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Tell me what the most excessive VFX are!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. THE NATHANIMAL EventHorizon Arkhona Vanguard

    Space Marine's stupid faces.
  2. Mikilleus Kill_miK Steam Early Access

    I consider excessive the total absence of blood and gore in 40k Universe. :p
  3. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    The lack of a fvx on the que for a Dbash is pretty annoying.
  4. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    I haven't read through the whole thread, so apologies for anything that's a repeat. Here's my personal list of irritating effects.

    1. Screen shake - Just remove it entirely, even if it was toned down it would still be spammable and annoying.

    2. Effects on your character - Poison, Banshee Scream, etc. can totally obscure your crosshair making it impossible to put down accurate fire. Stuff like Stream of Corruption, Warp Instability, Jinx, etc. are not suppression effects, but they are far more effective than weapons that actually have suppression at suppressing.

    3. Support grenades - Healing grenades and poison grenades are both too difficult to see through and confuse anything you're trying to see through them, people keep asking for smoke grenades - they're already in.

    4. Explosions - Warp hunter, plasma, frags, hawk sears - they're all too hard to see through, shake the screen. This is OK-ish, but a plasma gun is just as obscuring as a plasma cannon. I'm fine with my view being blocked by a plasma cannon explosion, not by shots from a plasma gun or a hawk sear grenade. The visual effect should be governed by how powerful the weapon / effect is. As above, plasma cannon should be big explosion, heal grenade should be very see through.
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  5. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    The screen shake needs to go away.

    Firering the plasma gun also makes me lose track of my target on a regular basis.
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  6. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Number one most annoying VFX:

    Screen shake is definitely the most obnoxious: When it happens once, It's quite annoying, when it happens multiple times in a row, it makes you want to quit the game.

    The length, severity, lack of apparent cause, ability for the effect to play 5+ times in a row... it's exceedingly unpleasant.

    Would suggest toning it down, disallowing chain shakes, and either an option to disable it, or a severity slider, like the one used in ARK: Survival Evolved (another Unreal Engine game), with the bottom end of the slider being entirely off. Would also suggest only having it caused by suitably titanic events - possibly only gates being fully destroyed?

    Some other less obvious ones:

    • getting shot in the face by melta.
    • Poison effects are too dense, when you have it on you at all, you are immediately saturated to the extent that it pours off you and obscures your character.
    • Banshee scream effect on characters is again, too dense.
    • wraithcure gem (as mentioned in the OP) seems too opaque, and the particles a bit... low res and dated.
    • Power weapon power-field lightning is a bit low res too. The RTC LSM sword one is better, but I personally hope that the power weapons end up looking like their loadout pictures, with glow and detailed, varying length lightning as part of the effect. Adding a blue glow similar to the force weapon purple glow would also be nice. I personally think fists should glow too, but people might disagree?
    • Trails on projectiles like plasma blobs are stuttery, they need to be a constant particle rate, currently look like a dotted line a lot of the time. The blob itself only seems to render periodically across the line, rather than moving smoothly as well. Makes the projectiles difficult to track/avoid: bad for both shooter and target.
    • Horizontal bloom glare on your crosshair (havent seen it in a couple of weeks, but it was definitely a thing in recent times).
    • Being an infantry near the particles of a projectile of the eldar siege tank looks more like a graphical glitch than a powerful boom. It resembles a geometry bug.
    • Firing the eldar siege tank tends to obscure the target extensively for long periods, and it's very unclear where the projectile is going: try aiming it at a quad gun, its difficult and unintuitive.
    • Torrent launcher projectiles are actually probably a little too transparent (so not flashy enough :p) - makes them difficult to track/react to, especially against a skybox/outside where it tends to be used. A slight increase in size of projectile VFX, opacity, brightness, opacity of trail and density/uniformity of trail would be nice, they also suffer from stuttering trail.


    • Abaddon's Grace Tracer rounds might be slightly too uniformly opaque across their length - I'm unsure of a suggestion to improve this, just an observation that they look too much like solid bars. Since it's hitscan I'm not sure how we could animate it to look like a proper tracer round, but the bar is a little bit thick/heavy perhaps?
    • Might be worth mentioning heat debuff (not on fire) is there much of a VFX for this right now? I'm trying to remember. Might be useful to build up gradually to a red-hot glow or crispy appearance.
    • Ork green grenade thing is too dense - and a little bit confusing as to whether it is poison or healing.
    • Loyalist healing grenade model (the healing grenade itself) is too small to be able to target it in any reasonable timeframe, especially in combat.
    • I'd love for meltabombs to have a more unique explosion, something more shaped-charge crossed with meltagun in appearance, possibly with a jet of fire out the back, and then followed by a brief plume of black smoke: Audio effect could also be a little bit more dramatic.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (yes I know the intention of the thread was to make things that were too flashy, less so. Ignore at your leisure :) )
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  7. Valnak Valnak Nickname Change

    Something when I'm fighting Eldar makes my screen light up a cyan color and it doesn't go away until I die. I think it's swooping hawk's grenade but I'm not sure.
  8. Smithus Smithus Arkhona Vanguard

    Dont know if it VFX but do we get visuals on our characters, like granades or pistols on hips, knifes sheeted on back etc...
  9. Wurgutz Myfuri Confessor

    Screen shaking and ork dokk bomb are most annoyingly intrusive VFX, also that capture room orb just blocks your vision too much when doing anything close to it.

    Also some of the particle effects look kinda cheap...
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  10. Ihsahn Ihsahn Subordinate

    Am I the only one, who thinks, that some Rooms are to dark? Sometimes I cannot differ between friend or foe because there are 4 dark silouettes which try to kill each other by spamming the RMB. Especially against Chaos and sometimes also Eldar. Don't know why I haven't this problem with LSM (DA).
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