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Thanglaec: A Land of Beasts Adventuer

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    Deeper & Darker is the original concept that this is based on. Deeper n' Darker is an FRPG(Forum Role-Playing Game) with an adventure that takes place in the ancient landscapes and mighty kingdoms and empires that reside in the world of Thaelanc. Introduce your own heroes and stories into an adventure that you control through your choices. Beware, however, for Thaelanc is beautiful and glorious, but beneath it's surface lies a sinister and fiendish side to everything you thought you knew.

    Delve deeper into Thaelanc to discover wealth, knowledge and power!
    Venture into the darkness of this same world to destroy the foul forces that try to destroy such
    treasures... or join them.

    A Land of Beasts is set in Thanglaec (Map below) in the region of Long-woods, Giants peak, and the south west mountains.
    The setting of Thanglaec may be used as long as it is proportional to the map in your own roleplays, how-ever ask my permission first.
    Preset races and their homelands:
    Elves of the flooded isles: Mysterious and elegant, they display grace and mystique like no others. No one is sure of their true number or origin but they are known to be reclusive and observant, with a large understanding of the world. Their culture is represented with a large focus on the moon and tides.

    Amazons of the great western jungles: Those that aren't born female are enslaved as breeding stock for the tribes of warrior women. No rights or privileges exist for men in their society but this is culturally acceptable from both perspectives in their civilization.
    Tall, strong and naturally talented with stealth and traps. However they have limited social skills. Their specializations include ambush strategies and well hidden villages. An Amazon prouds herself on two things: sexual conquests and hunting trophies. She has to prove to the rest of her clan that she can maintain authority through her sexual assertions but they often only bother participating in sexual endeavours unless they are extremely romantically attached to an individual. Their main proof of leadership is by ability; therefore they carry belts which are adorned by the skulls of their greatest hunts and marked with the blood of that particular kill. Their cultural goal in life is to become legendary so their goddess will accept them into the hall of queens.

    Dwarfs of the black spine mountains
    : The dwarfs aren't nearly as tall as humans but they make up for it with their massive muscle density and strength, unmatched by almost no other species. Their culture revolves around artisans and sculpture, and they are renowned for many glorious works of art, science, and their vast understanding of mechanics. However their far-sight causes them to reason that venturing too far with such pursuits would be calamitous and therefore their society is limited to using that which they need or find reasonable for the situation. Most dwarfs are agnostic but some follow the teachings of other cultures if they find them reasonable.

    Minox of the white forests: Minox come in two forms; The Cow and the Bull respectively. Taurox and Bovox are their native definitions. Taurus are the male Minox population and are the warriors, story tellers and pioneers of this mysterious and anti-social species. Bovox are the females and their cultural roles mostly revolve around story telling and training the warriors in the ways of combat and philosophy. Minox are a highly advanced and yet simplistic society, using a series of tribes and chieftains for their form of civilization; Most of them having a good grasp of Geomancy and Fleuromancy, most often civilians using Fleuromancy and have limited ability. They live on the laws of nature and the natural cycle of the world but also have developed a series of glyphs and trinkets that allow them to have more surreal powers. As short as dwarfs but with more solid muscles and more of an affinity for nature, life and death than mechanics and art.

    Slaskar of the eastern sands: Although the Red Canyon is the only terrain survivable in the great heat of the Eastern Sands, the Slaskar are probably the most prominently adapted to such conditions and are known as a light weight reptilian species. Their society is nomadic with large shanty towns of logs and canvas that stretch along the Red Canyon and control many of the cave systems within it. They have many fast military formations and can cover a long distance quickly, however they don't often construct fortifications and therefore are limited in their conquests. Often they send raiding forces into foreign lands yet aren't able to sustain them for long enough to expand their borders. They feel that their homeland is becoming too endangered to live in for much longer. Expert spear-men and archers these reptiles are great for large open battles and have a gift for scientific knowledge.

    Humans of the Four Kingdoms
    : Although the four kingdoms are similar in species, they all vary greatly from each-other and rely on different military specializations and technology. It is because of this and their dramatic past that has long perpetuated conflict between their royal families. As often as their is peace their is war, and due to the humans fighting each-other more than other species they have developed a naturally sly and cunning nature. They are adaptive to almost any culture and specialize in trade, knighthood orders, and siege weaponry.

    Wilder-men of the broken shore: These are literally droves of savages that grow up along the Broken shore as a result of shipwrecks, mostly consisting of pirates, smugglers, slaves, and naval officers who turned to brutality to survive. Gender in their society is meaningless as they assess the worth of their peers by their survivability and grit. The useless die and feed the masses. They usually follow leaders who are brutal warriors or cunning con artists; dregs of mainland society that have formed into roving mobs. Although this doesn't mean that they are entirely unreasonable. They mostly live in the wrecks of their own ships and feast on sealife or their weaker peers. Their numbers are diverse and each group fights differently. A great faction to choose if you want to change your roles alot within the party or perhaps cover something that might not realistically be seen associated with the other species.


    Character descriptions:
    To make things simple, each player has 3 sentences to introduce their character, 8 key words to describe the most important things about them, and 2 sentences to describe a basic outline of their character. Images to display characters would preferably be avatars and icons or be added as a "spoiler" so we don't end up with clutter. Each player makes one character only and must edit that post if they need to update anything about them. This includes items, inventory, clothing, armour, and just about anything you need to keep track of including relationships with NPCs or other player characters.

    Characters will have to have these fields of value and will be given 15 points to distribute to their discretion.

    I recommend not overdoing it in one field. example; strength: 8 etc etc, since you will certainly need the other perks at-least in a basic level

    Bonus points from items can be added up in brackets next to the original character information. Example: (strength: 3 [+2])

    Age/life expectancy:
    Star constellation:
    Background history: (Max four sentences)

    I will also allow players to create themselves pets. (Assuming they are small enough that we don't need to micromanage them)
    Pet information that should be added to your creation post should be:

    Age/life expectancy:
    Favourite food:
    Dominant sense (may come in useful later on): (example; taste/touch etc etc)

    Feel free to ask any other questions!

    happy gaming! i'm hoping you can enjoy it. If you request it, I can link your character sheets to this page. Mine will be just below!
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  2. SneakyFeet OgrynLord Steam Early Access

    Name: Mysglev
    Age/life expectancy: 40 / 180
    Star constellation: Dartharus
    Strength: 5
    Constitution: 3
    Intelligence: 1
    Cunning: 1
    Reflexes: 2
    Awareness: 4
    Magus: 1
    Species: Minox
    Background history: (Max four sentences) A Minox who yearns to explore the world and learn it's secrets. Less magically capable than most of his child-hood companions he still wields a basic grasp on magic and maintains the same strength and resilience found in his brethren.
  3. Minotaurs same size as dwarfs? +1 for shaking the tropes a bit.
  4. SneakyFeet OgrynLord Steam Early Access

    A brief FAQ:
    1: "I have some items and I need to keep track of them. What do I do?"
    A: Just edit them into your character creation post! Don't forget to add the perks and effects of each item to your post, but if you change them to your liking they will immediately become ineffective as the gods don't tolerate cheats!

    2: "How do I create a character?"
    A: Create a character by using the template seen on the original post!

    3: "How do I start?"
    I will introduce your characters into the adventure as we proceed if we are in the midst of a story. Please do NOT do this yourself as it will break up the story.

    more questions will be added
  5. SneakyFeet OgrynLord Steam Early Access

    Introduction: The sun beat down on the humid canopy of the long woods. Crisp bark parched beneath its endless glare as the husks of many delightful fruits and toxic berries alike littered the earth around the trees. You all awaken after being dumped off a cart by a group of cultists, wearing nothing but tattered clothes and having no discerning traits aside from the black tattoo that marked the eye of who appeared to be their leader.

    The tall-grass swept through the clearing like a tide when it was beaten against by the whistling winds of Thanglaec and some of you may have noticed the bubbling of inland water softly trickling through the area as birds and wildlife sang a chorus of different voices.

    The ground beneath you was fairly flat and crunchy with the fallen bark and vegetation that adorned the surrounding trees, while having soft muddy patches in some areas from last nights rain. You are led to a stone and a pleading stranger is taken before it, having his head crushed with a club against its base. The leader calls out for the next victim to step forward and watches the party intently. What do you decide to do?
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    ( hey can i get in on this ?)
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    Yep everyone is welcome! You can create any character species as long as it fits into a fantasy theme!

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