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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

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  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    @Maleth @GoreWrencha
    Serpent nodded to Argos in agreement.
    "Ah, no. No excrement-monsters." Serpent said with a smile while he walked with Phoenix, ruffling her hair in a gesture of camaraderie. He had to bow a bit not to hit his head on the door frame when leaving the briefing room. "At least, I hope not." He added with a chuckle.
    "Keep it Serpent from now on, okay? Let's get to the car, Darkling."
    His original name brought with them the memory of his family and loved ones. They didn't know of his current state and he didn't plan on telling them. Things were too different now, all they know he is still MIA. Acting like his past didn't exist helped coping with the sudden mutation.
  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Trent walked into the Novus City Center Bank and made sure his press badge was readily visible. His shoes squeaked slightly as he walked across the marbled floors, large decorative marble pillars stretched to the ceiling along the edges of the room. In the center of the bank floor lay a fountain with one of the first 'Supers' holding a globe, which was meant to represent the world. The globe slowly rotated on the heroe's shoulders, constantly and seemlessly in motion. Being the largest bank in Novus City several guards were roving around the lobby, as well as many others he imagined behind the scenes.

    There were several patrons already in the bank this early in the morning, but it seemed luck was on his side as one of the tellers was just finishing with another costumer. He quickly made his way to the open window and held up his Press Badge, "My name is Trent Basilwood with The People's Mail, I was wondering if the floor supervisor is available? A little birdie told me of a wonderful charity humanitarian thing that was going to be happening through the bank and I was hoping for an early question and answer so that I can help spread the word. It's really great to hear about and I would love to be the one to share it with our fine city!" He gave her a warm smile hoping she would grab the supervisor without asking for any further details. But if not he would need to quickly adjust the lie and add more fluff to make it more believable.
  3. Mirgona looks at the kid, looking at her up and down, before tilting her head
    "Uhm.... Hello"
    She seems a bit confused why a kid would sit down beside her, glancing at the cane she ponders a bit if he is blind. She leans forwards to glance in under his hoodie, to see if he is wearing sunglasses. She is slightly curious as most others either avoid her or sound a bit negative to her due to her strange apperance.
  4. The screaming from the man as it was in the process of enveloping his body was a rather unwelcome noise. It was hoping to take it's time consuming it's prey as quietly as possible, but it realized it no longer had such a luxury. It needed to silence this one quickly. A red gelatinous hand quickly sprang out from the creature's mass and latched itself to the man's face, muffling the screams as the blood colored appendage enveloped itself around it's victims head and began moving down to his neck. It took only a few brief moments of struggling with the man's wriggling and writhing before the muffled crys ceased all together, and the man's frantic movements stopped as it fully enclosed it's prey in it's form.

    The possibility of someone hearing the man's crys was high. If these beings were smart, someone would come check on what happened. Being discovered this soon would prove to be problematic. When it finished assimilating its latest prey, it melted into a bloody pool once more as it moved itself off the bed and onto the floor of the hut. Any who would have enter the domain would be able to witness a strange red liquid over the floor, and a prestine silver locket lying ontop. The trap was set, now it only had to await for it's next meal to come to it."" it muttered to itself as it lyed in wait.
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The lack of murmur on the street save for the usual paranoid ramblings of the populace disappointed, but did not surprise, Colony. Some days were simply without new action, and they could wait.

    Admittedly, however, this talk of sewer disappearances made them curious. Colony were aware of the fact that their odd series of evolutionary developments probably were reproducable, and while they did not suffer from loneliness, pure scientific curiosity - their secondary failing, after their lust for cultural goods - gave way to a desire to investigate. Who knew? In this world, another breed of sentient creature was just as likely as crazy murderers or alligators.

    They returned to their lair, sooner than they desired, and packed their ax and a flashlight to make an impromptu expedition, confident that whatever was down there, it was either stupid enough to be evaded, smart enough to be reasoned with, or human enough to serve as rations.
  6. While they might not be what Nightmare had hoped for for searching in the dark dank tunnels of the underground, it was at least acceptable in at least doing a search for whatever the cause was. Taking out his own filigree etched magnum to check its six rounds, before sighing to himself. "Well if everyone's ready then lets go now, the sooner the better and everyone here gets a nice little raise." he said as he waited for all of them to go down first, content to bring up the rear for now. He wasn't lying about the raise, as long as their was results of course, but it was mostly to keep them going more and keep the rest of the workers complacent.
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Dracun smiled and waited patiently for his check. During that time he noticed that most of the office seemed to be empty. He shruged it off figuring on getting oit and getting back to the training he had putting himself through. One of the accountants brought out his check and handed it to Dracun. And with that he left the vet office and headed to a parking garage with an underground access. With a quick change in the shadows away from any cameras or people. He slipped down into the underground tunnel system to continue looking into the missing people and whu people seem to be so scared of what is down there. He stuck to the shadowy parts as he started his exploration.
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Somewhere along the edge of the city lay a abandon boosting house long out of business due to competition, inside awoke a being once known as John but now went by Lazarus began awaking to prepare itself for another day. Getting up and opening a crate the man began looking to some of the foods in there, simple foods that needed to not be eaten but simply a can opener.

    After eating breakfest Lazarus began bandaging himself up and putting on a trench coat glasses and a hat to see if he could check the city news and check if there was any trouble afoot.
  9. @Maleth @GoreWrencha @Wata
    The trio moved into the garage and after a short elevator ride and walk they found their assigned car. A four door hover craft with police markings and lights large enough to fit someone like Serpent comfortably in the back seats. The folder said the most recent of the missing persons were last seen in the down town area at hatch number 438.

    The teller gave the reporter a confused look for a moment. "I'll go get him." She said before walking from her booth and going behind the door. A few seconds later she came out with an older man who went into her booth. "Yes how can I help you?" He said looking at the reporter in a professional posture.

    The boy noticed the woman looking at him and looked back at her with fully functional eyes. "Can I help you?" He asked looking at the woman unfazed by her strange appearance. He didn't look homeless he was quite clean and cloths well maintained even though they're plain looking. His cane looked well made too, why exactly he was carrying it was anyone's guess though.

    The scream rang out across the shanty waking it's residents. "Paul you alright?" Someone called allowed as they walked towards the hut. He was carrying an old pump action shotgun and wearing what could be assumed his sleeping wear. "Paul?" He asked again as he entered the hut and saw the strange substance covering the floor. "What the hell?" He said as he began to move into the hut near the bed.

    Once the colony had assembled their things they would find a hatch leading down into the underground. A quick use of their axe opened it up and they descended into the depths of the sewers. They didn't have a map of the area so actually finding the area the disappearances and presumably what was causing them will take a while in her current state. Though perhaps the colony could split itself up to make more ground.

    One of the workers opened the hatch and the rest went down the ladder one at a time. The climb down was quiet and cramped but they were soon rewarded with the surprisingly spacious tunnels. Two walk ways on each side more than wide enough for a man to walk on and an artificial river running inbetween. Thankfully this part of the sewers is part of the water treatment system and the water in the river wasn't too putrid though swimming in it or god forbid drinking it was not a good idea. Once the group got settled they could make out what was left from the attack. The red liquid still clung to the walls, ceiling, and flood along with objects left from the last group sent Down. Helmets, boots, guns, pieces of clothing, and other assorted bits laid here and there all covered in the liquid and in horrible condition like someone sprayed acid over it. "So which way boss?" The same worker from before spoke up again while the others remained quiet.

    The newly geared up Dracun moved into the tunnels quietly and out of the sight of any cameras. The tunnels themselves were fairly standard though putrid and no sighs of whatever was down here had passed by. Rats scurried by occasionally as seemingly the only other living things near by though in the distance a very faint voice can be heard as if it is a very long ways away.

    Lazarus would walk outside to discover it was a relatively calm morning with nothing out of the ordinary happening, at least on the surface. People were going to work the sun was rising and bird doing their morning calls. Really it was the night that things began to become busy for a man like him but right now there was peace. Though the rumors of disappearances in the sewer system were known to everyone to some degree the actual goings on down there affect very few people on the surface baring the families of the deemed missing.
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  10. "Hm." Was all that Nightmare said, taking a careful look over the scene before them, the more he observed the more he doubted it was just some serial killer getting his jollies of in the dark of the sewers. At least he could have repsected that. And unless crocodiles and alligators learned to spray acid, he doubted it was those either. Taking a flashlight from one of men around him, he looked mostly at the crimson staining the stone and tried to find a uniform direction the stains flowed, as if bodies were dragged cause there certainly weren't any bodies here which was the biggest sign of something being off. Having a good idea where it all seemed to moved, he directed the beam of light down the tunnel he thought whatever made this mess for him went down. "This way, and keep an eye out for suspicious, no matter how mundane it might be got it?" he said as he handed the light back to its owner.
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