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  1. Revised Release Schedule:
    Valve Time - Half Life 3 Confirmed

    The following titles within this thread will be released over the course of the following year. All stories covered in this thread will cover the listed factions:
    • Adeptus Arbites
    • Adeptus Astartes
    • Adeptus Mechanicus
    • Adeptus Sororitas
    • Chaos Undivided
    • Eldar
    • Imperial Guard
    • Imperial Navy
    • Inquisition
    *IMPORTANT* Any requests sent will not be automatically approved and the following must be made clear:
    • Primary faction covered
    • Any characters or specific chapters/regiments/warbands you want it about
    • If it is from another authors existing work permission to use them will have to be requested to avoid copyright infringement
    • All contents within this page released by me are not to be used or outsourced for monetary gains, all concepts used are the original ownership of Games Workshop Limited and as such are not owned by me. If you would like to borrow or use a work, request permission first.
    • These are non paid submissions for your enjoyment and my pleasure of writing and I do not accept paid commissions ie: don't be afraid to submit idea because you think you have to pay me to do it, I'm not that type of person
    Each short story is around 3,000-4,000 words in length though the ones from my own personal lore I want to make even longer, around 15,000-20,000 words but will be released closer to the end of 2016 in those cases. Depending on how popular requests are, I will likely set every fourth month to be a fan service month where I will take the top four popular requests for short stories.
    • April
    • August
    • December
    Links will be posted in hyperlinks to the google doc respectively once released. Titles listed for release dates may be released prior to expected date and will be labeled as completed at that time. Some titles may have two links for those that I use special text for since google docs is not compatible with certain custom fonts ie: Eldar glyphs and Daemon runes and will be listed appropriately as PDF vs GD for those that qualify.

    This will be my contribution to the Roleplaying community since I lack the time to make regular posts in a standard Roleplay.

    Adeptus Arbites
    Enemy Within - Released - A young woman struggles with herself to become the opposite of what she has always been to protect those she loves.
    The Tragedy of Hive Gallia - Winter 2016/2017 - Custom lore about the fall of Hive Gallia which was beset from within and without by the Plague of Disbelief.
    Adeptus Astartes
    Brotherhood - Released - The Sons of Gulliman are charged with an honor mission, to hunt down and destroy a Battle Brother who has forsaken the Emperors light. Prelude to Stalkers in the Wind.
    Stalkers in the Wind Prologue - Released - A small section between Brotherhood and Stalkers in the Wind.
    Stalkers in the Wind Part One - Released - With their orders set, the conditions cleared, and the battle well underway, the Insertion Team has but one goal, the elimination of Constantinus the Liberator and the salvation of the sector.
    Stalkers in the Wind Part Two - October - Low on ammunition, with casualties sustained, and the end in sight, will the Sons of Gulliman finally get their revenge?
    Adeptus Mechanicus
    Ad Victoriam - October 2016 - An ancient Ordinatus machine once thought lost to humanity is uncovered on a planet that has been vomited back out from the warp, but not everything is as it seems.
    Adeptus Sororitas
    Pentinance - September 2016 - The Emperor forgives those who are truly pure of heart but how far is too far for corruption to be unforgivable?
    Last Rites - October 2016 - In the far flung Obscurus Sector a Convent is besieged on all sides from the Imperiums worst foe imaginable. Faith and fury must prevail or the shadow of the void will consume us all.
    Astra Militarum
    Tempestus Solar - October 2016 - An old veteran is not all whom he seems to be when his commanding officer finds out the truth to the Battalions darkest secret.
    Zero Hour - November 2016 - The Imperial Navy is on its final push, do or die in the skies above Cadia as Chaos forces attempt to break through the Cadian Gate in the Fifth Black Crusade.
    Twenty Four - November 2016 - All Guardsmen hope to live long enough or die in service to the God-Emperor, but sometimes the theater of war leaves few survivors and most are lucky to live beyond their twenty-fourth hour.
    By the Books - November 2016 - Spin off of Dan Abnetts Gaunts Ghosts series post Hive Verghast (Necropolis).
    Chaos Undivided
    The Nine Wounds - December 2016 - Spin off from the Arch Enemys attempts to kill the beati during Dan Abnetts Sabbat Martyr
    Hydra Den
    - December 2016 - A distress signal from a derelict Imperial Fists strike cruiser leads to an investigation but the first recon team goes missing. When a second larger force is sent in, it is revealed that the enemy might wear their own face.
    The Wailing Doom - January 2016 - An Imperial border world attracts the interest of the Farseers from Craftworld Iyanden forcing even their limited numbers in an all-in gamble.
    The Ordos - January 2016 - The Inquisition hosts one of the largest meetings in its history to discuss the treason of one of their most veteran members. However sides have already been drawn and events threaten to tear apart the already fragile alliance between the three Ordos.
    A Twisting Affair Prologue - Released - Personal lore regarding the first events of Inquisitor Moriarty. Prologue to the beginning of seven short stories in the Twisting Affair series.
    A Twisting Affair Part One - Winter 2016/2017 - Having been forced off from Hive Gallia, Inquisitor Moriarty must regroup and strike back against the traitors in addition to a private vendetta to avenge the loss of his companions. However fate is cruel and a reunion might be in order.
    Solar Auxilia
    The Last Stand - Released - Beset on all sides by what were once the Emperors most loyal warriors, the last remnants of the Imperial Army stand firm on the Emperors Palace to make the traitors pay but will their sacrifice be enough?
    Non Warhammer 40k
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Partial Conversion - TBA - A text version recreating the fall of the Barrier City due to General Heins attempted ruse to force the Councils decision to use the Zeus cannon. This was recommended to me by several friends and other writers when I visited Gettysburg a few weekends ago.
    Firefly - TBA - A World War II historical recreation off the tank engagements during Operation Goodwood, the largest tank engagement ever fought by the Commonwealth in their attempt to liberate the city of Caen. The battle featured elements of the British I and VIII Corps against the I SS Panzer Korps Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
    Smoke and Mirrors - TBA - This is probably one of the darkest things I ever wrote that I am revisiting. It is inspired by the German Democratic Republics Ministry for State Security aka the Stasi who were responsible for numerous crimes before the fall of the Berlin Wall. This story takes the perspective of a young man who thought he had lost everything several years prior to the Stasi but is reunited with a family member he thought killed after he has become a member of the counter-revolutionary party. Is it fate, coincidence, or the hand of a darker force at work?
  2. Update:
    • Enemy Within released - a short story depicting the choices of a young woman to become an avenging agent of the Imperium
    • Brotherhood is in the works and you can currently choose which Chapter I will use
      • Must be a loyalist Chapter
      • Can be from 30k or 40k
      • Must be an OFFICIAL Chapter, Angry Marines is not a legitimate choice and neither are The Legion of the Damned (You can choose their prior Chapter, the Fire Hawks though)
    • Stalkers in the Wind will also be up for community vote.

    Votes will close after 01/20/2016
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Totally voting for Sons of Guilliman (not to get wrong with Ultramarines!) on that matter.
  4. Looking at their history, some of their events could be good sources for the story line Brotherhood since it was going to contain the hunt of a traitor. Looks like it's time to bend some lore timeline!
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I have some expanded lore on them, however I do not mind it all together too much xD Also keep in mind if you go M41 or well short before, they deployed like 8 companies or something for the 3rd War of Armageddon.
  6. Update: since no one really voted and I do like Uriels suggestion, both Brotherhood and Stalkers in the Wind will be about the Sons of Gulliman and will be a two part installment regarding the hunt for Constantinus the Liberator.
    • Space Marine Chapter selected for both Adeptus Astartes short stories and are now in the works
    • A small general description for each short story has been released regarding its contents
    • Solar Auxilia are getting some love
    • A Twisting Affair will become a roughly seven part series that will be the equivalent of two-three books regarding the adventures of Inquisitor Moriarty. I always wanted that roleplay to take off but lack of time and interest means I will have to do it myself lol!
    • On an unrelated note: that latest RWBY episode...I mean seriously...what the hell...
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  7. Update: Due to the intense weather situation bracketing the east coast of the US, I have made some slight adjustments to the release of some short stories that were for this month and the beginning of February. I'm probably going to release both Brotherhood and Stalkers in the Wind at the same time since they are both about the same timeline.
    • Will start taking requests on the side for approved content for April releases. (Definetly not an April Fools joke, no seriously it's not, it's just sheer coincidence that I'll be doing fan service for the month of April)
    • I'm trying to work around google docs quirkiness with custom font so that I can use the Eldar text format and official Inquisitor text but it might not work which may lead to me releasing a google doc variant and a PDF download variant of the original story. For lore immersion purposes.
    • For those who watch GATE: the next two episodes are going to be awesome.
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  8. Update:
    • Brotherhood has been released, sorry for the delay. I decided to make it somewhat shorter than it could of been (only a little over 3,000 words compared to the expected 5,000) because I wanted to make Stalkers in the Wind much longer.
    • Stalkers in the Wind will be released over the weekend.
    • Next short story released afterwards will be The Last Stand featuring a non official take of the Solar Auxilias last stand at the Imperial Palace since the HH series hasn't gotten that far yet.
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  9. Due to the release of a few new games and attempting to not let Democracy die in Helldivers, I'm postponing some of the releases until Wednesday this week where I have the day off. From there everything should proceed as on schedule, sorry if any of you were waiting for them and know that I still plan on releasing them.

    Side note: if you like coop based shooters, grab Helldivers on Steam while it's still on sale. We need all the Democracy protectors we can muster as meatshields...I mean loyal Guardsmen to Super Earth. Literally, the second laser based weapon in the game is almost literally a lasgun but with better damage and pinpoint accuracy.
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  10. Update:
    • The Last Stand has been released and while I did originally start if off wanting it to be mostly from the Solar Auxilias standpoint, it actually seemed more appropriate to jump between a few view points Note that this is totally non-cannon but still an interesting take on an event that has yet to be made. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Stalkers in the Wind and Pentinance will be released tomorrow as scheduled, may not have enough time to write the fourth one since I only had 45 minutes to work on The Last Stand today and will be out most of the day again tomorrow.
    • Side note, I met with some other freelance authors today in Pennsylvania and we might be attempting to recreate another science fiction movie that was done in CGI to a book format to flesh out details and make it more lore appropriate, will update as the project develops.
    • I might be deployed to Alaska for a year in a few months in which I will once again leave the Forums until such time I return. I won't know for sure until around June.
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