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the blood watchmen chapter adventures ooc intreast and voting thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by lord-watchman, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    ok im posting this up here for now and here is the basis around the rp

    you will play as a marine from 1 of 8 companies (you as a group wil decide which company and your ranks) at a period of the watchmen's background dating in the options below, you will take part in the first mision as scouts and name the company and city on helion your company resides and requits (each company has a city and fortress with the capital being manned by a special company). during the vote you will get a choice on if you will go heretic in one of the four chapter wars (civl war in the chapter), you wont get to choice a primarch or founding legion though as that is the thousand sons, now the questions

    1 company
    1.1 1st company
    1.2 2nd company
    1.3 3rd company
    1.4 4th company
    1.5 5th company
    1.6 6th company
    1.7 7th company
    1.8 8th company
    (disclaimer the 1st company is not thr vetren company that is the infinite company)

    2 city names and company title
    *you post sugestions*
    2.1 nucleus city
    2.2 megus one

    2.a atom spliters
    2.b thunder strikers

    3 time period
    3.1 50 years after heresy
    3.2 33.5k
    3.3 35k
    3.4 40k

    4 ranks
    4.1 scouts
    4.2 brothers
    4.3 seargents
    4.4 hq staff (captain and comand squad)

    if you can think of anything ive missed in your veiws tell me and il see about adding it
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    1.4 - 4th company: middle-field is always good.
    2.1 - 'Nucleus' city name
    2.a - 'Atom Splitters' company title :p
    3.4 - 40k, yay!
    4.2 - Don't wanna start again as scout :X
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    1.5 5th company
    2,1 "Megus one" City
    2,A "Thunder Strikers"
    3,3 35k
    4.2 Brothers
  4. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    ok so far we have you as battle brothers (was half hoping more votes)

    ok il leave the voting open for a few more days and then if anything id keep both sugestions for cities and company names as the two votes were for the 4th and 5th company

    il proberly put a character sheet up later for people to decide on who they are
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  5. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    ok then here goes a character sheet then

    player name *thelordwatchman*
    character name *invictus umbra*
    rank/tital high chaplin of the infinite and master of the initiation
    personality a cold and honourable man
    age 689 (your ages will be in between 150 160)
    equipment power armor crozius arcanum and combi melta
    mutation one eye is white and the other is black

    now the ranks availible are the folowing
    seargent (max one) librarian (max 1 per 3 players) techmarine (max 1) chalin (max 1) assault marine, devistator, tactical, apothicary (max 1) and finaly swordsman (an assault who has taken up a position of just using swords and not using jump packs)

    now for some more voting to see if anyone wants to vote

    1 captains name
    (you decide a name for the company captain)

    2 company
    2.1 4th
    2.2 5th

    3 time
    3.1 35k
    3.2 40k

    4 do you want to be able to creat your own weapons using a forge machanic
    4.1 yes
    4.2 no

    5 mutations (you all will have some form so post some ideas but nothing to big)
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  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    player name Vulpas
    character name Drakon
    rank/title - Tech marine
    personality - Scholar like, talkative
    age -145
    equipment - Power armor mark 7, Bolt pistol, Ominssiah axe, Servo harness, Plasma gun
    5 Mutation - Rem sleep distributions (Has troubled sleeping and cannot ever fully sleep often leaving him fatigued)

    1 Captain name

    4 1
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  7. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    I like the character
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