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The Battle For Lorjin V

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by VanceTheGreatStubbs, Jan 4, 2014.

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    The zoanthrope stared right at this new threat. It knew this one wouldn't be as easy as the last. It could see the determination in his eyes. The hatred he had for it. The human raised his brother's bolter and cried in vengeance the name of his friend. But the zoanthrope was prepared. As he fired, the zoanthrope floated still, a look of surprise on the space marine's face. But where he expected to see explosions and blood, he saw green ripples. He tried again, each time the explosive bolts burnt up in a fast green pulse of energy.

    He soon realised that the gun was almost useless against the nightmare, so he holstered it. He quickly pulled out his combat knife, the shining metal glinting in the light of the moon. He quickly ran at the nightmare and slashed across its tail. The zoanthrope had been caught completely unaware of this attack, it reeled back in pain
    "Damn creature,you shall die in the emperors name!" The space marine roared, his voice full of anger.

    As he began his charge again, the zoanthrope quickly dropped it's warp field and a green aura appeared around its head, it released a deadly warp blast at the marine. He dodged but was knocked over by the force of the blast. He expected the tyranid to come to him and finish him with another blast, but it did not. It just hovered where it was, watching him. He stood up and took his fallen knife from the ground. He looked at the beast which had killed Cratus, his close brother with an anger he had never felt before. He once again charged at the zoanthrope, and this time, It hit with its warp blast in the chest. He was flung far back. But through sheer determination of will, he got back up once again. The zoanthrope was surprised. It knew more force was required to take this foe down. A veil of dancing green energy span around the zoanthropes head, spinning faster and faster. Diminius knew his time was over.

    Diminius bowed his head, He thought about his dead brother, that he swore to die the same day as him. Here, his brother lay dead and he knew he had completed his promise. He glanced up at the zoanthrope. The energy was spinning so fast now, until finally. It lashed out in one solid beam. It hit Diminius in the chest plate. He screamed as his entire body burst out in the green light, it lit the dark street in an a bright glow. His armour, his body, everything about him was incinerated in the seconds. Nothing was left, not a mark, or dust to even say he had existed...
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    Awesome work there!
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    OOC: so? ^^

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