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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

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    The wizard then replied "Depends young shape shifter, I think I know about this nice little tavern over yonder by chances are it and its owner are dust by this point. Plus I was banned from the place after I accidently set fire to their well one time. But anyways before my mechanical friend here starts a war by bragging that I am really really really really old to the horse sized wolf of death I think I know a place."

    With that said, the trio of a wizard, a shapeshifter and a cyborg headed off to a place that was once a small, humble ritual site used to enter the realm. The Druid had changed things considerably since then, as they would see as they approached the place that the former 'small ritual site' was “Well uh that's new.” The ancient wizard muttered upon seeing a large obsidian structure where the place was supposed to be.

    Also heading to the same Obsidian keep, unknowingly or not was Daniel as well as Rin and Lazarus.

    For Daniel, his flight from the Scorpions, fire-wielding form jumping to a scrap and so on would not be impeded by anything else, and in fact seemed to become easier given his escape had brought him to a dead part of the forest. With his sight-lines much clearer thanks to the dead nature of this section of the forest, he would be able to see a Obsidian structure, standing alone . Considering the creatures that seemed to be lurking in the forest, the strange building by comparison seemed to be fairly safe.

    Rin and Lazarus had arrived at the front of the large building in time to see another group enter with some hideous insect like creature following them. The resulting yells from inside the structure made it clear that they were fighting something inside. Most likely the druid A’bon had mentioned at the start of their journey.

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    As bloodbath attempted to drive in after the woman throwing fire he was greeted with a familiar fire being thrown at him. Phoenix was able to move out of the way before the creature had been able to reach her and was unharmed. Bloodbath on the other hand landed on the ground with the fire that had hit him still burning. The foliage he had involuntarily surrounded himself with was burnt up almost immediately but the scales he had taken from the Wurm held against the fire. He felt the incredible heat but for now the scales prevented his flesh from being burnt.

    @Wata @Wincent
    After ending his conversation with the new edition to the local WBSA garrison Serpent left to look at the main attraction of the event, the art gallery. He was forced to duck under and squeeze through the doorway in a rather embarrassing fashion but he made it through without damaging anything. The art was in various styles from statues of ancient warlords and politicians from various countries that no longer exist to abstract paintings made by modern artists. The owner of the pieces on display was talking with a large group of other wealthy people. As such most people weren’t really paying much attention to Serpent giving him time to continue looking around the gallery. Other than more generic relics from before the crisis and some newer art he found the main attraction. A strange book encased a bullet proof airtight box with a small window to view it.

    Hallow entered the room shortly after she finished her own conversation with a boy who claimed to be the Nephew of Commander Stevens aka Morph. She was greeted by all the same sights as Serpent albeit from a shorter height. Though she also saw a familiar figure in a somewhat pale and very well dressed man standing near the display case. To call the man handsome was an understatement and an insult to his physical perfection. He was known to be a wealthy landowner in the SPU in the public but she knew him as the father of that ‘little’ girl who had sold her the tome yesterday. A very powerful man in both money and less mundane things.

    Meanwhile Aura who had been left in the main room was approached by Morph who wore a rather relieved face as he had finally freed himself of the North Sea Nobleman. “By god that man was probably the most boring examples of humanity to have ever existed. Ten minutes of explaining to me the wonders of sub tundra farming.” He visibly shook for a moment as he remembered it. “I swear I came close to just liquefying my own brain just to get out of that. But enough on that, I managed to see you and Serpent talking. I trust you got along?” He asked with honest curiosity.

    Mystic's incantation would prove to be very effective against the Scorpion, light overloading the creature's senses to the point that it just fainted, mind sent reeling from what had happened in front of it's eyes. The cloaked, polearm with glowing blade using soldier then finished off the creature by simply jabbing the tip of their weapon into the arachnid's head and then withdrawing the weapon with ease.

    As Prophet, his Cult and the insectoid Outsider made their way towards the Keep and entered through the main entrance, a large door that seemed made from the same material that made up the bulk of Keep. Inside, the place would seem abandoned, other than the occasional skitters of movement that belied that something else was moving in the shadows, likely watching their movements.

    However, it would seem that whoever had made the Keep was not a fan of long winded routes as soon they found the main feature of the Keep: A large, spacious room with an floor of pure earth that had a figure that seemed to have a dead, blacked tree sprouting from his head, the same shade as the tattered rags it wore. A blue glow seemed to emanate from within the Druid, as runes of unknown origin, but bearing the influence of the void hovered in the area around him.

    The Druid floating over a circle of clearly arcane origin, the same blue glow as he was with a similarly floating stand holding the Liber Umbrarum, in all it's glory by his side. The Druid raised his head, eyes locking upon Prophet as he said "So, I have interlopers that dare defile my plan. No matter, you shall all either bend your knees to me or die by my hands."

    With that said he then raised his hands and uttered an incantation one that would seem familiar given the elements of Void-Speak woven. The Insectoid outsider then found itself with roots enveloped in darkness, wrapping about it's limbs. It tried to struggle free, but it was seemingly too late for the being as the roots started to rip it limb from limb, the removed limbs tossed aside as if they were toys.

    A thick, green-black ichor was released from the Outsider's wounds, and it was rather clear when the Outsider became deceased as what was left of the body started fading out of reality, the same darkness consuming what was left of the body and leaving the Druid still there. He then said to Prophet "Do you still wish to challenge me?"
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    As per usual, Zacharias arrived at the gala event fashionably late, though Geoffrey gave him no small amount of grief for it. That made it all the more worth it however. As he entered he looked about to see countless corporate juggernauts, government officials and countless ambassadors from the myriad of super-nations that had arisen. And being one of the most prominent, it was one of his joyous duties to have to speak to at least some of them. Times like this I miss trudging through the sewers hunting flesh monsters...

    During his rounds he did pick up a few interesting sights however. One of which was a WBSA agent, the Serpent, along with what appeared to be some of his comrades. He was curious if they had gathered any new information on their newest criminal targets. He made a mental note to speak with them at some point, but right now he had a different target, being the young boy who had tackled the massive serpent Meta with barely any effort. The cane more than gave it away, having handed it to the lad personally. After greeting a few of the more prominent guests, he casually stood next to the lad.

    "So, ever make it to that hot date lad?"


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  3. The crimson creature landed, wreathed in the ungodly flames that encompassed it once more. This time however, it's flesh was spared being burned by the fires. "YOU!" It yelled once again, confirming that it was in fact the same person from the sewers a day prior, "YOU! YOU'RE RESPOSIBLE FOR THIS?!? THE ONE WHO TRAPPED ME HERE?!? HAVE TO BE! HAS TO BE THE REASON! MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE!" It began to shake as it continued to glare at the young woman, growing more and more enraged by the second. "GRAAAAGH! Perhaps...if I...TEAR YOU TO SHREDS'...Gyehhehha...GYHEHAHA...GYAHAHAHAHA! THIS NIGHTMARE...WILL FINALLY END!" The blood red monster produced two grisly claws from it's form, and let out an utterly inhuman howl. It charged toward the fire wielding girl, ready to unleash a furious malestrom of swipes with it's ripping claws toward it's target once it closed the gap between them.
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    Lightly waving after Serpent, Aura was sufficiently distracted as to be somewhat startled when Morph approached her. As something of a knee-jerk reaction, she saluted him, though she first lifted her dominant left hand - realising her mistake partway through, making her lower it before it had achieved temple height, and raising her right in a proper gesture of respect, though very much diminished by the fuss and the fact she was blushing with embarassment by the time she was done.

    "S-sir! A, uh, a pleasant surprise!" She smiled with earnest intent, though her expression fell flat due to the context. "Yes, Sir, Serpent seems to be a very amicable fellow. I look forward to working with him. Sir."
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent grumbled once he had survived the doorway. He had hurt his tail a little and neck too when squeezing through.
    "It's like they don't make doors for giant lizards anymore..."
    He mumbled and grabbed his tail. He rubbed it gently a moment to soothe the pain while he walked around the gallery. Other than the physical incarnation of a Ken-doll, it seemed like the usual crap one would find in a museum.
    The book did catch his eye, prompting him to look at it a bit closer. He walked on over to have a glance. Staring at it a bit he came to the conclusion it was a peculiar book in a glass case. Then he remembered someone else was standing next to him.
    "Oh, sorry didn't see you there, funny how much you miss this tall. Cool book. What's up? Name is Serpent."

  6. Hallow looks after serpent a bit, concidering the idea of following him, but rather focuses on the man. She smiles softly and approaches, her green eyes focusing on this gentleman. She soon reaches him, clearing her throat
    "Good evening, sir... My name is Mirgona Gorgion. A friend of your daughter Clara"
    She eyes the man up and down.
    "I believe I bought a... "BOOK" from your daughter the last day."
    The tone in Hallow's voice is a bit strange, but it is very unlikely that anyone except someone familliar with such tomes would understand the meaning of it, Her emerald eyes swishing over him, extending her hand towards him in a "lady" like manner.

    Mystic studies the remaining soldiers before emerging from the trees, the light glowing in her palm, partly to show it was she that cast the spell, but also incase they try anything funny. She studies the people from behind her mask.
    "I am curious how this came to happen."
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Phoenix's face was one that merely held the expression of terror as she heard the creature speak. Suffice to say her only reply was a frightened "I'M JUST AS TRAPPED AS YOU ARE!" Given that the Hellfire didn't seem to be doing the trick (also a reason for her fear given what was her only combat tool was proving ineffective), she wasn't exactly putting much hope in being able to fight her way out.

    So instead, Ellyaina then tried to get out of the way of Bloodbath's charge and hopefully find a way out of the hole... Even if her dodge did also involve throwing one last Hellfire bolt at Bloodbath, just in case it might actually do something this time.
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    Staring at the large obsidian structure, Mimic turned to look at Whizbang when he heard what he had said. "Well the Wolf Lord said that there was a disturbance here trying to take over this realm. Perhaps this is what he meant." Of course getting here would be easier than leaving. "I don't suppose you know of another way home so you? Maybe one less dark and foreboding?" Mimic had an uneasy feeling about the place that wasn't easily shaken away.
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  9. @Maleth @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    In a strange turn of events neither the bloodbath or Phoenix's actions went out as they had intended. Bloodbath’s attack was dodged by Phoenix in a feat of quick reflexes but unfortunately for her in the movement she made while escaping harm knocked her own attack off course. The bolt of hellfire meant for her attacker went passed the creature and struck the ground.

    Normally this wouldn’t too large of a concern but upon close inspection of the ground she would notice the creature that was living in the hole had lined the floor with dry leaves and brush from above ground. The ground caught on fire in seconds and began spreading in a quick pace, the unnatural fire screaming in an demonic chorus. Naturally, this made finding a way out of the hole somewhat impossible for Phoenix given the Hellfire’s quick pace in setting the shrubbery alight.

    @Wata @Wincent
    The handsome man laughed for a moment as the two people greeted him at the same time. He looked at Hallow first at the mention of her knowing his daughter. He took her hand into his own and kissed it lightly as was the appropriate response to such a guesture. “Ah it is good to meet you then, a patron of the arts is always a welcome site even if it’s the usual form of patronship.”

    He then looked to Serpent having to direct his gaze upwards to meet the massive lizardman’s eyes. “Lord Darvo Arti Gavanello of the Spanish Portuguese Union. I had always viewed myself as vertically gifted but as I now see I am lacking in that regard compared to you. A gift of genetics no doubt.”

    The warrior looked at Mystic and turned their head to the side for a moment before turning to the surviving members of their group. He said something in a language Mystic would recognize as oriental in origin and the soldiers began moving again. They began collecting the corpses of their brethren(or at the very least what was left of them) as quickly as they could. Soon a small pile of mangled and burnt bodies was made with the soldiers performing an action that Mystic would recognize as some kind of prayer. The one carrying the pole arm placed a hand on the back of one of them that was trembling as they prayed. Then they spoke a different language “You should leave.” The remark was in heavily accented english and clearly directed at Mystic.

    After her brief conversation with her boss who seemed to be slowly becoming more and more annoyed at the party goers. Aura found hiding within the crowd to continue her watch over the party rather easy given she was for all intensive purposes was indeed a normal human. Most of the other party goers weren’t even aware there were other WBSA agents attending with all of their attention being focused on Serpent.

    Though if she listened she could hear some drunken requests for Morph to change into some ridiculous creature. She also heard some women asking the woman Morph had identified as his wife about how life with such a man was. The woman’s reply wasn’t audible but the group laughing made it clear it must have been some kind of joke.

    After getting up from his conversation with the boy the Warden or Zacharia as he was in a public event and not keeping the streets safe would find the party still going on in the same manner as before. People enjoying the catering and talking with one another and generally having a good time. Ambassadors from several nations sharing polite conversation and the rich and powerful talking casually. Overall a world he would be used to by this point of his life.

    @kanila @Valonox
    “Oh sure my boy, all we need to do is start walking west and after five days of grueling and extremely dangerous hiking through possibly the most hostile environment known to the inhabitants of the realm. We MIGHT find another anchor between worlds, now shut up and keep walking.” With that said the trio would set off towards the keep, given the lack of reasonable alternatives.

    Using the same front entrance as the Cult that had came before them used, Mimic would find that once again the place still seemed to be abandoned, even if there was the scattering of claws on stone that echoed away, as if beings within were moving towards a place further within the Keep.

    As they pressed forwards through the keep, the wizard decided to speak as they entered "Now I honestly have no idea what's going on in here so let's be careful.", they eventually came across the main ritual site, or rather what would have been the site if it wasn’t for circle being attended by the Druid that was rather busy ripping apart some creature that looked like it didn’t belong anywhere in reality with roots equally seeming like the work of magic, given the darkness that shrouded the roots.
  10. The crimson monstrosity growled, it's target escaping it's grasp as it lashed out toward them. The red beast repositioned itself to face down the fire wielder. The fire itself seemed particularly odd, even for something produced by the Oppenheimer chromosome. It took note before of the flames ability to stay a lit even while submerged underwater. A discovery that caused it a great deal more pain then it had anticipated. That factor alone made it worth studying, but now it seemed as if the fire was accompanied by a chorus of screams. This one seemed to be in possession of a peculiar power, something worth potentially researching, granted it had the opportunity to do so.
    As the ground was lit a blaze by a wayward shot of the mysterious fire the sanguine specter let out a gutteral growl. It glared down the young woman, her fear was apparent across her face. She was scared, and it would be able to capitalize upon that. As the fire-literally-roared around the two of them, the beast began to crawl toward the fire wielding woman. "YOU THINK ME A FOOL?!" it lashed out as it began to near it's target, "to believe...your presence...A MERE COINCIDENCE?! absurd..." It began to laugh madly, shaking uncontrollably as it grew closer.
    "Geh! Gehehe! GYAHAHAHAHA! RELEASE ME! OR I SHALL TEAR YOU ASUNDER!" with a roar it lept toward the fire wielding one, it's roar rising above the screams of the engulfing fire.

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