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Thank You And Welcome Everyone!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anashel, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Bakgöken Oltermanni Steam Early Access

    New member here, reporting in!

    And yeah I agree with what people are saying, this forum layout is sexy as hell the Warp.
  2. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    I couldn't agree anymore, the skins for this forum are truly amazing.

  3. Seconded, well tripled actually :D This forum has an excellent layout!!!

    Also its good to be here! I hope to see everyone in the eternal crusade of M41! :)
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  4. Thank you beta testers and creators, thanks to you this forum seems to be working like a well oiled machine. As everyone else has said, the layout is great too, great job.
  5. Genobee Genobee Subordinate

    Thanks for opening up the forums. Nice to have one centralized place to go for everything Eternal Crusade related.
  6. Thank you for open up this forum where the true battle-brothers and the rest heretics, xenos scums can discuss everything about Warhammer. ;)

    For Vulkan! For the Emperor!
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