darkness, the fact that Phoenix had to watch where she stepped unless she wanted to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning off her uniform, the likely hood of meeting vermin, like rats.... She could go on, but then she'd be here for at least two hours. More, if it was extremely hot/cold on that day.

    Still, Ellayina then conjured up some hellfire to provide a little extra light for the trio in her left hand, held outstretched to avoid blinding herself by the virtue of having a ball of fire right in front of her face. After the green fire conflagrated and took form into a small ball in her hand, whispers started to emanate from the unholy light soon after it was summoned, as she let it illuminate the area.

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