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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Well at least I have somewhere to start looking for either kidnappers, or those that disappeared. Lazatrus thought to himself as he finished reading a semi recent newspaper a few articles of missing animal and the talk of a few people going missing down in and near sewers made Lazarus want to go check it out, Deciding to see if there was anything to these rumors Lazarus would breging looking for a man whole and a good spot to go in unnoticed if he could to begin his search.
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  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Holding out his right hand for a handshake, "Trent Basilwood with The People's Mail. I understand that the Novus City Center Bank is planning to sponsor a charity food and coat drive for the less fortunate. I would be glad to sit down and discuss yours plans for such a grand and generous endeavor!" He continued giving his warm smile and pleasant demeanor. "I'll be sure to make it widely known to the whole city! Everyone loves a good public relations piece." Now to wait and see if he took the bait.
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  3. As the armed man neared the bed-and unwittingly grew closer to his own demise-the time came to capitalize on the moment. When the man unknowingly stepped on the crimson liquid, a large serpent-like mass shot upwards from it. A large imposing maw filled with seemingly endless rows of yellowed, blood caked teeth threatened to engulf the top half of the man's body. The poor soul barely had a moment to react before the jaws snapped around him, and lifted what was left of him off his feet as it tilted it's "head" skywards. Opening it's mouth again for whatever remained of it's prey to fall down what passed for it's gullet. Satisfied with its meal, the snake like mass slowly melted itself back into the bloody pool. Leaving behind a worn and half melted pump action shotgun and a flawless silver locket.

    Not content with merely waiting for it's prey to come to it, it decided to leave this hut and venture to the plethora of nearby shacks and cobbled together homes for others to assimilate into it's form. It enveloped the silver locket to better transport it with it, an action that seemed to be automatic, and only proved to further infuriate it with it's inability to let go of a simple trinket.
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  4. Mirgona blinks, her emerald eyes studying the kid a bit before shrugging
    "Not really... I was just curious why you are sitting down here"
    She leans back a bit, continuing to study him up and down, especially his cane.
    "Any reason you... walk around with a cane?"
    She strokes back a strand of orange hair from her face as she continues to look at him, not sure what to make of this kid.
  5. Argos drives the vehicle out of the police station and slips into the traffic. Taking small de-tour he heads towards local diner cafe, 'the regular place' for most officers in the station for any breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack needs.

    "Behold, Dark Phoenix. The regular. Food is salty and greasy, service is terrible and coffee bad. Closest thing for a home when pulling a long weekend. It's open almost around the clock. It's kind of mystery when the owner sleeps. Could be a metahuman for all we know." Argos theatrically presents the small family diner after pulling over to the side of the road near it. Their hover craft wasn't the only, there were two more squad vehicles parked in front of it. Even with futuristic technology and superbeings, regular police work was still the same patrolling and waiting, and thus requires the same constant consumption of caffeine and sugary products.
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  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, Dark Phoenix replied to Argos (@GoreWrencha ) "Right, so that's the usual place for food and drinks. And I do have to admit: Being able to stay up all the time would be a boon when it comes to studying up for exams." From her tone of voice, it would be quite clear that she was jealous of someone would could stay up for that long, even if it was a power that was quite tame compared with what she actually got.

    Pausing for a moment, Phoenix then said"Still, do we really need to grab Serpent another breakfast, or can we actually get on with the case? Because you know, I doubt that putting off the disappearances in the sewers for the sake of grabbing some food is going to be looked upon too kindly by Morph if it turns out be something pretty urgent on our to-do list."
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    @GoreWrencha @Maleth

    When the intercom chirped to the sound of a bored fastfood worker spewing its dull routine greeting, Serpent poked his head from the back seat and barked his order to the open drivers window.
    "One family chicken dinner, four sodas and a strawberry ice-cream!" He looked at his colleagues "Morph likes shouting in general, he is always grumpy. And before I get the usual staring and occasional insults I'd rather have a full stomach. Just blame it on me, he loves to shout at something bigger than him." Serpent gave his last sentence with a wink.

    After a short waiting period Serpent had his food.
    "Right, let's get going, Argos." Serpent said with a satisfied grin. "And this is for our newest team member!" He handed Phoenix the strawberry ice-cream cone, then he did a short golf clap.

    Before they reached the spot for their investigation almost all the food was gone.
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  8. Argos takes them to the sewer hatch mentioned in the file and parks the vehicle nearby. There is a connection between missing people and these hatches, but it is still unclear. They are full-steel and heavy, normal person isn't going to open one easily. So it was unlikely that the persons entered the sewers themselves. They open a bit easier from inside, sliding them to side instead of lifting up. But that still takes time and makes noise, so catching the person isn't easy if they have any sense. There hasn't been any reports of manholes opening around the town, so the missing persons aren't slowest or most curious of the patch the perpetrator or perpetrators have tried to catch.

    So they may have been lured in? The hatch has already been opened and the perpetrator or perpetrators have been waiting in the shadows to drag them in and close the lid. Or they have been drugged or other way incapacitated before taking them to the sewers. These are the mysteries.

    Argos sets up few cones and police tape around the sewer hatch before prying it open. Officially they should call to the city sewerage maintenance to get workers to cut of the road and open the hatch, but that could take hours, or days. Bureaucracy is bane of every profession.

    "We do not know what awaits us in there, so let's take it seriously even if found nothing. People have gone missing, so anything could be a evidence. Keep your eyes and ears open." Argos shines the open sewer opening with flashlight before starting to climb down on it.
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  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Serpent did last second inspections to his gear while Argos did his thing.
    He swung his shock-baton in the air testing the length and weight. It made a pleasant humming sound as it passed through the air coursing with electricity. He nodded to Argos agreeing with his assessment while holstering the baton.
    "You take point Argos, I'll take the rear. Let's keep our corners clear and move steady. If there is someone kidnapping people down there they shouldn't take us by surprise. Without a face full of shotgun blast at least."
    Serpent said and hefted his shotguns' barrel to shoulder.
    "Ready, lass?"
    Serpent asked Dark Phoenix.
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  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    After enjoying the welcome surprise ice cream in the car on the way there, Dark Phoenix got out of the car and made sure that her gear was present and correct, checking that yes, both of her pistols did have a round in the chamber unlike the one foolish time where she hadn't checked for that basic requirement of a gun being operational back in training (which was a story for another time) while Argos opened the way down.

    Then Serpent asked her about readiness, so Ellayina replied (@Wata ) "As ready as I'll ever be for my first time. I just hope it isn't going to stink a lot down there as I don't want to be seeing breakfast come up the other way today." She had one of her pistols out and ready for use, saving her other hand for sustaining some Hellfire for an extra bit of light once they got down into the actual sewers.

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