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The 6th Coin - Interest & OOC Thread [Eldar+Imp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    IC Thread:

    Team Ulthwe:

    • Player Slot #1 - Warlock or Bonesinger - Claimed [ @ItsTime ]
    • Player Slot #2 - Aspect Warrior or Ranger/Pathfinder - Claimed [ @Casavay ]
    • Player Slot #3 - Aspect Warrior or Ranger/Pathfinder - Claimed [ @BadDo9 ]
    • Player Slot #4 - Non-Warrior or Warrior/Ranger/Pathfinder #3 - Claimed [ @Maleth ]
      • Non-Warriors are at least Guardians
      • Non-Warriors may for example be - Artisan who can build, engineer and hack things. Comes with Black Guardian Equipment (Shuriken Catapult + Guardian Armor)
    • Bonus slot due to high interest - for @Vlayden - Claimed

    Team Imperium (Elysia+Cadia+House Belisarius):

    • Player Slot #5 - Major or Commissar (from Elysia or Cadia) - Claimed [ @TuskatheDaemonKilla WIP]
    • Player Slot #6 - Space Wolf (Wolfguard) (Belongs to House Belisarius) - Claimed [ @kanila ]
      • If nobody wants to play the lone Space Wolf, you can have a character equal of slot #7.
    • Player Slot #7 - Imperial Guard Member (at least Sergeant or Specialist; I.e. Stormtrooper, Elysian Drop Trooper, Junior Commissar, etc.) (Elysia or Cadia) - Claimed [ @Vulpas ]
    • Player Slot #8 - Mechanicus Member (Belongs to Elysia, Cadia or House Belisarius) - Claimed [ @TechCaptain ]
    • Bonus Slot due to high interest - for @Donairian if interested - Claimed

    Overall RP Idea & Plot:

    • I will GM this from both sides with a GM-character as you lot are used to from me
      • Farseer Naeryndas Blackstar [Male]
      • Celestarch Lady Persephone Belsiarius
    • The plot involves the Pact of Anwyn and the 6th Coin out of the 7 that were given to Ulthwe.
    • This is a 1 scenario RP; after the mission is fulfilled and the story is over so does the RP end.
    • Ulthwe is in search of something important to them (Eldar players will know; Imperials will not) and they need human aid for this endeavour - which is why they invoke the 6th coin they received from the Navigator House Belisarius all those years ago..

    Character Sheet:
    Player Slot #
    Character Name:
    Character Faction: Ulthwe / Elysia / Cadia / House Belisarius

    Equipment: (I will see what you want and make sure to compromise to make it fair)
    - Melee Weapon
    - Ranged Weapon
    - Accessories



    Interest Pings:
    @Jorimel | @Shadhunter | @High_Adept_Zeth | @Maleth | @Casavay | @Grall_Stonefist | @kanila | @BadDo9 | @Avenging-Angel | @DaKaptin | @Donairian | @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @BuriasDempsey
  2. Hmmm Commissar, Major, or Mechanicus that is the true question for me with this one.
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I think I might spring for the commissar slot possibly from Elysia
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  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Definitely leaning on playing an Elysian.
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  5. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Hmm I wanted one of my old guard charcters for this but it looks like all the guard slots are taken.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    So far nothing is claimed.... :3
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Edit: Slot: Skitarii
    Allegiance: Navigator House Belisarius

    All Underlined are Future him and not yet true for this RP. At least until I can figure out how to do the crossout.
    Green is new additions.
    Dont know which slot he would fill. Yes him and Franks are my favorite humans I made.

    Name: Sergeant Alpha Alton 'Alternative Operative Number 7' 'Sevens'
    Age: 25
    Homeworld: Forgeworld Mjoir
    Regimental Role: Platoon Staff Sergeant/ Senior Veteran Sergeant

    Physical description: He is 5' 10" and has a Slim muscular build. Pale white skin tone dominates his body that hasn't been replaced. It looks like a signifigant part of his left side has been replaced. His left arm, leg, and eye are all replaced. He has short military styled haircut that is dirty blond. He also has a neat trimmed goatee.

    Background/History: He was Forge world born menial with exceptional potential to be a Tech-Guard. He started out in skitarii training and worshipping the Omnissiah. He was assigned to the 74th Mjoir Skitarii as one of a class of Hyspasists in training that had less than the usual modifications that belonged to the Skitarius but had advance training to eventually be a variety Ranger that his Magi masters wanted. His Advanced training and augmentations were to the purpose to have a select unit of Skitarii that could have high detection and judgment abilities. An Elite Scout unit that wasn't the be all hunter of enemies but of analysis and counter tactics. So as part of his training and due to the alliance with Navigator House Belisarius, he and some of his element were provided as a show of good faith in the importance of the alliance. The Navigator House Belisarius swore to provide navigators for the Exploratator Fleets of Mjoir in exchange for Skitarii guards and first dibs on some percentage on the production of experimental tech to House Belisarius. Some of his Skitarii augmentation and specialty training was cut short when Tyranids invaded his homeworld. A splinter fleet had descended onto his planet. His unit was one of ones at the fore front providing valuable time to evacuate the planet. His unit was all but decimated by the time it had recieved the withdrawl order. When the evacuation was done, He and a handful of others were sent elseware. During this time he volunteered for the Imperial Guard. He moved up to sergeant quickly due to his specialized combat training and connections that he retained from his doomed homeworld.

    Past Awards:
    - Medallion Crimson
    - Triple Skull

    -Stalker Modded Perinetus Pattern Solo Mark II Boltgun W/ Under slug Grenade Launcher
    -Mark V 'Wraithfire' Plasma Pistol
    -Skitarii Alpha Pattern Power Sword (in back sheath)
    -Fraq Grenade x2
    -Krak Grenade x2
    - Gunmetal MK III Frag Grenades x2
    - Incendiary Grenades x2
    -Smoke Grenades x2

    -Windrider Carapace Scale Armor
    -Bionics(Unspecified for now)
    -Dog Tags
    -9-70 Entrenching Tool
    -2 weeks Combat rations
    -Standard Oxygen Canister

    -Spare Ammo Clips
    -Water Canteen
    - Dusty Red-Grey Tunic camo blended in a 'chemical wastes pattern' like with 74th Mjoir Skitarii cog patch marking on one shoulder, with the other marking him 19th Valerian.
    - Dark Red beret
    - Sturdy Dusty Red-Grey Gloves
    - Standard issue Combat boots
    - Boot knife

    - Enhanced Strength Bionic Arm replaced at the Shoulder Joint
    - Standard Replacement Leg from below the knee
    - Bionic Eye:
    • Omnispex
    • Electromagnetic Waveform
    • Radiation Meter
    • Full Spectrum Scanning
    • Target Sighting
    • Ultraviolet Readings
    • Medical Readings
    • Telescopic
    • Tagging
    • Auspex
    • Rangefinder
    • Nightvision
    - Stimulant Feeder System
    - Extensive Life Extension Organ Replacement
    - Toxin Inhibitor
    - Vox Bead Inbedded
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  8. Rock paper scissors? Cause I'm leaning on Commissar or Major from Cadia.
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Well there goes the Mechanicus slot to @TechCaptain :p

    Will roll a die if you both want it.
  10. But he isn't even a skitarii he's just a sergeant from a forge world. Also sure roll a die and let's see I choose odd numbers.

    Edit: Never mind just read his history sorry.
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