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The Birth of Howlrunner Squad (Star Wars RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by kanila, May 21, 2017.

  1. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Jungle Cruise

    Famhi piloted the speeder truck through the dense jungle making headway towards Whisper Base. The Caamasi cursed under her breath, not only was she forced to trust these 'strangers' on a mission of this importance but they weren't even responding to her comms. She paid little attention to her two passengers, after all she had actually worked with them in the past. She focused all of her attention on the task at hand, navigating the dense jungle.

    In the back of the speeder truck sat Novi, a female Mirialan who was currently inspecting her X-45, and Niall, a human male who was currently spending his time figiting with his tools. A sniper and a slicer, an odd pair to say the least for a base take over, but if this other crew was what they claimed to be then their jobs should be simple enough once they get boots on ground. Secure the prisoners and start to hack into the Imperial systems to see what information they can gain.
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  2. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Kina had collected the blaster pistols and switched on the safeties, preventing an easy recapture of the weapons in the case of a scuffle. The senior officer's boasting earned him a skeptical look from the Captain. A moment's deliberation, and she aimed for the center of mass and fired a stun bolt into the officer's chest. "Enough out of him," she said lazily. "Doc, care to take a look at him? He's just stunned, but best be on the safe side," she added, as an afterthought.

    She raised her commlink. "What's our status on the lieutenant?"
  3. Novi Recruit

    The Mirialan was checking her rifle for the third time after removing it from the travel case it fit snugly into when disassembled. Quick hands and quicker fingers had made short work of the assembly, going through familiar motions with speed and confidence. The pre-mission 'twitches,' as an old friend called it, raked across her nerves and made it impossible to keep still for long. It'd end the moment she got her boots on the grounds and could act, not merely react.

    She was a short thing, young, with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Green skin, like most others of her kin, though lacking the tattoos associated with her race. In fact, there was little in the way of alterations at all. Her right hand carried a scar along its back that was difficult to discern unless the light hit it just right, the left hand was covered with a glove. She was dressed in leathers, thick and padded beneath for some semblance of comfort. It was the kind of stuff that'd shrug off thorns and needles, maybe even claws if she was lucky. A belt with pouches hung lopsided around her waist, and a necklace fabricated from string and the drilled tooth of something big enough to bite down on the thigh without unhinging its jaw. It had a serrated edge.

    Novi's eyes settled on Niall, attentive and keen. Her gloved hand stretched forth to pat against his kneecap to get his attention, a nod of encouragement granted, should he peek her way. "Glad I'm not alone in this. You watch my back, I watch yours." She leaned back after, returning to the task at hand: Her rifle.

    The rifle buzzed alive when the energy pack was slotted into place. "Famhi," she spoke into a handheld commlink plucked off of a clip on her belt. "What's the ETA? I'm itchin' back here."
  4. The unfortunate situation that has befallen them was friend team needing to utilize the very comms they sabatoged in order to keep in contact with the pursuing vehicles. Fritz would have expressed how funny of a situation they found themselves in, if it wasn't for the fact that this might cost him a paycheck if this all goes to kriff at the last moment. @Casavay "Green eyes, there's more blips moving toward metal chicken blip. Maybe we can tell blips to catch metal chicken blip, would save friend team some trouble to get other blips to catch a chicken blip." Getting the ship online and ready to move would have taken far longer then the amount of time they had to catch this chicken, but that didn't mean Green eyes and him couldn't contribute to the hunt.
    "Fritz going try boost comm signal for ship. Could clear up signal. This good, yes?" Fritz said seconds before starting to redistribute power in the shuttle toward the communications. Secondary on board functions that were taking up too much power from the ship were immediately switched off to boost the shuttle communications. Such unnecessary functions like air conditioning, primary ship lights, and anything else sucking power away from tracking the little blips would be the first to go.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "Yeah, you do that", spoke Zin, for once immediately understanding what Fritz was getting at. Perhaps she was slowly getting used to his chittering. Now if only she could learn to appreciate the smell ere this is over...

    Of course, there were more important things on her mind than questioning just where the Jawa would be siphoning the power from. She focussed on doing her own part to reroute ship energy, though mindful of the lighting, and keeping close watch on the comms' status.

    Her work was interrupted by Kina's commlink call, to which she responded cautiously. "Still moving by bird-tank. Silly thing, but fast. Two other vehicles're closing in, not sure who they are, Jawa and I're busy trying to have a chat."
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  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora wiggled the controls and pressed buttons to familiarize himself with the ATST. Then the commlink chirped up, he tapped his mask to open the link.

    "Umm, yeah we're chasing the guy, in the jungle. I'm in this walker-battle-thing and the armored jetpack guy is speedbiking." He accidentally fired the main cannon into a tree. "Ooops! So that's what that does! Uhh, gotta go for now chasing and stuff!" @Kalle

    Rtora breathed in deep and tried to keep the thing walking fast, following the obvious trail the lieutenant had left.
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  7. Unlucky Fellow UnluckyFellow Well-Known Member

    Niall tapped furiously at the poor assortment of comm equipment the trio had found themselves repurposing. His tools shook in his hands as if afflicted with palsy due to heading towards a battle in what essentially amounted to a minivan. There was just something about this mission that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, it was either good intuition or the fact he was an awful coward. @Novi

    He twitched slightly at Novi's touch, momentarily losing his place in the circuitry to get a bit more power out of these blasted comms. He looked around the back of the speeder truck and tilted his head, then looked down at the old blaster on his leg doing its best to work itself free from the holster in all the shaking. "If you think it'll be much help...we may be well and truly screwed...but I'll try." He returned to tinkering with the comms, finally trying to get a decent signal. "Anyone hear me on this blasted thing yet?"
  8. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "Mandalorian," Valrin growled through the comms in response to Rtora's babbling - even as he swooped the speeder this way and that, making his way to try and get as close to the AT-ST as he could.

    Once he'd gotten close enough to it, there was only one logical option that the man could think of; jump. Readying the jetpack, it hadn't taken too much of his lunacy to bring both legs up and to crouch on the speeder, before lunging upwards and activating it in hopes of climbing up onto the rear of the machine, or even atop of it!
    There it'd be a case of worrying about not falling off, but... One step at a time.
  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    The squad sounded off, in their own way, and Kina closed her eyes. This gods-awful mess that their Zabrak accomplice had tangled them into would be giving the captain grey hairs, if she had hair. Her lekku twitched and curled anxiously whilst she paced the room, couped up with the doctor and their captives. "Terrorist," the captain mused. "That is exactly what you set out to be." She quietly cursed herself for allowing her ship and crew --- her teeubo --- to be drawn into this sort of thing, but whatever the consequences, she would have to deal with the situation as it evolved. "Good," she replied through the commlinks. "Now keep at it, I have an unsightly want to bloody that Imp's nose."
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  10. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Command Center

    Back in the Command Center, the Junior Officers back away from their fallen superior. After all this Rebel with a hair trigger could just as easily do the same to them! They kept their hands up and their eyes on the ground. The good Doctor examines the Officer that was currently crumpled in a heap on the ground. "Nothing wrong with him Captain." Kina could tell they didn't enjoy seeing the unnecessary violence, even against their former captors.

    Lambda Class Shuttle

    As Fritz flipped switches and shut down non-essential systems, or atleast on-essential in his eyes, numerous systems ceased their humming. The sounds being replaced by those of the jungle outside of the hidden hangar. Before Zin knew what happened, darkness enveloped the entirety of the ship, the only light filtering in was from the front view port and a handful of console lights. But atleast the comms seemed to be operating better now as they could clearly hear a new voice breaking through the static.

    "Anyone hear me on this blasted thing yet?"

    Jungle Chase

    As Valrin closed the distance between himself and the fleeing Lieutenant, he left Rtora in his dust. The speeder bike being able to reach higher speeds than the walkers. With a quick glance over his shoulder he could still see the AT-ST trundling along behind him trying to keep up. Valrin stood on the speeder bike and made a leap of faith for the fleeing AT-ST. At the same time, Rtora randomly fired a single blast into a nearby tree, causing it to burn slightly where the blast hit. Normally this mishap wouldn't have been a big deal, but the sound of the firing threw off Valrin as he ignited his jet pack. Valrin bounced off of the AT-ST's armor as he was unable to get a grip thanks to the distraction. As he slid down the back of the walker his own speeder bike, now riderless, slammed into a tree in a ball of flame.

    Jungle Cruise

    As they waited for a response several things happened in the jungle near them. Blaster fire was heard from some sort of vehicle, shortly after that they could hear an explosion. It seems that they were getting close to where they needed to be, and big things were going down! Famhi cursed under her breath. "Two choices, find out what caused the explosion or head to the base? Your choice."

    Lambda Sensor

    One of the blimps disappeared that was following the AT-ST.
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