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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Seing ahead of him what was either the wierdest mexican standoff, or wierdest cult meeting, Daniel madens decition that had failed before in this mad forrest, but surely still the soundest he could make.
    Hoping his entrance haddent gotten him revealed, he chose to use his newest form for something it was surely good at, hiding in shadows.
    And with that he imidiatly hugged the darkest section close to him. It would be best he knew what was going on before choosing weather to interfere or not.
  2. Mystic looks into the hole... she thinks for a moment. Before taking a step back. She has no reason to help the hellknight, and if she dies of her own flame is that almost a ironic death. She shrugs as she decides to walk back a bit and wait by the hole, curious if She will come up again. She lifts her hand, the book on her hip flying up to her hand, so she can read it while she waits.

    Hallow looks at the book, curious. She keeps her hands to herself before looking at the old gentleman. She has a hunch that the book is in fact a magical tome, but she isn't making too much of an assumption.
    "Yes... it is a beautiful piece of art, I agree on that. Of course it would be more usefull if you could read it."
    She giggles to herself, sipping from a glass she took from a passing waiter.
    "You seem very interested in this book, sir?"
    She smiles at the Gentleman, glancing at him up and down. Studying his bodylanguage.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    At Hallow's earlier comment of his appearance, made Serpent glare at her for a moment.
    "That is, if you even want to look intimidating. I never asked for this, still thanks for saying that I suppose."

    "Right. I'll take your word for it."
    Serpent said and did his best to hold back a yawn. All the food he previously stuffed down made him drowsy.
    "Why does it swirl and twirl like that?"
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Phoenix gasped in pain as Bloodbath closed its claw around her head, eyes wide in the fear of actually dying now that she was at the thing's mercy, leading her to frantically yell "YES, YES! I UNDERSTAND, I'LL HELP!" For obvious reasons, she wasn't trying anything hostile given the claw around her head. She was breathing deeply in an attempt to try staying calm and not to let her fear make her do something stupid.
  5. "Gooooood" the crimson creature hissed as it loosened the crushing grip on the woman's head . It continued to clutch her head, but it was no longer attempting to crush it. It grew to fifteen feet in size and produced another pair of boney claws and climbed up the wall of the pit they found themselves in. Once out of the hole, the red colored beast lightly tossed it's captive to the ground and glared at her, it's eyes piercing and sharp as they kept a watch on her. "Now...end...these engulfed me in...or...I'll. End. YOU" it commanded, keeping a close eye on her for any sudden movements or threatening actions to come from her. It had no reason to trust her, as she had little reason to obey it. But it was prepared, any signs of treachery would be met with swift retribution.
  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Okay...." Phoenix replied, still wary of the creature as she went to extinguish the Hellfire that was upon the creature. She'd admit that she really was scared of it given it had managed to resist Hellfire, and that was very much the only thing she had going for her given that she had left her gear back on her bike.... She was going to have to explain to Morph why her armour started whispering when she got back, wasn't she?
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    At the thought of her CO as a human being with... human desires... Aura blushed. The way Mrs. Stevens retold it made her chuckle, too, but now the image was seared into her mind. Already she was afraid of the days to come, when she would actually have to interact with her superior again. Nevertheless, she resolved to remain and listen further, given the inconclusiveness of her results and the entertaining factor of her tales.
  8. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Face palming, it would seem he had no other option than to fight. Transforming himself into a bear, not wanting to anger the Wolf Lord again by becoming a wolf even if he wasn't present, rushed towards the Druid. He hoped the old man had a plan as he tried to clear the distance for his attack before the Druid could remove the helmet.
  9. @GobMaw_HellSmasha @Maleth @Wincent
    With its successful escape out of the hole with its enemy in hand the crimson abomination would find that the scales were on the brink of being burnt through as the Hellknight extinguished them. Any more time spent in that hole or letting the fire continue would have seen its only defence destroyed. Mystic would of course see them as they got out of the hole which still had hellfire raging within it. The screaming fire will likely not go out until everything around it was gone which didn’t bode well for the forest around them. If she were to look back to where the armored soldiers were she would find they had already left having took their dead and any remnants of their being there.

    @kanila @Grall_Stonefist
    First off came Wizbang, who’s armament of choice turned out to be packing a trick shot as the grenade from the weapon came forth and exploded into a tangle of fleshy fines that bit and tore into the Druid, and made it rather hard for him to move leaving the helmet he was taking off to fall onto the floor with a soft thud. The Wizard attempted to cast a spell, but the vines around him prevented that from being the case as they restricted his movement.

    Trent would be next in line to act against his opponent as bear claws proved mildly effective against the Druid, as claws sliced open some the Druid’s flesh even if no blood spilled forth from the wounds like it would normally do.

    Then came Gorgen, whose attempt at attacking the Druid was interrupted by the successful casting of a black bolt of energy that emerged from one of the Druid’s hands that loosened up out from one of the vines bound to him. The bolt tore into the Cyborg’s chassis and left some damage that would certainly need work for full effectiveness to be resorted.

    Daniel’s attempts at being sneaky didn’t go so well as he had stepped upon a piece of wood that snapped loud enough that everyone could hear where he was in the room. The Druid raised his head towards the sound and locked what passed for his eyes on the interloper. He then raised his freed hand that had blasted the Cyborg and caused some roots to sprout from the ground which then smacked Daniel into a wall. While no bones would be broken by the attack, he would certainly be winded by the blow he had endured.

    @Wincent @Wata
    “It’s simply how the book was made.”Darvo said to Serpent before he looked back to Hallow. “It used to belong to a friend before he came across hard times and sold it to the current owners.” He looked towards the crowd that had the owner of the collection was the center of. “I wish to see if I could persuade him to sell it to me. I doubt he would have much use for it besides simply sitting in a case and looking nice.”

    Aura’s investigation continued as Morph’s wife stayed quiet as another woman began talking about her own experiences. Despite the conversation’s topic everything was kept light hearted and just for good fun between women who were perfectly comfortable talking about it. Even a couple of men seemed to be listening out of curiosity or to just get in on the fun. Seemed the party was getting into full swing with people socializing and generally having fun. Even the tables were bear as everyone had gotten up to talk with others or perhaps do other things.
  10. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    (So sorry everybody, real life's been heating up. I may request that Tuska control my char for the next few weeks if I'm too busy. This post is a bit rushed, apologies for the quality fail)

    The new arrivals, combined with the Druid's own power and the dismissive tone of their new patron left the cultists utterly paralyzed with fear. That, or their brains had merely stopped working for several seconds. The Madness tended to put you in a trance from time to time.

    Fear or madness, regardless, once the Prophet and his followers snapped out of it, he gave a simple, panicked order.


    The Cultists quickly fanned out, channeling each of their runes to concentrate void energy into their firearms before unloading on the Druid's chest and upper body, while the Prophet concentrated his power and fired a bolt of Unreality at the druid. The other figures present at the battle would probably notice how the bolt of energy writhed and wriggled through the air, giving off the feeling that reality itself was horrified by it's existence. It being a channeling of the Madness' power, it might leave a bad first impression with the Prophet's new "allies".

    Well, it was either to risk that, or face the Druid without his God's support. Easy choice, really.

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