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The Black Crusade - Group 4 - After Action Report

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    ++Voidreavers, Assault on Betrayal++

    In orbital alignment with Xurunt, the Voidreavers fleet of ships seems to sit lifeless and unseen. Within the fields that conceal the fleet from prying eyes and scanners, a small transport shuttle hums towards its destination. A massive Daemonship, reminiscent of the Terminus Est, casts a baleful shadow. On board the ship, 6 individuals sit in an uneasy formation, not knowing each other or why they’re together now.

    Nero: What’s the meaning of this?

    The crew looked at each other, no one knowing exactly what to say. Ajax: Pilot, are you aware of what this is all about?

    Pilot: We are heading to The Displacer, you’ve been summoned by Espertine, for reasons unknown.

    A few uneasy looks were exchanged amongst the un-introduced. Shortly after, a silence hung like a cloud of discomfort as the transport began to dock the Daemonship. The doors opened and a loud booming voice ordered everyone off of the vessel. The group marched out into the midst of Veridenus personal retinue. Once everyone was out of the transport, the World Eater guards had seized the pilot and copilot, forcing them down to the ground before cutting their heads clean off. As screams and blood gurgled out, pools formed at the feet of the warriors. The event left some confused as to what they got themselves into, their contemplation disrupted by a loud shout from the World Eater: Move! You are to meet Veridenus personally.

    Ajax let his curiosity get the better of him and he took note of the brass, yet flesh looking walls and how they radiated an unnatural heat. As he approached the hull for further inspection, he saw that it had moved at his approach. He struck the wall, bruising the fleshy brass slightly, as it sweltered, it turned red hot.

    Ajax: This ship lives... He is abruptly shoved by the World Eater behind him.

    Markus begins to shift uncomfortably, a dull ache pounds his head and he can feel the hatred
    from the Eaters of Worlds, as they focus on his every step. Almost as if they're hoping he does something, anything that would allow them to tear him apart. Even the ship itself seems to pour it's hatred onto him... Markus: Can we hurry this up a bit, I am not sure I am truly welcome here. With a nervous glance over his shoulder, he gets a response from Brynjar: I too, feel the hatred pour onto us, as if our very presence is offending some dark entity…

    The Closer the players get to the war room of the Daemonship, the more the hull starts to look like Daemons physically bound to the walls, as their faces can be seen and hatreds heard. The Psykers can sense that Khorne’s grip on the Voidreavers is tightening, that and their time may be growing short as welcome members amongst the crew. The group entered the War room; there standing in front of round marble dais was Veridenus. He stood nearly half a meter taller than his World Eater guards standing to his flank. When he spoke, there was a gurgling his of boiling blood deeply hidden in his voice…

    Veridenus: Worms, groveling, weak and wretched worms. I have brought you here for a simple reason, to purge those who would stand against me. You may ask why I have chosen the lot standing here in front of me, it’s because… you’re unknown. Nobody cares who or what you are. You will arrive on each of my ships, investigate who or what is causing a rising and quell it. Must continue to go unnoticed, you must be overlooked. Failing this, you will forcibly extract the details of who my enemies are and who or what they serve.

    I have silenced communication between my fleet, to ensure those who lurk can’t alert the others. Root out the spies and tear them apart, bring me their skulls with the brain intact. If you’re discovered, the other ships should remain unaware unless you’re failure is so great.
    Before you think to yourself that “I should reconsider…” know this, for every enemy destroyed, I shall reward you. For every little betrayer and schemer you pluck from the bosom of their conspirator, I shall ensure your name is known. But if you betray me, I will take everything from you…

    The group formed a pact in blood, this pleased Veridenus greatly, though he did not display
    such pleasure.

    Veridenus: My fetid Worms, your first order as my new Cabal… Visit my wrath upon Kas, my first lieutenant and most ambitious killer. He has an unnatural love for blood and his ship, Vendetta, is filled with all sorts of oddities from his conquests. His black sword, which he named after himself is something to be cautious around… Find out where he stands in this web and if he is against me, butcher him.

    Now leave me.

    Nero: Before we go, I want something in return, as I serve Abaddon and his rule is absolute. I require Star maps and webway locations, grant this to me and I shall perform what you request in exchange.

    Veridenus: Abaddon you say? He holds no sway here in the Vortex; his domain resides in the Eye of Terror. Let him come and assert his domination if he dare. As for you, you can find them yourself, I will give you nothing and you will obey.


    Veridenus: Begone.
  2. With the Compact sealed in blood, the players left the Chambers and returned to the docking bay, where they had a choice of which method they would use to get on board the Vendetta.
    As the crew scanned the room, they saw a Dreadclaw, Thunderhawk transport and several Swiftdeath Fighters.

    Khargoth: The dreadclaw, it’s great for boarding action and we can go unnoticed, by the looks of it, the Vendetta has fighters swarming around it and we don’t want to get caught up in that.

    The crew nod in agreement.

    Nero: I will pilot, you all strap yourselves in and prepare for boarding action.

    Nero fires up the dreadclaw and they launch out of the bay, moving at a steady pace, Nero tries to stay out of sight but ends up flying the crew right into harm’s way. The fighters take note of the Dreadclaw and open fire, hitting the armored hull, the ship shakes violently. Those who didn’t strap themselves in, scramble to lock themselves down before they’re hit again. A second volley is fired, the ship is critically hit and the control panels on the inside burst into flames.

    Nero decides to put the ship into full speed and aims for any part of the ship they can crash into.The fighters start to line themselves up for another shot on the Dreadclaw spiraling towards Vendetta, but before they can get a shot off, the ship smashed into the port quarter and began to bore in. As the Dreadclaw dug further into the hull, the crew could hear gunfire from deep inside. The closer the claw got to the fighting, the louder it became until it was time for a boarding action.

    Nero: Ready frags!!

    Ajax and Morket ready Grenades, as the doors drop open, Morket throws his
    grenade but it bounces off of the door frame. Ajax throws his grenade with such precision that he redirects Morket's grenade out of the Dreadclaw and both roll into the hall they smashed into. The resulting explosion takes out 6 renegades, spreading gore across the clashing forces.

    Ajax, Markus, Brynjar take point as the first ones out, where Kargoth, Morket and Nero
    come out after. The team demonstrates an unusual synergy as they all act first, Ajax opens fire on the surprised group, his accuracy so successful that he manages to hit six targets, knocking one down.

    Nero takes note; one of the World Eater Marines fell way too fast for such a glancing hit to
    wound him, while the renegades surely would fall to such superiority.

    Morket opens fire and manages to wound three of his targets, successfully taking out

    Nero takes aim with his rifle and snipes the furthest target out, his hatred so great, he shoots the helmet clear off of his target and lands one more shot. Blowing the targets head off.

    Brynjar and Markus both concentrate and fire warp bolts off at their targets, staying fettered,
    they know better than to push and risk being purged by the World Eaters fast.

    Kargoth charges forward with his accursed crozius and cleaves into his target, with his fury; he manages to slay his target outright.

    The small room is still filled with combat as the remaining forces battle each other and those
    who just barged in. A few attempt to take pot shots off at the new arrivals but miss entirely, and others are killed by their own fight.

    Ajax throws another grenade into the fray, taking out four more targets.

    Morket does full auto fire and hits six targets, killing two as their limbs are blown clean
    off and crippling the other four.

    Nero moves towards the World Eater who fell too soon, he opens a private Vox Comm with him. Who are you and why you use such deception in combat?

    Unknown Agent: Clearly I am no World Eater, brother Alpha.

    Nero decides to engage the agent in conversation, with the utmost scrutiny.

    Nero: What is your objective, Brother Alpha?

    Unknown Agent: I am here to destabilize the shaky command structure in the Voidreavers and destroy the threat Veridenus poses to the Legions within and without the vortex.

    Nero had successfully been disarmed of his scrutiny with a simple truth, what came next was layers of deceit and truth.

    Nero: How many agents are you operating with?

    Unknown Agent: I operate alone, your companions will need to be eliminated, lead them to the docking bay and secure the Viral Bomb located within the escape pod. On the way their, they will be taken care of. Once you secure the bomb, its payload must be delivered directly to Veridenus on his abomination of a ship.

    Nero: They’re still of some use to me, I will complete my task before destroying them. What else do I need to know, brother.

    Nero’s scrutiny continues to fail him as the agent spins his web of deceit.

    Unknown Agent: There will be a meeting in the docking bay that will reveal the true enemies of Veridenus and how the will assasinate him and his cohorts.

    Nero’s scrutiny fails him completely and he sees all he is told as truth, he then fires a shot into the head of the Unknown Agent.May the Emperor protect you. As Nero looks up, his allies had mopped up the rest of the forces and left no one alive to question.

    Nero: We should move to the docking bay, everyone move out.

    Ajax: I don’t like you…

    Brynjar: Hahahaha…as his face turned very serious.

    Kargoth: Yes, lets head there for now and secure an emergency escape, brothers.

    The group looks around unsure of which direction to head, Brynjar decides to access the terminal and begins looking to where they need to go. After a few moments, he realized he wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing and Nero was no better off. The Word Bearer Kargoth had solved the problem and pointed them in the right direction.
  3. As they make their way down the corridor, Markus and Brynjar begin to sense something unusual. While Kargoth receives a message amidst his constant prayers,THE GODS WILL FALL, THEIR STRENGTHS ARE MY STRENGHT, THEIR POWER IS MY POWER” and a vision of a skull, half black and half white appears in his mind before vanishing and taking some locked away memory with it. Markus takes a moment to reach deep into the warp and commune with the powers that lurk in the shadows, he found himself against an impenetrable will, something that removed his ability to sense which God someone was dedicated to, distorting the warp energies around everyone.

    Brynjar, his wolf senses firing up as he hears sounds at the edge of his mind, smells scents long forgotten and sees shadows move in absolute darkness. He does not understand the signs, but to him, this is surely a bad omen.

    They all keep these small details to themselves.

    Ajax hears something muttering behind him. “Punish… Tear… Rip… Scream… RIP MY FLESH. No. Don’t. Punish. Smooth and cold” As Ajax looks over his shoulder, he sees a small impish human thrall, placing a hand on his armor and muttering these words repeatedly. Ajax, with a puzzled look on his face, decides to continue walking forward and ignore this small pathetic being.

    Kargoth looks back and spots another Human, one more brutish and covered in blood stabbing the corpses in the distance before spotting Kargoth and rushing towards them. His chant growing in the distance. “kill kill kill kiLL KiLL KILL KILL KILL”, Kargoth points back and Nero takes note, while Ajax spots another human behind the Kill chanter, a bloated body who pukes fumes onto the dead. A few shorts seconds later, the dead begin to stir and rise, mindless and weak.

    What they failed to see, was the body that Nero shot in the face, fade from the facade of a World Eater space marine to a lowly renegade with a splayed open face.

    Nero: It must be a feeding, seeing these thralls all in the same place, quickly lets move and shut the blast doors barring them on the otherside.

    Each man breaks into a run until they get to the console to shut the blast doors, Morket hammers on the console in a rush to shut the doors, as he does the thralls break into a run towards them. The corpulent one turns into a green vapor and flows towards the closing gap, while the Kill chanter charges full speed and jumps between the closing maw of solid steel. While the pain lover barely made it through, his arm crushed firmly between the jaws, he lets out a squeal of ecstasy.

    Morket: I figured this was going to happen, why does it always end poorly.

    A bright blue light fills the room, with an eerie voice penetrating the minds of everyone.
    “What do you have to share, so share I can with you?”

    Markus answers in earnest: Everything.While Kargoth the Word Bearer ponders his response, the answer plucked from his mind before he could open his mouth. The others, ignore the thralls that have begun to stick to them as flies to a corpse. Soon they stumble into the Armory, with one passage left, they will be in the Docking bay. But the scene in front of them is a grizzly one. Bodies litter the floor, strewn about like a childs toys cast about his room. Huge claw marks run half a foot deep into the solid ceramite walls, blood dried as if it were there for weeks.

    The psykers focus for a brief minute to see if they can feel out what has transpired, they’re heat with a hatred and rage so hot, it burns their minds. Markus laughs uncontrollably, almost as if his mind snaps. Kargoth let out an audible noise, not quite fear but nothing to comfort anyone from the laughing of Markus. Brynjar: What it is, it’s very angry.

    Nero: Heavy support Ajax and Morket character, take flanking positions on the east side and move up on my order. Markus, you’re with Brynjar, you will move up with Ajax at the same time. Kargoth, you’re with me and we will lay cover fire.

    Ajax: I still don’t like you, but I will go with this for now.

    The team moves up, slowly and only on the order of Nero. Halfway through the large armory, Ajax and Morket notice missile launcher and krak missiles. They move towards the gear and arm up, Morket also picks up a plasma gun.

    Morket: Do you need this?

    Ajax: Give it to me, weakling.

    Morket hands over the Plasma gun, no sign of ill will or anger cross his expression once.

    Markus continues to walk to the end of the room, he is fixated on the console close to the door which leads into the docking bay. Nero protests over Vox and continues to yell at him to cease his movements, it’s not until Kargath pipes up that Markus ceases his movement and moves back to his partner Brynjar. As he makes his way back, Markus looks up and sees a hulking form in the rafters. He decides to not alert anyone to what he sees and lets Brynjar attempt to touch the console after Nero gives the go ahead to move forward.

    Before Brynjar can touch the console, the hulking mass leaps down and lets out a mechanical roar. The party focuses on the what smashed into the center of the room. A contemptor dreadnaught, splattered in red but the colours of blue and white could still be made out, with tattered seals plastered on the body. I AM THE ENTOMBED”

    Markus begins to laugh louder as if he has lost complete control of himself, while Kargoth steps forward, fearless. Wearing his Word Bearer flesh robes proudly, he yells to the beast and by some fluke of ridiculous nature, managers to calm the fury that is the Entombed. Whatever words he spoke, only the Dreadnought and he will know but for now, they gained an ally. If only for a short time… To be continued

    *Character Legend*
    Alpha Legion agent - Nero
    Chosen (Nurgle) - Ajax, the Unclean one.
    Chosen (Undivided) - Morket
    Fallen Wolf Priest (Transferred from another game) - Brynjar
    Thousand Sons Sorcerer - Markus Gouralias
    Word Bearer - Kargoth
    Khorne Berserker - Stjarna Mjolnir - not in this session
    Sorcerer (Nurgle) - Nostos - not in this session
    Fallen Battle Sister (Brought from Dark Heresy) - Caecilia, (Demands to be called Alice...) - not in this session

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