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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    The Prophet looked the Druid up and down. His eyes were wide with fear.

    "S-see." he giggled nervously. "Here's the problem. If I DO challenge you, I'll probably die. If I DON'T, I'll most certainly die, as I'm on thin ice with the Watchers as is. So what to do here?"

    Of course, this was stalling. The Prophet was trying to use his connection to the void to communicate with his current 'patron': the Shadow Watcher he was now serving.

    Do you honestly expect me to be able to deal with the Druid myself? How about a little help for your new recruit.

    (OOC: If this post seems bare-bones, it's because I literally have no idea how to deal with the situation. So stalling until something changes sounds like the best idea)
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With any plans to get out of the hole scuppered by Hellfire proving to be as much a bane as it was a boon during her last fight with the creature, Phoenix gritted her teeth in frustration, even if the rest of her face showed that now yes, she was panicking over the trapped. Clearly, she was going to have to either negotiate or hope that there was no such thing as too much Hellfire when it came to solving the problem and she had more faith in her words than fire.

    So Ellyania yelled at Bloodbath "SERIOUSLY!?!, I'm just as trapped as you are, and I'm in no position to release you BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER! So why don't we actually get out of this hell-hole together rather than kill each other! How about that!?" This was as she tried to keep out of the way of Bloodbath's leap, trying to avoid both her own Hellfire and the leaping thing that clearly has it in for her.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Pfeh, gift." Serpent had a short laugh at that. "Guess you can see it that way too. Nice to meet you both."
    Serpent stifled a yawn and pointed at the glass case briefly.
    "So, guess you both seem to have an interest in old moldy books then. What's this piece you're looking at then and why is it so secure?"
  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Seeing the scene unfolding before him, Mimic thinks that he should have taken his chances with the Wolf Lord. Maybe he would let him stay here as a pet? "Well he seems like a nice guy. Maybe we should just walk in there and say we love what he's done with the place and ask if we can use his inter dimensional portal so we can go home. I'm sure he won't have us ripped to shreds like THAT thing." Mimic made no attempt to hide his feelings about the current situation. He really wished he wouldn't have been stupid enough to throw the bag of money with his gun, something told him he could really use it right now. Even though it would probably do little but piss the new master of this realm off.
  5. Hallow looks at serpent
    "I see it as a gift. You are big, strong... scary. I would say you are quite the lucky one."
    She then focuses on the book. She don't recognize it or notice anything special about it, but she isn't so foolish as to assume it isn't.
    "Well... Books are powerfull in their own way."
    She looks at the man beside her, smiling at him.

    Mystic watches the armed group before slowly sliding into the shadow, still keeping an eye on them before she makes her way over to the pit that Elly dissapeared into. She don't care for the hell worshipper however she is a bit curious about what is going on in it
  6. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    At first, Aura kept her distance from Mrs. Stevens' group, watching quietly and with a shard of reverence. The lady she was watching was, in the end, something of the First Lady of WBSA to the mage, at least in terms of her immediate command structure. And she seemed a charming one, too.

    Slowly, she approached the group with a smile, silently trying to meld in like a clown fishy into an anemone. Briefly closing her eyes to spin the roulette of "Ways to interact with people", the WASP Wizard settled on "understated admiration" and simply listened in, trying to gauge blood alcohol content through dialogue.
  7. @Maleth @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    As the fire raged within the entrance of the Dragon Spider nest the screaming mass of blood and bones known as Bloodbath charged the hellknight. The Hellknight’s attempts of dodging the creature failed as a bony claw came from within the blob like mass and pinned her to with wall. The claw grasped her head tightly as it kept her on the wall unable to move or thrash it off. Though the Bloodbath was successful it would feel the fire around it spreading and the fire that it was hit by starting to break through the scales it had taken. It had no way of repairing the scales as they were taken from another creature so it would need to act fast if it wanted to save the rest of it’s borrowed armor.

    @Wata @Wincent
    The man smiled at both of them and stepped aside a little so they could both get a better look at the book. Its cover was obviously the reason it was on display as it could only be described to have an otherworldly beauty. Colors swirled and mixed in ways not thought possible through conventional artistry. Bright blues, pinks, yellows and uncountable other colors mixing together and swirling. The sight was enough to make the sensitive mind weep. “It’s more than just a moldy book sir. It is priceless and a work of art.” The man said looking up at Serpent

    @kanila @Azathoth
    Prophet’s new found Patron would reply “Well, it’s like a Video Game. The Druid would be called a ‘boss fight’ perhaps you may wish to find some allies before going back to fight him.” The voice rang inside Prophet’s head with it’s tone being slightly amused. He knew he was nothing but a tool to the Watcher and an expendable one at that.

    Meanwhile, “I uh don't think the current resident is willing to parley. Best solution is a violent one I say.” The old man said as he leveled the strange gun he was holding at the Druid. However, before the Druid could say anything to either interloper, something that looked very much like a German helmet from the 1940’s dropped onto his head, causing him to stumble before looking up in confusion. He was left wide open for attack if anyone dared to strike.

    Mystic would peak over the hole in the earth to discover it has actually be caught on fire and not just normal fire. Given her alignment in the ways of magic(and the screaming) she could tell hell fire had been released within the hole. She couldn’t make out much other than that given the distance. Once she got closer though she would see that the hellknight was now fighting a monster that seemed to be made of gelatinous blood covered in scales with bones sticking out in irregular positions. Blood curdling screams emanating from the raging hellfire made it difficult to get much closer without her hearing being damaged.

    Aura’s investigation into her Morph’s wife would turn out with promising results. The woman appeared perfectly fine with a drink in hand and talking with the crowd. She spoke of her time in college and how she managed to meet her husband. Nothing sensitive just something that ended up being brought up in casual conversation though the remark about her husband’s more specific uses of his powers on their wedding night brought a laugh from the crowd. Perhaps she had more alcohol than she seemed.
  8. It was with a small sigh, that Daniel looked upon the large obsidian struckture, the eary deadness of the area he had arived to, gave a general higher visibility, that coupled with his now inhanced nightvision made it seem like there was worse plans than entering the struckture before him.
    It was with at first weary steps that Daniel approached the building, he didn't want to be ambushed or coght for the third time in his short visit to this forest realm.
    Though as he entered he also looked through some of his new memories, perhaps he wouldn't be completely *blind* for once.
  9. The crimson creature held his target in his grasp. A quick application of pressure and they'll be no more. But something was wrong. It was...hesitant to follow through with action. In a moment of clarity through the rage, a thought occurred to it that gave it pause. 'What if she was telling the truth?' It was an irrational thought, one it was immediately able to shrug off as an absurd notion. The fire wielder had no reason to tell it the truth, if anything, misinformation would help her more. Why would she fully admit to being the one that trapped it here?!
    It roared in anger, it's internal struggle continuing to keep it from simply ending the girl's life here and now. 'What if she could be of use?' Again, yet another thought it would normally just ignore under other circumstances now currently keeping it's attention away from the current predictament. She had no obligation to keep her word once she escaped the pit. Worse off, if they did indeed find a means of escaping this mental prison, she'd just try to apprehend it like the day before. She'd cause it to suffer further later on, ending her now would save it from all of the trouble she'd bring in the future.
    Despite refuting it's own inane thoughts amongst the chaotic howling flames, it still found itself unable to simply crush the woman's head here and now. This moment of weakness was proving to be more frustrating then the target herself. What was holding it back? Why would it start pulling punches now? Why should it? A decision had to be made soon, it's stolen armor was wearing thin, and the fires around them grew around them.
    "GRAGHHH! YOU! " it growled toward the one it held in it's claw, the frustration clear in it's voice, "You me...escape this...INFERNAL PRISON...or I'll...CRUSH...YOUR...HEAD!...try anything..there will be...NOTHING!...TO SAVE YOU...FROM MY WRATH!" As if it to demonstrate the severity of the threat, it slowly began to close the claw around it's target's head. "Understood?" It asked venomously as it continued to glare toward it's foe.
  10. @Grall_Stonefist
    In his stolen memories Daniel wouldn't find anything relating to to this strange place. Likely whoever the drow was before he had been absorbed had never been to this part of the forest. As he entered through a large doorway that had been left open he would get to see three strange things. First a group of people that consisted of a giant robotic man carrying something that looked like a giant musket, a man wearing wizard robes complete with pointed hat carrying some kind of strange flint lock firearm, and a seemingly normal person who was very much out of place. Second a group of men who looked like down town novus gangsters lead by a man in robes near the center of a large circular room talking to the third strange sight. A large man with a dead tree growing out from where his head should be with glowing blue runes floating around his form. What in god's name has he gotten himself into?

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