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The Awakening (Dragon Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 31, 2018.

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    Kovinth looked on at the destruction his blood still boiling the destruction, the wiping of the slate, and cleaning of his lands were in the process of the cleansing. It was then that he spotted something odd. The storm and his wrath unearthed something that was weathering the elements of his magic and rage. An irritating, and pest at most but something of study at least. Far above in the sky his eye would open and he would cast his gaze upon it, A magical gaze to try and pierce through the walls of the outpost to see what may live inside or what it may be made out of.
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  2. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    When Khireluaar reached the surface he breathed in deeply, more by reflex than necessity. He tasted the notes on the air, searching for anything to sate him. There was a hint of smoke he sensed, maybe even something roasting. The light in the distance; although enticing beyound all doubt were risky. What disgusting lifeforms could have formed while he slept? No, care was required. He flew a large part of the distance over the clouds until he got within a kilometer, where he morphed into the humanoid counterpart of his usual form and started walking the last of the distance. Were the surrounding lands lush with greenery as they perhaps would have been before the floating rock in the sky had come, it’d die from his mere presence such as he remembered. He had forgotten however what it’d to to living beings, but what better opportunity to find out than the present.
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  3. @Wata
    The strange creature’s flesh would be filling to the dragon who was understandably hungry after the long hibernation. This coupled with the small revenge against the creature that evidently had take to gnawing on his lover’s bones could possibly satisfy the dragon for a short time. Soon the creature would just be a skeleton and scraps of fur and Rasselkhan once again found himself alone inside his old ruined home.

    The path towards the campin cabin is relatively short and eventless. The fauna of the forest have already cleared out the close vicinity, hiding from this ancient beast of old. If he studied his surroundings could he probably notice one or two pairs of eyes glimmering amongst the trees, a far bit away from him, studying his every move.

    As Einhardt approached the small building the barking of a creature would be heard. A black beast, small by comparison, is barking fiercely at the giant lizard. Standing its ground, refusing to back down, protecting the building perhaps? Its teeth showing… it knows it is outmatched, but it will not back down nevertheless. As the Dog barks, a man would come out. Black hair and a rough beard, holding a large spear in his hands. On his back is a bow and a quiver on his hip, mirrored by a sword. He trembles in front of the beast as he holds up the spear, clearly knowing he is out of his league.
    “Back! STAY BACK!”
    He shouts at Einhardt, clearly afraid… but he either don’t think he can run or is protecting something.

    There would be not greenery for Khireluaar’s presence to wilt, the floating continent above prevented anything of the sort from growing here. Its looming gigantic form blocked out the sun for untold miles as was its sheer size. As such the landscape around him was devoid of most conventional forms of plantlife. It did seem however that other life did exist here, the lights of the small settlement he was approaching were an obvious testament to this. It wasn’t a grand city or fortress but rather something of a small town. There was a wall constructed of bricks surrounding it with only a single gateway acting as an entrance. It was a primitive but effective method of fortification, effective being a relative term as a dragon could simply fly over the walls or even destroy them with brawn.

    At the single gateway there was a group of four winged humanoids who easily wilted at the mere presence of Khireluaar. His aura overwhelming them easily enough so that they were unable to act. The gates to the settlement were closed though if he wanted to exert a little force they could be torn down easily.

    The queen would find the mind of the humanoid full of memories of their life on the sea, their language would be picked up automatically by her superior mind. This group of humanoids has come to these ruins in search of treasure to bring back to their home islands and become rich. Though it wasn’t just simple greed that brought them here, it seemed the one who ruled their home islands held a hefty tax over the heads of their subjects. For them to actually get rich more meant to just keep their homes and families out of danger.

    As for the city she saw in the human’s mind it was fairly large, nothing compared to dragon architecture but still it was of a respectable size. It spanned several small close together islands with wooden boardwalks connecting them. Larger structures being built on the islands proper and what looked like repurposed ships forming other structures that floated on the water itself. The swim over to it would be uneventful as long as she kept deep enough for human ships to not be able to see her and once she was close enough it would be her choice in how to proceed.

    Kovinth’s all seeing gaze would easily pierce the stone structure that his rage had unearthed, revealing its many hallways that were simply carved from the stone. Those that lived in it were cowering in its deepest compartments, huddling together and hoping to weather whatever had been wrought upon them. These creatures were short and stout, their men appeared to grow long beards which they decorated with braids and various sorts of jewelry, most commonly made of gold. Those he could discern as female meanwhile grew long hair which was braided and decorated just as evenly as the male’s beards. Young children would lack any sort of decoration in their hair. Overall he could count ninety two of these short humanoids inside the structure.
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  4. Einhardt watched the two stand their ground against odds that would have made many others run. It made him smile to know that such bravery still existed even now. And what was better was that he could understand the human as well, looks like he did indeed find someone to speak with. The Tarrasque looked down at himself and mumbled. "Perhaps I should have go with a more modest form aye?" He asked rhetorically with a chuckle. The massive beast that was Einhardt began to shrink and change with the sound of stones grinding against one another rumbled, his black stone like skin changing to plates of armor mortals would wear, many of the pieces have a draconic motif to them. Soon Einhardt stood in front of the two as a man in knightly armor, though still have a large height advantage over the man unfortunately. Taking his helme to reveal a human face, if one would chisle it from rock with some accidents if the scars across his features were any indication. But his eyes were still the same orange his normal form had, as he tried to have the friendliest look to his face before speaking, knowing he probably spooked the good man half to death with his approach. "I mean no harm, I wish to speak with you to have a better understanding of the land since I forced into hibernation, if you would be so kind sir." He explained himself.
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  5. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    Khireluaar watched the strange humanoids, frozen... In fear? No, this was something else, something palpable. He felt their life force weakening. He walked close to one of these "statues" of flesh and touched it. The faintest of touches made it seem as if all moisture in the humanoids body was removed, all but the bones in it's body shrinking. as the now lifeless piece of meat before him fell to the ground he moved towards the other three, this time violently ending them: an arm through one's chest, a caved in skull in another, lastly, a torn out throat. The loss of life near him was... Envigorating. Then, as he moved to study the gate closer, the bodies twitched. One by one they rose anew, and Khireluaar's memories grew ever closer.
    While this feast satiated him somewhere deep inside he felt as if it was missing something, something more physical. The town would pay the price of his hunger, despite it not being the cause, as it would perhaps be the remedy. Turning back into his draconic form to scale the walls, he leaped into the air but landed once again in the middle. The ground around his landing spot cracked, as it's lifeless earth felt the weight of a dragon not ensuring a soft landing. Then he devoured the closest living being to him whole and whipped another with his tail, the being turning into a crimson paste of blood, bone and gristle.
    This would almost be fun.
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  6. Abim'reginia studies the city from the water, a large shadow from the sea as she eyes the city with her many eyes, curious... curious and oh so curious. She nods and then begins to chant something under the water... clouds gather as a thick rain begins coming down over the city, raining more and more and harder and harder, thunder crackling above it as, in just two hours, a full on thunder storm envelops the city, making it go darker and darker...

    In the middle of this cacophany... A woman strides out. Dressed in a black and gold dress, with a weird honred mask upon her head, carrying a fine kane. Using the conjured storm as a cover, she took her humanoid form. The raid splatter around her but don't seem to make her wet in the least... and she approaches the gates, lifting a single hand, she flicks her finger, blasting the gates open as she strides in,, eyeing around herself at the buildings and the people hiding inside... she sees a tavern in the distance, there seem to be alot of people inside, so she approaches, opening the door calmly as she steps inside, an aura of terror emminating from this woman as she studies the men inside.
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Having satisfied his hunger and having small manner of revenge, it came to the golden dragon as to what was there to do now.
    The world was different for sure, but dragons should not be extinct. He would leave the tower but his soulmate was still without proper funeral rites.
    Reluctantly he forced himself to witness her remains again. Rasselkhan gathered the bones and brought them to the highest point he could find. He set them ritualistically on fire so she'd be free of her earthly remains to have her rise from fire and smoke toward the skies so she could embrace the sun.
    He stayed there for as long as the funeral pyre burned, cherishing the memories. Only after he could move on and find civilization again.
    So he did, saying his final farewells at last. He left the mountain in search of a city.
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  8. @Wata
    Soaring above the land in the way only a dragon could, Rasselkhan would find the landscape of this new world not terribly different from the old one. Granted the air was now devoid of dragons save for himself. In his memories he could see a time when the skies were full of his kind as they would be traveling across the world that they ruled. But now there was nothing but clouds and a rocky landscape below. It did not bode well for the fate of civilization, perhaps he was the last of his kind? The only survivor of a plague that had driven a once mighty race into caves where the hand of time had done them in. Before he could slip into hopelessness he spotted something within a narrow valley that resembled a deep gash in the mountains. Movement, and it seemed that some of the rock faces there were not entirely natural. It certainly wasn’t dragon architecture but it was something. If he looked closer he would see short humanoid figures walking around the exterior wearing armor that was a similar color to the surrounding rock. If it weren’t for the fact of his dragonhood he might have missed them.

    The hunter didn’t seem at all comforted by the gigantic reptilian thing turning into a human. He blinked and opened his mouth. “I… uhhh….. what?” He ended up saying as his vocal cords were forced into action. Clearly he had never seen something such a thing before, monsters and possibly even war given his apparent age but never something like this. The four legged mammal however was not particularly deterred by this, it’s sense of loyalty to its aperant master being too strong. Fortunately for it the hunter grabbed it before it would attempt to attack the new armored figure. “Just stay right there, We can talk from here.” The hunter said as his spear lowered at bit as he could sense no hostility.

    The proceeding slaughter of the townsfolk would be exceedingly easy as none of these winged humanoids seemed capable of actually harming him or resisting his aura. In a matter of minutes all of those that lived within the walled town would be rendered into the shriveled corpses that now surrounded him. Silent with hollow eyeless sockets staring in his direction. A small army of two hundred subjugated corpses from the very old to the very young awaited their new master’s orders. If the drake has been observant in its slaughter of the walled town he would have been able to find a tattered and pieced together map that detailed the surrounding lands underneath the floating continent above which these creatures evidently named “Gulthawna”. Of course what was stranger was that he could read their language at all, it seemed to be based off of dragon scripts that they no doubt stole.

    Needless to say the queen’s dramatic entrance had gathered a lot of attention. Guards had tried to approach her but the aura she radiated stopped them in their tracks. Their primal instincts keeping them from getting any closer to this strange visitor. As she entered the tavern its patrons immediately fell quiet as if sensing her very presence as she approached the building. All eyes were focused on the entrance as she entered the building. Drinks were left on the counter or tables as every humanoid looked at the strange visitor with eyes wide in a mixture of horror and curiosity. All of them waiting for her to make the first move.
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  9. He nodded in agreement, wanting to show he had no ill intent for the man or his loyal companion. "My name is Einhardt, my kind was forced into slumber in chambers when a plague gripped the land. If I had to guess that was....a few thousand years at least? Hard to say really. Not sure how many survived either. More or less, I'm lost and not sure what is even around anymore. I'll leave if you wish though." He offered, understanding of the man was too shaken to continue a conversation with an entity like himself. Dragons didnt exactly keep a good relation with the ancestors of mortals, so he wasn't even sure what sort of legends and stories have been passed down over the years about his kind.
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  10. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    Khireluaar reveled in the bloodshed and death, feeling nostalgic. He glanced at the small army he'd subconsciously raised with a small piece of curiosity; the humanoids he'd raised had wing-like membranes on their backs, something he'd never really thought about before. He contemplated whether the wings were large enough to support their bodies, and if the reanimation was sophisticated enough to allow it. Despite his instincts telling him not to, he wanted to fly atop this continent, to feel the sun upon his scales. The army, he thought, could probably not follow him in this journey, something he lamented on briefly, as the slaughter undoubtedly coming would eventually grow dull and he would want others to do it for him when he felt loath to do it himself. He flapped his large wings and sped away, the force would follow if they could, otherwise they would return to their instinctual tasks; protecting the master's lands, and sending out exploratory sorties into the wasteland.
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