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The Awakening (Dragon Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 31, 2018.

  1. Abim'regina looks around, stroking her chin under her mask

    "Interesting indeed... a bit small and less grandiouse, as expected, but still seemingly aware of the basis of how to create an impressive and interesting hold"

    She seems to completely ignore the guards for now, as she calmly begin walking towards the town leader. Her strange clothes and aura of terror making her way more frightening than the guards could anticipate as she calmly walks forwards, no sign of fear, anger or even emotion in this current moment. She is only focused on the Town Regent. Every step would almost pulse an aura of terror over the guards. They don't know why, but something about this woman makes them feel weak, inferior. Below her in every sense of the word. And still she don't even look at them. Rather her gaze seems focused on the Regent

    "I have come to talk"

    No use of title and her words was clearly not an suggestion, question or demand. She was here to talk and he would listen and if she allowed it, respond.
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Raegald." Rasselkhan repeated with scorn like it was a bad taste on his tongue. All of this was troubling to hear. Maybe another golden age of dragonkind was not to be. It was a loathsome future. He stared off into the distance, where the city would probably be, before turning to the soldiers again.
    "I asked, you answered. The bargain holds still, speak."
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  3. @Wata
    The old soldier gazes at his companions, the other men being quiet, out of fear or respect is hard to determine. Then the old man turns to the giant beast again, and bows his head
    “First question, great one… What manner of being are you, if I can be so forward to ask? I am a mere soldier and no scholar, so I am not well versed, but I have to ask who and what are you?”

    He lets the question sink in before taking a deep breath and standing tall once more
    “Second question, great one. What value does the tower above have to you? If you have it be valuable, could we make an extra effort to make sure nobody trespasses it.”

    Once again, a respectful pause to let his question sink in
    “And the third question… What are your plans, great one? While I understand it can be a personal question, would we like to ask what your purpose is. Even if we by no means stand any close to you when it comes to power, is it still our duty as the knights of the city to protect it, if you have plans that endanger it. I hope such a great being like you would understand.”

    He bows his head, just as the other soldiers does. They know they are likely nothing compared to this great being, far outclassed in power and in force… but they have their oaths.

    The nearby elves looked at the strange newcomer who had just asked to see their leader. They were silent as the brief use of his aura immediately established who was was dominant around here and any children or elderly that were outside were quickly hurried inside as a precaution. The adults were then quick to move towards the largest of their structures, seemingly indicating that was where Khireluaar needed to go. Upon entering he would find That the structure was very large on the inside, possibly due to it being dug out from the ground. The room was mostly empty and kept illuminated by firelight, at the back wall there was a raised platform. Seemed this was some sort of meeting area, and the elves wanted him to go to the platform.

    Once up there he would be greeted by an elderly individual, their wings folded behind their back, likely atrophied from age and not able to be used anymore. They said nothing but offered him a tablet with something inscribed on it and got onto his knees and kowtowed. Upon looking at the tablet he would find a figure inscribed onto it that looked much like himself standing exactly where he was with a large group of these elves bowing to him. If he turned his head he would find the adults of the village were in the same position as the elder. It seemed they have been expecting him.

    Naturally Abim'regina was completely unimpeded by the guards who backed off from her entirely. The regent flinched at her voice while he sat in his throne, her aura easily overpowering any sense of bravery or self importance within the man. The man was clearly not a ruler that had kept his position through merit or conquest. He was overweight and somewhat older, likely he was born into the position and had known no struggle or real suffering in his life. This may in fact be the first time in his life that he has been presented with something so obviously superior to him. As such he doesn’t really know what to do in the face of the woman besides comply with what she wanted. “Yes… of course what do you wish to speak about then?” He seemed to pause as he tried to think of something to call her but his mind was clearly blanking on that. He did not know her name or her title and was certain if he tried and got it wrong he would offend her and decided to simply be quiet.

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