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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

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  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Already had a breakfast, two of them." Serpent said in remembrance of something dear. After the mutation he acquired an appetite that is not easily sated.
    "Third one would do some good before descending into the filth of sewers, don't want to lose that appetite." He stood up and stretched, his tail arched with his movements. Smacking his fist into his palm and cracking some knuckles he regarded Phoenix.
    "Welcome to the force, kid. Prepared to fight whatever excrement-monster awaits us in there? It's okay to be nervous. I'm Daniel by the way. Daniel Harper, not that it matters anymore..."
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  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Taking the file for herself, Ellyania replied to her two teammates (@GoreWrencha & @Wata ) "Thank you both for the warm welcome, name's Ellyania Ryrrelle, but I'd rather keep names while on duty on a pseudonym basis. Course, if you need to shorten mine for better communication, just use Phoenix or Darkling. Whichever suits you." After giving the file a quick skim for the relevant facts of the assignment, she put the file down and then slipped on her helmet.

    Deciding not to hint at prior experience with horrific things, Phoenix then said with trepidation in her voice "And Daniel, surely you're joking about about whatever's down there being an excrement-monster?" Still, while introductory banter was all well and good, it paid to actually do their job so she then said "Anyways.... I don't suppose it'd be wise to get cracking on the case then?"
    With that said, she got up from her seat and nabbed the file once again, clearly ready to get going with the task at hand.
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  3. Mirgona walks along the road looking up at the buildings around her. She is in one of the central areas, looking around curiously as she sips from a large Smoothy in her hand, the fifth so far. She seems calm enough, even tho she is getting glances from people around her, her white pale skin and orange hair making her quite an sorethumb in a crowd. She stops outside a bank, looking at it curiously mumbling to herself before shaking her head. Naaah, she wasn't feeling it.

    She continues forwards, walking along calmly while she finishes her smoothy, before throwing the cup into a garbage bin. She stretches her arms before smacking her pale lips... She was bored. She sits down on a bench and leans her head back, closing her eyes and taking in the soft warm sun, while listening to the buzz of the city around her.
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  4. "Fine, we stop on the way. We can file it under introducing new kid the regular." Argos consents. It's better to have full energy than follow strict diet. He can go about three more hours before needing pre-lunch fiber-protein bar.

    "You have all you need, Dark Phoenix? Go along with Serpent, I'll meet you in the garage after picking my gear and signing the car." In the Academy they had constant training for all sorts of situations they might end up facing, but it didn't take long for Theodore to realize most of the officer work was signing different forms and papers. It was tax-payers money so they can't break or loose too much stuff. Same with the investigation. They are going to the field now, but afterwards she is going to learn importance of good memory as they need to write a report for records. For every hour on foot you do five on your backside.
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  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Having been told what to do by Argos, Dark Phoenix replied (@GoreWrencha )"Yes, I'm fairly sure that I do have everything I need. Guess I'll see you at the car then." With that said, she started to get moving as she walked out of the briefing room while she turned her head to Serpent and said (@Wata ) "Time for you to shift your rear end then Daniel!"

    Ellyania then headed out of the room and off to the garage, trying her best to not get lost on her way, given that it was her first day and so she didn't know the place like the back of her hands, and furiously hoping that nothing involving the occult was causing the drones to fail down in the sewers. After all, there were things in that band of trouble that made any excrement-monsters seem like a pleasant dream by comparison...
    But to be fair, Xezrin was someone that scared somethings that were of the occult as well, so even if it was something like that causing drone failures, it could still be something that found herself to be quite scary.
  6. @kanila
    The reporter walked out the building with the door man tipping his hat to him as he made his way to the Novus City Central Bank. The bank itself owned one of the tallest buidilings in the city with the massive letters NCCB at it's top. It will be hard to get an interview with someone important and even harder to actually get a crack at it's more sensitive affairs but then again someone with his talents had his ways.

    The monster made it's way through the tunnels wandering aimlessly. The system was vast and the tunnels wide and tall, unusually so. Not all the people that built Novus were as legitimate as they come off, criminals use these tunnels all the time for a variety of illegal trafficking ranging from the drug trade to arms to god knows what else. Not to mention police have found shanty towns cobbled together from trash and scrap deep in the lower districts. Plenty of food for the monster if he can find them.

    Dracun made his way through town avoiding the usual morning traffic just by a hair as he arrived at the veteran's office. He would park the bike and enter the relatively small building compared to the skyscrapers surrounding it. On the inside it was well maintained and clean with old war posters and pictures lining the walls. There was a front desk with a woman typing away at a computer when she heard him enter. "Good morning how can I help you?" She said looking up from her computer.

    The 'human' woman walked along the streets passing by unaware citizens going about their own business and talking with one another. "Have you heard about the disappearances happening in the sewers?" A woman asked her friend as they walked by. "Oh yeah I heard it got so bad the police department is calling in some specialists from the continents." The other woman said. At this point pretty much everyone has heard of the dissaperances to some degree though no one knows the full story. If the Hivemind wanted to 'collect' some art they choose a rather unfruitful time to do it. There were no major artist visiting Novus at the moment and trying to rob the Novus grand art museum alone at her current skills isn't exactly a good idea.

    Johnathan soon arrived at a warehouse where the family's associates that were tasked with the missing persons were waiting. The guard at the gate upon seeing him through the window quickly let him through while fumbling the button. Once inside he would see the warehouse is absolutely full of crates stuffed with assorted goods some illegal and others legitimate along with workers sitting around or moving boxes with machines. Normally they would also be moving goods through the tunnels and delivering them across the city to clients but the recent attacks have spooked them to the point that they refuse to go down there. The police call them missing persons but the workers know that's not the case. Not since some of them went down for a run to find what was left of the night shift.
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  7. The sewers were home to an ecosystem of its own. A venerable community that goes mainly unknown from the main populace above. This made them vulnerable. As a result, the Crimson Beast has made itself quite known to the populace of the underworld, hunting and feeding upon the poor souls who called the sewers their home. Becoming a boogeyman of sorts to the denizens below Novus. It didn't matter what the people thought of it, it merely saw itself as predator, and they it's prey. "Time...feed..." it muttered to itself as it's body began to melt in place, until there was nothing but a massive puddle of red, with a silver locket laying ontop of it. The puddle of Crimson then began to move toward a location in the sewers it recognized as a populated area of the underground.

    Their scrap huts will do little to hinder it's advance. This shanty town will fall victim yet again to another one of the beast's attacks. The bloody puddle began moving ever closer to those it came to devour.
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  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Dracun smiled a looked at the woman. " Hey, Casey. I am here for my usual check and to see what is going on with my old buddies from the WSBA. And how's the kids? " He was making small talk with her as he waited for his appointed time with the accountants as they run this part of the center.
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  9. Johnathan was already in his illusioned form as he pulled up to the warehouse in an unmarked black car, his disapproving look already telling anyone who sees him that wasn't pleased at the moment. They were smart enough to keep working before he arrived, but still not the tunnels. Whoever or whatever decided to fuck with them is affecting the bottom line, they're last mistake they'll ever make. Stepping out and walking towards the awaiting men, his cane clacking loudly against the warehouse floor, not even waiting till he was close to ask the first question. "Please don't tell me you all just been waiting for me to get here to do anything? Not even dressed to the nines with armor and weapons? I thought I hired men with spines, not sheep..." Nightmare growled in a distorted gravelly tone, even his voice was an auditory illusion to go along with the form, as he looked at the assembled associates.
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  10. The beast slowly made it's way into the shanty town. It's form of movement making very little noise as it sneaked up upon one of the huts in which a man was still sleeping. Just another out of the job drunk as the beast's eyes could make out quite a few whisky bottles surrounding his form. As it further encroached it's form enveloped his foot causing the man to wake from the strange sensation. As his drowsy eyes opened and he saw what was on his foot he screamed as loud as his lungs allowed.
    Mirgona would hear someone sit down next to her on the bench. "Morning." They said in a clearly male voice. The tapping of a cane can be heard as they sat. If she were to open her eyes she would see a chubby eighteen your old boy in a grey hoodie and jeans sitting comfortably with both of his hands resting on a cane between his legs. Strange for him to be out on the town considering it was a school day.
    "They're just fine Dracun, I'll tell the boys in accounting that you're here. Just need you to provide your papers and we can get you on your way." The woman said with a smile as she typed something into her computer.
    "Uh Sir we uh didn't want to get moving without you." One of the men said nervously. Only ten men were arranged to go down there the rest absolutely would not go down there even when threatened. Whatever was down there had these men scared shitless. The ten men assembled by the hatch leading down wore a mixture of improvised sewer diving gear with gas masks and wading boots being the most prominent parts of their attire. Each man had brought his own weapons from home giving them an even more rag tag feel. These men were just workers that volunteered for some extra cash not full on enforcers used by the family. They're expendable and too dumb to ask many questions, perfect for something like this.
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