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Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Bruva-Alfabusa, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Bruva Alfabusa Bruva-Alfabusa Arch Cardinal Superior

    "In the grimdark and dystopian future that is the 41st millennium; there is only war, death, destruction, suffering, hatred and zeal. That is all. Or well, just... just please look away from those Alfa Legion bastards sitting over in that corner of the galaxy, they don't know what they're doing and are totally ruining the immersion."
    Greetings bruva! This is the current Hub supposed to be used by members of the Alfa Legion Community that are planning on joining us in playing Eternal Crusade.
    This post will most likely be refined and updated as time passes, but we thought it'd be a nice thing to have stuff like this planned out early so we are fully prepared when the game comes out. It will be glorious!
    If you are not familiar with the Alfa Legion, you can check out this FAQ:

    Q: Don't you mean the ALPHA Legion?
    A: No! The Alfa Legion is a terrible pun made by me a long ago when I made the group, ripping off the Alpha Legion's name. It has stuck since.
    Q: So what are you exactly..?
    A: We are a quite small and quaint little community based off of a Steam Group by the same name that was created back on the 20th of March 2012 by me (Alfabusa). Since the community was originally a fan-group for videos that I uploaded to my channel 'Alfabusa' on YouTube, the community is and has always been based around 40k-related humor and insider jokes. Now it has grown alot and has its own little forum and a Facebook-page.
    Q: Alright, so what do you do?
    A: As a community, we unfortunately do not do too many things. We have game nights from time to time, many like sitting in the steam chat, others like to engage in weird RP sessions on our forum, others just like to see us post stupid pictures on Facebook, several draw art depicting the Legion, some write lore etc. It is very varied and also depends on the member's own dedication.
    Q: What are you planning on doing when Eternal Crusade comes out?
    A: We will most likely try to arrange events where we just go around and do stupid things, just trying to have a good time, explore the world and find silly things about it and make videos where we screw around doing all this. We're of course not going to harass anyone and have their good times ruined, but there are chances that if there are people like absolutely cold-blooded roleplayers around, their immersion will kinda' break in our presence.
    We will of course not only do things like these that could by others be considered 'trolling' but we are also going to aid our bruvas in combat against our wretched foes and show them the might of Swedesia's speartip. We shall come like a blizzard upon our enemy and ferociously beat them into the ground with the might of an Isbjern. We shall also engage in Underworld crawling and make all our members benefit from being in our guild depending on how dedicated and engaged they are!

    Q: So do you have any lore or anything?
    A: Yes, and here you must be warned for if you are a purist and take us seriously, you will most likely hate us forever. Since the Alfa Legion is mostly just a parody of a real Space Marine chapter, many things implemented are often really stupid and tend to break lore terribly, but only if its for jokes and giggles.
    The Alfa Legion base itself in the Horus Heresy when a couple of Alpha Legionnaires missed a rollcall or something and never got enlightened by their Primarch, instead fighting against their former brothers. Later they were adopted by Leman Russ joining the Space Wolves, and then created their own little chapter they called 'The Alfa Legion' just to be cocky and piss off the traitors. Then they somehow survived through the Millennia even if they many many times came near extinction, always under the watchful eye of the exceptionally corrupt Inquisition branch known as the Ordo Alfus.
    After a couple of near-death experiences for the Legion and due to them being more and more disconnected from any of the Emperor's decrees, they started to grab whatever forces they could find and use them in their own, even if it was against said forces will. These forces includes not only standard Imperial forces such as guardsmen, but also xenos and heretics! But the Legion thinks its aaaaalright because they are still using the xenos/heretics to execute the Emperor's will!
    There is alot more lore that has been based around the Legion and its shenanigans, but that'll be posted on some other site at another time.

    Q: Wait, that symbol of yours is a lambda, not an alpha.
    A: Alpha is occupied by those angsty failures so we decided to go with lambda for 'Legion' instead. CLEVER HUH?

    Q: This all sounds incredibly stupid. How do I join?
    A: Currently, you just have to do something like join the Steam Group or the forum or like our Facebook-page. When this game has been released, we will most likely have grown our community to have a more proper hub however!

    Thread Rules:
    Please put atleast alittle bit of thought and effort into what you are writing in this thread. I know its the Alfa Legion and all, but posts containing nothing but bantering and "BANEBLAAAADE" gets quite tiring. Please keep that in mind and stick with nice discussions about Legion stuff.~


    Alfa Legion Videomakers: - Alfabusa - Dr. White - Eliphass - Karl the Deranged - Gunner

    More to be covered in this post later...
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  2. Bruva Alfabusa Bruva-Alfabusa Arch Cardinal Superior

    List of Alfa Legion EC-Guild Members

    Chaplain Valerius

    The Fresh Sorcerer
    Crimson Terra

    Commissar Elusive
    AncientFus (DarkSanic)

    Sean Thoburn
    Ghost XV15


    -to be continued-

  3. DeFoamBag Active Member

    Glorious chapter master!
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  4. ThunderPsyker ThunderPsyker Arkhona Vanguard

    That's the face I make when I have to put up with all this heretical nonsense in our ranks.

    And yes, that is me Space Marine character there, Captain Thunder of the Alfa Legion's 4th Company.
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  5. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    when the game comes out i would love to help in your shenanigans *makes sign of aquila*
  6. Tyrops Subordinate

    Roight, hullo bruvvahs. I do hope the proletariat draff don't infest our ranks too much.

    ...Too much ;).
  7. Spaamesh Spaamesh Arkhona Vanguard

    :3 I Approve :p
  8. Seeg Seeg Subordinate

    Yay! I'm gonna be an Apothecary for all of you ^w^

  9. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    i joined the steam group, now time to wait until EC comes out :/
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  10. By the Emperor, it IS you! Oh glorious Chapter Master Alfabusa, we await your orders!
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