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The Brave and the Baleful (Super Hero/Villain IC)

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  1. Seventy one years ago the earth was changed forever by the dropping of the atomic bombs on the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The largest war in human history ended and the shock wave created by the bombs triggered something in the human genome that had laid dormant for millennia. Approximately five percent of the human population was suddenly able to do things normally considered impossible. Lift cars with their bear hands, fly using their minds, control fire, think on levels once inconceivable to the human mind just because of something they can't even see. Scientists call it the Oppenheimer chromosome in honor the father of the atomic bomb which supposedly triggered the event. Normal people just call refer to them as supers or any other number of nick names or slurs including but not limited to. Supers, Metahumans, Posthumans, Freaks, Mutants, Genetic Rejects, and many more thanks to the creativity of the human mind. In the early years after the event these people weren't quite sure how to use their powers and governments who were left damaged and reeling from the war didn't have the resources to handle them. As such a few of them decided to use their abilities for personal gain and caused anarchy and destruction in the streets as the did what they pleased while others rose up to defend and advance humanity. The following decades saw caped crusaders and masked villains fighting in the streets intentionally or unintentionally causing great amounts of destruction. However in this destruction the government of the world joined under a common cause and with their resources managed to create a chip that when implanted into the base of the spine nullified the effects of the Oppenheimer chromosome making a super on the level of a normal human. A newly established World Bureau on Superhuman Affairs or WBSA was quick to install a system of implantation at birth of all newborns found with the chromosome. Adult Superhumans were given a choice of implantation or becoming agents if the WBSA, some accepted working for the government gladly, others didn't, some were chipped others made it into the shadows before the agents got to them.

    In the modern age the WBSA works in tandem with the world's governments aiding police forces across the world and keeping the peace and fighting against super powered criminal and terrorist organizations. Thanks to the efforts of super intelligent individuals and the WBSA as their patron the world has changed drastically. Bionics, robotics, medicine, travel, agriculture and much more have been improved dramatically allowing many scientific wonders to improve human life. In honor of mankind's achievements a city was built in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean using such wonders to create an island with rolling plains and dense forests surrounding it forming a decently sized country side used for agriculture or vacation spots. Novus is a technological marvel with massive buildings reaching into the sky and assorted flying vehicles going about their business. But even a shining example of humanity's achievement is vulnerable to it's darker side. Petty crime is rampant in it's lower Districts with super powered criminals and monsters roaming freely while undocumented vigilantes fight a constant war on their tyranny. The Novus city police department has found itself overwhelmed and has called in the WBSA for assistance. They in turn sent in several agents to establish a government sanctioned superhuman auxiliary for the police force. These are the stories of both them and those they hunt.

    Government: @Maleth @Wata @GoreWrencha
    The newly admitted or transferred WBSA officers all sit in a briefing room waiting for their superior to instruct them on their current assignments. A quiet murmur of the new and old officers talking amongst themselves quietly echoed through the room. "Where is this guy?" A man with boney spikes replacing his hair asked impatiently. As if on cue the door to the room opened slowly and immediately the officers went silent as a bulky man walked through the door carrying what could be assumed to be case files which he put into the desk in a professional manner before turning to the assembled officers.

    "Good morning, I am Sergeant Stevens also know by the public as Morph. The Bureau has assigned me the head of the superhuman Auxiliary for the Novus City Police Department and I am very eager for us to get to work so if you all could be patient." He glared at the spiked human who seemingly shrinked under his gaze. "We can get you out on the job." He then picked up one of the case files and began calling out titles. The population room began to thin until only three officers remained. "Officers Serpent, and Angros you two and our new girl will be helping to invesigate the string of missing persons down in the sewer systems down town. Mundanes tried to investigate with drones and none of the ever made it back up. You'll find more details in the folder and your car is on the second floor of the garage." He then looked to the youngest officer who was fresh out of the academy. "Dark Phoenix, first of all congratulations on making it through the academy second of all you will be joining Serpent and Angros. They're senior officers transferred from the military, listen to them." With that Sergent Stevens left the room letting the trio talk amongst themselves before presumably heading off to the last known sight of the missing persons.

    Villains and Vigilantes + One Monster: @TechCaptain @kanila @Vulpas @Casavay @Keidivh @BuriasDempsey @Wincent @GobMaw_HellSmasha
    The less than reparable residents of the city meanwhile go about their usual morning business. Be it getting out of bed and going to their civilian life, skulking around an abandoned haunted house, enjoying being rich enough to be bored with it, and anything else they may find themselves doing at the moment. Most of them follow no rules and at the moment at least have no bosses besides themselves and are free to do as they please. Except for a certain reporter who needs to get to his job at The People's Mail unless he wants to loose his only legitimate means of money making. Local vigilantes may find themselves running from the law constantly and have long lost their alter egos and civilian lives while other manage to maintain them somehow while keeping their activities a secret. Monsters further down the ladder simply try to survive and avoid capture like the rest or don't have the brain power to figure out such things and just end up in hard to reach places. Irregardless the sun is rising and another day is shining over Novus and god knows what's going to happen today.
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  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Waking up in his small apartment Trent quickly dressed, showered and shaved. Heading to his kitchen he opened his fridge grabbing out the milk, the date was about 5 days ago, he gave it a sniff before shrugging and grabbing a bowl for his cereal. He really needed more money so he wasn't stuck living check to check. Getting dressed he checked his bow-tie, which was black and white plaid, and grabbed his work bag before heading out the door. He kept his switchblade tucked safely away while his Berretta was hidden in his room.

    Walking the 3 blocks to The People's Mail he entered the bullpen to get his daily assignment, more than likely something boring and not gonna earn him anymore cash. Dropping into his seat, it creaked from old age, he looked through his work that wasn't selected for the paper and sighed. Another day, another disappointment, he needed to get out of this slump. Turning on his PC he searched for the largest bank branch in Novus. Maybe he could find a scandal... Or possibly cause one! A grin slowly crossed his face as he grabbed his bag and headed for the door.
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  3. The drainage and waste disposal systems of the city, a vast maze of pipes under Novus city that disposes of the refuse from its citizens. A place many have no reason or desire to venture through. There, a crimson red figure, dripping and reeking of freshly spilled blood stares into the object that has confounded it since it's culmination into being. Easily being able to identify the object as a silver locket with its beaded chain wrapped around a grotesquely mishapened skeletal hand protruding from its ever shifting visage. As the bloody beast stared at the item, it began to grow infuriated, it's amorphous form shaking violently as it gripped the chain tighter in it's claw. Miscellaneous articles from it's prey was not something unfamiliar to it. Wallets, photographs, car keys, hats, jewelry, and countless other things, all of which it deemed pointless to keep in it's possession. Ultimately useless to it. And yet, this particular item, this locket, this one solitary thing. It wanted to keep.

    And it couldn't comprehend why.

    It stared at the locket, as it has done so many times before. It's many eyes transfixed solely on the locket, looking to see what exactly made this particular hunk of silver so important. And yet, the information it seeks continues to elude it. "Significance..." it muttered aloud, "unknown...yet...important. Why?" It held the locket over the waste water of the sewers, threatening to drop it into its rushing waters. But it's grip would not relax and simply let the accursed thing wash away with the rest of the trash. This angered the being, as it's skeletal hand shook with the rest of its form, the locket moving along with the vibrations. "Why?!?!" it screeched as it continued to convulse seemingly beyond its control, "why why why why whywhywhyWHYWHYWHYWHY!" What passed for the creature's head split itself open revealing a horrible gaping maw, it's sides riddled with rows of jagged pointy teeth as it let out a horrible yell. Multiple claw like appendages bursting forth from its body simply to claw at itself, tearing into its own body out of sheer blind rage and madness. It shouted and screamed as it ripped into itself.

    Another sound brought it pause. A sound it seemingly ignored up until this point. It's claws ceased their task at tearing itself asunder as they retracted back into its form. It was a mechanical whirring noise from a machine it had pinned to the floor with a boney claw. It turned its attention toward the mechanical device. It was a surveillance drone of some variety, it cared not why the machine came down here. But it welcomed the distraction the drone gave him as it let out a maddening cackle. A long grisly talon erupted from the being's back and pierced the hull of the drone, putting an end to the device's functions. The mechanical whirring died down, till there was nothing but the sound of rushing water filling up the sewer system. " nnnnNyahehehehahahaHAHAHA" it stated with a chortled chuckle as it proceeded to pick up what was left of the drone and casually toss it into the filthy water.

    It turned it's attention back to the locket, giving it one last glance over for the time being. It simply retracted its skeletal appendage that held the locket back into what made up it's body."Still...important..." it groweled as it continued it's way through the sewer.
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  4. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Dracun grunted as he finished his last set of exercises for the morning. He may be out of the military but the military wasn't out of him. When he was done he got himself a quick shower and got dressed in his usual attire of jeans, a shirt, and his leather jacket. He lived in his own appartment that he actually owned on the top story of the building his residence occupied. Today was a day to go see his veteran's office to get his benefits check. It was enough for hin to live off of even if he didn't make much off of it. When he got down to the bottom floor he hopped on his bike to get this bi monthly routine out of the way.
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  5. Mirgona yawned as she slowly awoke in her bed, her pale, almost albino white skin glowing softly in the light coming from the window in the master bed-room in the old mansion. She slowly sits up, stretching her legs as she yawns again, looking around with her emerald green eyes. Her orange hair flowing down around her, reaching down to her neck. She is currently only wearing her underwear and a tanktop... which she often does while sleeping.

    Her bedroom looks... a bit messy. The floor is clean but in the corner is there pizza boxes stacked quite high from yesterdays dinner. Her firey powers had the negative effect of making her both very hungry and required her to get alot of neutrients. The rest of the room is filled with an assortment of diffrent things, ranging from a stereo with large speakers, a quite advanced computor, stolen, and a large wardrobe filled with diffrent kinds of clothing.
    She once again yawns as she walks up to her wardrobe and dresses in a hoodie and a pair of jogging pants before heading down to her kitchen to get some breakfast.

    The old "abandoned" (Abandoned, meaning the old inhabitants was quite interested in selling the thing for a "steal") stood tall and proud out on the artifical country side inspired by a gothic architecture. It had an advanced personal generator and its own water filtration system so it was pretty much independent. Mirgona had keept it well and clean for the most part, finding it to be a suiting and comfortable home.

    After eating a breakfast, of about four sandwhiches, three bowls of cereal and five apples, she redressed into a pair of dark dark blue tightsitting pants, a black vest over a yellow tanktop and a pair of solid boots and headed to the garage. Where she took out her black hoverbike and headed into the main city, her orange hair flowing behind her as she wondered if she could find anything to do... or scout anything to "Burn".
  6. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    In the attic of a condemned building in the bad part of town, where only desperate squatters and teens on a dare would enter, and whose owner had likely long forgotten about it - if they even knew they owned the property -, something stirred the complicated network of webbing that filled the space like an ephemeral pall of mist. The many items stuck within - mostly books, some sculptures and paintings lovingly framed, even music CDs and a battery-driven player; but also the grisly remains of unfortunates who became host to the young of a mutant spider colony - vibrated as the inhabitants of this place gathered from their scattered resting places. A veritable swarm of arachnids merged into a pile, as they had learned to do, the largest and last one to join carrying an odd doll in its mandibles.

    Near the trapdoor leading down into the mostly spider- and webbing-free ex-living space of the two-storey house (no, N. colonia did not tolerate other spider species contesting its territory!) the Colony emerged from their web and looked back at the cooling remains of what she thought had once been a secretary of some sort who'd taken a wrong turn. Whatever the human had been the day before yesterday, now it was just the half-eaten host for their young, still tiny but no less ravenous than the fully matured specimes. On Colony's face, a smile formed faintly, an expression of the pleasure the hive mind felt upon seeing its offspring prosper. They had to limit their breeding, they soon found, or else their number would grow too quickly to sustain, and their hunger too great. Certainly, those specimens that were fully formed could hunt on their own - rodents, small dogs, birds, anything really - and not all were needed to form the body - indeed, some of the largest always remained behind to scare away potential meddlers before they could cause any true damage - but their young, freshly hatched were too weak and inexperienced, and they needed warm, fresh flesh so badly.

    Humans were just the perfect host. Like this woman, who now looked more like half a cow one would find in slaughterhouses. Kept warm by the webbing, they were perfect nests for a brood. And even if they had to take care to just scare away anyone who actually entered the house, as opposed to eating them (a lession hard learned), in this neighbourhood, nobody questioned a disappearance in a dark alley.

    For now, the Colony would leave the axe they had looted and judged practical at home, and before climbing out into a back alley, clothed their body and covered their... eyes which they never could get to look quite human with a pair of sunglasses. Now officially the somewhat dishevelled and odd but otherwise perfectly normal human Sheila Samsa, they moved quickly to leave the neighbourhood and scout for interesting news - eccentric art collectors moving into town, for example.

    The poppet charm, meanwhile, stared out at the world from its vantage place in their breast pocket, plotting who knows what behind its dead button eyes.
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    @Maleth @GoreWrencha

    Serpent went unhooded in his duty uniform. He grabbed the file and scoffed. His golden eyes glowing softly with reptilian slits.
    "Sewers. Figures. Send the giant lizard to prowl the sewers." he said in a baritone voice flipping through the pages. Teeth the size of knives flashed in bonewhite between his words in his maw.
    "I'm hungry. We should get drive-in on the way there."
    He tossed the file at Angros and leaned back heavily on his chair, it creaked under his weight. His tail reached back toward the wall of the room.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Ellyania Ryrrelle turned to face her two new companions of Serpent and Angros, one of which was somewhat reptilian in appearance and the other one surprisingly normal looking, leaving it fairly obvious the giant lizard was likely Serpent and the normal, quite good looking guy to be Angros, even if she didn't have the foggiest idea about what Angros' power was unlike Serpent.

    Her helmet was on the table, letting her face and platinum hair show for the moment, with her two books chained around her hips and in black covers so that the actual binding of the book (namely, human skin) didn't cause too much of an issue in public and her various tools of harm kept in their sheaths and holsters on her armour, currently serving as her uniform as well.

    Needless to say, the mention of her having passed the Academy by Morph did make Xezrin smile a bit, even if there were a few snags involved with the matter of disclosing the origin of her powers during enrolment... Namely, that she didn't think she was believed at all given how her story about her heritage did fly in the face of science and rationalism, and likely sounded a little crazy as well... Even if it was sadly the truth.

    However, there was the job of looking into a case of missing people to do so Dark Phoenix (her chosen title, the 'official' one would have been too pretentious and insane sounding, even if it was the correct terminology) looked to the normal looking person who had just been tossed the file and asked (@GoreWrencha ) "Once you're done looking through the file, mind if I take a peek?"
    Meanwhile, the lizard guy talked about getting a drive-in which was hardly relevant and was likely to waste precious time that could be better spent investigating, but who was she to argue with someone who likely had much more time on the force than her?
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  9. In Craveloft manor, a building with gothic architecture that looked ripped from another time that sat in the countryside of Novus, slept the prodigal son of the family. Awaking from his restful sleep in his plush bed with sheets of deep reds and white, his good eye was drawn to the blinking light of his phone that sat on the mahogany night stand. Not even bothering to sit up, he grabbed it to see just what was in store for him today. Looks like he gotten several messages from different 'branches', some were reporting something about a pumpkin girl firebombing some of their assets, bunch of nobodies wrecking some ops and calling in the cops, and then something about some workers going missing, just straight up gone, with streaks of blood on some of the walls, floors, even ceiling. One would think the cops his family pay off would actually being doing their job but noooo. But the most recent message got his attention the longest.

    "WBSA is here." It was from some low rank officer they got working as an informant. They wouldn't know any real deep secrets or things going on, just obvious things that a cop would see in their department that wouldn't be public just yet.

    "God fucking damn it." Johnathan said in a voice between a growl and a yawn. This was the worst kink in his plans. While the rest of his family didn't have to worry about super intervention, they have good reason to go after "Nightmare" for obvious reasons. And if they caught him, well, he was just tip of the iceberg of the Craveloft Family's dirty little secrets. Tossing the sheets aside, he set about getting dressed for today. Putting on a white suit and blue tie, with a bulletproof vest underneath it with a magnum and knife sheathed underneath the coat, he slipped on his eye patch over his damaged right eye before putting on a white bowler hat with a blue band around the crown. He could easily have his eye replace with a bionic one, even both of them with high end ones if he desired, but he got too attached to the look it gave him when he was out and about, making the agreement with himself if his other eye started going bad he would go ahead with the replacements.

    With his outfit on, he focused for a moment and changed his appearance to make sure everything was in place. The suit became pitch black with light grey pen stripes along with the hat, the band and tie becoming crimson. His skin looked like black tar spread evenly across a human form, two beady red orbs sat where his eyes would be. A crooked crack of red appeared in a crescent, a smile that showed satisfaction from the Illusionist. He's gotten it down where he could keep it up passively without thought now. With a snap of his fingers he returned to normal and picked up his dragon headed cane before heading for the garage. He didn't take his time to choose from the vast collection of his father's cars, he would just be swapping it with an unmarked care at one of their city garages anyways to conduct his work, and chose the closest one. A blood red sports car that could only fit two in it's small interior. Turing the ignition on and starting the car, he turned the music player that already had a preferred song loaded, improving his mood considerably. With that he left, his first errand after swapping cars would be to speak with the people who where dealing with the disappearances. The workers were too afraid to continue and they couldn't afford delays now in moving around the black market goods now could they?

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  10. Theodore Werner, also knows as the Argos by his Academy designation, picks up the file. As he was officer of law, he didn't see much need for using pseudonym to protect his identity, but it was part of the project to make metahumans seem more appealing to the public. People love superheroes and reading news about these titled-persons allows them to momentarily forget their own problems. His attitude may seem rather cynical, especially for one from said project, but maybe it was the project own fault for feeding this conception to the privates a bit too forcefully.

    Skimming through the file, Theodore picks up most important details and leaves other text for later study. Info of victims, time and places of disappearances, any evidence found nearby. There wasn't much. But they know there is something in the sewers destroying those drones. Related to the disappearances or not, they need to investigate it.

    "Healthy breakfast is the basis of a day, Serpent." Argos replies, handing the file over to Dark Phoenix.

    "Welcome to the force, Dark Phoenix. Theodore Werner, or Argos if you prefer to stay on pseudonym basis." He introduces himself to the newest member.
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