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The Birth of Howlrunner Squad (Star Wars RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by kanila, May 21, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "WHY DID YOU SHOOT?!" He practically shrieked into the comms, already losing his cool facade as he activated his jetpack to keep himself from slipping off , his hands slipping and sliding down against the flat, armoured plating upon the side of the AT-ST.
    Admittedly, he'd gotten a bit too zealous in his attempt to jump up, now hopefully reaching up to grab onto something whether it was the top of the hull, or the weaponry upon the sides of the hull, before he actually turned his jetpack off.

    I swear this is going to cost me to refuel this thing...
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora shouted back, feeling guilty about what he had accidentally done, blush of shame coloring his features underneath the silver mask. Now he really did not want to shoot, with the risk of hitting Valrin. Otherwise he could have tried to shoot a leg off the fleeing walker. Maybe he could try shoot a tree into its path or create some obstruction in front of it.

    This time he took aim and tried just that. "Just, take cover or something, I'm gonna fire again!" He warned this time hoping to everything he held dear he'd hit this time.
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  3. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Command Center

    Putting the doctor's disapproval out of her mind, Kina raised her commlink again at the sound of yet another voice entering their comms. The bickering between their Mandalorian and the kid boded ill for the completion of their mission, but she resigned herself to trusting the duo.

    "This is Howlrunner 1, who's talking?" she asked, addressing the voice entering their comms (now that the shuttle crew had successfully cleared up the noise).
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  4. As Fritz began to turn off non primary functions to the ship he was caught off guard briefly by a sudden response from the comm function. At the very least it proved that what he was doing was helping, and he wasn't just sitting in a powered down shuttle for nothing. Unfortunately, he wasn't entirely sure who'd be trying to contact them anyways. One thing that came to mind was more imp men coming to reinforce the base. That would have spelled disaster for him and friend team. Thinking fast, Fritz answers the comm with a an uncharacteristic nervousness.

    "Errr yes...this is...umm...imp man...yes...everything's normal. No need to come to imp base...Imp base not under any assault...Base is fine, Base is fine now, everything's fine, we fine now are you?"
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  5. Unlucky Fellow UnluckyFellow Well-Known Member

    Jungle Cruise

    Niall threw his hands up in a silent triumph as if to say "take that, shitty terrain for transmitting." He glanced from Novi to the commlink and a childish grin slid over his face as he made ready to have a bit of fun with the team that had finally answered his calls. "Stand up straight, no lounging on the job. Quit with the darting looks, you are now breathing manually. I'd be better not bouncing around in the back of this thing." He addresses the other voice that came over their channel, still not sure what the team name for the two of them was. "Greetings Howlrunner, this is Nail and I'll be your operator today. Bit of a shitfest goin' on, ya?" @GobMaw_HellSmasha @Kalle
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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Command Center

    Kina kneaded the end of one lekku, the brain-tail curling about her fingers lazily. Frustrations were piling up. "Let me handle this," she cut in through the Jawa's nervous babble. "Nail, this is Howlrunner. Good of you to join us," she said. The so-called operator's jab at the mission status made her guts twist, but she pushed through the momentary irritation. "I have people chasing the target, I have the base under tight control. What's your mission objective, Nail, care to ask your handler?"
  7. @Kalle

    The nice Captain lady bringing up people chasing a target reminded Fritz of something. Part of friend team was chasing the metal chicken. The little Jawa went to check the sensors, and Fritz hit the sensor screen out of reaction from what it was reading. It didn't look like there were as many blips on the sensor then the last time he checked it. Then again, Fritz didn't exactly remember how many blimps there were in the first place. "Ummm...Captain Lady" Fritz said into the comms as he scratched his hooded head, "does nice captain know how many blips were on the radar before? Fritz not sure if blip go missing. Do blips go missing? What missing blip mean?"
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  8. Unlucky Fellow UnluckyFellow Well-Known Member


    Nialle continued to tinker with the link to keep the signal decent. "Your mission is our mission plus a little more. Good to hear things are being...somewhat handled. I thiiink we're coming up on the chase but I'm not sure. Not outnumbered or anything I hope?"
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  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    "Blips do not go missing," Kina stressed for the Jawa, then switched to address the new voice. "Negative, we struck before they could sound the alarms. Their security was sloppy," she replied. She took particular pleasure in mocking the Imperials' defenses in front of the two young officers.
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  10. "Oh" upon further inspection of the sensor, Fritz couldn't help but feel that one of the blips were gone. But he was just informed that blips don't go missing from the nice captain, and she wouldn't be wrong, right? Was the sensor on their ship broken? Or does blips disappearing on radar mean something else.
    "Well, Fritz pretty sure a blip is missing. Fritz see more blips on sensor before, now Fritz seeing not as much. Fritz not even picking up blip anymore since blip go missing. Does blip gone mean something?"
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