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The Bloodforge Chronicles

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Drakiis, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Apex Drakiis Cipher

    OOC: This is a Roleplaying thread I will be starting, as of right now it stands open to any to pickup and join the story.

    I was there on Mackan Prime, during The Age of Redemption. It was in the Year of Our Lord 811M37 over 6,000 years after the fall of our heavenly Father Sanguinius when I first drew a blade against the enemies of the Imperium. The slaughter of that day burns like liquid fire through my veins as I watched in helpless horror as many a good Brother met his fate that day. I recall the day was darkly overcast, and many an ill omen was witnessed during mission preparations by Brother Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus who was preparing his Death Company for ops.

    "They call it a Black Crusade, the 7th I believe. However I would not concern you with such things Brother Lestaro, for the Grand Angel watches vigilantly over us all. The Black Legion has become predictable, and their trickery and fiendish nature cannot best Astartes steel and will” rumbled Chaplain Jorus.

    Now as then I was anxious to prove those words true, and during the battle I would find the chill in my bones wreathed in wrathful flame. Until then I stood Infused with incinerating desire to lay judgment upon foes of lethal quality and equal measure for a brief moment, then departed for the assembly area as I had been ordered. I strode forth unto the black twisted iron gates entwined with rose blooms the color of blood, and was greeted by famed Brother Caligula, a true Cruor Angelus of the Old Ways. He was a tall, handsome Brother of antiquated ways. His styling baroque and very much anachronistic, he wore Mk IV Imperial Maximus and wielded “Excrucius” a golden skull winged chain axe said to cause gaping painful wounds. I approached the legendary throw back, and as was customary among his kind he saluted me before I could act. The show of respect to one such as me, untested as I was at the time, was every bit as Knightly as I had ever witnessed.

    “How fare thee Adherent? I understand you to be anxious for the battle to come.”

    I was but I would not let it show, not that day to be sure, 273 years have passed since that day. I now take the lessons of that day and apply them to the current mission. A mission no less dangerous than that ill fated day on which my whole squad perished aside from me. These fleeting moments I relive every time I don my armor, and fire my sacred Bolter.
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  2. Apex Drakiis Cipher

    ---------------------------------INCOMING OPTICON TRANSMISSION--------------------------------
    ---------------------------------RECIEVED DECRYPT CYPHER 423.7.12 EPSILON---------------------------

    Mission Code Name: Repentative Glory
    War Front: Canis Gate
    Signifier: Feudal World
    Indicator: Lance World
    Designator: Sovereign IX
    Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima
    Stellar Class: Primarus Populace
    Population: 7.6 Billion
    Gravimetric Mass: 150.567 Orbital Units
    Classification: Population III Type 2 Planetary Body
    Communications Array: 26.12
    Intel Network: Classified
    Surveillance Array: 1448.36
    Reconnaissance Telemetry: A161 Kilo 12
    Arrival Time: 16 Astral Days
    Transport: Talons Drift
    Commanding Elements: Inquisitor Raclaw Varius, Captain-General Gallowspite, Imperial Fist Devastator Watch Captain Castor Jubal, Veteran First Ultra Marine Brother Jove Glavius, Ships Captain Captain Roman Siegfried of the Talons Drift.
    Troops: 3 Regiments of Imperial Elysian Drop Troops, and supporting elements.
    Insertion/Extraction: Helio Hawk Whisper Rotor
    Mission Priority: Minoris
    Mission Type: Compliance and Suppression.
    Primary Objective: Compliance of Indigenous Population
    Secondary Objective: Restoration of Imperial Tithing
    Tertiary Objective: Escort Imperial Diplomatic Delegation
  3. I got my bolter and chainsword then said to my commander, "Why the fuck are we doing this again?".
  4. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    As this is a Role Playing, it will be moved to the RP section :)
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    [OOC: Yay another RP thread! Just a few questions aye, where do we start exactly? Do we take over a character you've already mentioned or just drop in as part of an appropriate force somewhere? :D]
  6. Apex Drakiis Cipher

    You may introduce a story character of your own...
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    OOC: how serious is this RP? (Not sarcastic, genuinely curious)

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