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The Awakening (Dragon Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 31, 2018.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kovinth's eyes gazed over these beings, Sentinet, Thinking, alive.. all not his creation something that could prove interesting to study if he attempts his experiment once more or uses full in gathering resources. A few thoughts of going to sparing these creatures were made and a few others to study them or their minds. Using his mind and his magic he would attempt to speak to them to throw his voice into there outpost. with a simple question.
    "Who are you. Why are you living on my tomb, What are you" Simple questions left the dragon's mouth it would be in his language but would be bounced through the dwarves outpost and with his magic would change from his tongue to another.
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rasselkhan approached these armoured figures. He landed before a few of them, out of reach for spears but well in range for laser breath.
    "Hold, I have questions which you will answer to honestly." He growled as a rumbling of light emanated from the depths of his maw.
    Man could have grown arrogant in his absence. Technically these people were walking within his kingdom, undoubtedly long forgotten now.
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  3. Abim'regina eyes the people. Clearly peasants. Their clothes simple and ragged. Most either frequently repaired or hand downs, most of them at the least, as she noticed some of some higher standing. She clears her throat, lifting her a foot above the floor before setting it down again, as she does a pulse of energy rushes out, not enough to be harmfull, or even push a glass over, but more to put power behind what she says next.
    "Bring me to your ruler. Whoever is in charge, I need to see him this instant."
    Her voice is powerfull and commanding, with a soft remainder of an odd dialect that the people can't fully place. Abim'regina looks around, waiting for a response, or the lack of one, she was half expecting both.
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  4. @Wata
    The figures. Small and carrying what Rasselkhan would recognize as spears freeze. Staring at the huge golden figure, all of them automatically holding up their spears in front of them as if fending him off. They begin shouting in their strange language, which Rasslekhan would quickly pick up with ease
    “What the hell is that! Call reinforcements!”
    As they hear his speech however, they freeze, unsure how to handle it, before one of them, stepping forwards as in response to his words. He is taller for one of his kind, and his armor, compared to the others, have decorations of gold, as well as a golden symbol of a dawning sun on his chest. He removes his helmet, revealing grey hair on his head as he looks up at the former dragon king. Even if he is hiding it, could Rasselkhan see that his hand is trembling. He is afraid, but he stands anyway. He begins speaking, with a deep and commanding voice
    “We will answer honestly… if you do the same for us.”
    He seems to rely completely on that the dragon wants to talk, rather than fight.

    The Hunter eyes the weird... creature? Man? He eyed him over once more, studying the strange armor, eyes and chiseled features.
    “I… You…”
    He isn’t sure what he should say. He just watches the strange a bit, gripping his spear tighter, as if to stab him for a bit. But he then decides that it is probably a bad idea. The hunter rubs his neck a bit unsure still.
    “We are in the middle of the Deepthorn Woods. Generally a peaceful area, mostly used for the act of hunting, either for sport or for food…”
    He glances around again and seemingly decides to not give the thing any reason to get angry
    “You can...stay if you like. Just don’t expect dinner.”
    He mumbles to himself, still keeping distance. Glancing southward, where a small village is located. So far away that you can’t see the smoke from the smokestacks.

    It did seem his army was still capable of flight as the two hundred animated corpses spread their own wings and followed him upwards into the sky. Granted not all of them were the best fliers, having to be assisted by other undead but in general the flock of corpses would follow him. Their bodies no longer able to be affected by exhaustion they could follow him forever. Under the power his wings the dread drake would find the edge of the floating continent in a matter of hours. He might have done it more quickly if he didn’t have to be more slow for his makeshift army. The sun kissed his form as he finally reached the edge and he was able to see that beyond the wasteland below was an ocean.

    But his concerns did not lie with the ocean as he flew upward to see what was on the surface of the floating continent. The best way to describe it would be a sea of trees, plant life that was fully taking advantage of the closer proximity to the sun. It was so thick that even his dragonic eyes couldn’t see the ground underneath them. Something he did see however was a winged humanoid standing out on the branches which evidently were thick enough to hold up their weight.

    The patrons of the tavern looked at what they perceived to be some kind of extremely powerful mage. One of the ones that appeared to be of higher stand drank what had been in his glass quickly as if the liquid would make him stop shaking. He cleared his throat before speaking. “I can bring you to him.” He said raising a hand slightly. If she allowed him he would walk outside and first point towards the largest of the buildings of the city and began walking towards it, obviously assuming she would follow him. If she looked behind her she would notice the patrons from the tavern had left and were following her. Even some of those that were working at the building, a morbid sense of curiosity making them feel compelled to follow her just to see what she would do.

    The creatures inside the building all shuddered at hearing the sudden voice, as it seemed to amplify the fear they already held at the extreme wrath of nature. For several minutes none of them said anything as it seemed most were too frightened to say anything and others seemed to be thinking. Choosing their next words very carefully one of them did speak up. “We are citizens of Orstekrost, this is an outpost meant to keep tabs on the surface.” The bravest of the short things said. “Please do not harm us we don’t know what we did to anger you!” They pleaded.
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    When someone with a spine appeared Rasselkhan puffed hot air through his nostrils. Humanity was prone to arrogance, it was good it wasn't this time. It had been tiring before to remind mortals of their place and it would be so now as well if it came to it.
    "I accept the terms." He squinted at the armour of these people. Maybe some remnant of sun worship since his time. His posture relaxed slightly but still kept his back straight so he loomed above them.
    "There's a tower at the highest peaks of these mountains. Did you know this? Have you tainted it with your presence in any way? Who rules these lands now when I've been absent? Where are the rest of my kind?"
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  6. Abim'regina approached the larger building. Her eyes swishing over the structure as she strokes her chin. It seems as if these primitive humans can truly acomplish things. The rain continues falling down on the city, however it don't seem to touch her, meeting what seem to be afield around her, letting her remain dry. Of course, she adores the water, she is a blue hydra after all, but these humans apparently would find it less impressive if she came in soaking wet. Her clothes and new mask remaining as dry as ever as she slowly approached the gates to this incredibly building. Using one hand, and one push to open the gargantuan gates as she walks into the first hall of the city-regent. Wondering who this leader could be.
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  7. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    Taking advantage of his rabble's ability to never tire, he commanded them to remain just beneath the edge of the continent, out of sight, sound and depending on the length of his "visit" also smell. He himself landed on the edge of the landmass, and reverted into human form. He would so recently after the slaughter still look like an ordinary humanoid, not desiccated as his form is ordinarily. However, his suit of armour would cover his entire body, and as such, nothing notable would be seen from the outside all the same. He flexed his elvish wings for a bit, still not used to using them at all. He would then enter the forest as quietly as he could without placing much effort into it. Should any elf notice him despite this however, they would see someone like them, but dressed in rusty plate, the likes of which they'd only ever seen in historical murals or graves from a particular tribe if at all.

    The now humanoid drake would search for any large civilization, a city or a settlement similar in size. His hate for the mortal races blotted out for a moment by the sheer curiosity of exploring the world anew. He made the conscious effort of not radiating his entire being. Any unsuspecting elves suddenly feeling an unplaceable feeling of fright or unnerve in his presence seemed detrimental in his mind. His plan was to stroll into a settlement, and explore it as if he was simply a foreigner entering a new city. During his stroll, all flora he'd pass would to the attentive eye wilt and weaken until he'd left.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kovinth's eyes kept on the outpost as he flew in the air, A new factor, These beings were intelligent, Sentient and most of all knew what to react to when they encountered the unknown fear. Something many things did. his mind went to what to do, He could try to annihilate them, though, That would serve him little in this new world. Study, and analysts may be a better choice in then destroying him. Though he would have to learn more of them first, A outpost, meant it was likely apart of an empire or civilization, With A huff of his nostrils and smoke, Kovinth mind went to the storm brewing in the air, using his power he would cause an eye in the storm to form over the outpost a place where his wrath would not strike. Looking into the outpost with his Dragon eye he would attempt to project a small projection of himself the projection itself would only be a pair of eyes and a cloud, to the dwarf that answered him. "Small creature, These lands have grown rife with life in the time of my death now I awaken once more into world, My tomb been broken into and my own body defiled, My rage is great, But now I ask, This worlds life has grown what lives in these lands created by the others hands, and what are you and your people." The dragon asked to the small creature.
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  9. @Wata
    The old soldier looks up at the mighty dragon.
    “We have seen the tower at the top of the mountain, Golden one. However we have never managed to reach its halls. The mountain top is made of solid rock and has next to no scalable surfaces. No one has officially reached the tower or the peak, as far as we are aware.”
    He waited a bit, to let the beast listen to his words as well as seeing if this fact had angered or pleased the dragon.
    “The lands are currently ruled by City-councillor Raegald, whose City is currently nestled down at the side of a mountain on the other side of this valley, we are a part of the outpost here keeping an eye after invaders.”
    Once again, a respectful pause
    “And… regarding your kind, Golden one. I can’t say. I have never heard of a being like you and I have never seen of one like you either. I am sorry but a soldier like me can’t help you in that regard”
    He bowed his head, waiting for response, not even thinking of trying to push his own questions yet.

    Exploring the forest for sometime the Drake would find that after suppressing his nature the local fauna came from various hiding spaces. Squirrels, exotic birds and more would pop out from different locations, eyeing the strange newcomer a bit confused and curiously. They keep a vary distance, eyeing the Drake, not daring to approach. He is a new presence in the forest and even if he is holding it back, can they sense that something isn’t completely right with him.

    While he maneuvers through the flora he would come across a small path, a walked path it seems, not much more than a simple path for those who wanted a walk through the woods. Its winding and twisted path moved naturally with the shape of the land and eventually lead him to a small village situated beneath the trees. Winged elves dressed in various plant matter moved between structures carved into the trunks of the various massive trees as for them a normal days is simply continuing its course. So far they have not noticed him, how he would introduce himself to them was his own choice.

    With the massive(compared to the average size of a human) gates pushed aside easily by a single woman the growing crowd would people could be heard making audible sounds of amazement with small tinges of terror. A good portion of them had likely just come out of their homes to see what was going on and now found themselves mesmerized by the power of this new individual. Through the now open doors they could all see into the great hall of the Regent, with a very high ceiling and large arches holding up the roof it was mostly constructed of wood and the walls were lined with works of art and previously had guards stationed around them. Previously as the ocean queen would find dozens of guards moving towards her and the now open gates.

    These guards wore mildly rusted armor that seems to have been touched by the sea on more than one occasion and carried a strangely shaped polearm. They quickly surrounded her as she continues to examine the interior of the building. Down the center of the long hall was a massively long table that stretched all the way from a few meters from the gates to the back of the building where she could see the Regent was sitting on something of a throne. The portly man looked fairly surprised at the sudden entrance as an armored figure was leaning next to him and saying something into his ear. With her superior hearing she could tell that it was simply a suggestion that he leave the building through a secret hatch nearby.

    The creature was visibly confused at the question but the terror of the voice and the projection kept them from asking for clarification. “We are Dwarves, Scions of the Earth.” They said, not looking directly at the projection. “We do not know much about the lands above the surface as we live underground. This place was made so we would be able to study the surface in a better capacity.” It seemed the so called ‘Dwarf’ was trying to speak in a more sophisticated manner to the projection. It could be nervous reflex or they were attempting to sound intelligent to the terrifying thing that was speaking them. It would be difficult to tell without reading their mind properly but they at least seemed to be telling the truth.
  10. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    Khireluaar, standing in the edge of the woods made a desicion about how this was going to be handled. These beings seemed to very much differ from those he considered to be ”his flock” in that they seemed more intent on preserving and coexisting with the nature around them, rather than subjugating it.
    This approach to life was very alien to the drake, and he did not appreciate it at all.
    Despite his distaste for these elves he felt that a civilization, if strange, was better than none at all.

    Khireluaar slowly walked towards the center of the village and using his draconic throat as well as letting a small fragment of his aura into his voice, barked a command at them: ”Elves of this tree village, I have travelled a long way to meet the leader of your people! Bring him to me forthwith, I require a discussion with him!”
    Khireluaar being who and what he was, waited impatiently for his order to be fulfilled without hesitation, as these mortals surely would understand that he was to be served.
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