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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Callout to the community's moderators and staff (@KatieFleming @Asheru) for giving me their support, I'm changing the overall updates of releases to once a month due to current project managing and work on some personal RPs both on here and on steam in addition to beta testing across four games right now including Eternal Crusade.

    I know that Stalkers in the Wind has been a while in coming but it will come out on the next update which at the moment is looking to be next week on Friday evening.

    And remember,
    "With a sword you may stay ten men, with a word, ten thousand!"​
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  2. Hiatus, I am deployed overseas until the end of the year. As such anything that would of been released normally will be unable to be posted. To moderators, should I fail to return within a years time @KatieFleming . Lock this thread.
  3. I will be returning from deployment earlier than expected and should be back state-side by the beginning of next week where I will update this thread to show the new release schedule and work stat on pumping out some things that have been a long time waiting. As such, moderators can ignore the previous post from when I deployed and good news! I finally get to re-retire from the military!!!!
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  4. Now that things have finally settled down, I've reworked the release schedule and am currently in the process of writing two of the short stories for release within the next two weeks if not sooner. Most of the short stories have been remarked for new release months and I will be adding a few more, mostly non 40k related to the list so be on the lookout over the next three months for new releases. As always, any feedback is appreciated and due to my inactivity and inability to keep the deadline I'll be willing to accept one or two suggestive community stories put forward.
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  5. I'm breaking Stalkers in the Wind into three parts, Prologue - Part One and Part Two. Prologue is now out, Part One will be out over the weekend and Part Two will be out a few days after that. I've been thinking about setting up some of my stories in a similar nature to how the Horus Heresy novels are in the beginning with the important characters. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. Stalkers in the Wind Part One has been released in PDF format. Little bit longer than the standard "short story" hence why I'm breaking it over three parts, the final segment will be out most likely Wednesday evening.
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