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Terra's Guardians' Recruitment

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Lividjokeret, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Cpt Lividus Septum Lividjokeret Arkhona Vanguard

    Hi there my name is Lividjoker and myself and some friends are creating a guild called the Terra's Guardians (based of my own fan-fiction chapter) for the Space Marines.

    As we stand currently we are three, but the Walk of Transformations is upon us and the chapter is ready to receive new initiates.

    All three of us have experience running guilds in other MMO's. One of these guilds was a large PvP guild on Warhammer Online ran by its guild-master Greatcutts (also known as Fallen Faith).

    We have dreamed of playing a 40k MMO since we first met one another. We are major fans of the background and lore of the universe and we enjoy playing the table top game.

    We have also played all of the Dawn of War games and we feel this guild would be a good place for any Dawn of War players to join.
    Current members:
    Fallen Faith

    Gaming system: PC is going to be our main platform

    What type of guild are we going to be?: We're going to be a PvP and PvE guild with a small bit of RP thrown in for good measure, who doesn't like RPing as a space marine?

    Class Specializations: At the moment any are welcome to us

    Region/Timezone: UK- London

    Language: English

    Other things we want/would like:A working basic working knowledge of the background and lore of 40k. And an understanding of Captain Indrick Boreale of the Blood Ravens, and METAL BAWXES.

    The Emperor protects.
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  2. Fallen Faith New Member

    A Logical understanding of this video is also needed:


    Well we are all screwed then right?

    Kidding, Yeah its going to be a bundle of laughs, we are all looking to get into the founders edition! Cant wait to run head first into hordes of orks with my chainsword! Cmere you!!

    Sidenote: Black Templars and GKs ftw!

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  3. Vengeance20 Vengeance20 Subordinate

    Quick word chaps! (presuming you view our awesome thread and guild with leaders who suffer from God complex :p), I will be creating our mirror guild on the Chaos faction, since space marines are good and all but evil space marines with a ridiculous amount of spikes so yeah there's that!

    Name is still in debate for what to call it but more than likely it will be named Renegades of Prospero after my fan fiction chapter. Like I said though, name is subject to change still!

    So if you're also a closet Chaos fanboy then fear not! I have you covered!
  4. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Good luck guys, always good to see fellow Brothers join the battle, maybe we can do some organized events in the future :)
  5. Vengeance20 Vengeance20 Subordinate

    Thanks brother! :D
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  6. Cpt Lividus Septum Lividjokeret Arkhona Vanguard

    Thanks Valrak. It would be an honour to fight alongside fellow warriors of the Emperor such as yourself. :)
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  7. Fallen Faith New Member

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  8. Rafen Rafen Master

    Captain Liv, i activated my account on the forums too. I'm ready to receive your orders and make way for Arkhona!
    For the Emperor! For Lord Sanguinius!
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  9. Cpt Lividus Septum Lividjokeret Arkhona Vanguard

    Excellent brother. It will be good to fight alongside you once more. :D
  10. Rafen Rafen Master

    Exactly my tought Brother Captain! They'll never know what hit them!
    We shall get ourself surrounded and attack in every direction! The Emperor guides us on our paths and in Him we trust blindly! (Though an extra chainsword never hurted anyone right?)
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