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Terra Unbound: a non-pnp Techno-barbarian RP!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Virgil_Corbec, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Hi, I am Gothicus and I have decided to do an RP thread (My first one too!) about a project that I had been working on called "Terra Unbound." I am hoping for a fun game where everyone has a good time. I am a bit of a newb at this but I need to start somewhere right?

    Anyways this will be a Non-pnp game which means that I am going to be basing the results of actions on common sense and D100 die rolls with 1 being a success and 100 being a complete failure. I will probably bend the lore a bit too to add to the story.

    Speaking of the story this RP session takes place on Terra in the 29th millennium approx. 200 years before the emperor revealed himself and lead the unification wars. It will start in 'Jermani' and end when I feel like the story has reached a conclusion. If you are interested in participating then send me a message so we can get your character ready! Also don't be a jerk, you can be a jerk in character but only as long as it makes sense. Anyway I hope you all have fun and enjoy yourselves as TECHNO-BARBARIANS!!!
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