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Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Bruva-Alfabusa, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala Active Member

    Delred would look fekkin' sweet with one.
  2. Amko AmkoIsBad Subordinate

    Despair and rejoice, I have arrived to destroy all your hopeful fantasies.

    Finally a game that allows me to act out my destiny! I will destroy the Alfa Legion and claim my rightful throne as king of the video games!
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  3. Not while I am around fgt!

    I will most likely join in as an Assault Marine, either of the Dark Angels or the Vlka Fenryka, if you know who they are that is!

    ..It is hard not to chuckle or giggle at this entire thread... I can't take this seriously enough.
  4. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala Active Member

    Although I do like the Vlka Fenryka....but I also like the Dark Angels
  5. I will most likely going Dark Angel... if only for the Robes.

    But in any case, Assault Marine away!
  6. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala Active Member

  7. ...Just don't bring Melta-like weapons against us.... ;_;
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  8. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala Active Member

    ....*rubs her plasma pistol affectionately because she likes plasma weapons*
  9. Borealic.

  10. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala Active Member

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