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The Battle For Lorjin V

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    A Zoanthrope...are you still connected to the hive mind? * the nightmare asked through this new creatures mind. It wondered how many other tyranids were still alive on this planet...and how much there was to feed on...
  2. "It feels...distant, yet I can feel it's presence." The Horror replied, sensing an ulterior motive to this Zoanthrope's question.
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  4. "Right now? A Ripper."
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    Have you seen any more of us?
  6. *It's just past sundown*

    It took little effort for The Phantom to slink through the guardsmen patrols around the armory complex (a sort of sophisticated warehouse). Now the trick was to get in.

    The lictor circled the massive building, looking for a way in. It had to find an entrance before the Tyranid that contacted The Phantom earlier showed up. Or else it will be a whole lot harder to get what it needed. Then, the lictor found it. On the right wing of the armory near the rear, there was a barred air duct about 50 feet from the ground. The Phantom crept to the point below the vent and glanced right. Nothing there. It glanced left. Clear that way too.

    It must be my lucky day, The Phantom thought.

    The lictor took careful aim at the vent and, with a sudden spasm, it launched the flesh hooks from its torso into the metal side of the armory. This gave off a sound akin to that of the closing of a car door (note: this is the reason why The Phantom looked before leaping. The sound, not the sight). The Phantom quickly grappled up the wall until it grasped the vent's edge.

    Now for these bothersome bars.

    The Tyranid looked down at its rending claws and made a small cut in one of the palms. The bleeding limb was then smothered on the bars in a circling motion, leaving greenish ichor where it touched. After a brief moment, the titanium bars began to smoke, the acidic blood eating through them. The Phantom pulled the remains of metal out and they fell to the ground below. The lictor then crawled into the respiratory duct (4'x4' dimensions). After a little scuttling, another vent appeared. The Phantom gingerly removed the cover from the downward opening and jumped through it. The Tyranid's hooves landed onto the metal floor. The armory had been successfully breached.

    With satisfaction with itself, the lictor stealthily began its search, Now where is the weapons cache?
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    Sarcol snuck slowly around inside the armory complex he had the displeasure of being assigned to, 'If they want to stick me in a munitions storage building, let's see how they like losing a few hundred things.' Sarcol said grinning to himself. After stuffing his bed with a figure expertly crafted to look like him, Sarcol slunk out to thieve a few more munitions and weapons than he had already. As he rifled through a large box filled with holy kraken bolts he heard a slam. After looking around suspiciously Sarcol shrugged, loud noises were not uncommon in the warehouse so Sarcol continued his rummaging.
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    OOC: Mechaius, mind making a small map like you did for Lorias, I think it would help most players! ^^

    *In the Streets of Lorjin V ~2km south from 2nd Companies Captain location*

    Diminius was hunting his new nemesis, ignoring his Vox-Channel and his surroundings in blind rage wanting to bring justice and vengeance upon the one who kills his brothers. Upon his search he has found more of his squad, all dead, and after his counting he was sure... Only his Captain, The Apothecary and the wounded might have survived as he did not find their corpses yet. Just as he was running around the corner he found his nemesis but the view shocked him.

    "A Tyranid Zoanthrope, HERE?!" He said out lout to himself, aiming his Bolter and starts to fire upon it. "THIS IS FOR BROTHER CRATUS, DAEMON OF THE DEVOURER!!!!" He yelled with rage, taking a step forwards with each step, not being afraid of his foe he is determined to end the life of the Zoanthrope that stared right into his face.

    *At the South-Center main gate of Lorjin V, ~10km to Depot Tetris ; ~40km to Anomaly Zone*

    Apothecary Lloyd supported his brother and carried him over to the approaching Rhino, which opened on the sight of their brothers. It was the Third Company that has arrived just a moment too late. The wounded Astartes was stored quickly on a bench in the womb of the Rhino to be transported and get his leg "fixed". The Apothecary then joined Captain Klaas of the 2nd to discuss future plans, as Klaas just engaged the captain of the 3rd company, Axon.

    "We picked up the victims of the Thunderhawk crashes, Klaas I believe they are your men?" He opened the discussion, as the other rhinos of the company were approaching. "Indeed they are, thank you for taking the time to retrieve them Axon, I knew I could rely on you. Where is the 4th company are they not with you?" Klaas asks after counting the Rhinos and seeing that they are only in amount for one company. "No, we split up as by the briefing we discussed the 2 main entrances that are available for us and since we lost communication to you, Strike Force Leader, we decided to split up because you could have moved the remnants of your company to either entrance." Axon explained himself and Klaas nodded. "Good Thinking."

    The talk went 2 minutes longer over the fallen and picked up Marines and about the status of the 2nd company. "I see, so with the 40 Survivors you have found we are at least 43 Marines. I hope others were found by the 4th company." Klaas said and then turned to the gate. "We encountered Chaos Space Marines, it seems they also got some of the local PDF on their side, damn heretics." Axon nodded as Klaas continued. "What's the plan of the 4th company?"

    "March through the north-western entrance, grab any ally on the way along and move on forwards to the Governor's Palace to establish contact with the Governor so that we can assume control and find out the exact situation." Axon reported promptly and continued. "While we planned to move towards Imperial Armour Depot Tetris to meet with the leader of the Adeptus Mechanicus in this sector, the Archmagos Veneratus Soloman Mechaius" Klaas nodded on that and took the information in. "Veneratus is not so much of a person to interact with "flesh" from the intel we have, therefore I propose that you and your Techmarine along with 3 Squads of the 3rd to find him and engage him while I move with the Survivors of the 2nd and with the rest of the 3rd company straight through the main roads and kill every traitor on the way, ultimately we will get to the center of the anomalies. If you meet anyone of the 10th company, they are to find everything out they can, but they never got deployed if somebody asks, they are our covert ops on this world just in case the Governor became a traitor or has other secrets, I would like to have the element of surprise on MY side."

    Klaas ordered and Axon nodded, forming his squads and taking 3 Rhinos, moving full-speed ahead to make the plan of the Strike Force Leader come true. The only problem Klaas had now was the lack of communication between his companies, but at least he gained a few Rhinos to move quicker. He turns to Lloyd. "Take a Rhino with 2 Full Combat Ready Astartes and all wounded ones and get to Outpost Delta-Four which is only 5km North from here, it should be one of the main PDF outposts, get in touch with them and find more out, then head towards the main route and follow it, you will find us and report." Lloyd nods and removes himself out of sight of his Captain to realize his plans.

    Quickly all Wounded Astartes were gathered and they count up to 9, for that they were all heavily injured, each having lost either a limb or losing almost a limb. The Rhino was constructed for 10 Space Marines to transport, so they had to squeeze a bit in there but it worked after all and they got on their way.

    Klaas mobilized the rest of the army, ordering the rest of the Rhinos to be manned by the 3rd company as they were theirs. The 2nd company led the convoy while the rest of the 3rd company was deployed among the convoy, guarding the side and back of the Rhinos.
  9. Narrator's Voice: We join the The Phantom of Lorias in the armory warehouse. What could it be looking for?

    BIC: The lictor stalked through the dimly lit building, eyeing shelf after shelf of ammunition and endless weapon racks. It spotted a short figure rummaging in a room a while back, but didn't worry about it and simply went on to the next.

    This isn't good enough! The Phantom thought in aggravation. Where is the experimental section?!

    After another 6 searched rooms of unimportance, there came a door. This door, unlike the previous ones, was mechanically operated and had an insignia placed on to it. It was a skull that was half covered in technology and surrounded by the cogs of a gear.

    This looks promising.

    But when the lictor attempted to open it, the skulls right eye flickered to life. The Phantom figured out that it was scanning the space before it. But it was too late. When the scan was complete, a metallic droning voice sounded throughout the facility.


    Shut up you damn machine! The Phantom screamed.

    There was no use in being stealthy now. The lictor stepped back a few paces and then sprung forward, mantis claws first. The resulting impact made a very large dent in the door, but it still stood strong. The Phantom tried again. It still didn’t work. And this time, one of its mantis claws got stuck. The lictor chose to abandon the limb by ripping it off with the free one. The pain was intense, but the oozing stump would be regenerated in an hour’s time. The Phantom heard shouts coming from outside.

    The human guards will be here soon! How am I going to get this blasted door open?

    Then the Tyranid had an idea. The lictor took its bleeding arm, and used its acid blood to cut through the door like it did with the outside vent. This action worked like a sword through flesh. The Phantom had made it through.


    Great! Now I have even less time!

    The creature’s eyes darted around the room. Unlike the rest of the building, this room was full of machinations. There were work tables stacked with parts and pieces of old or new ongoing projects. There were blue-print holograms for new tank ideas. But it was the weapons rack on the far wall that The Phantom was looking for. It took a step forward but was suddenly pinned under spontaneous fire. The lictor dove for cover behind the incomplete shell of a dreadnought. The flashes had come from the right-side wall. The Phantom took a peek that way and saw the assailants.

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    Round after round found their way into the pockets of the Ratling. As he rummaged and stole the sounds of banging and clattering grew until Sarcol could no longer ignore them. Fearful it might be a superior officer the stout abhuman leapt up over the towering shelves of weapons and ammunition with agility and grace rarely seen within the ranks of the imperial guard. Before Sarcol could leap to the second shelf from the first he scaled, the alarms began blaring, nearly making Sarcol fall from his perch. After shivering a bit at the thought of Xenia this close to him, and the threat they brought, Sarcol realized just how perfect of an opportunity this might be. Befor Sarcol could formulate a plan, the second alarm blared indicating the experimental weapons lab had been breached, making Sarcol grin even bigger. To the right person the weapons in that lab would be a fortune. No amount of danger in the world would keep Sarcol from this kind of prize. With a flick of his feet Sarcol was off towards the broken door and the jewels that were concealed behind it. Since Sarcol was already in the area he reached the entrance before any guards, but was not as careless as the troopers who were approaching, he already observed the arm stuck in the door and the acid burns that forced it open. 'Genestealers' Sarcol thought to himself as he unslung his long las from his shoulder and held it at the ready, hoping not to run into any xenos between him and his prize.

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