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The Battle For Lorjin V

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by VanceTheGreatStubbs, Jan 4, 2014.

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    The nightmare sensed another presence.....this time another tyranid...
    *The nightmare try's to communicate through telepathy with this new being*
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    OOC: You Nid players are aware that Nids come in well.... SWARMS?! Seriously I feel like I gotta drop a hive ship on you and assume control of your guys, 3 single nids...... and next they will play together like the Astartes do with structure and being as smart as a hive tyrant xDDD *that's why I do not like Nid individuals in RPs, kinda almost lore breaking*
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    OOC: Urian, shuddup :mad:, geeze a guy can't give a complement to the opposite gender without everyone thinking he fancies her these days o_O
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    OOC: Iam teasing you, different story my friend! ^^ now we shall get back to the RP, aye? (Though in today's society often compliments and being helpful is understood as flirting what is wrong, we are expecting eachother to be such a-holes that once we do something nice it's directly flirting lol)
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    OOC: What RP would be complete without at least one comic relief?
    Name: Sarcol
    Race: Ratling
    Age: 19
    Company: Lorjin V 2nd
    Background: Sarcol was born a soldier. His parents when drafted were some of the most skilled snipers the imperial guard had to offer, but their child made them look like children with slingshots. Like so many other soldiers in the imperium he was raised with his weapon, trained to clean, strip and repair the precision long-las in the field before he could walk. By the age of three he was already hitting targets most average guardsmen would struggle with. Yet despite his extraordinary sniping abilities, Sarcol met heavy resistance when he exercised his other extraordinary skill, theft. Whatever unit he was attached to lost anything of value. Commissars lost gear and clothing, sometimes while still wearing it. Guardsmen would lose memorabilia, grenades, armor, money, even their primers f they were not careful. Although never caught, Sarcol was always suspected of these crimes which is the reason he was assigned to a mission deemed by his superiors to be a death sentence. Despite the obvious execution sentence, Sarcol had no intention of dying here. With his collection of toothpicks and his long las, Sarcol planned to get his revenge on those who sought his death.
  6. OOC: It's cool

    So are you a ripper right now or a carnifex?
  7. OOC:
    Ripper. I'd raise hell if I was a Carnifex :cool:
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    OOC: Iam sure if you fall into WanderingJesters hands he would keep you as a cute adorable pet xD
  9. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Imperial Armour Depot Tetris - 30 KM from Anomaly Site

    The sudden wave of data was nearly overwhelming to Soloman, as his input circuits were flooded by audio and video. His servo skulls had located evidence of Astartes Survivors engaging hostile forces. Traitor Astartes, Emperor's Children Legion, judging by the pict analysis. This was most disturbing. The presence of Chaos Forces compounded the fact that Tyranid Bio Forms were most likely on the surface. His operations would now have to be directed on locating and terminating both the Tyranid creatures and these new found Traitor Marines.

    He had little time to waste.

    [You are dismissed] He barked from his vox-coder, at the Imperial Officers before him. [Ready your forces for immediate deployment. You will accompany my own forces to the anomaly site. All resistance encountered is to be terminated. Be they Imperial or otherwise]

    He turned from their suddenly bewildered faces. His strides were purposeful, his servos whirring quietly, echoing the need for haste. His mighty transport loomed before him. It's armour meters thick, and festooned with icons of the Mechanicus. It's weapons many and deadly. Equipped with a state of the art communications and senor suite, and fitted with a hanger and landing pad for the deployment of vertical lift aircraft. An Imperial Command Leviathan, the only transport capable of leading this operation and worthy of bearing the Archmagos Veneratus.

    Soloman had requested the support of Lorjin V's Titan Legio, but the Fabricator-General had been reluctant to deploy the God-Machines, fearing such a move would enlighten the other Imperial Forces to the seriousness of the situation. The Ordo Xeno's had demanded discretion, and the Fabricator-General had agreed. The nature of the research carried out at the Xanthrax Research Conclave was of no concern of the Astartes or Imperial Guard. If they were exposed to it's secrets, then their minds would be scrubbed at least or terminated if required. Soloman cared not.

    As he approached his transport, his lumbering Praetorian bodyguards slammed their armoured fists to their chests in salute. Bowing their heads in reverence. He acknowledged them with a nod, before proceeding up the loading ramp. His arrival signaled the rest of his force to prepare for departure. Dozens of Chimera transports, loaded with heavily armed Skitarii, and several cohorts of Leman Russ battle tanks and Legio Cybernetica robots awaited his deployment orders.

    Before Solman made his way inside, however, the shout of an irate man echoed behind him. Soloman turned to face the source of the outburst.

    "Archmagos!" bellowed an angry looking Guard Officer, a Major judging by the rank pins of his collar. "Why are you ordering my men to deploy? We have received no orders from our Commander."

    [I am your Commander now, Major] Soloman stated, extending his mechanical had towards the Major, transmitting new orders to his dataslate.

    The Major stopped in his tracks, and he fished his dataslate from his fatigues pocket. He activated it and glanced over the new orders. His face contorted in confusion, but settled into a scowl, as he regarded the Archmagos with a venomous glare.

    [As you see, Major, the Fabricator-General, defacto Imperial Governor of Lorjin V, has seconded command of all deployed forces on the planet to my authority. The Astartes of the Novamarines Chapter and all Imperial Guard Forces. Your superiors have already been informed. You will follow my orders, or be executed for Treason] Soloman spat, turning away from fleshy annoyance that was the Major.

    [The choice is yours, Major. Ready your men for deployment. We depart immediately] he declared finally, as the loading ramp closed behind him. The massive Leviathan roared into motion, as it's massive tracks churned the dirt beneath them into a cloud of thick dust and fine metal slivers. It left the garrison without delay, the rest of the Mechanicus vehicles forming a column around it. A trio of Leman Russ tanks forming the vanguard.
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  10. Being a Ripper sucked, in the Horror's opinion. You were too small, not too agile, and able to die from a single las-shot. But it was for a purpose. If it did turn into it's original form, it would attract too much attention. So the Horror took it in stride and continued moving. But it felt...something, like a buzzing within his mind. Then buzzing became words:

    "TYRANID? SYNAPSE?" It asked.

    If it could, the Horror would've raised an eyebrow.

    "Not currently. Who are you?"

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