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The Awakening (Dragon Rp)

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  1. Ten millennia ago Dragons ruled the world, creating vast empires and the mightiest civilizations that have ever graced this world. The Dragon race was a diverse and universally powerful one that split into eighteen separate “breeds” as they are referred to. From the lowly Drake to the godlike Behemoth they ruled the world wisely with their ageless bodies that would never die. Though they were not true immortals, external means were quite capable of killing a dragon though considering their might this was still difficult. Or at least most dragons thought of it like this in a bout of forgivable arrogance as no one truly understand their own mortality until it is too late.

    The downfall of the dragons did not come in the way of war or some grand apocalypse but disease that would cause the destruction of their Civilization. It came seemingly from nowhere, the infected would not even realize that they had fallen ill. Thus they inadvertently spread the most destructive plague to have ever been seen by dragon kind. So devastating was this plague that the remaining dragons were forced to hibernate so that they could wait out the illness. And so they did, the great sleep began as every dragon affected by the virus or otherwise began a long slumber that would continue through the coming ages.

    Most anticipated that this sleep would indeed last for a long period of time but no one could have guessed just how long they would sleep. Lying beneath the earth in carefully prepared chambers for ten millennia where most expected perhaps a few centuries at most. As the dragons disappeared from the world for their own survival other creatures rose to prominence. Most notably humanoid races that were thought as not much more than slightly intelligent animals during the time of the dragons had risen to build their own civilizations. Puny and petty things compared to the grandeur and heights that the dragons had soared to but not lacking in numbers.

    Undoubtedly the Humanoids were the masters of the planet now from the flying continents of the winged Elves, to the deep subterranean holds of the dwarves, and even to the land based humans and their walled cities. These races are only vaguely familiar with the titans that once controlled the lands they no trod upon. Each race having its own beliefs and interpretations about the various ruins that are discovered. Some, like a particular sect of elves believe the dragons to have been gods and revere them fervently. Others like a surprising amount of humans think that the dragons are only myths. The Dwarves are more than familiar with dragons however, their expeditions finding ruins of prehistoric dragon civilizations as well as the bones of long dead dragons. But no one has ever witnessed a living and awake dragon.

    Until now, as if something had triggered in their sleeping minds dragons all across the world would find themselves finally stirring from their rest. Shaking off dust and rock as they found themselves in a world alien to them as the had slept far longer than any of them could have expected. Now awake it was their choice in how they should act in this new foreign world, adapt and work with its new masters, conquer in the name of a long dead empire, or perhaps even destroy everything. It was up to them, the world was at their mercy.
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    In a hall once full of sunlight and resplendence, was but rubble. The stillness was broken as a pile of rubble shifted somewhere high in a mountain tower. The hibernation chamber's roof had collapsed but magic had stayed active. The stone rumbled and shifted as a large figure stirred awake. On drowsy legs a golden dragon slowly rose and took his first awake breath in centuries.

    Rasselkhan blinked and carefully spread his wings. He felt the sunlight gracing his body, toward which he instinctively turned toward. Half of the roof was gone and now he realized he felt sore too. No damage had been done but it his muscles were still stiff.

    Rejuvenated by the sun, Rasselkhan took a proper review of his situation in the tower. He stepped over the rubble and wandered his halls, now empty of life and desolate. The stasis chamber beside his was his soulmate's. It had been completely collapsed, the door couldn't be called a door anymore. Rasselkhan stared at the massive pile of rubble, small part of him holding out hope she'd wake up at the same time as him, that the stones would move any moment now.

    He began to clear the rubble in grim silence. He didn't keep track of how long it lasted and he did nothing else until he'd find the body.
    It sunk like an anchor in his chest when he lifted a heavy piece of stone and saw the first remains of her. It was a skull now after all these years, the magic had clearly failed as had the masonry of the tower. Rasselkhan held the heavy piece of stone in his claws, eyes fixed on the bones like they were locked. In rage and sorrow he threw the rock down the hall, smashing down a wall in the process. Section of his tower collapsed some more but the gold dragon did not care, not even looking at its way. He grabbed another massive piece of stone and hurled it toward a wall that was blocking most of the sun.

    The wall crashed down, sending the enormous masonry tumbling down the mountain. With a heavy heart, Rasselkhan cleared a space beside her and put himself to rest there. He remained still, curled next to the bones of his love, letting the sun heal his sorrow as the freezing cold mountain wind howled through the ruins.
  3. Not far Beneath the old great plains were old caverns carved by the motions of an ancient underground river. In the greatest cavern slept the massive form of the Tarrasque, Einhardt, whose natural formed chamber held no decorations or items for such vanity was of no interest to the old Knight, there was only a quiet little babbling river and a singular rune etched into the roof that glowed a faint red. But it then too faded out, signaling the awaking. It first began with a twitch of his claws, then of his long thick tail, but soon his entire black scaled body stirred as he planted his two feet onto the ground and put his back against the roof, the spikes on his back scratching the against the rock slab. He sealed it behind him when he first came into this underground place from the surface, the chamber cavern being rather close to the surface to begin with, it should be just as easy getting out unless the dirt above increased dramatically over the years. Once, twice, third time the charm, and the slab finally began to budge, letting in a cascade of dirt in through the openings before Einhardt could finally toss aside the slab with one final great push. But instead of just hearing a resounding thud onto the grasslands, there was dozens of loud cracking sounds of wood being splintered. Puzzled, Einhardt extended himself to his full height to see the source of the sounds. It seems the Great plains have become a great forest, for a sea of evergreen trees surrounded him. The top of the slab was covered in dirt held in place by grass, there was even more trees on it as well, now crumpled after ending up under the heavy slab of rock. "Huh...." The great beast growled curiously. Even in his semi drowsy state, he knew all this meant he was asleep for a long, long time. His head swiveled around as his yellow eyes scanned the horizon, trying to see if there was any form of civilization in eyesight. There, he hoped, would be others he could speak with and see what has transpired in the world in his absence.
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  4. Gallows CupcaknHell Arkhona Vanguard

    Tnk, tnk, tnk
    The sound of metal striking metal into stone echoed through the chambers, going on for what seemed an infinity.
    With a great inhalation, Khireluaar stopped his previously eternal-seeming slumber.
    The great drake barely noticed his newfound conciousness, the entire hibernation being filled with dreams of waking and returning to the surface.
    Tnk, tnk, tnk
    With the sound echoing once again, the cobwebs in Khireluaars mind began to dissipate; this was something new to the dreams of awakening. Until this point they'd all been silent as one'd usually expect from a tomb of such an age as this one. Another sound suddenly hit his senses: footsteps, as well as what seemed like sobbing.
    The drake noted the amount of steps he heard as they grew closer, pointing towards three people. Two of them walked rigidly and with purpose, while the last stumbled and struggled. The two rigid ones stopped only metres in front of his head while the sobbing turned into a shriek as the sound of torches being lit filled the hall.
    Khireluaar deduced that the shriek came when the sobber's eyes suddenly saw what was in front of him.
    When the shriek had ended, so did the first sound that had entered his mind for what seemed an eternity.
    Almost reflexively, the drake felt around him with his very essence.
    A beacon of light shone through the darkness as he did so. The man, forced down on his knees was now silent and started shaking violently. Khireluaar pulled back, and the light followed him as "he" receded. Once it had merged with him the man fell to the floor, dead.
    After but a couple seconds, what was lost to time regenerated. Eyes, tongue, membranes and vocal chords came back to him, and he could once again see, smell and feel. The bright blue glowing eyes lit up the halls surrounding him. Scores of armoured corpses knelt and stood around him, whilst the corpse, source of the clanging returned to it's work. The walls to his right and left documented the rituals that were used by his servants to keep their master from becoming truly dead. The one ahead of him, where a robed corpse covered in runic tattoos toiled at the wall. There were many small notches on it, beyond count. A thought entered his mind unbiddedly; 3'786'912 days since the beginning of the slumber. The carver looked at him with it's eyeless holes, and Khire knew that it'd obeyed it's masters command before it entered his mind: How many notches there were, and what they were for.
    Khireluaar rose to his feet and turned towards the way out.
    The journey out of the mountains heart would be long and tiresome but only a single thought was inside the drakes mind: Feed.
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    The great undersea city. Kahuri'zai, renamed from Huri'zai after the traitors brought it down into the abyss, is a marvelous jewel. A seat of an undersea empire, at the bottom of the deepest depths of the ocean. There it has rested for a hundred thousand years, since the sinking, and looks just as fine as it did in the ancient times.

    The city has since long been reinforced with magic to withstand the crushing depths and currents, making it extremely resistant to time. The ancient buildings standing tall, with only the faintest signs of entropy over the 10 thousand years, in the form of the occasional freegrowing sea-bramble or aqualeaf. The massive royal palace standing tall and strong in the depths, free from the touches of any mortal creature or mind...

    And in the deepest chamber of this great city, in the royal chamber, the Abyssal Queen was awakening.

    Abim'reginia, the empress of the sea and one of the most well known hydras to ever exist, stirs in her sleep. Her claws flexing and her 7 heads twitch. The tentacles sticking out from her crests begins to unfurl as the gigantic hydra slowly comes to life... and as she does, the city, as responding to their rulers return, begins to lighten up. The ancient enchantments, lighting the streets, the buildings and the homes, comes to life, a clear blue light slowly increasing from every building, tower and home.

    Abim'reginia yawns, taking in a deep breath of wather, and feeling it siffer out through her gills... such a pleasant feeling. The water is a bit stagnant but that is fine. She opens her 28 eyes, taking in the sights of her ancient chamber. It was almost the same as when she fell asleep. The golden etches on the walls and the decorative statues lining her great hall shimmer in the light from the newly lit lights. A school of small fish seems to have found their way to her lair, swimming around confused by the light, offspring to their ancient huntsman fish perhaps? Fish that had been magically bred to survive at this depth, to make food easier to come by close by the capital, just like the plants down here. They had went through great effort to make sure this city was the jewel of the abyss. Abim'reginia yawns once more and raises to her feet, moving out of the chamber into the halls. Eyeing around the halls. She sees nobody. Maybe she was the first to wake in the city? She knew that there were still servants and other high ranking families that had gone to sleep with her.

    She enters into the grand undersea throneroom, a magnificent gigantic hall, rumored to have been made that big just so she could talk to Posadean, the leviathan that she had brought under her sway during the reclamation wars. It was huge, with walls in a deep blue, decorated with gold and pearls in the most extravagant of fashion. Statues of coral shimmering in red and blue. the giant plattau that had worked as her seat of conference stood tall, just beneath a huge black pearl. She swam up to it and sat down on the plattau, and motioned upwards, the black pearl humming before it comes to life, showing a swirling core. A scrying orb of sorts. She tilted her head as she surveyed her empire.

    Kahuri'zai was almost completely flawless, due to genius engineering and enchantments, but the same couldn't be said of the other undersea cities. Cracked, crushed or turned to ancient empty husks, they now were more akin to ruins than cities. She could sense life stirring in them, hydras, turtles and more slowly awakening and emerging from their sleeping spots, but they were few.. this left a bitter taste in her mouth.
    She didn't care that so few of the topside weaklings had survived, but her empire was now only limited to Kahuri'zai... a single city. The rest had crumbled. This was infuriating to her. She turned the pearl to the city, to see the survivors. She could sense them. Hydras, dragons, wyverns and more, slowly awakening in their chambers and making their way out into the city. But so few... barely counting up to 50 individuals.

    Her purges hadn't been effective enough, refugees had spread it faster than even her soldiers could stop. It had been devestating in the end. She shook her heads, before holding her claws together, the pearl around her middle neck began to hum gently.

    "Minions, Servants... We have awoken to a new world, a world that hasn't been under our controll for ten thousand years. Our numbers have dwindled, our people lost to time. I, Abim'reginia, the empress of the sea... command you to focus all your efforts on restoring what was lost. Rebuild, repopulate, guard and restore. I will traverse to the surface. But also contain the city with a protective barrier. I will return in the future... as your empress and when I do, I will make this empire of ours bloom once more.”

    These words echoed through the minds of the people of Kahuri'zai, as far as she could reach at this time. With this done she swam down from her seat and opened the great doors, moving through the palace halls and out through the great coral gates, eyeing over the city as the survivors began their work, not questioning their orders. She then focused her gaze upwards, beginning to swim up towards the light. As she did, she turned around and closed her claws around the pearl on her middle neck, the city shimmers before a incredible magical barrier slowly appears above the city, covering it in an shield of tremendous proportions. It was an old defensive mechanism, built into the city itself, enchanted and prepared to potentially last for a couple of thousands of years if need be. She nods to the city, before turning around and continued towards the shimmering surface in the distance.

    She was curious, cause she had seen something interesting. Cora, the city that was closest to the surface, who's spires had been a trading post to the surface empires, as they litterally extended up above the ocean was a ruin, no survivors... but she had seen something else.
    Small 4 limbed creatures, diving into the cities halls. For what reason that was, she intended to find out.
    After hours, upon hours of swimming she finally saw it, the ancient cities outskirts. Now to see what these "things" were.
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  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Lightning strikes a tree on in the forest sparking a fire, A storm rages on only having been getting worst for the past few days, Rumors have gone across the land, of ancient ruins in the mountain with odd objects left by the once great dragons that one lived in the region. As the storm intensifies of the past few days several rumors of the storm being unnatural to have come about, as domesticated animals, and even wildlife in the area have begun acting agitated, stressed out, and most of all. fearful of some unseen force. Some believe it to be the gods, Others nature herself angered due to some misstep has done in the past, Others believe it is the spirits of the dragons angered of the desecration of there ruins. Though as these rumors go on only the sound of the storm wailing upon the land would accompany it.... until now.

    Deep within the mountain, a sound could be heard only within the ruins at first at the outermost parts the sound of a distant thump. but in the inner parts, the thump would be turned into a rhyme, a sound known to all as being a heartbeat. It would start out rhythm slow then begin rising as if slowly becoming more agitated.

    The Mind of Kovinth began stirring as the beasts burnt and buried body began slowly coming alive one more. The beast mind was like a storm the last moments of its life replaying constantly within a dream and as it did it made his rage grow from the outrage and betrayal that was done to him, to the failures he had failed to protect what he had made and over the course of hundreds of years it grew to hatred and began slowly leaking out as his mind slowly awakening at first, the winds, then the rain, and now the storms and now its catalyst. Through the rocks, and the stone and earth a single drop of rain landed on the eye of the beast slowly awakening it from its trance. As his eye began opening it would begin looking around his now prison. the stone across his body, the lab, and stone he was thrown into, Memories would come flowing back would fill the dragon with bitterness, rage, and hatred once more.

    With returning strength Kovinth began to speak, in the language of the dragons, at first a low whisper than a cascading chorus of rage as his eyes began to dilate and the power that lay inside him would begin to unleash. The ruins would begin to shake, The storm began to break around the mountain after several lightning strikes on its base that would reach deep into the mountain where the dragon lay allowing him to begin moving through the rubble and earth crust upwards to the peak of the mountain before its top exploded freeing him. The break in the storm allowed the sun to shine on Kovinth scales showing the Fuealong dragon to the world as well as the damage that had been done to him many years ago, few villagers looking towards the mountain would be mystified, Terrified and amazed at seeing this event some would try to bring attention while others were awestruck, or terrified by this event.

    Kovinth with stare onto the world and himself with old eyes. His body was scarred his one purple scales were burnt to a near cobalt blue his horns would once a golden yellow were now a brown. The Fuealong had hovered death so long ago now was one more back onto the world of the living and as he looked onto the lands that once his that would have once be homed to his creations now denied he would see once where his creations were supposed to be the races not born by his hands but by his others creators and their creations. but not one spec of it was his creations. Kovinth's eyes would begin to glow a purple color as a miasma and lightning would begin to spark off them as his rage began to grow his hatred for this life made by others hands on the grave of his land, HIS creations. began to cause the rage of the dragon to come out. The storm from the surrounding area would begin to move towards the mountains and the circle of sunlight surrounding the dragon would fade now clouds and lightning would cover around the dragon, and lightning itself begin to strike the mountain. animals would begin running as the wrath of the dragon was made manifest.
  7. @Wata
    As the former sun lord mourned and bathed in the sunlight he would hear something disturb the rubble on the outside. If he were to raise his head and look he would find a fairly large creature staring back at him from a relatively safe distance. It resembled an old livestock animal once kept by the dragons of this region that was referred to as a goat. Only it was much larger, about equal to the size of Rasselkhan in fact, its horns made it appear slightly taller as they curled backwards at a slight angle. From the distance it was at Rasselkhan could tell that its front limbs were more developed and muscular with larger sharp looking hooves. Its back legs were less developed but no doubt strong as they had to hold up its large muscular body. The dragon could also make out the faint outlines of four large tusks, two on each side of its mouth. It seemed to be watching him with caution, likely attracted by the sudden throwing of rubble everywhere. It would also be prudent for Rasselkhan to now notice that on several of his deceased lover’s bones there are definite gnawing marks.

    As Einheardt surveyed the area, he bore witness to the process of time. Where it once had been great plains was a thick, rather peaceful forest. The vegetation was mild and not too roughly grown, the pine trees having a clear and peaceful smell, with them seemingly being quite healthy and free from any excessive infestation. He could still hear the sounds of terrified animals running away from his sudden appearance.

    As he scouted the horizon, he would notice a small plume of smoke rising from what seem to be a clearing just a few miles away. In fact a small hunters cabin out in the woods. The smell of grilled meat can be sensed on the wind, meaning it is likely someone is there. Someone Einheardt can interact with, however he pleases.

    Eventually finding his way out of the mountain the Great Dark Drake would look over his former territory. A dark lifeless landscape kept in perpetual shadow by the floating continent above, exactly what caused the ungodly heavy chunk of rock stuck in mid air was unknown. Perhaps some grand mystery even the dragons forgot over time or there is no mystery and it is simply there because it has always been there. If the Drake were to look down they would notice something actually breaking the perpetual darkness. A faint light from a fire miles away, a distinct piece of evidence that something intelligent was alive in his lands.

    Though the skeletons that served him would already be obvious proof of this. As while the oldest of them were made from the corpses of lesser upright walking apes from ten thousand years ago. The newer ones, made by his servants to replace ones that aged to the point falling apart, seemed more refined in shape as if the creatures they once were had evolved. A striking new feature was a set of wings, though useless upon the back of an animated skeleton. These restless servants, some being millennia old seemed to be unable to leave the mountain. Evidently as their undead lord sleuth his essence was driven into the very ground of this mountain so deeply that they were unable to leave its confines. If Khireluaar wanted to satiate his hunger, he would need to leave alone.

    From her position the Empress of the Abyss could see the ruins of the city of Cora. It’s might spires covered in green plant life and its stone weathered a cracked but still immovably sturdy. Surrounding these spires were peculiar constructs of wood that floated along the water. Small ropes and chains extended from the crafts upward towards the towers where she could see the small four limbed creatures climbing up and down. In total there were twenty size of these craft with most being around the same size and shape but one seemed to be slightly larger than the others. It seems something new has risen in the world while the Empress slept beneath the sea.

    As the dragon’s rage manifested as a massive otherworldly storm the ground was split asunder, rocks sinking in the ground or rising suddenly as the landscape was torn apart. Trees shattered as cliffs formed and broke apart. As rocks was forced out of the ground, crushing the flora and any fauna that didn’t escape the harsh wrath of the storm. Lightning struck down on the mountain tops, sending sparks flying high as the wind increased in strength… the world rumbled, the stones cracked, and the rain came falling down. Suddenly, amidst this chaos, a large grey building appeared, forced from the depths as the earth split asunder. The building was shaped like a chess rook, except in multiple layers, forced above ground by the geometrical changes. The building itself, seemed very much resistant to the thunderous earthquake, the rocks and stones unable to get through its strong build. The inhabitants had closed the gates and windows, to protect themselves from the outside chaos.

    A small dwarven outposts had been forced to the surface by the dragon's wrath.
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  8. It had seemed the world had fared far better than his kinsmen, having grown vibrant and still full of life if the fleeing animals were indication. It made him smile, knowing that the world didn't become desolate by the plague. But the plume of smoke piqued his interest the most, for it meant people. The biggest question being what people came after his kind to inherit the planet. "Well, no better than the present to find out." He said to himself as he walked out of his hibernation cavern and towards the smoke, trying to not knock that many trees on his way to the campsite.
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  9. @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    Abim'Reginia tilts her heads, eyeing the creatures from a distance. Thinking of how she should approach. They don't seem aquatic by nature, rather diving from uptop in search for... whatever they are searching for in the ruins. Her Scales makes her hard to detect on distance, as she glares at the creatures, hissing a bit as she swims around, eyeing them quietly.
    "Hmm, intreguing"
    The Pearl around her middle neck begins to glow, as she reaches out for the mind of the closest creature. Not aiming for anything in specific. She reaches into it and delves into its soul. The creature in question would probably only feel a slight tingle through his spine, as the Abyssal Queen studied his mind.

    Abim'Reginia uses this to pick up on a few things. Mostly being the language. She also finds out about the coastal city, apparently just a few miles south from here, on the coast. She tilts her head once more and turns around and swims towards it. The "humans" which they are apparently called, can have those old ruins for now... she is more curious about this city of theirs.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rasselkhan's eyes squinted. He calmly rose and walked to the edge, careful not to step on his love. The golden dragon stared at the goat for a minute, it wasn't hard to deduce what had happened.
    There was a low rumble and a quick jerk of his head forward when he breathed pure energy at it, incinerating the goat's head to crispy ash.
    As smoke still flowed out of his maw, Rasselkhan huffed and got to eating.

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