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The Black Library: 40k Novels And Short Stories

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by theonlysane1, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Joel V theonlysane1 New Member

    I can't get enough of the 40k selection on the Black Library. Right now I'm working on reading through the Horus Heresy series, I'm starting on book 11, Fallen Angels, tomorrow.

    What I like about the Horus Heresy series is that it's not just point A to point B to point C. While the first four books act as a prologue and introduction to the opening moves of the heresy, later novels describe parallel events occurring during this time period, or sometime within the couple of centuries prior to Horus' betrayal. But what appeals to me most is that it doesn't focus on the primarchs; while they do occasionally take the main stage for a good bit of a book or two (primarily Fulgrim in his titular novel), most of the books focus on either sergeants or captains of the Astartes legions, or Remembrancers dispatched to the various Astartes fleets to record and memorialize the Astartes' triumphs.

    Aside from Horus Heresy I've read a good bit of Imperial Guard novels, including Ciaphas Cain and Gaunt's Ghosts. A good start book for IG I would suggest is Fifteen Hours. It's less than 200 pages, making it a relatively quick read, but captured the fatalistic mentality of Imperial Guardsmen stuck fighting an endless war on a planet they are sure to die on.

    The author I've read the most of would probably be Dan Abnett. My main issue with him is that his battle scenes can be a bit repetitive at times; this is mainly due to the fact that the majority of his works in 40k involve human-vs-human conflicts (Space Marine or Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Marines, Chaos cultists, or generic rebellions), and you can probably count on one hand how many of his novels involve xenos significantly. There's only so many ways you can describe someone firing a lasgun. Other than him, Graham McNeill is a name I tend to see a lot of.

    So what's your favorite books to read in 40k? Any you can recommend? I'd like to read a xenos-centered one if it's good (who am I kidding, they're all good).
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  2. Have you read Fulgrim or Legion yet?
  3. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    My friend, just want to let you know there's been at least 7 threads concerning WH40k(30k) novels.
    But whatever, these books are too good one simply can't stop reading them, like the old quote 'Read till you bleed'.

    Heres my top 5 books so far:
    1.) Know no fear.
    2.) Brothers of the Snake. -This one I'd recommend, cause it's Dan Abnett and it's awesome.
    3.) A Thousand Sons.
    4.) The Legacy of Caliban books. -This one is a trilogy with the 3rd book yet to come out.
    5.) Deathwatch.

    If I might ask, which Horus Heresy book did you enjoy reading the most so far?
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  4. Joel V theonlysane1 New Member

    Thousand Sons is the next one I'm reading after Fallen Angels.

    Is Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels the first two of Legacy of Caliban?

    Also, I liked the Legends of the Space Marines collection of short stories, good way to get a general familiarity with space marines when I didn't know a lot about the lore.
  5. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    Thousand Sons is my 2nd favorite HH book. It means it's really good and I like it.

    NOOOO! Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels are not books of the Legacy of Caliban, they are Horus Heresy books man. Legacy of Caliban is it's own novel series about events in 40k, if you wish to know more *report to the Bibleotech*.

    There is like 4 '_____' of the Space Marines collection of short stories. There's 'Heroes', 'Legends', 'Victories' and 'Treacheries', and they made an omnibus of these 4 books, if you wish to know more *report to the barracks*

    Happy reading.
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  6. GameBoss Whisper33 Well-Known Member

    If you injoyed the imperial guard books you read then I would recommend reading The Iron guard, it is fairly Interesting.
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  7. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    Ummm, what other Imperial Guard novels could you recommend? I've only read 'Rebel Winter' and 'Baneblade'. Both are excellent but I liked Rebel Winter more, who doesn't like the Vostroyans? I also have 'Cadian Blood' but have yet to read it. What say you on 'Dead Men Walking'? assuming you've read all the Imperial Guard novels that is. Hopefully I'm not confusing you.
  8. Joel V theonlysane1 New Member

    The first Ciaphas Cain novel is actually pretty hilarious; think of a guy who always tries to look after his own skin and take the coward's way out, but a turn of events makes him look like the hero. This "heroism" earns him a reputation that leads him to continually be placed on more and more dangerous missions. Also, the first book, For the Emperor, involves Tau/Imperium diplomacy, which is quite interesting and not seen very often (40k generally goes straight to the dakka dakka)
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  9. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    That's something I haven't read yet, but really want to. Thanks for saying.
  10. GameBoss Whisper33 Well-Known Member

    Like Joel V said Gaunt's Ghosts is very good, and is my favorite imperial guard book. Also many books that have Commissar Cain in them like The Greater Good and Cain's Last Stand are also very good.

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