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Tau forces in EC in a way that possibly made sense.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MHezzu, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Scales Neuroactive Arkhona Vanguard

    inb4 50 threads all 8 pages long yelling for melee nerf
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  2. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I don't think the "pet" would take a lot of resources, but if they plan to have a lot of players in one match, then this could turn into an issue.

    The terrain mapping is going to be an issue and so will the targeting, those two things might take more processing power than the rest of the "pet" alone.

    The offensive balance shouldn't be that much of an issue, but the defensive one will, as they have to make the drone get destroyed relatively easy, so that the combined power of the controller and drone doesn't get to high, and so that the relatively small size (hitbox) doesn't give it to much of an advantage.
    Having the drone die to fast would make it near useless against skilled players, but making if die to slowly would make if far to strong against new players.

    If the Drone Controller were very well balanced, then I do not think the numerical superiority would prove as a certain win button, but it would be strongly in their favor.

    Anyhow, I still hope they will implement Kroot and Vespid instead of Drones for Tau, though they could give them some stationary "drones", like the Engineer's turret in TF2.
  3. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    I saw on the Eldar are too tall threads that Tau are shorter than regular hoomans. How would that work lol, the boxes would be too high for them to jump onto! xD
  4. they would need to do something about the METAL BAWKSES
  5. Seph Sephious Arkhona Vanguard

    I don't think the Tau should be included at all......waste of dev time. If any extra faction were to be made, it should be Necrons....even then I would prefer Necrons to just be an AI like tyranids that show up to ruin the party of a dominating faction.
  6. Seph Sephious Arkhona Vanguard

    Rendering it would decrease player count and as soon as pets are included in any game a 100 threads complaining about pet AI, pathing, or weak pets will show up. We need to focus on the core game and factions without dealing with complicated issues like pet classes. Seriously every pet class in MMOs pretty much sucks for the same reason...AI, pathing, balance...
  7. And I'd rather Space Marines stopped being the only thing anyone cares about ever in this damned universe, but we can't all get what we want now can we?
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  8. Seph Sephious Arkhona Vanguard

    the four factions have been chosen.....Tau weren't one of them.....cry
  9. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I do not see why an Inquisitorial/Imperial Faction (Sisters of Battle, Sister Hospitaller, Elite Imperial Guard Units, like Storm Troopers) couldn't be ingame, they would die a bit faster for certain, but they could still be balanced without making uneven battles. Heck, the Sisters of Battles Power Armour is nearly as good as that of the Space Marines (nearly) and their Jump Packs might actually be slightly better (the high grade ones).
    They could even be able to field "standard" Grey Knights as Elites.

    The Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus could also be joined into a competitive faction if the Devs wanted that.

    While I personally do not think the Tau would be the first choice for a 5th faction, then I still believe they could make a decent choice, if the Devs somehow managed to make them fun to play against.
    Hint: It isn't very enjoyable for you to get pwned in anything but melee, and neither is it very enjoyable to play a Faction which can't do anything if the enemy gets to close (think a who faction of Havocs/Devastators), and yes, I do know the Tau could somewhat defend themselves against normal humans in melee.

    At that point of time we hopefully already have some kind of "Mechanic"/"Engineer" for the 4 original factions, which hopefully is able to place a stationary turret (minor one, a bit like the Engineer in TF2), though this could be hard to explain lore wise for some factions (looking at Eldar), so they might need to man theirs.
    The Orkz will hopefully get an Automatic Turret of some sort, and as long as the Turrets are limited to "light weapons" then they shouldn't cause much of a concern, as the should be relatively costly to field in terms of Loadout Points.

    Anyhow, the whole "pet drone" thing, might just prove to power hungry and/or hard to balance, so they could always just forego them.
    They do, however, have a more than a year to come up with something, which I am certain they would be able too if they really wanted :)

    Now, that is just rude...
    We all know there won't be a 5th faction for at least a year (unless they really fogging surprise us), but that is no reason to call people "criers".
    You belong to the (by far) most popular faction, which have gotten truckloads of Plot-Armour, video games, a bloody movie and even FIVE CODICES and FIVE SUPPLEMENTS for 7th Edition (if you include the Grey Knights), so I think you might have a hard time understanding why some of the lesser fortunate players hope their faction will be present one day, though to be fair, the Tau have actually had their own game (Fire Warrior iirc) :D

    Anyhow, you do know that both the Wave Serpent and Falcon have been nerfed hard when compared to the lore (and TT), just so that the game would be competitive (balanced), so why shouldn't they be able to make any other faction competitive?
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  10. Side-note: Fire Warrior is now 12 going on 13 years old, having released for PC and PlayStation 2 back in October of 2003. It's an unholy mess and quite a shame for the entire franchise, receiving fairly low ratings and being described as a "disappointment" by players of other shooter games. About the only thing that was remotely good about it was its cut-scenes, and even those were pretty slow when showing anything other than space battles (which you don't even fight in.)

    It definitely shows its age, so sue me for wanting a decent update.

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